Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Jeremy Mayfield Fill Your Slow Sunday

Click here to let embattled NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield make your head spin one more time. This prolonged legal battle has been an E-ticket ride for weeks now.

WCCB-TV, the local Fox affiliate in Charlotte, NC got Mayfield on his front lawn and he was ready to talk. This extended interview does nothing to advance NASCAR's firm convictions that Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamine twice when tested by the Aegis Laboratories.

Instead, Mayfield seems like a person who is in charge with his facts straight and his mind made up to fight the powers that be. In this case, that would clearly be NASCAR. It certainly is a compelling interview from the standpoint of listening to what he says with an unbiased ear.

By clicking on the option at the bottom of the video screen that allows the video size to double, the resulting images of Mayfield are rather striking. His mannerisms and speech seem to reflect a man who has thought deeply about these issues. Several NASCAR fans who added comments on that video believe something very different.

Is this a hardcore drug addict who is lost in his end-stage fantasy world and about to hit rock bottom? Or, is it someone who has found a cause and fully intends to fight this battle, produce a TV special about it and then write a book?

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure. Mayfield has made us forget about tire problems at Indy, Kyle Busch fading down the stretch and the fact the Dale Earnhardt Jr. is now an afterthought. What a wild time in the sport from almost every angle.

After you watch this interview, what is your opinion? Did the reporter lead him along or ask real questions? Is this a man fighting for his rights or a drug addict in deep denial? Instead of Mayfield being overdosed on meth, are you just totally overdosed on this entire issue? How can NASCAR end this quickly?

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Anonymous said...

I watched the Interview before, and it was very well done. I also saw one of the documents from one of his drug tests and although it was short, it seemed to me that it was intended for press release rather than court release.

Anonymous said...

I think Mayfield sees a new career in being Mr. Anti-NASCAR. I think his lawyers have convinced him that a big huge check is coming soon from NASCAR and that anti-NASCAR fans will eat up his book and TV show.

But I just think of the old saying: Thou doth protest too much.

None of what Mayfield says can negate the positive tests. The scientific evidence against him is overwhelming. Proof of Mayfield's obliviousness is the way he cutely keeps claiming that Dr. Black isn't a real doctor. I mean, that is just a joke.

The only thing that looks favorable in this video is his demeanor, because he for once is calm, and people are likely to think "how can a meth-head be so calm and rational sounding". But give me a break. I have met people on all kinds of hardcore drugs who sounds calm and rational and you have no idea if they are wasted or not -- until later.

Anonymous said...

The first thing out of his mouth on the video is "I've done 15 tests, and all of them were negative."

It is just laughable! He hasn't done a single solitary random test out of the bunch. How in the world can a drug user choose the time and place of his tests and then use those as evidence he is clean. Nowhere in sports, employment, the military, nowhere at all in the drug-testing world or drug-testing community have drug tests that were planned by the person tested accepted as proof of anything.

One thing is for certain: Mayfield has twice been tested when he didn't know it was coming, and both of those came up positive. The first test came up positive by Aegis AND positive by a second lab.

Every lab Mayfield uses does not have the scientific capability of Aegis - but Mayfield knows that most people will not download a large PDF of the case files and search through to see how NASCAR discredits the labs he is using.

Those 15 tests Mayfield trumps aren't evidence of anything.

Anonymous said...

Who are these reporters they are sending out to interview Mayfield? The guy in his driveway was kissing up to Mayfield non-stop. And then this reporter starts arguing Mayfield's points for him instead of asking questions. There isn't a single follow-up question where the hard questions are put to him. A 20-minute interview and she doesn't even put the screws to him!

John said...

There are five or six signed sworn affidavits entered into the court by different people, including former law enforcement officers - all of whom claim that Mayfield was agitated and filled with profanity. But when Mayfield describes it, he met them on the lawn and invited them in - and he makes it sound like he's just a nice good ol' boy doing nothing wrong.

It is a complete joke - he is lying through his teeth. I am ashamed for this reporter, who obviously isn't up-to-date on the details of the story!

PocketTens said...


I was just about to say the same thing. All of NASCAR's witnesses say Mayfield was swearing like crazy, even swearing on the phone to his own lawyer. But in this video, he says he just met the drug testers on his lawn and invited them in.

I suppose all six of those people are now in on the conspiracy. They probably all met up ahead of time and decided "Okay, guys, no matter what happens, let's all lie and say that Mayfield was using profanity. Then we can all swear under penalty of perjury in federal court documents and really help NASCAR nail this guy!"

I don't know who I feel more sorry for -- Mayfield or the sorry reporter sent to cover this story. How about a follow-up question?

Anonymous said...

This isn't an interview - it's another open microphone. To call it an interview would be to suggest that there were questions asked. This was just another spout-off. Another uninterrupted rant where major inconsistencies are left unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

i thought the guy in the driveway at least challenged Mayfield on how outlandish his scenarios sound to the average person.

what more can u ask they guy when you know he's gonna come back with a crazy story

Vicky D said...

Well, I believe Mayfield. I wish his attorney would get that Dr. Wadler involved with this case and the sooner this is over the better and I will be happy when he is vindicated. And no way should we believe his step-mother. If he was a meth user like they are spouting off about, he wouldn't have been able to drive or look like he does. I think Mayfield might be guilty of not following his attorney's advice but that's all he is guilty of.

bevo said...

This extended interview does nothing to advance NASCAR's firm convictions that Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamine twice when tested by the Aegis Laboratories.

No it doesn't. They just have pesky test results backed by years of research in chemistry performed by scientists working for a state-of-the-art facility with a long track record. Never mind the actions of the person during this process that make no sense whatsoever to a sane person but are textbook for an addict.

Since his teeth haven't fallen out, his eyes aren't bugging out of his head, he isn't foaming at the mouth, he doesn't have gaping sores all over his body and he's not chopping heads off puppies with an ax he couldn't possibly be an addict.

I hope that he gets treatment now and turns his life around before this story becomes much more tragic. Anyone who has ever dealt with this stuff has nothing but sympathy for him and his family. I just wish more people would take this chance to educate themselves about drug abuse.

Anonymous said...

If he was a meth user like they are spouting off about, he wouldn't have been able to drive or look like he does.

Totally false. My cousin had a $900/day coke habit that nobody knew about for two years. His teeth weren't falling out, and no one around him knew. He had a big fancy job with a lot of responsibility and had just been promoted. If he hadn't had the luck of dropping and breaking a drug pipe at a Yankees game right in front of a police officer who bent down to help him pick up the pieces only to realize what it was he was picking up - he might not have been caught for years to come. I've since found out he was high as a kite on coke, meth, and sleeping pills at my other cousin's wedding -- but that didn't stop him from giving a clear-eyed, touching toast at the wedding. 500 people sat silently and listened to him speak. Not a single one could tell he was a walking pharmacy gone awry.

Show me a person who thinks a serious, hardcore drug addict cannot appear lucid, sober, rational, and completely normal and I'll show you a person who has probably met more drug addicts than they even realize.

Most serious addicts don't even get high off their drugs any more, they just need them to maintain normalcy.

Don't trust your eyes - listen to your ears. Nothing but lies from Mayfield's mouth.

Snafam said...

I agree that there are still questions that the reporter could have asked. Jeremy was calm in this interview, but we have heard/seen others where he has been agitated and repeating himself constantly, casting allegations at a variety of people.

The affidavit from John Buric leaves ME with some questions. First, it was done through the Vitality Med Spa, which provided him with Mayfield's Adderall prescription, yet the Adderall does not show up as amphetamine. Indeed, JM himself said he went to Piedmont Urgent Care which is owned by the doc who owns the Med Spa. JM also said he went to an emergency room after the NASCAR sample was given, and it just so happens that the same doctor is on the staff at Frye Regional Emergency Department.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions. Sadly, as this mess unfolds, it will do irreparable harm to the sport, and of course, to Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Is it Indy yet?!?

Let's get back to racing, this just doesn't matter anymore!

Anonymous said...

Aren't the documents filed with the court available to the public for review?

The Smoking Gun sure seems to be able to get such documents. I think it would be of interest to all NASCAR fans who are following this story.

Anonymous said...

Bouncing an idea off. Let's say, that Mayfield did enter treatment after the first test and he wasn't a meth head. And when he entered the facility, and took a test and it came back negative. The facility keeps him there, because Brian France and Dr. Black insists that he's a meth head, but during those few days, but he doesn't show any withdrawal symptoms and all his drug tests come back negative. What would happen then?! You send someone not a meth head to a treatment facility can cause quiet a public relations nightmare don't you think. It might cause people to question the policy...and you might have a lawsuit anyway.

Also, I hope that Mayfield and his team have enough sense to test the samples at a WADA approved lab, even if it's not Dr. Black and Brian France approved.

Everything you wanted to know about Aderall and more: Another one I just skimmed over:

If I tested positive, I'd probably be even more irrational than Jeremy...(I mainly take supplements because I can't have Milk, but I can have cheese and certain brands of Ice Cream (Blue Bunny can't have, Kemps can have, I can have yoplait, but Land of Lakes is better for my system) and yogurt.) I think that some of it can be explained as anger towards the system and shock.

Richard in N.C. said...

According to Aegis' website the 2 people who head up Aegis' sports testing section are former WADA employees.

IF, IF, IF Aegis' test results are correct, it has occurred to me that was is really sad in all of this is that the NASCAR bashers may be helping prolong when JM gets the help it incresingly appears he needs.

Bob Pockrass cites court documents showing that the 2 sides have agreed on a schedule that would have depositions and motions going on until at least the end of May, 2010.

eaglesoars said...

Anon 5:50
I guess I'm not understanding why you feel a WADA lab is so superior to an accredited lab by our medical associations and our federal government?

Don't you think our Federal Judges are smart enough that they will automatically have Jeremy tested several times by labs that are accredited by our government?

And from the way I understood the policy if a driver fails the drug tests and is indefinitely suspended the first step is NOT to immediately stick them in rehab, but would be retested a couple times. Yes he would be unable to drive while doing this because if he is using you don't want him on the track, but if he tests clean for a few weeks it would be admitted there was an error and he would be reinstated. Problem is Jeremy was completely unwilling to co operate with the lab in any way that could have proved him innocent if he was.
Actually positive or negative Jeremy had violated the policy and should have served a suspension anyway by refusing to tell the lab he was taking Adderal and providing the prescription before he was caught, he did sign an agreement to do that to get his NASCAR license.

JD, someone and I can't remember exactly who. I think it was red or Slater that posted about the court filings what was in them, can we get a link ti them, or would you post.

A poster on another board was trying to discredit Aegis labs, made claims that Aegis was the lab NASCAR had used to frame Tim Richmond. I also heard some one make that claim on Sirius and someone said (sorry can't remember which show I was listening to) that it was not a lab back then but a Dr NASCAR had hired. (anyone know the truth to that?) Anyway when I posted that and then the list of accredidations of the Aeis lab he came back with this; ...." Aegis Lab run by Dr. Black.. I also understand that Black's lab has tested for the NFL but then last year the NFL suspended 6 players for using banned substances and it came out that what they tested positive for was diet pills to control their weight so they would not be fined by their teams.. Since they were banned, a Federal judge has ordered the suspension lifeted, the players reinstated and came down hard on the NFL for their testing procedures..." I'd sure would like to know how to find the facts, right or wrong regarding that.

The thing that I find most disconcerting about this whole thing is how eager some are to destroy the reputation of a highly acclaimed professional laboratory just to be able to drag NASCAR down.

I read so many posts that seem so filled with hatred for NASCAR, if people really dislike it that bad, why watch it? You have it in your power to put them right out of business by not watching, not going to races and not buying product. Honestly it is really that simple, if the fans leave so will all the sponsors, which is the money so the teams and drivers will continue racing but they will race where the money is so wherever the fans go, the sponsors will follow with the teams and drivers.

cvt said...

Mayfield is an American citizen. How about recognizing someone who wants his constitutional rights.

He stands accused by NASCAR, a private, family-owned business run like a feudal fiefdom, not a government authority.It is outrageous that fellow Americans want to deny him his right of a hearing by a duly-appointed Federal court.

Nothing has been proved. Let me repeat. Nothing has been proved.

If the Federal court handles this case properly (independently determines the facts), finds he did in-fact consume meth, then he'll suffer the consequences.

Until then, are you prepared to allow NASCAR to be the accuser, judge, jury and executioner?

Richard in N.C. said...

eaglesoars- I believe the issue on the 2 Minn. Vikings linemen is still going on. Don't know about Aegis' involvement, but my recollection is that the players had taken some sort of diurectic (sp?) which could function as a masking agent and was banned for that reason.

I'm not a fan of Ed Hinton, and seldom read him anymore, but he had a fascinating article last year about the amount of mean-spirited e-mails he rec'd about NASCAR and wondered why people read his articles if they so hate the sport.

bevo said...

@eaglesoars- they were suspended for a diuretic, bumetanide, in a product that didn't label it as an ingredient. It's considered a masking agent for steriods. The judge threw out the federal claim but allowed the two Vikings to persue the case in Minnesota courts. NFL appealed that and it is still awaiting a decision.

Have no idea if Aegis was involved.

bevo said...

@eaglesoars- Found it. ESPN article Dec. 12, 2008. AP story.

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A drug-testing lab in Tennessee confirmed more than a year ago that StarCaps, the over-the-counter weight-loss pill at the center of five NFL player suspensions, contained the banned diuretic Bumetanide, and the toxicologist in charge said athletes using it put themselves at risk of more than just a positive drug test.

"Bumetanide is a potent diuretic for an athlete or someone in a situation where they might become dehydrated," David Black told The Associated Press. "They'd be taking a diuretic without the knowledge of it. That could lead to serious health considerations. That could lead to electrolyte abnormalities, cardiovascular collapse, cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, stroke and death."

Black, who helped set up and coordinate the NFL's original steroid testing program with then-commissioner Pete Rozelle in the late 1980s, tested StarCaps in 2007 at the request of a professional athlete who tested positive for it. Black would not identify the player.

"It took us a couple of PhDs and a $300,000 piece of equipment to verify that Bumetanide was contained in StarCaps," he said. "How is somebody supposed to know buying it off the shelf or off the Internet what it really contains? We spent an enormous amount of resources trying to understand this product." "

and this...

"It started in 1986 as a sports doping lab after a steroids scandal on the football team had Vanderbilt University wanting to test all of its athletes. The toxicologist didn't want to leave town when the lab closed, so he took it private in 1990 and expanded testing for doctors tracking if patients take their pain medication, employers protecting themselves from employees using drugs, forensic work and sports.

Black estimates he has helped exonerate more than 50 athletes, including Olympic sprinter Butch Reynolds in the early 1990s, and his lab conducts tests for about 80 Division I-A universities and NASCAR. His work with the NFL ended in 1990 when then-commissioner Paul Tagliabue moved testing to a lab approved by the IOC and named Dr. John Lombardo as the league's adviser on steroids."

So no Aegis was not involved in testing the players.

As for Richmond. LA Times Feb 21, 1990.

Dr. Forest S. Tennant
Community Health Projects of West Covina, CA was the doctor and lab that tested him.

eaglesoars said...

cvt are you prepared to allow the NFL, MLB, NHL ETC and the totally independent labs that are experts in the doping field regulate their players?

Who said we wanted to deprive him of hearing in court? none of us have.

You know funny how you state that NASCAR is a privately owned business, I've been trying to pint that out for a long time. In fact isn't a privately owned business in fact a dictatorship in how it's run? The owner has 100% the right to set the rules of his company as long as they are legal and I'll bet money once in court it will be proved beyond doubt in a Federal Court that Aegis did in fact create a legal testing program for NASCAR certainly seems to hold up in the other sports they set up.

Richard, bevo
Thank you vey much

Anonymous said...

It's not NASCAR the fans hate it's NA$CAR. It creates a fog around it...exactly what is "action detrimental to a stock car...and leaves fans confused. And not so much with this case but how Carl Long got screwed...

I had recalled hearing that Diane Black, Dr. Black's wife and a Tennessee State Senator got into trouble for getting funds funneled to Aegis Labs. I looked it up and there were a few links. It even became a campaign issue.

It took me a while to find this article but I did:

Not relevant, but interesting.

Anonymous said...

Here is something interesting -- Mayfield made it a big point to tell Marty Smith how humiliating it was to have to take an "observed test" (where they watch you pee) when NASCAR tested him the second time.

I can only assume that he didn't think the other 15 tests were humiliating, since he made such a point about the NASCAR test. Which makes me think that the tests Mayfield is taking on his own behalf aren't even observed -- which makes them even more meaningless.

trish in nc said...

Maybe I don't understand Adderall but do you normally get this type of drug from a Vitality/Medical Spa center? I have had a problem with this and the fact that the drug test JM released on 7/17 was run through the Vitality Center as well. As Snafam said, the Vit. Center/Urgent Care/Frye all have a link with the same Dr. And JM complains that Nascar keeps using Dr. Black's lab.

At this point I see the slander cases mounting against JM. The silliness of saying I go get tested every few days and the Dr. isn't a real doctor has destroyed JM credibility. Get help!

Richard in N.C. said...

Wouldn't it be fascinating if the media went to as much trouble researching matters as TDP posters do - especially before pontificating?

cvt, I am convinced that this needs to be resolved in court for the benefit of both JM & NASCAR - but some in the media and on the internet are willing to exonerate JM merely because he disagrees with NASCAR.

I am inclined to say that NASCAR's program probably should have an appeal process, but I'd like to know what other major sports and maybe the DOT do - and I haven't seen anyone in the media do the work to explain such. As I've noted before, I note that the general sports media is willing to crucify Sammy Sosa based on a news report of the alleged, admittedly stolen results of an alleged failed drug test 5 or 6 years ago - which I find even more troubling since the most likely place the info came from (assuming it is legit) is from the US Attorney's office.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Where do you think many of them are getting their information?

The TDP tail is wagging the NASCAR media dog once again.

Our readers make it all happen.


Richard in N.C. said...

JD- It occurred to me earlier how depressing the above title is, but not nearly as depressing as the thought of this special NASCAR season without TDP and its army of researchers. Thank you all.

P.S. Oh, and also for readable verification characters - seriously.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Those guys at Google blogspot actually listened to us, it was neat.

Now, if we can just get the Twitter folks from Cali to get themselves in order it might be a good year.

Live chat coming, but not yet.


eaglesoars said...

Richard I think it is wonderful the way so many folks are here to really learn.

bevo keep in mind that article about Dr Black and the football players and all he's worked to clear next time someone spouts off Aegis has to lie even if it was an error so they won't be wrong.
Also write down all the names of folks that see no problem that Aegis would take a payoff, cause #1 you don't want to hire them, or #2 you don't want them on your jury cause you already know how they think everyone sells out.

cvt said...

The comparion of NASCAR drivers to the stick n ball sports doesn't hold water...they have a phalanx of lawyers representing their interests - the check & balance,if you will.

You haven't read enough of the comments about this case, there are many,many people , including journalists, who have written Mayfield should accept the facts as presented, and go away.Case closed. That insinuates he doesn't have the right to pursue his action in court, that he is being impertinent and forcing this matter into the public domain, interrupting our enjoyment of an otherwise blissful '09 Cup season.

As far as predicting the outcome of a case in the Federal court system,if you can do that you belong in Vegas.

eaglesoars said...

cvt you can believe whatever you want but read your on comments and you repeatedly contradict yourself BUT do not even think you can tell me what I have and have not read or what I do and do not understand.
IMHO I have a far better grasp of the realities of this than you.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Everyone gets to state their opinion on this blog, OK?

Let me know if someone is out of line and I will handle it.



Newracefan said...

Thanks for all the facts everyone but my slow Sunday was taken up with Sun Sand and Surf. It was a much better use of my time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7/19 3:49,

You're right, it is totally false. I'm in that addictive situation right now, (not right now as I type), but I understand how someone can appear normal but be hiding an addiction. I'm choosing to post this anonymously, because I've been a regular here for two years and I'd prefer for everyone to not associate a screen name with personal story. That said, I have never been near meth so I can't speak to whether or not JM "looked" like he was on drugs.

I'm not sure whether I believe his story or not. I know as well as any addict how to hide these things from family and friends, and the question here is how far Jeremy is willing to take things before he admits guilt. At this point, if he is in fact guilty, I think he's in too far to admit guilt now. All he can do is test clean from this point forward, stick to his story, and continue the fight. Unless he runs out of money to pay his lawyers, I don't see this ending anytime soon.

Daly Planet Editor said...

The one thing so many fans have in common is that we all have to face drug tests in our own workplaces. I certainly do on an annual basis and also randomly.

We all know what the deal is and what happens if the line is crossed.

Aegis reports the amount of meth in Mayfield's system indicates a long time user and addict.

No matter how many other non-drug testing issues are presented, it still does not change the two tests from this very large professional organization.

This is going to be a week to remember, in perhaps all the wrong ways.


Richard in N.C. said...

JD, unless the money flow stops, I will be surprised if the Mayfield report does not become an almost daily news segment for months.