Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Turn: "This Week In NASCAR" On SPEED

Before we get into the Chase portion of the season, we are going to ask for comments from those of you who watch This Week in NASCAR on SPEED.

This program is produced by the NASCAR Media Group and is recorded at the SPEED HD studios in Charlotte, NC. Steve Byrnes is the host and Michael Waltrip is the fulltime panelist. Chad Knaus and Greg Biffle alternate as the second panelist on the show. There are no reporters or guests on this series.

This program began life as Inside Winston Cup Racing and was produced for SpeedVision by Sunbelt Video. After several different hosts and names, it was revamped into its present form. The only consistent presence since the beginning has been Waltrip.

We are asking you today to consider the 2009 version of the show only. If you have watched the series this year, how have you liked it? What is it that you would suggest as an improvement and why do you want the change? Is there a feature that you particularly like? Finally, what announcers would you like to see remain on the program next season? Any other issues got your attention?

To add your opinion, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and help us with this topic.


dupont24fan said...


KRBama said...

I actually usually enjoy the show, but I admit I only watch when Chad Knaus is on. Steve, Chad, and Mikey are just a funny combination, IMO. When Biffle is on, I tend to fast forward a lot, because he just doesn't have the chemistry with Steve and Mikey that Chad does. Plus, I feel like having a crew chief's perspective really adds something to the show.

d said...

Enjoyed the show tonight! I needed a laugh and always get one with my nascar fix watching TWINS. Michael was fun tonight and Greg did a better job then usual. Thought they covered all the topics and did it in an entertaining way..... Great Job!

PammH said...

I just wish Chad had been on tonite, but it was a decent show. btw, veri word wallypoo...something to do w/ WD??

Daly Planet Editor said...

Dupontfan, last warning. Lower case comments from now on, you feeling me?

dupont24fan said...

im sorry i never got the first warning. no prob bro my apologies.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Appreciate it, we welcome your comments.

Anonymous said...

Last year, I mostly avoided the stiff suits of NASCAR Now and enjoyed the banter of TWIN. What a difference a year makes... these days I rarely make it through TWIN. I used to like Michael Waltrip, but lately he is shoveling some serious hype that he can't even believe, and Steve Byrnes has lost control of the show. He simply sets up the clips while MIkey runs the show. Even when Knaus is on, it isn't the same, WAltrip is just out of control and the show just doesn't go very deep. It's totally unwilling to criticize NASCAR or any driver, and that creates for borign discussion. Tonight on NASCAR now, the girl reporter (forget her name) and Boris Said had way more interesting point/counterpoint than anything happening on TWIN.

Now that NASCAR Now has copped the scanner feature from TWIN, TWIN is almost useless to me. If you missed the race, Bestwick will give you a much more complete rundown and more clips/interviews. TWIN will give you a few clips, each one ending with WAltrip saying "That's how hard it is to drive in NASCAR, we are that close to the edge every corner." Zzzzz enough already.

I am still a big fan of the 55 on and off the track and I generally still like Michael Waltrip... but TWIN needs a complete overhaul more than the Car of Tomorrow. Third Panelist. More discussion. Stronger moderator. Less slave to the formatted segments. TWIN = YAWN.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good Monday Night NASCAR TV drinking game:

Allen Bestwick says "Raise your hand if..." -- Take 1 drink

Michael Waltrip mentions how much he loves NASCAR -- Take 2 drinks

Ricky Craven earnestly tells you how impressed he was with something -- Take 3 drinks.

Steve Byrnes makes a private joke he shares with Michael Waltrip on the air -- Take 4 drinks.

Only Steve Byrnes and Waltrip laugh at the joke -- Take 5 drinks.

Allen Bestwick says the word "hindsight" -- Take 1 drink

Boris Said makes his "not as many Christmas cards this year" joke - Take 2 drinks

Michael Waltrip tells us how funny the Geico commercials are - Take 5 drinks.

Greg Biffle looks like he wants to punch Waltrip for interrupting him -- Take 2 drinks.

I challenge anyone to play this game for more than 15 minutes without getting drunk.

Dot said...

Mikey seemed a little toned down tonight. Mikey bugging Biff for a hug was funny, though.

If you want fun, you watch TWIN. For more serious and scripted matters, you watch NN on Monday's.

TexasRaceLady said...

I really enjoyed TWIN tonight.

For a change, Mikey was not over the top. He actually had some good things to contribute. When SteveB asked Greg questions, Mikey kept his mouth shut and let Greg speak.

While I missed Chad, Greg did a great job of speaking up and contributing. He seemed more relaxed. Of course, that may have been due to his chair being a bit further away from Mikey than usual. LOL

Anonymous said...

you forgot AB asking his famous "Agree or Disagree?" or "Bubble Boys" comments. Waltrip mentioning NAPA or Aarons?

Your comments about TWIN and NN were right on the money - good post

reality is people watch FOR those reasons - TWIN maybe more than NN.

The whole inside joke thing Byrnes and Waltrip have is sort of an inside joke in itself.

Anonymous said...

Funny story - a few months ago NAPA was giving away those MW 55 NAPA hats - exact copies of the hat MW wears - anyways I go into my local NAPA store and mention how much MW has done for their business and they kinda laughed it all off. They think he is a buffoon at least my local NAPA store.

Daly Planet Editor said...

OK, glad some liked the show. What are the things you would like to see changed? What would make TWIN better for you to watch after every race?


dupont24fan said...

i actually get nothing or any insight for TWIN. stupid jokes, and no talen drivers. (except when Chad is on) NN has great insight from creditable sources such as Wallace, Jarett, Craven, and Evernham. Their resume does not lie. NN each day is my source (Jayski and Daly Planet as well)for up to date NASCAR info. This site is awesome cause of the fans and the blogging, I love the backstory information that Daly Planet provides. Windtunnel with Dispain is better than TWIN

dupont24fan said...

i think TWIN needs a complete overhaul. Replace Bynes and bring back Dispain. Replace Waltrip with Carl Edwards. And keep Knaus full time. I really think the show needs a new panel. With Edwards, Knaus on it would be more insighfull. I would rather hear from a driver in the top ten and not the bottom 35.

Anonymous said...

gotta respond to TWIN and no talent drivers.

NN has Craven, Said, Everham - any talented drivers there. NOPE

Wallace and Jarrett - talent but what have they done lately.

NN has NO current drivers or crew chiefs.

TWIN has Knaus - 4 time winning crew chief. Biffle - in the CHASE. Then theres Waltrip - it all comes down to Mikey - people either like him or don't like him. Whether you do or don't he is an active driver and owner. Can't take that away.

I detect an ESPN bias from dupont24fan.

trish in nc said...

Anon 9:53 you indeed watch this show, that was just too funny.

i do like Steve Burnes as a host all tho Allen Bestwick was better at keeping the smiles & stories going. No host can put a lid on Mikey and thats propbably best. DaveDespain is great on WindTunnel but never fit in TWIN.

i have mourned since the great Schrader has gone. 6:53understand why is not a panelist but he together with MW made the show so lively.

Bifle & Knauss are both intelligent and add to the show but they must get "permission to speak freely" before they can get a word in.

Chad has learned to loosen up and not be so serious .

Even if Mikey is not a full time driver next year he will have plenty to add being an owner & driver

dupont24fan said...

Wallace and Jarett are retired. They have enough wins and championships to know what they are talking about. Biffle has no personality, he is not a Carl Edwards. Knaus of course is the best, no argument there. I say keep him and add Edwards. U have to admit there are less commercial on ESPN then FOX or TNT.

dupont24fan said...

IT sucks that i am going to miss the race in Bristol cause i have to put in time with the girlfriend. I will be keeping up on all the action on my cell phone with twitter updates from The Daly Planet

trish in nc said...

i don't no how that empty space got in my post.
i also didn 't know how to get rid of it and the game is on and i don,t have time to figure it out.

David said...

Exactly. Biffle vs. Craven on the resume sheets equates to a Biffle win. The guy is smart and has a ton of great insight. He just gets freight trained by Mikey alot of the time. AB and Kenny Schrader are the only two people Ive EVER seen on a regular basis that could either reign Mikey in, or make him feel stupid enough he HAS to shut up at times. Love Mikey, but sometimes you gotta fight his antics by using his own antics against him. Like tonight the remark: "I don't condone violence" Didn't Mikey throw a punch at Lake Speed in the car in the early 90's? Or was that the other way around? That clip would have easily shut Michael up.

I like TWIN for the fun but like many others I watch when Chad is on. TWIN is a show that does lack credibility at times even though Biffle and Chad are doing well this season, you need a 2nd opinion from someone of relevance on the same show for the sake of discussion. NN and TWIN both lack that on their shows. Said is becoming a TV guy, but in terms of taking what he says to the bank weekly? Not one bit. This is not a guy who can speak about HOW to race for a championship so when he talks about what Kyle or another driver needs to do to put a title together I go "HUH?!" Ricky is credible since he has a Busch title and Cup wins, but he is not active. Was BV on the show today? I missed the first 15 minutes of NN. Seemed BV kind of got blown off again in contrast to this being TRB's first win and Brian's first win in a couple years. Plus its the FIRST NC driver to win since 2007 I think. Stories are there...

However, NN for what it is was great. TWIN for what it is was par for the course. Despain back on TWIN would infuriate me to no end.

I get it has to be tough to get a full-time driver or CC who is running in the top 10 in points to commit to a weekly show since Monday is meeting day, but a top 20 driver at least would help. Bringing back the Hot Seat on TWIN would be a MAJOR plus! I always loved seeing someone come into the little circus that IWC was, and seeing how they fit in or did not. Using NW or CWTS drivers is always an option especially since the show is This Week In NASCAR

dupont24fan said...
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Anonymous said...

I would completely overhaul TWIN.

First, I would make them a comfortable set. You have three guys in this massive cavern.

Next, you have to eliminate the number of things they "have to get to" because they are always barely keeping up with the parade of video. They need segments of talking. Nothign against the nice video compilations they make, but they need time to discuss.

Next, you have to have a moderator who can interject something more than setting up the clip. He needs to activate the discussion and guide it more, participate if necessary.

Next, the panel needs to be a panel of equals. I'd almost like to see Kyle Petty vs Michael Waltrip just because he could more than get a word in edgewise. If not him, then you need to give Greg Biffle 10 cups of coffee or else get someone who can keep up and create their own equal time.

Finally, the show needs an identity. Last year, it started to carve one out as the fun, casual alternative to NASCAR Now. These days, the identity is that it is a rah-rah cheerleading commercial jam packed with clips and little if any substantive discussion. The people who crave Ken Schrader don't crave Ken as much as someone who brings something to the table. Looking into the camera and telling us how great the California race is and how much the drivers love it (both lies) is just salesmanship, and we don't need that.

I didn't watch TWIN this week, but I already know how it went. I can picture the recap, Waltrip talking over Biffle, the preview of the Bristol race, the scanner feature, the questions by mail. It is such a slave to the format. Every Monday NASCAR Now has a format, but the show doesn't seem to be a prisoner to it, and it isn't so utterly PREDICTABLE.

West Coast Diane said...


Glad to see you have this post up about TWIN. I was close to a stroke...LOL.

Before checking in here I had just fired off a missive to SPEED.

Why for the love of God do they insist on playing music over everything? I don't get it. They do it while the boys are talking and they are showing video which sometimes has audio. Which means 3 things competing for your ear. The worst is over the scanner feature "Radio Active". What a great feature. They just ruin it. It is already difficult enough just to listen to scanner conversation and then they play the music so loud you can't understand most of it.

I usually love Mikey. I think I am finally tired of his constant interruptions. It is just plain rude and many times we miss out on something from Chad or Greg because they never seem to be able to get back to their comment.

I don't want TWIN to be NN. Two different shows. TWIN needs to maintain the casual, fun, insider atmoshere. NN can do the more serious stuff while interjecting some fun.

Need to find a way to put a lid on Mikey without destroying the spontaneity (sp?). Didn't Mikey tweet something a few weeks ago that he didn't know what TDP was...I sure wish he did. At least read some of the constructive criticism. (The mean spirited, hate stuff I wouldn't want him to see). Not sure if he would care, though.

Wouldn't mind a guest, like they used to do. I would like for Chad to be on more. He always seems to have a different perspective and adds a lot to the technical side of the race.

Ok...I'm done...thanks for letting me vent about the music.

kbaskins said...

I don't get ESPN, so I have no access to NASCAR Now.

As far as TWIN is concerned, I stopped watching several weeks ago when Mikey was sooooo rude. I've never liked him, but I've always tolerated him. His attitude on that show was the final straw for me, though. I'm done with TWIN until Mikey goes. I adore Steve, and even though Chad works for the hated Hendrick organization, I think he's great too. (I can't believe I just typed that.) Biffle is kind of boring, but he gives great information when Mikey lets him talk.

I'll never watch the show again as long as Mikey is involved. If they want someone with that goofy and sincere vibe, go out and hire Max Papis. He was great on Trackside. Sure, he's not a full-time driver, but Mikey won't be next year either. Carl (a.k.a. Cornflake in my house) has the goofy thing going too. Either would be better than Mikey. They know how to be respectful to their fellow panelists.


Sophia said...

Many good points. Drinking game was hilarious post and true! :)

Anon 11pm. I TOTALLY agree we need LESS VIDEO and more talking.

this has been a huge shark jump for all the canned videos, promos they are forced to endure, and LACK of conversation. We need more conversation.

The seating is ludicrous. They need to be closer together..MUSIC IS ANNOYING over the talking (sigh) i do not get this modern theme, music is everywhere.

when I was growing up, there was the Art of Conversation, with quiet backgrounds in restaurants, and in movies and on tv shows. And sporting events.

I would like to see TWIN rehauled and get rid of half the video stuff.

And the MUSIC.

I know it's a budget thing but it would be great to have another person on to speak. Kenny Schrader. Or maybe to get diverse, how about Montoya? :) Bet he could hush Mikey.

Off to see the show..but my gripes are the same each week. More talk, less video, turn down the music

Sophia said...

YES the camera work needs improvement here. Too much in the background, lights/pictures. Keep it clean and neutral, the set and focus on the PEOPLE.

Put chairs CLOSER as somebody mentioned. I noted tonight the zoom camera FIXATION lives on. We can only see one guy on tv when talking ..why can't we see two or all three without it being a wide shot that looks like a Google earth shot? It would be nice to see FACIAL expressions on Steve's face while Greg and Mikey are talking..the old show on MONDAY night did that and you felt like you were watching guys in the living room talk on the couch. NOTE to director or producer" not all of us have 40 or 60 inch tvs. We like seeing the guys faces and hearing the dulcet tones of their voices (Turn down the *&^% music!)

Too many individual head shots.

Can the music and much of the video. Let BIFFLE speak more--he did better tonight, and if Chad is busy for the chase we are gonna miss him something FIERCE. The chemistry with he and Mikey is great. A third person is sorely needed.

Get fill ins that have been there before like SCHRADER! I also agree about bring back the HOTSEAT as well. It'd FORCE them to talk more.

That is if the the suits of NA$CAR will listen between their cigars, penthouses and counting their money.

I really hate the camera work on all shows NASCAR but I meander again.

But I miss the TALKING of the panel. :(

Dannyboy said...


1)David, David, David - Why is it that people who act like they know what's going on are often the most clueless? When Mikey said he didn't condone physical violence, he was being facetious. Anyone who's been a long-time fan of "The Mikey Show" knows he occasionally makes self-disparaging remarks directly meant to point a finger at himself as an offender.

2) It will be hard for me to add many points of improvement for the show because so many of the necessary improvements have already been suggested here. I'm speaking only of those who LIKE the show's basic format and makeup and want it to be better.

Things like: a) closer seating, b) fewer headshots, c) less (or lower volume) music, d) very few pre-produced video segments, e) NO MORE retrospectives of past races, either last years' or last century's races!, etc, etc. - Sophia made many of these points very well.

AHA! My own little contribution: bring back the HOT SEAT guest from the IWC show! That used to be one of my favorite segments. They had guests like Mike Helton, Jeff Gordon, etc to answer a question from each of the panelists during one segment each week. What a novel concept! Where did THAT go?

Probably the dreaded "Not Invented Here Syndrome"!

Dannyboy said...

P.S. - Tonight's show was exceptional. Mike & Biff's joking about the touchy-feelie thing was great! And Biff made his presence more known than ever before. He said at the show opening that he liked doing the show and it showed.

Anonymous said...

Someone wants to bring Dave Despain back to TWIN?? Shoot me now. He hates NASCAR (especially NASCAR fans) and was horrible on TWIN! He's already got his own show on SPEED and gives a nod to NASCAR now and then only because he has to - he'd much rather talk about motorcycles and open wheel. Greg Biffle would be better on TWIN if he wasn't forced to play second (third? fourth? fifth?) fiddle to Jaws II, Michael Waltrip. If you actually listen to Biffle, he has a lot of insight and explains things in a very relatable way. As annoying as the 'inside jokes' are between Byrnes and MW, I find Waltrip's constant need to use sexual innuendos and double entendres juvenile at best and indicative of some serious mental health issues at worst. I agree that a new panel sans Waltrip is the best direction for TWIN, but NO DAVE DESPAIN!

Anonymous said...

JARRETT > waltrip

SalB said...

I tried watching TWIN last night for the first time in months. I didn't last past the first 15 minutes. I guess I have finally hit 'Mikey Overload'. I used to find him funny. Now, I just find him annoying and rude, and the main cheerleader for all things Nascar. All the video extras left me flat. It's hard to remember how much I used to look forward to this show in it's original form.

Jim said...

Too much time showing replays. Bring back the "hot seat" guest instead. Steve is good and the three "commentators" are just fine. (There is only one Ken Schrader.)
Label the show "for entertainment only" and stop worrying about NASCAR credibility. Lighten up, laugh a lot, live a little!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that the great ESPN NN talent line up is comprised of the first and second string talent that Speedvision used on Inside Winston Cup, before FOXscrewed everything up?

SPEED and NASCAR ought to have access to the best and brightest, and we get TWIN propoganda each week.

Garry said...

One of the changes I would like to see are bring back the Hot Seat guest.I also would like to see a Car owner, driver, and crew member(not necessarily a crew chief) in a Roundtable discussion about the race(not like NN), the state of the sport, what their teams are up to, and then throw in a b.s session about nostalgia, not unlike the TNT segment about The Pride Of NASCAR.But the roundtable that I would like is similar to the old show a few years back about three or four guys sitting around, almost forgetting the cameras are there, so it appears unscripted. You can still have AB setting the pace, and telling them when it's time to move along. Anyone remember the rain delay a few weeks ago when Jerry Punch almost validated himself? Priceless to see human emotions and swapping stories from the past. I think if you are going to have an hour show, this format would be a hit. It would entail serious discussion about the race, old stories from the past, a Hot Seat guest that could provide both humorous and serious undertones, jocularity, and what and where they think the state of NASCAR is or is going to be. Almost foolproof, if you let these guys (and gals) shine in their own element.

alex said...

Maybe TWIN is in need of an overhaul. Perhaps we could have Dave Despain and the return of the old STP Pit Command Center.

Anonymous said...

My suggestions for "improving" the show,

Less review more topic discussion of the relevant issues of the sport.

There are plenty of shows and opportunities to see the cup race highlights.

Don't ignore the previous weeks, race but, lets talk about how things developed and why, Not this is what happened on to the next segment.

The Car. Little E's comments vs. NASCAR's. this past weekend.

Tires during the Indy Weekend,

Kyle Busch antics, any week, and what is the impact of his histrionics on fans, fellow drivers, the sport in general.

The impact of sponsorship in the sport, You have an owner on the panel directly involved in these matters.

The impact of the manufactures decisions.

Technology, or the lack of it on the series. Pro and con.

Bring back the hot seat, and not just "Cup" related guests.

How about features of up and coming drivers in the Camping World East/West series, Modified drivers, etc.

A rookie spotlight.

"News" of the week discussion.

Everyone involved in the sport has an opinion. Let's hear them. It can be done without those involved in the sport ticking anyone off.

These are only off the top of my head.

Some of these things are "touched" on but not really explored in any depth. We get a comment here and there, and insider comment thrown around, but that's about it.

And PLEASE do not bring Dave Despain back. He's fine where he is, after last nights dive bombing I think many of us know his feelings on NASCAR.

Although I will say he did bring up some of the types of discussion points I'd like to hear.

Maybe Mike Mulhern as host? now that would make for an interesting show!

Dave in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

From Sophia: why can't we see two or all three without it being a wide shot It would be nice to see FACIAL expressions on Steve's face while Greg and Mikey are talking

Just so you know seeing two or three is what is called a wide shot.

What a do you see facial expressions and reactions without tight shots??? Hilarious

Ghost of Curtis Turner said...

Based on this year's line up and Waltrips constant blatant shilling for sponsor and toyota, No I have not watched TWIN this year. It's a shame, I have no desire to watch this show anymore.

Anonymous said...

In today's day and age a Monday wrap up show is just really beating a dead horse..By Monday there has been so much recapping of the weekend via many different outlets.

Jojaye said...

I watch every week & I watch for different reasons than I watch NASCAR Now - I watch for recap of the race,with active driver/owner/crew chief views. I watch exactly because it is the polar opposite of NN. Its a fast paced hit alot of bases, a fun informative show. Not buttoned down corp. both have their place.

I could do quite nicely with adding another person to the panel. 3+ Steve B would be an excellent mix again - & would help tone down Mikey on the rough nights. And last night was not a rough night.

word veri= reusrpr

Anonymous said...
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Tracy said...

"I find Waltrip's constant need to use sexual innuendos and double entendres juvenile at best..."

I've noticed the same. He's too old for this behavior, and it's sexist as well. I expect better from him. Maybe it's because there's no Schrader to sit on him when he gets out of hand. And I LIKE the guy! But enough is enough.

Everyone else has contributed such great ideas, from bringing back the old "hot seat" to cutting back on the annoying music and all those videos. The fun element, the insider stories, the history, the disagreements, is what brought viewers to INC - at least this viewer.

Biffle is great when he's given space. He's been around long enough to have stories of his own and he's not afraid to call it as he sees it. When he does, he's priceless for the show. Byrnes likes these guys - you can tell - but he's more of a traffic director except when Mikey goes out of his way to throw him off stride. Love Chad. Would LOVE to hear from Ryan Pemberton (whom MM dubbed the smartest guy in the garage when he was MM's crew chief), Bobby Labonte, other guys out there who've been around a while and are smart racers, if not title contenders. Throw out controversial topics and see what happens. Give them the space to talk and someone who can bring them out of their PC shells. Shrader never had any trouble with that, LOL.

Don't kill the "fun" element, above all. Just add a teaspoon of variety in those chairs (the set does look cavernous), poke a burning stick at Nascar, and let 'er rip.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

TWIN used to be a must-see for me but I find it easy to ignore this season. I love Steve Byrnes. I think both Knaus and Biffle have interesting insights. I'd prefer to see 3 panelists -- maybe 2 drivers and a crew chief -- on each show.

The trouble is, you cannot change the show in any meaningful way without doing something about Michael Waltrip. He's entertaining but at a cost. Everyone else (panelists, hosts) has to fight to get their say, the show gets derailed way too often and race highlights are always so disjointed. If Waltrip's such a ratings draw, then make him host of a Wind Tunnel-like show. But for TWIN, I'd like to see his role curtailed. Maybe he could be involved in just one segment, maybe not every week.

And I don't mind seeing drivers who aren't necessarily in the top 35. Sometimes someone in that situation (who is not named Waltrip) can have a fresh opinion and perspective.

David said...

Dannyboy I find it humorous you drilled me on one respect, yet consider the hot seat thing to be your own contribution. That has been something I have suggested for weeks now.

Mikey still has to be put in his place at times whether he is "kidding" or not. That attitude of his becomes overkill on TWIN just like Spencer's need to put his foot in his mouth ruins RaceDay.

Deborah said...

Based on all the complaints, as always I feel like I'm watching a different show than most. I enjoy TWIN almost every time I watch and I think this season is a lot better than in the recent past, mostly because the panel seems relaxed and like they're having fun with each other.

The main reason I watch is for Michael Waltrip, in fact I think he's the entire show. I find him funny but I also think he has some interesting opinions as well. It's unfortunate that some don't take him seriously - as a driver and owner in this sport for 25 years he has a lot to contribute. But love him or hate him, everyone pays attention to him - what would people talk about if Michael weren't on this show?

I think Chad is also great on the show, having a crew chief as part of the panel adds a different perspective and he always has good things to say. I generally like the panel with either Greg or Chad but I think the person up thread who suggested adding someone like Kyle Petty to the panel had a good idea because Kyle might be willing to offer up more controversial opinions that Chad, Michael and Greg would be unwilling to. I'd also like to see them rotate in other drivers and crew chiefs more often even if it meant having to add an additional panel member.

If there's anything to be changed I'd like to see more discussion of the other races beyond just the Cup races and maybe even some news from around the sport. I like the scanner feature but I could do without some of the taped features and I wouldn't mind if the preview of the next race was shorter.

Geeze said...

Add Kenny Schrader to the mix, and the show would be fine. I know he's not currently in the Cup series, but he has been there, done that.

This show was never meant to be a button down race analysis. It's supposed to be fun. NN and TWIN shouldn't be compared, they are completely different concepts. I like them both.

Sophia said...

Anon 9:13

You miss the point COMPLETELY. Don't cut and paste a quote. I said if the wide shots were going to look like "GOOGLE EARTH"!

If chairs were closer, so would be the camera and the "wide shots" of the three guys would be easier to see on the tv screen from my home. Much like when years ago Schrader would be talking to Johnny and AB and Mikey would be doing something stupid with his shoe, we from home could see that and the raised eyebrows or eye roll from Kenny.

Could not see that now as the "wide shot" of the faces is too far away due to the studio set up.

Or when the panel used to take turns INTRODUCING the show before the music started, it would show a quick shot of the guys and once Schrader had a cookie in his mouth..he said he didn't know they were going to start so soon or he wouldn't have taken a bite of cookie. Seeing the reaction of those SITTING AROUND HIM made the moment funnier than a zoom lens on a full mouth of cookies.:)

Zieke said...

Get rid of Waltrip, plain and simple. His constant interruptions and rudeness are just too much to endure. Guess you could say he a "legend in his own mind." Schrader was very good when he was there, and there are plenty of others also.

DL said...

I watch TWIN and mostly like it's fun and easy style. I do think they show too much video, would like more discussion. For me MW is wearing thin this year and I emphatically dislike Chad, but I wouldn't know who else to get. Certainly not Despain. Just because I don't like him doesn't mean that Chad isn't suited to the show, he is. Last night was a bit much. I found myself wondering what the comments about the previous 2 races would've been, rather than listen to the non-discussion of MIS. Needs the Hot Seat interview back. Biffle came off better, but on a regular basis Edwards would not be better than him, especially if they must keep MW. Honestly I think its pretty hard to find another driver able to tactfully trade barbs with MW.

tom in dayton said...

Well, JD, once again when you post a column on TWIN and MW, you get a ton of responses!
My take:
Steve Byrnes is doing great in his hosting role. The supporting cast is working out fine and Mikey is Mikey.
TWIN's format has straightened out nicely, especially after last year's rollout (with some credit to responses from the TDP).
Improvements: guest cameos from Ken Shrader, Humpy Wheeler or others in the Charlotte area would be welcome and appreciated in the role of a third seater. Otherwise, this show has the right amount of fluff and entertainment that this viewer likes to see!

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the show because of Waltrip. He represents everything that is wrong with NA$CAR. When will the media wake up and get rid of this guy from their programs?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Waltrip has to go. I used to watch the show but couldn't stand to hear his constant lisping over everyone else. Maybe a show with Dave Despain would work better.

Peter in SC said...

Been watching this show for yrs. IWC, INC and now TWiN, it's my Monday night show. Yes, I watch it because it is relaxed and fun. It's like hang out with the guys at the shop, guys being guys. I like the panel and I guess if you don't like MW, then you're not going to like the show much either. I personally hope they don't change it. As for NN, to me, it's boring and uptight, not my kind of show.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I dont watch the show because it adds nothing to the insight of the sport. Mikey does all the talking and he can barely stay in the top 35 and has some of the best equipment out there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I stopped watching TWIN several shows ago. I refuse to watch Mikey's self promotion and Steve Byrnes total lack of leadership running the show. Chad is great and Biffle has come a long way,but he's still too boring. As the show has struggled the past few years, I've always asked what purpose it aims to fill. By Monday night, there's been The Speed Report, Victory Lane, Wind Tunnel and Nascar Now. I can't tell you how many times I've heard Mikey and Biffle see a replay of an incident and say, "That's the first time I'm seeing that". Meanwhile, the viewers have seen it ten times with all kinds of analyses and driver interviews of that incident. Twin has turned into a lot of idle chit chat. That's OK, but I'm not going to watch it!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to get to see the TWIN guys again after a three-week hiatus!

Mary said...

I love TWIN but always call it the Mikey show have done from the early days. One thing that is missing is Schrader - bring him back please.

Anonymous said...

I certainly enjoy watching TWIN, although I have to agree with many others that MW is too overbearing and will hardly allow anyone else to get a word in. Michael has become a mouthpiece for NASCAR since he became a team owner. Greg Biffle does a great job and has become a lot more relaxed in his role. He is willing to offer his opinion, even when it isn't a popular one. I enjoy Chad's perspective but Steve Byrnes needs to get better control over the program and stop the inside jokes. I miss Schrader!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious M. Waltrip drives away many race fans. What does he bring to the table? I only see an obnoxious dopey acting person who more and more people are getting tired of. It's time for SPEED to begin giving us fans better commentary and more professionalism.

Vicky D said...

I enjoyed the show last night also. And I laughed and laughed I think Steve Byrnes is doing a good job, although he might want to rein in Waltrip every once in awhile. I think the weak person is Biffle he can't keep up with Michael they need another driver who can push in sometimes, maybe Hermie Sadler. I remember writing to Speed to keep the show on the air several years ago and they did. If it were on an hour earlier it would be even better.

dupont24fan said...

What can TWIN do next year to change? Since they cannot compete with NN, let me list the things that need to be changed;

1- Appearance, the set looks boring and low budget. Look at the graphics and the modern looking set on ESPN.

2-Host, Byrnes may know NASCAR, but he seems to lose control and the inside jokes are annoying. Bestwick is polished and right to the point.

3-Panel, I am telling you, fans want to hear perspective and insight from a crew chief and driver who is successful and in the top 12. Hearing from winners makes what they articulate creditable and more interesting. Who wants to hear from a guy who is always in the back of the field and hasn’t won a race in years? I nominate getting a Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman or maybe a Denny Hamlin. Waltrip is annoying.

4-Have more driver interview. Interview maybe a driver who finished in the top 5 from the previous race.

5-Fans, More fan questions.

Finally if you need more advice, watch ESPNs NN or the Monday roundtable. Although ESPN may not always use active drivers, names such as Wallace, Jarrett, Petree and Evernham have the resumes to back up what they say.

BTW I am not a casual NASCAR fan I am a diehard,

Keep up the good work ESPN. Especially Bestwick and Massaro! Give those guys a raise!

Carol said...

My husband and I have been watching TWIN for years. I think Steve Byrnes is the best host the show has ever had. He has great chemistry with the guys and a wealth of knowledge and a likable personality. I wish they would let the guys talk more and a guest from time to time would be nice. Otherwise we LOVE the show.

Anonymous said...

I think by Monday evening it might make more sense to preview the next race first. Then they can go back and review the race from the previous weekend. It would make the show different than the others.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 8:42PM,



Anonymous said...

Byrnes is too amused with himself and Waltrip's act has gotten old. I do like Knaus--would like to see him paired with Kurt Busch or Kevin Harvick as panelists. Scanner feature is fun; giving away the picture has gotten old, as has Mikey's shtick about clothes, NAPA, and whatever crosses his mind. Frankly, I don't watch it any more. I'll DVR it and if somebody says there was something good I'll forward thru to see it; otherwise I dump it unwatched. It used to be must-see TV with Benson, Schrader, and Bestwick; now it's a bore.

matriarch said...

Please retire Michael from all things Nascar so I can start watching again. If Michael was half as funny as he thought he was, he might be worth watching.

Anonymous said...

I watch the TWIN regularly and like it very much. Michael offers a differt view, pretty interesting. I don't like Greg Biffle at all. I don't think he has add value to the show. My husband also likes the show very much. He likes Michael, he thinks Michael is very entertaining, the show, overall, is very informative. I like the "Questions" section which helps me to understand NASCAR better.

Christine - dupont24team fan

Anonymous said...

If I had to pick between living with Jeremy, Shana and Lisa Mayfield in a trailer and watching anything on TV with a Waltrip in it---I'd pick the Mayfields

Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy the show much more if they'd muzzle Mikey. I get tired of listening to his constant babbling. It's not "The Michael Waltrip Show".............

Anonymous said...

i used to watch the show, but Waltrip's mannerisms drove me away. Just like he drove me away from watching any of the truck races. From what I read of the other posts, it sounds like I'm not alone.