Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. Excitement on SPEED, Craven on ESPN

Just a quick reminder that as we head down the stretch in the Sprint Cup Series, both ESPN and SPEED offer one hour Monday NASCAR programs.

First up is NASCAR Now on ESPN2. Allen Bestwick is back after a rough Monday for Nicole Manske last week. Bestwick has a great panel in Ricky Craven, Randy LaJoie and Ray Evernham.

This Monday show is the pride of the fleet for ESPN in terms of content and production. The network has spent a lot of money and made a lot of changes in the past three seasons. What you will see at 5PM ET on ESPN2 is the result.

Over on SPEED, the roller coaster ride that is This Week in NASCAR continues with yet another twist. With Michael Waltrip away on a trip to Italy it will be Mr. Excitement, Jimmy Spencer, filling-in on the panel.

Spencer will be joined by Chad Knaus and host Steve Byrnes. Spencer was an interesting choice for SPEED. Kenny Wallace has previous experience on this show, while both SPEED's Hermie Sadler and Phil Parsons are former drivers who now work in TV. Spencer was chosen for a reason and viewers will see how things work out at 8PM ET on SPEED.

Media Notes: Lots of email on Tony Eury Sr., who was involved in a car accident and spent the night in a local hospital. He is being released on Monday afternoon and expected to recover fully. Thanks to Mike Davis for the info.

This week's NASCAR TV schedule is being assembled on the right side of the main page. Put all plans for Saturday on hold, full day of action including the Whelen Modifieds and Camping World Trucks live on SPEED. The Mod race from New Hampshire may be the best of the weekend.

Looks like Fargo, ND was the only ABC market that cut-off the NASCAR pre and post-race for news. Seattle also had news scheduled, but made a change to NASCAR before air time. Outstanding cooperation this season from the ABC local stations.

This is the week that the Chase drivers go to NYC for a media tour. NASCAR Now will move to 5:30PM and run for an hour on Thursday. Mike Massaro will talk with the gang of 12 from the Hardrock Cafe.

No new updates on the possible daily motorsports TV show from SPEED for 2010. NASCAR Fan Council members were asked about a new show in a recent survey. SPEED says it is just exploring options. Let's hope those options include more motorsports and less towing.

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Anonymous said...
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Wisconsin Steve said...


Will the chase drivers be making any non-racing show appearances? I know they appeared on the Late Show last year with a "top 12" list and was wondering if they will do that again.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Still looking around for that info Steve.

majorshouse said...

I think it will be very interesting to see how Jimmy Spencer interacts with Chad Knauss and Steve Burns. TWIN definitely and desperately needs a facelift.

kbaskins said...

I hate to say this, but Spence isn't bugging me (yet). I really didn't want to make that admission. I'm certainly enjoying him more than Mikey. It's nice to hear the other guys get to the end of a sentence without being interrupted.

Like you, JD, I'm wondering if one of the others is pulling out for the rest of the season, or if they'll have three panelists every week.


Mike said...

They mentioned earlier in the show JS would be on the rest of the season. Not sure if I like that idea. Wonder if Mikey is pulling a disapearing act.

Anonymous said...

On the bottom, the ticker said that Mike Helton, Greg Biffle, Michael Waltrip and Jimmy Spencer next week on TWiN.

I miss Mikey! It's not the same show, sorry. No fun about it at all.

peggyann said...

As much as I dislike Spencer, he wasn't as bad as I thought. But I realized tonight, as a long time viewer of The Show, that as much as I like Mikey, the real star was Allen. NASCAR Now was such an excellent show tonight.

TexasRaceLady said...

I really, really enjoyed tonight's show. Jimmy and Chad worked well together without the total off-the-wall silliness.

Mikey is OK in small bits, but he can be a bit overbearing at times.

PammH said...

I am NOT a MW fan, so you have to consider that w/my comment. On the other hand, really don't like what RD has become w/KW & JS. With that being said, I'm liking the serious JS tonite. Bringing good pts & yet another person making CK up on the edge of his seat!!! Always luv to see that. But yes, the show wasn't as fun as usual..

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up on this program. Thank you for the comments, please move any additional comments to the new column.