Sunday, June 7, 2009

TNT Set To Change NASCAR TV Forever

They may have only six races, but last season the NASCAR on TNT crew put on a show that captured both the attention and imagination of fans across the country. This summer, the network is bringing the type of technical innovation that will change how fans want to view races forever.

It was a simple online application called RaceBuddy that TNT offered last year as a companion for the TV coverage of the race. Computer users could access several cameras directly as well as driver audio feeds. The cameras included in-car views, a dedicated pit road camera and a camera up on the grandstand roof that continually followed the best racing on the track, wherever it was happening.

By simply adding that online offering to viewing the TNT coverage of the race, it was easy to get deeply involved in directing and producing a personal version of the live races. TNT supplied the raw materials and told the fans to simply have fun.

This summer, beginning on June 7 in Pocono, TNT returns with all the usual suspects from last season. Marc Fein and Larry McReynolds will share the infield stage while Bill Weber, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach will call the six races. Down on pit road will be Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Ralph Sheheen and Lindsay Czarniak.

TDP fans will also appreciate the return of Director Mike Wells who frames NASCAR races from a true fan's perspective. Last season Wells and his crew showed viewers the power of effective camera work and a thorough understanding of the sport. Click here to read the TDP summary of TNT's 2008 effort. Some of the reader comments really tell the tale.

This year, TNT may have really pushed the NASCAR TV envelope to a new level. The network has decided to pour a ton of resources into an expanded RaceBuddy that will change the viewing experience of NASCAR racing once again.

Back by popular demand will be the battle-cam. This is the "high" camera that just scans the track for the best racing regardless of position. Also back will be the various "speed shots" offered via track-cam. These are the fixed cameras around the track that feature the field roaring by with full audio as well.

Once again this year, fans will be able to vote online and help select the driver's in-car cameras that will be used in RaceBuddy. The cameras will also change throughout the race as the stories unfold on or off the track. The final returning element is the mosaic wall, where fans can watch four cameras at once on a single page.

Now, for the new stuff. TNT is not only keeping the pit road camera, but this season there will be a pit reporter assigned to RaceBuddy to offer commentary only for the online fans. This feature will be called Pit Road Plus and is simply a great idea. How about a TV network stepping-up and offering a different stream of audio commentary while the main race is in-progress?

Adding to the online information will be live texts from the pit reporters when they are not on the air directly to RaceBuddy users. This feature will be called PitBuddy and should finally give lots of fans the information sorely lacking on current broadcasts. No more being in the dark about why your driver went from tenth to twenty-fifth on one pitstop.

As we all know, the world of social media is spinning around us and seems to often be split into many pieces made of different Internet sites. TNT is taking a big swing at harnessing all of this into one place during their six races.

Gathering Twitter, Facebook and MySpace technology together on the RaceBuddy program will allow users to text and message during the race across all these different applications at the same time. Basically, allowing fans to keep the RaceBuddy program open and still be able to connect with friends.

This is a major undertaking by TNT and one that should really put ESPN in a tough spot when they begin Sprint Cup Series coverage in July. After these six TNT races fans will return to no online video application of any kind. Once again, all of us will be watching one box as the only source of racing video.

RaceBuddy shook-up the NASCAR TV scene last season, but absolutely nothing came of it in terms of expansion to other network broadcasts. Perhaps, this huge and aggressive move by TNT and the Turner Interactive Group this summer will motivate the different parties to get together and set-up a full time online companion for all Sprint Cup Series races in 2010.

For now, NASCAR fans can only look forward to Pocono and wait to see what this latest technical innovation will really bring to the sport.

TDP welcomes comments from readers. Just click on the comments button below to add your opinion on this topic. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


The Track Girl said...

I just want to say that even though I have to miss their first broadcast, I am so dang excited to have TNT back. And hooray for adding new technologies that accentuate the race instead of detract from it.
Correct me if I'm wrong (I can't quite remember) doesn't RaceBuddy stay live during commercials too?

I know that not everyone has computer access, but this is a huge part of our lives now. And the fact that someone in our world is willing to step forward and innovate is really exciting.
Thank goodness for TNT taking the helm again!

Bruce Simmons said...

It sounds brilliant that the network is engaging the viewer via online interaction.

This could add a whole new level of engagement with the race action!

Sophia said...

Thanks for the detailed update, JD.

I was thrilled to learn hours ago from Kyle Petty on Twitter Mike Wells was returning (a bunch of us sent questions and that was mine, of course since I LOVE his directing!)

JD, if TNT pulls this off and things go as well as last season, I am hear to say RIGHT NOW, my watching after TNT leaves is going to be bits and pieces.

I just can't take it anymore...after Indy, the side by side spoiled me..and yea, ABC ruined the finish with ONE CAR ONLY but Fox has done that a bunch of times and Fox's current "tiny blurrrrrr" of a finish line is not sufficient.

add to that, my stronger FM MRN station suddenly got bounced back to the weaker signal and I am stuck with TV guys. On ESPN, that will be tough.

I also tweeted kyle I hope they don't change things too much as I LOVED the vibe in the booth last year.

Already this season I have skipped many races when a certain New Orleans band plays near me. Last year I TAPED the races, this year, heck I can get home and catch the last few minutes on TV or in the car.

THEN read comments HERE for details I missed from TV.

So in a way, unless THINGS GET A HECKUVA LOT more exciting, I see myself tuning out after TNT's 6 weeks.

It's very depressing this season for a plethora of reasons.

Let's hope TNT indeed makes things fun again this year.

But with the load of commercials this year, I only am nervous of ALL THE POP UP ANIMATED ADDS for TNT shows, but that's where RBuddy comes in handy..and for commercials!

I look forward to TNT!

Photojosh said...

I've said it before nad I'll say it again: I love listening to Kyle and Wally in the booth. They really sound like they are fans themselves and actually get excited.

RaceBuddy was great last year and if these improvements come through smoothly, it's going to be even better this year. At some point, something is going to have to change as far as NASCAR or the other networks are concerned. Indy is actually leading the way (well, behind TNT anyway) on this issue. Which is pretty sad when you consider the difference in popularity between Indy and nascar.

The one knock on TNT is that they use the races as a platform for pushing their other programming to excess. But then again, after all the oversaturation of sponsorship on Fox, I'm actually looking forward to hearing about whatever junk sitcom TNT has this fall.

Lesley said...

Lets see a Halogram of Nascar racing in our time TNT/Nascar!!Now that would be a first!!

bevo said...

Great move by TNT. This is the kind of stuff we've been clamoring for from Fox and ESPN. Really sad that those two sports divisions which bill themselves as innovative have been left in the dust by TNT with this and NBC with their Sunday Night Football online presence. TNT gives us an expanded Race Buddy and Fox gives us cartoons about glorified rats.

It's great to know that the one thing that will never come out of the mouths of the TNT folks to the fans is "TOUGH".

Thank you TNT!

JT said...

My question is, why can TNT do this? Is it because they only do 6 races and that lowers their cost? Does it cost excessively more to do what they or doing or possibly could it be that they understand 21st century broadcast technology. I think it will make Fox and ESPN look like "Ned and the first reader". My hat is off to TNT for bringing nascar broadcasts in to the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

After what we have been given from Faux. VS would be an improvement, hell I think HGTV could do better.
Faux has embarrassed themselves, & doesn't even seem to realize it.
I just hope TNT will tone down the promos. The repetition, does get annoying.


Anonymous said...

Considering TNT's coverage last year was one long info-mercial for their fall line-up with a lap or two of racing thrown in so they could call it race coverage, I will be looking forward to it the same way I look forward to Fox's coverage. I don't. Unless some real race coverage is offered up, it'll be as bad if not worse than what we've had so far this season. The only high points to the TNT coverage I can see is no DW and no Digger. Other than that, it'll be the same old same old "product".

Anonymous said...

All this is good but we still have Bill Webber,That is a whole steaming heap of not good.

50 yr. fan said...

Best news was the fact that "the
race director is a race fan".
Maybe we won't have to endure the
sub-terranean and in-car shots and
get plenty of high and wide shots.

Anonymous said...

JD - Can you get some answers on this. I think FOX and ESPN are unable to do some similar things because NASCAR prevents them from doing so. Turner has exclusive internet rights and thus FOX and ESPN are NOT allowed by NASCAR to stream for example "battle cam" which both nets use for thier TV coverage. It would be such a shame given the current state of the sport if NASCAR prevents FOX and ESPN from expanding their coverage to internet applications. Look forward to hearing what you find out>

GinaV24 said...

Wow, well now that is something to look forward to. Is Racebuddy free? since I have trackpass I tend to use that to follow my driver, but if Racebuddy is going to be this good, I will probably switch over.

I can tell you that if this lets me follow the race better, I'm all for it and without having to listen to the booth bozo's (sorry but Weber makes me nuts and Marc Fein adds nothing to the broadcast). ESPN is going to need to step up -- fans who have been following the Nationwide broadcast this year aren't impressed (at least I'm not and I've read enough negative comments to think I'm not alone) and if TNT brings a serious A game on this, ESPN will have a really hard act to follow.

Unknown said...

I prefer to DVR the race and watch it a little later in the day, so the racebuddy stuff is lost on me. What I really crave is quality from the announcing crew and seeing a variety of racing covered throughout the pack. What I hate is "through the field" summaries. I'm looking forward to Kyle Petty, and I'm glad to be done with Digger.

Anonymous said...

I like the Fox crew so much more than TNT or ESPN/ABC. I do think that many sport shows are driven by the network teams.

Over the last few years, Fox has gotten and average of 9.325 million for their races versus TNT getting 5.722 for their 6 races. Unless I see a big reversal of the TNT ratings, all they are doing does not help the sport in general.

glenc1 said...

anon 10:05, you're not looking at *which* races. To be fair, Fox has bigger, more high profile races like Daytona, Charlotte and Bristol, plus, they're in the spring. Television in general has lower ratings in the summer because people are busier outdoors, plus baseball season is in high gear for some. I don't think it has anything to do with the different coverage.

I like Kyle & Wally okay, Weber drives me crazy, but 'through the field' is one of the best things they do! It irks me that the others won't recognize anyone not in the top ten (plus Junior, wherever he may be...)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Here ya go:

TNT can do this because currently Turner owns the Internet rights to online NASCAR video. They run the website and will for many years to come.

Yes, RaceBuddy is free and requires broadband computer access.

While TNT's 2007 coverage was a joke with all of the TNT program promos, the 2008 offering was very different.

Yes, the summer Daytona race will have Wide Open coverage once again.

Last season RaceBuddy stayed live during commercials because it was sponsored by Coke and those ads stayed on the website.

Just like the side-by-side commercial issue, getting this online application to Fox, ESPN and SPEED would simply require a meeting and getting some financial issues ironed out.

NASCAR cannot continue to operate as a single TV feed when other pro sports offer all kinds of online options. also has to wake-up and begin to beef up that website in terms of Nationwide, Truck and regional coverage which was essentially dropped when the new site design was put into service.

Thanks again for all the great comments, keep them coming. Your comments are read by the people actively involved in making these decisions and you have made a big difference in the TV coverage of the sport over the last three years.


Dot said...

I'm excited about RaceBuddy. That's one of the highlights of TNT's race coverage, and Kyle Petty.

The one promo we'll see over and over will be Bill Engvall's show. Carl Edwards is supposed to be on it.

I wonder if BSPN has something up their sleeve for when they take over.

I'm glad that the people at TNT read our comments and take them into consideration. That arrogant Hill couldn't care less. He could redeem himself by inviting us to Digger's funeral before the Daytona 500 2010.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised by TNT's coverage last year, but RaceBuddy was not a highlight for me. It seemed to me to be more hype than function... and most of the hype came from this blog. Now I read it will "change NASCAR TV forever"? Color me skeptical.

Anonymous said...


If you want to be fair, let's look at some of the competition that Fox has had to face.

They have had the weather to deal with. TNT probably won't deal with that.

Fox deals with March Madness which is the topic of conversation and takes up most of the ink in sport pages.

Then you have the NHL and their finals and the new stars. I know people who are all of a sudden interested in their playoffs.

Then we have the NBA and their finals. There are so many story lines, tech fouls, and great personalities.

Then we have MLB and all that brings. They too have domnimated the airwaves and ink due to A-Rod and Manny. Sport fans want to see what the Yankees can do now that A-Rod is back and also what the Dodgers can do without Manny. Once the newness of the season is over, ratings go down

Of course some of these spill over to TNT season, but much less. NCAA is over, NHL will be, if the Calvs and LeBron are done, many fans will flee. And if the Lakers and Kobe lose, for sure more fans will leave.

As we can see by the NFL ratings, the Fox pre-game crew has beaten CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, every single year for about 7-8 (?) years. The crew makes a difference. That's why I think Fox is ahead of TNT and ESPN/ABC. IMHO

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 11:47AM,

I find it strange that you did not take the time to tell us what the problems were and what you would like to see changed.

You don't think an online application that includes a dedicated reporter and all the features listed in my column is a major wake-up call for Fox and ESPN?


Jack from PA said...

I think TNT is in the perfect position to do this sort of thing (talking about RaceBuddy). FOX did their joke of what, 13 races? Now TNT comes in for six, I don't want to say non-big races, but not crown jewel events by any means. In 2007 it was a pure debacle, let's face it. Last year was a 180 degree turn from '07, I thought. Even the annoying Bill Weber was not annoying to me. I enjoyed the chemistry between Kyle and Wally, which I have said before. As for Mike Wells, I do not know who he is or what he did before becoming the director but the man just knows how to orchestrate a broadcast. Last year we saw some of the best camera angles since ESPN's coverage of NASCAR in the 1990s and it was very enjoyable.

I think RaceBuddy is something that TNT is using to their advantage as they own the rights to stuff like that (, correct? So is this true, that ESPN or FOX can do nothing about this issue? I will say this, even though ESPN has done nothing to "add" to a broadcast, it sure beats FOX's cartoon gopher which has absolutely nothing to do with a NASCAR race.

I hope all the things involving the pit reporters works out well. It sounds awesome, but it also sounds like something that looks better on paper than in real life. That is just speculation on my part, however.

This certainly puts ESPN on the hot seat for the fall races. As I have watched a fair amount of the Nationwide races this year, I noticed that nothing new has been implemented from last season. Whether or not they are waiting until the Cup races to show off some "new toys" is anybody's guess.

Since the new TV package came out in 2007, it seems to me that FOX has gotten progressively worse all around. Mike and Larry are great as always, but DW's bias is getting way out of hand. His calling Monday's race 45 minutes before it actually was was pretty classless. ESPN and TNT were both jokes in 2007. However, TNT improved a TON more than ESPN in 2008, and TNT looks like it will do about the same, if not better, in their six races with us. ESPN on the other hand looks about the same as '08--marginally better.

I used to love FOX's coverage and be upset when their portion of the season is over, but I cannot wait til Dover is over (partly because I'll be at Pocono Fri and Sat, it's my hometrack). With this new stuff with RaceBuddy to only enhance our viewing of races, I am looking forward to TNT's coverage a lot more.

Sure hope ESPN is taking some notes for their first race back at Indy (if you want to call it a race).

SallyB said...

I didn't use Race Buddy last season because I have no interest in trying to split my attention between the TV and my computer. Why can't a expect excellent coverage on my television set? All I want to do is watch a good race with good coverage. Why should I be expected to have to multi task to get this?

Anonymous said...

All I am looking for is free scanner radio. Does RaceBuddy offer this? NASCAR dot com doesn't offer any free driver scanner channels this year.

Vince said...

I used RaceBuddy last year and was pretty impressed with it. The improvements this year sound exciting, with a dedicated pit reporter and all. Fox and ESPN need to do what ever they can to get a piece of this technology. I realize there are legalities and financial considerations, but TNT and Turner are leaving Fox and ESPN in the dust on this technology.

I agree with previous posters that the Fox gang has gone down hill with their coverage this year. Enough Digger already. DW gets more and more on my nerves as each year passes. I really think he wants to be the Billy Maze of NASCAR promoting. I'll miss Mike Joy, but that's about it.

If ESPN's part of the coverage later this summer is anything like their Nationwide coverage, we're in for a real snooze fest. This is all the so called "World Wide Leader of Sports" can give us?! Come on guys, get real!

Back to TNT. I really like the chemistry in the booth between Wally and Kyle. Wally keeps Kyle in check some what. Kyle can be a loose cannon at times when he gets up on his "soapbox". Bill Weber was vastly improved last year and was actually a pleasure to listen to. I still do not get Marc Fein and why he is needed. But then I can say the same about Fox's Chris Myers. Those two are like trying to put a square peg in a round hole as far as their contribution to the coverage. And Mike Wells directing is the best in the business. Great camera work without all the gimicky in car and bumper cam shots. You can tell he's a true race fan.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to TNT and RaceBuddy. If they can build upon what they had last year, it should be a good run for them.

GinaV24 said...

I have to say that I had sworn I would never watch another race on TNT after the 07 season and only decided to give them a chance based on what JD told us was going to happen. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I still don't like Weber, but overall TNT's broadcast was MUCH better than Fox's since there was less cheerleading and Omigosh someone directing the race was actually following it so we could watch it on TV. Still too many commercials and I didn't use Racebuddy, but I will give that a try this year with all the new whizbag options. I guess I've gotten used to using my computer to follow the race BECAUSE the broadcasts have become so darn unwatchable. I want to know what's happening to MY favorite driver, no matter whether he's one of the "chosen" or just a guy trying to get the job done as best he can and when that information isn't being provided to me via the TV, then I go to other ways.

I'd like to see all 3 of the broadcast units get their act together and provide the fans with the package that they are looking for, plus better racing would be nice, too, but that's all on NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Wally being back on the air. He's a breath of fresh air (so is Kyle) among all the nonstop shilling and we get from some analysts. They both tell it like it is, for the most part.

If the NASCAR ratings on TNT go down or stay the same, NASCAR can't blame it on past reasoning, like a splintered TV landscape with less viewers for all sports; too many TNT/TBS primetime show promos; and/or the use of social networking while viewing - because the ratings for the NBA are way up. From an article today:
"TNT is averaging 4.310 million viewers through 40 NBA Playoffs telecasts through Sunday, up 18.7% from 3.631 million viewers for 39 telecasts at the same point in '08."

People will watch if it's something they want to see.

majorshouse said...

I never thought I would say that I was looking forward to TNT, but after this fiasco of a season on Fox, I am definitely looking forward to Bill, Wally, Kyle and the rest of the crew. It is obvious that they are race fans and 2007 did leave me lacking, but they really ramped it up for last year and it was better than Fox's ocoverage and I am looking forward to se if they can keep it up this year as well.

Daly Planet Editor said...


If you choose not to multi-task, I hope you enjoy the races. There is no way to expand the current HD telecast to give fans more interaction. That is what our society has been pursuing in almost every form of sport since the Internet made new media technology possible.

Anon 1:06PM - RaceBuddy is free and will contain once again this season free access to selected driver audio channels.

Pretty amazing turnaround for TNT from the struggles of 2008. Should be fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

You don't think an online application that includes a dedicated reporter and all the features listed in my column is a major wake-up call for Fox and ESPN?No, because there is not yet been proven a way to monetize it and television is still scared of doing anything that takes eyes off a live broadcast and onto the web. I don't think this will influence FOX or ESPN at all.

As for the problems I had with RaceBuddy last year - eh, it just wasn't that cool. A lot of the so-called features were window dressing. No doubt, it was a peek at what the future -might- hold for online interactivity, but it wasn't there yet. It was more of a novelty than something I would use during every (or any) race. Just my opinion.

Ken-Michigan said...

Add me to the list of fans who does not have interest in multi tasking during my NASCAR races. I've been known to offer a few comments on TDP the last couple years, while watching the network coverage, but I am one fan who would rather have the TV people step up their own coverage.

I'd rather watch the race on my 52" plasma, than my computer monitor.

I hope Bill Weber continues to improve, but improvement is not what I have seen from Weber since he left pit road duties. He, like Punch.... belong on pit road.

Kyle Petty needs to get better control of his constant stuttering. It's not fun to listen to & personally I battled the same stuttering problems growing up and went on to a 30 year career in radio / tv broadcasting. He CAN control it IF he wants to make TV a 2nd career.

I just want a network that is there to cover the event. Tell us all the stories. Don't shy away from "touchy" topics. Give the cars in the back of the pack some coverage. If someone who "should be" running up front isn't up front....find out why. It comes down to doing your best and not just going through the motions like we have witnessed since February.

I hope RaceBuddy gives all of you who watch it what you need, but for now, the networks STILL have their plates full with producing a decent broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for TNT. Except for Mike Joy,TNT is better than FOX in every area and I really like the through the field reports. Less drivers get forgotten when they do that. I wish FOX would get off their high horse and change things that need changing,they could do their own version of through the field, use Larry Mac like TNT does. I'm looking forward to much better and informative, as well as much more professional commentary coming from the booth,and humor when it's really good and appropriate.

JAMIE IN NC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:06PM, I am pretty sure Coke paid the entire bill last season. Turner has also done this with the NBA and other sports.

Ken, just to be clear. Your cable modem is just basically another channel into your house.

If you chose to do it, you could simply plug your tower or laptop into your plasma TV and see both the TV coverage and RaceBuddy side-by-side on the same big screen.

For those of you who like to simply watch the TV alone, that is great. One quick look around will show that there are many who want more from the media that is delivered to their homes.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone watches a race live versus on the DVR. It would be torture to sit through the long lead ins, the commercials, the yellows after the pits....

I will gladly trade Track Pass or Race Buddy for getting through the actual racing in under two hours.

And when it rains all weekend, you can just fast forward to Family Guy and the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Will there be Race Buddy cartoons and animated graphics and a dedicated Race Buddy camera imbedded in the racing surface on TNT for their races? Oh, and T-shirts and caps! We need those. Since this crosses over to online, maybe we could have Race Buddy pop-up windows and flashing animated Race Buddy gifs surrounding the website content. :-)

Anonymous said...

Now can they just get Wally to quit sounding like he's passing a kidney stone everytime he sees something possibly interesting on track. "oooh, wowwee, yikes!" and other excited utterances gets really old very fast.

That Guy said...

JD, you wrote.
"Just like the side-by-side commercial issue, getting this online application to Fox, ESPN and SPEED would simply require a meeting and getting some financial issues ironed out."

You can not be that naive, can you?

Turner PAYS for online exclusivity.

Even if FOX or ABC wanted to stream it live RaceBuddy style (neither network is allowed to have the data feed online to even accomplish this) the affiliates would NEVER go along with it.

You'll see peace in the Middle East before Fox and ABC fully stream anything like RaceBuddy. Which means RaceBuddy is marginally useful, at best.

Daly Planet Editor said...

That Guy,

Turner only has six races. That only allows RaceBuddy to come out for those events.

The oppotunity for Turner and the NASCAR TV partners to agree to roll out RaceBuddy for the other Sprint Cup Series events would be a benefit to all parties.

The only issues are the usual ones, sales and dollars. I for one hope it happens next season.


Anonymous said...

Hearing that PRN pit reporter Jim Noble (former FSN NASCAR reporter) will be the Race Buddy pit reporter for TNT and

Anonymous said...

I loved Race Buddy last year. Can't wait to check it out this year. COOL

Anonymous said...

If TNT's races continue to be plagued by commercials and promos, or if Bill Weber continues to not be a good announcer, their TV coverage will never change NASCAR TV forever. The only positive today is that Digger is canned for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Weber and Wally have to go! they are horrible announcers replace them with someone who isnt so annoying! the rest of the crew is great but i know i speak for many nascar fans when i say get them out!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I agree with the last writer I do not like Dolly Wallenbach or Bill Weiner they are both horrible announcers that add absolutely nothing to the broadcast.They should get a former driver and color commentator that have actually had success at that level so that at least we can call them credible.

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