Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Hands On Deck For "NASCAR Race Hub"

This major shift in programming direction at SPEED still makes little sense but NASCAR fans can just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday evening debuted NASCAR Race Hub. This new series will run Monday through Thursday, but the network is vague on what will happen once the season is over. While this Wednesday's edition will be one hour long starting at 7PM, the show will usually air at 7:30PM for thirty minutes.

Krista Voda and Adam Alexander co-hosted this first show and it was quickly apparent that SPEED had all hands on deck. Richard Petty did a quick interview with Alexander focusing on the upcoming Hall of Fame announcement and then the floodgates opened.

Jeff Hammond stopped by in his casual attire, which is the theme for the show. Voda christened the on-set sofa as the "Couch of Tomorrow" and the program took off. Hammond is much better in this setting with Voda than he ever was in the Hollywood Hotel.

The familiar voice of Ralph Sheheen was next as he delivered a SPEED Report update covering the NASCAR news of the day. Suddenly, Ray Dunlap appeared as he was reporting from Rockingham where two open-wheel stars were trying to test a Camping World Series truck. Unfortunately, rain cancelled the effort but Dunlap interviewed both Vitor Meira and Nelson Piquet Jr.

SPEED's Randy Pemberton was next, taking a position at the "Hub Pub" and talking NASCAR with Alexander. Pemberton is another on-air talent on the roster that would probably be right at home in this setting. Veteran fans may remember that Pemberton cut his teeth on Inside Winston Cup Racing back when it was hosted by Ned Jarrett and appeared on TNN.

Since TWIN now follows this program, Steve Byrnes, Michael Waltrip and Jimmy Spencer made a brief appearance at the Race Hub pinball machine as a promo for the upcoming show. Greg Biffle was nowhere to be found.

The show closed with the five SPEED talent on-camera and viewers still looking around at all the different features built into the new set. As with many multi-purpose sets, there are several interview areas, host positions and video monitors.

TDP readers already noticed the struggles with some lighting, make-up and audio issues. Certainly, these problems will be addressed as the show moves forward. Richard Petty cast a big profile with his cowboy hat and he also cast a big shadow as he wore it and sunglasses inside.

Race Hub crammed a lot of information, interviews and talking heads into thirty minutes. Tuesday, Voda will host a broadcasting panel of Mike Joy, Rick Allen, Doug Rice and Ken Squier. All of these men have a NASCAR Hall of Fame vote and Voda will let them voice their selections and the reasons for choosing them.

Wednesday the show will be one hour beginning at 7PM and cover the big Hall of Fame selection announcement. There will be plenty of announcers including Kyle Petty on that show. Kudos to SPEED for making the investment. It looks like a lot of fun.

Earlier in the day, Mike Massaro ran Ricky Craven, Ray Evernham and Randy LaJoie through a stellar hour of NASCAR Now on ESPN2. This was Massaro's best show filling in for Allen Bestwick on a Monday. He kept the pace quick, interjected his own opinions and respected all three men on the panel.

This program walks the politically correct line quite often and did so on several race topics from the weekend. Jimmie Johnson called in as the guest and answered a good mix of questions from the panelists. The highlights and soundbites were crisp, which is an ESPN hallmark.

The day ended with This Week in NASCAR on SPEED. Biffle knew he was going to be on the hotseat and Byrnes put him there quickly. Biffle originally went for the excuse that a bumpy track caused him to squeeze eventual race winner Joey Logano up against the backstretch wall in the Nationwide Series race. He later admitted it was basically payback as everyone already knew.

Biffle recounted his post-race encounter with Tom Logano, which immediately incensed Jimmy Spencer who still enjoys a good fight. Of course, Spencer is now watching them rather than participating in them, but it's the thought that counts. Biffle said the elder Logano gave him the traditional NASCAR symbol of greeting and then continued running to Victory Lane.

Poor Biffle then had to hear it again as the panel watched him crash first with Denny Hamlin at the end of the Nationwide race and then with Kasey Kahne in the Sprint Cup Series event. He looked and sounded like a man who knew his Chase hopes were over.

Richard Petty then joined the panel as an in-studio guest and once again Jimmy Spencer was bounced from the set. Some TDP readers suggested taking up a collection for another matching studio chair. Making Spencer leave when a guest arrives is nothing short of ridiculous.

Byrnes also pinned Petty down on the Yates merger and the King was not happy to be put on the spot. Once again, the irony of possibly being named to the Hall of Fame at a time when things are going horribly wrong behind the scenes was on display.

As a TV veteran, Byrnes calmed things down and let Petty and Waltrip swap some stories. The Petty history is nothing short of amazing and NASCAR fans would be better off if this kind of legacy had a place on a regular TV series sometime soon.

It was a heavy Monday for NASCAR TV and we would like to know if you watched. Please add your opinion on these TV shows. Just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. As usual, we appreciate you taking the time to stop by.


DougS said...

Watched the show today after reading TDP's tweet that it was coming on. A little klunky at first. Krista Voda will get it all worked out she does a great job with CWTS Set-up. Was it me or was everyone's make-up over done? Show seemed to casual. Voda and Hammond on that tiny couch looked uncomfortable. Alexander with un-tucked shirt look sloppy.

Jeff Hamond gets enough air time on Speed. Does he really need to be a part of another show?

Loved the report from Rockingham, but didn't like Speed carrying the water for NASCAR on how having all these open wheelers are good for NASCAR. Report the facts, let the viewers form an opinion.

Randy P really nailed down the whole Danica to Nascar and how it's important to "her" brand and "her" money.

Can't say this will be a regular watch for me yet. Jury's still out.

Daly Planet Editor said...


The new make-up for High Definition TV is a mess.

It gets sprayed on and sometimes looks like a bad tan or worse.

SPEED also has this problem on TWIN until they got it worked out.

Lighting is the key and that needs a lot of work.

Sorry TC, but it does! :)


NorCalFan said...

Due to camera angle, Biffle was "hiding" to the right of MW at at the pinball machine.

First impression of Nascar Race Hub--I liked two of Adam Alexander's segments interviewing Richard Petty and the chat with Randy Pemberton. Enjoyed Ray Dunlap's report from Rockingham. A lot of the talk was rehash of cup news and the dominance of the #48 team which is not news to any Nascar fan.

As for the look of the show, I thought the attire was a little too casual--Adam Alexander with his shirttail hanging out made Two Guys Garage look dressed up. Faded, wrinkled jeans didn't go with the perfectly coiffed hairdos with lots of styling gel. The casualness was even more pronounced when Krista, Hammond, and Alexander were standing around the workbench chatting and Ray Dunlap walks on stage pretending to be talking on his cell phone--the only prop missing from the set was a few bales of hay and it could have been a scene right out of Hee Haw.

Since the cast of characters or host is going to rotate, I'll keep watching the show to see how it progresses.

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch HUB as I really don't give a damn about the HOF.Although TWIN has been my favorie show(under various names),it was fun to watch Spencer and Waltrip visibly squirm at times when the "voice" in their headsets told them to cool it.Even Steve seemed to get the "voice"early in the program.But that's waht I like abut this program compaird to the rest,stray form the script,and it's more entertaining.
Dave in California.

Dannyboy said...

What is wrong with SPEED? There is NO WEST COAST RE-AIR of NASCAR Race Hub!!! Move Supercars Exposed or something.

TWIN was very entertaining. Should do more legends interviews.

I bet 75% of NASCAR fans don't know that The King brought Michael into his home to live when MW was young and stuggling to make his way in NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the show since I had to tape it earlier today...must agree with all the other posts that the lighting and makeup is miserable on this show! I'm sure they'll get that fine-tuned very quickly. There were a lot of people packed into that half hour, definitely felt disjointed, but that will get ironed out also. Still not certain why this show is debuting now...accept to possibly float it as a test balloon to take the place of TWIN next year. Maybe Speed is feeling that they're losing the battle of the "round-table" to Nascar Now, and are trying a different format for the future. I'm sure all will be revealed in the near future. The first show was okay, but I'll keep watching to see what else they have to offer - as long as it's about Nascar, that's good enough for me.

Additional note in regards to TWIN: I don't understand why Jimmy Spencer was taken off before the Petty interview...that was just rude!! It was wrong when Helton was on and it was wrong tonight! If he's meant to be part of the show, then keep him for the whole show - it really looks immature on the part of Speed. That's just my opinion. The chemistry now with Spencer added isn't working for me yet. The past few weeks when I've watched the show, it's felt like there is an "elephant" in the room and it's not being acknowledged. And I don't mind Spencer...sure he can be a blow-hard, but he also makes me laugh at times, so he's not so bad. I can't put my finger on it, but something just isn't working with that show now. But I'll keep watching till the end of the season.
Stewart fan in California

Anonymous said...

I watched a little of HUB and wasn't impressed--same old, same old.... The total overkill of all these shows is mind numbing. Same dumb interviews and endless replays of the same tapes. How many times did we see Lagano barrel roll? Or Edwards crutches? The tote bag on his crutches? Interviews with Carl about his crutches? Spencer is much more tolerable on Twin than he is on Raceday/Victory lane. His bluntness on Twin is much appreciated. Biffle's explanation of wrecking Lagano was just stupid. And of course, no one mentioned that the radio traffic showed he intended to wreck Lagano. Bumps? Yeah, right. Twin is hopeless right now.

Jonathan said...

Im sorry you guys but I enjoyed the Hub very much so! It was different, had the just got home from work feel and were talking racing! Glad to see speed try something different, and I dont know about you guys but Im not focused on makeup lol i come to hear about Nascar!

Anonymous said...

My head is spinning-in a bad way.

WTF was THAT? Ever hear of RE-HEARS-ING? Or for that matter, the concept that MORE is not necessarily BETTER?

Here's a precept....just because you put the nascar name on it doesn't make it good tv.

What an embarrassing waste of time.

Michelle said...

I totally agree Jonathan, I don't focus on make up or lighting, and I'm a girl! I watch these shows because it's Nascar. Basically, all the post race shows are going to be repeats of each other, it's an event not a storyline. Anyhow, I liked the new show. Isn't the setting supposed to be in a garage? I work in a garage, it's a hang out for people, it's supposed to be casual. I liked the different announcers and opinions, it brings variety to the show. Good work, SPEED.

TWiN was good, but Spencer can be annoying. I can understand why he is replaced by the guest. I noticed he was getting "full of himself" in this episode, I just don't see the chemistry there, but that's my opinion. I was happy to see Greg "man up" and finally mention it was pay back with Joey, from last week. Michael was quiet. Either there is bad blood between Spencer and him or the "voice" is keeping him quiet. I don't get the vibe that Mikey is all that happy with this situation.

As for Nascar Now, I don't watch it, I'm on the road.

Ritchie said...

I watched all three shows and the differences were staggering. ESPN's NASCAR Now is the easily the leader in daily NASCAR news and it showed Monday. The round table, as Mr. Daly has pointed out, is outstanding. A true NASCAR fan can learn more from that one hour than can be learned anywhere else on TV. Yes, they wear suits and ties, but after watching the Hub, I think we learned why ESPN has a dress code.

NASCAR Hub was the equivelant of a High School news cast. Are these people actual professionals? Ms. Voda does a great job with the truck series and she was obviously the best on this show. However, the rest of the gang looked completely uncomfortable. It is ridiculous to "pretend" to simply be hanging out. Do they think that we are stupid? Speed once again creates a program that patronizes the fans. I totally agree with one of the posts that said add a couple of hay bales and it would have been hee-haw. Also, Speed can't have a show without a Michael Waltrip siting, even if he is at a pinball machine.

TWIN? Michael Waltrip is still on it so it is never going to grow into what it should be. Better than some that I have seen, but still, SPEED needs to grow up and cut the clown acts. They can be funny without the clowns.

Randy Feldman said...

I really enjoyed the show. Just one thing...the shot of the camera looking up at the people on the couch IS BAD TV.

It is not flattering for the talent to be shot from that angle and it put is viewer in a subservient role.

As a long time TV director; if I would have asked for and 'taken' that shot my butt would have been skidding down the parking lot before the next commercial break

It's not a matter of being 'different,'it's just plain wrong!

Anonymous said...

As long as NASCAR keeps footing the bill for all of these shows ( infomercials really ) , i imagine we'll see even more of them in the future .
I miss the good old days when the fans only had to hear about a race once or twice per week , and weren't bombarded with useless trivia just so these shows could go the full 30 minutes .

Donna DeBoer said...

I watched all 3 shows on DVR delay.
1) NNow, these 3 are my fave panelists, whether with AB or Mike. They have the best contrast and connect of opinions with me. I already knew they would tow the NASCAR line (with which I don't agree) and I still don't know why Jimmie gets asked the same questions over, but it was a good hour of information.
2) Race Hub, the jury is still out, didn't dislike it but I'll wait til next week after the HoF stuff is over, to see what kind of 1/2 hr gets fleshed out. My hopes for this show is to lightly touch on the day's stories but to strongly get guests to interview, at least 2 per day, 2-3 drivers a week if possible, and it doesn't have to be in studio. I think the reporters should visit race shops large and small in turn and interview crew as well. I would especially like to have a look at Kyle Busch's new facility.
3) TWIN. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Spence is better than MW in this setting. At least he has his opinions about things, all I get from MW is sugar fluff. I really appreciated Biffle's candor, he handled talking about his racing issues pretty well. I also liked R Petty's stories, imagine with everything he's seen and done that's a TV show all by itself.
- formerly DL

mel said...

HUB comments -

I liked the idea, and no show is at it's best on the first day. I can see promise, and like a commenter above, I'm not a devoted fan yet, but I'll give it a shot. Jury's still out.

A few things I'd like to see changed:

Not speeds fault (I think) but my cable (AT&T) didn't have the program in the guide listing. I'd like to see it updated so I can set my DVR.

The pinball machine - I didn't connect with this gimmick, and I hope it goes away. Think about it - it's a toy that A) causes noise and B) encourages the talent to turn their backs on the camera. I watch TV to see the faces (unless you are the King, and you get a pass.)

Final comment - I think the transitions between segments were mistimed. I felt like the staff really worked hard on the graphics and spent extra time showing them. I think they can transition faster (like how ESPN does it) and make them a seemless part of the show, and not a main feature.

I like the concept, and hope they can improve.

jennifer6973 said...

I like the informality of NASCAR Hub, it was good, but it can get better.

the casualness of it is great, I enjoyed it more then TWIN, which I watched this morning.

Anonymous said...

Remember "Best Damn Sports Show"? Yeah, it's off the air for a reason and the Hub is a lower class version of that show...there are no new ideas anymore...the "Creative" execs behind the scenes should be fired!

Tracy D said...

Thought Hub was a nice addition to the Nascar TV lineup. Casual attire was fine by me. Randy Pemberton was super. I can see all sorts of possibilities for this program. They basically can take stories from anywhere - crew members, corporate guys, fans -and talk knowledgeably with and about them all. Voda is a good choice for this spot.

I sure wish someone would ask Petty how RPM has the nerve to tell Sorenson he can drive for free or not drive at all, with a fully sponsored car. Bet it's because the Dinger did that to stay in a ride at the start of the year.

Bill Jordan said...

I liked the program a lot!
Relaxed atmosphere and dress code.
Sending Ray out for the test was a outstanding idea! Something that I would like to see more of, even if the weather let it down.

Not sure I like the whole bouncing around to different areas of the set.
I figure they were just showing it off yesterday. Hopefully we wont get Krista on a bar stool, then come back from commercial to her on a couch all the time....

Some technical issues, the light flares reminded me of watching the new star trek movie. Whoever decided to light the shelves inside the cabinet behind Petty, wow..... a few thousand lumen light aiming it at the camera is never a good idea.

(and no Rutledge)

bknotts said...

It'd be nice to be able to watch it, but it's on when I'm at work. Hey SPEED, how about airing a repeat at 7-8 PM PT instead of some stupid reality show?

Newracefan said...

I think Hub has tremendous potential. It is in Charlotte so getting drivers, CC, team members will be so much easier than in ESPN land. Yes the flow wasn't perfect, and although I really didn't notice the lighting/makeup I'm sure it needs work. I'm good with the casual attire, I only noticed Adams wrinkles after someone on Twitter brought them up. To be honest if Krista had worn sneakers would we have noticed Adam's shirt. I agree we also need to see Wendy and soon but I am betting the sheer number of bodies will decrease after the first week or so and that will also fix the flow.

NN was good they had the 3 R's so I was happy. It still a little to stiff for me but whatever. I do find it interesting that NN televised the race but TWIN was the only one who showed Tom L and the Biff.

TWIN was fun and while I don't understand why Jimmy gets bumped I'm OK with it. Biff actually got less of a hard time than Chad did with the 2 vs 4 last week but I think it's easier for Mikey and Jimmy to put themselves in Biff's place. Did anyone catch the "don't put Michael in this" when Greg tried to include Mikey in the payback thought process. Too funny. When RP spoke you could just see all the admiration oozing out of Steve and the boys and his stories helped me get over the annoyance I'm feeling toward him at the moment. (The way Kyle was treated and then AJ/Reed not to mention E Sad at the beginning of the year not exactly stellar employee or family functioning)

FTA said...

The set looked like it was designed in-house (big mistake) so no real "lighting designer" was used. Overall, set looks pretty bland and horrible. No real color, and in HD you need color!

I think overall the show would be better as a weekday edition of TSR with more roundtable type segments instead of this "fake garage" nonsense. I guess if it gets ratings, great... but I see this show faltering like NASCAR Nation. Speed has tried lifestyle and news shows before for NASCAR, and they've failed. Yes, this show has much better on air talent and writing, but still... some of this first episode was cheesy and stupid (the pinball machine part).

Maybe this is just a TV insider's view, but I think the production values need to be raised to match ESPN, otherwise this show is a goner. Overall, the show was a face saving move by Speed.

glenc1 said...

Some annoying person called me at 7:30, so I was only half watching while he yapped...

Anyways, what is the obsession with the clothing, here, lol? I have no issue with casual or dressy (but it sounds like the loose shirttail may have been a bit much.) Just so long as it suits (no pun intended) the atmosphere of the show. And Krista can wear Jimmy Choos for all I care! All I'm saying is, content is more important than clothing so long as it doesn't cross some really tasteless line. What little I saw looked interesting, so hopefully when I can listen more in the future.

You know, as much as I find Jimmy Spencer annoying, it's rude and ridiculous to banish him when the guest comes on. It just makes Speed look stupid. Either put him on or don't, but don't go halfway...

I'm kinda glad I don't have HD if the makeup looks that bad...

Sophia said...

I do NOT have HD on the tvs SPEED is on and makeup still looks bad. (I do have to watch Speed on the Digital tv box so don't know if that makes a difference or not. But it's distracting.)

Has nothing to do with being picky. You don't need to be an artist/photographer type to notice when makeup and lighting makes good looking people look weird.

I used to like the desk on TOTALLY NASCAR. don't need all this wandering around set (the missing bales of straw and Hee Haw comments made me laugh out loud!~) tho I only caught part of the show.

Lost interest and made dinner. glad I missed the pinball machine.

I am still irked HOW LOUD THE MUSIC WAS on Harvick's interview on pre race Sunday! :-) We were at my mom's house & could NOT believe it. Old fashioned tv...no stereo.

So you dont need brand new TV/HD stuff to notice problems with sets/lighting/makeup


p.s. SHOW should be repeated for folks in different time zones.

Anonymous said...

I watched both Hub and TWIN. Hub was pretty good; it looked too casual; but that couch was very small; didn't they measure for 2 people. Jeff isn't heavy-I can't wait to see someone who is heavy to sit on the couch with Krista.
TWIN; I am so tired of Michael Waltrip- he thinks he still is the host of the show. I also think that it rude not to have another chair for special guests. Jimmy Spencer looks so dejected that he can't be part of the questions. He gives great imput to any show that he is on.

Farfel said...

One of the weird things about NASCAR on TV, from the perspective of someone who has only been a fan since 2005, is the constant change in personnel and programming ... what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I hope that "Hub" morphs into something more than just Nascar, like F1 also, and then goes through the off season. Perhaps the "Speed Report" part can be expanded to include other forms of motor racing. Massa was back on the track at Ferrari testing yesterday for the first time since his accident. Marybeth

glenc1 said...

okay, I can see what y'all mean by the makeup, even on my 27inch non HD set. It's too matte--makes them look like androids....kinda like Odo on Star Trek...

Vicky D said...

I thought tonight's Hub show was boring they just talked around in circles about the HOF. Missed last night's maybe it was better. Prefer NN.

Sophia said...


thanks for makeup update. Tonight I was in kitchen and caught 2 glances of Hub from 20 feet on 20 inch tv and did not see close ups of eyes.

HOWEVER, the chairs (didn't we go thru this on TWIN with DD? NN?) Please don't put grown men in high chairs! Looks awkward as hell.

No offense but the guys did not need a female bartender as somebody tweeted :-)

I enjoyed hearing some of the conversation but was making 3 ingredient PB cookies so missed the show.

Not feeling the love yet but the camera angle from across the room seemed high at times? Trying to avoid the GLOWING white eye/teeth look?

If repeated, which it ain't, would check out on 30 inch tv for makeup stuff. Lucky Planeteers.

THis show seems like a last minute idea and needs FOCUS.

Also PLEASE call it NASCAR Plus...I want to know about IRL,F1, too...read on Twitter Massa was back in the car today. Yay

glenc1 said...

I did feel that Krista walking behind them was kinda awkward. Why not just put her in a chair? I enjoyed the discussion/debate. Especially when I agreed with them, lol.

Sophia said...


I liked hearing how the early pioneer guys should be in the HOF fame.

I know there are just so many names to pick from but for the first vote, maybe add more names. Granted some are not here to live to see this and I know Petty will make it in...but Pioneers deserve recognition.

They raced for the LOVE of racing, not the money. Least deserve name recognition. Like RP said without all those early pioneers, guys like him who broke records and won lots of races would not have reached the ranks they did.

But I seem to appreciate history more than some others...granted if folks are dead, it's bittersweet as I PERSONALLY BELIEVE in showing respect while folks are still here.

So why some of this HOF stuff wasn't done YEARS ago so we wouldn't need the debate now is lost on me.

Just been watching races since last half of 2004.:)

I'd also love the reason SPEED does not repeat this show so it's more convenient for all and has time to find it's legs/audience.

glenc1 said...

I'm into history....first thing I did when I got into racing was to start educating myself. And it didn't hurt that it was when they were doing the 50th anniversary thing. Lots of good stories that year. Some stupid stuff (anyone remember that NASCAR Hollywood thing? Ugh....) But that was when I learned about Junior Johnson, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, etc etc. Also, going to the Nascar USA thing at Daytona. My dad was at the beach race in 1952. Cool stuff...he looked at a photo & picked out the place in the grandstands where he sat.

Anonymous said...

I will give race hub because it's a new show, but here are a few comments:

The little "skits" have to go. I'm talking about someone walking onto the set during a segment pretending to be talking on his phone and not knowing a television show was being taped. Or stuff like pretending like they can't get Richard Petty to stop playing pinball, when you just know they told him to play and not stop playing when they called him. Really cheesy and that needs to go away fast.

Second, I almost didn't even recognize Voda at the beginning. Her hair/makeup/lighting situation was not flattering. Neither were those oddly cut bell bottom/lowrise jeans. I have no problem with jeans, but she looked really odd some of the time.

Third, they don't need to come up with a cute little name for everything and tell us what it is. I mean, the "couch of tomorrow" was a good joke, but she waited about half-a-second to shoehorn it in. Then there was "studio C" and all the other little names. You don't need to tell us what the segments are going to be called and how you're going to do them every week -- we get it, roll tape or begin already!

Finally - who is this show for? The clips were kinda introduced as "if you missed the Auto Club 500, here's what you need to know", but those clips weren't really good for someone in the dark about the weekend's activities. And if you watched the race and are looking for some analysis/breakdown, the top five they presented was a little, well, superficial.

Overall, I think this show has a lot of potential, and you gotta give them a pass for awhile as they work out some kinks and figure out the format/audience (not many weeks left, better hurry!).

NorCalFan said...

Watched the "Hub" 2nd edition. Attire moved up a notch today with no faded blue jeans in sight. The show still has audio issues going into commercials and I agree with Sophia that the guys look so uncomfortable perched on those high chairs/stools. Apparently the Hub has the same budget constraints as TWIN since Krista is left standing with no chair and wanders around from stool to stool. At least she didn't have to leave the set like Jimmie but why can't everyone have their own chair??

I thought their conversation on HOF candidates was interesting and I learned a few tidbits of history about the early pioneers.

IMO, the overall look and feel of the show was much improved over yesterday.

TexasRaceLady said...

I really, really enjoyed the discussion about who the guys felt needed to be in this first HOF class.

They brought up things I had not thought about and made me change my mind about who I would vot for -- if I had the chance to be in their shoes.

As others said, the guys looked uncomfortable in those high chairs. And Krista needs a chair, too.

The Loose Wheel said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the "Ride of Their Lives" movie?!

Probably the single greatest piece NMG has produced in my opinion.

You could do a whole series and it would still only scratch the surface.

Also, only caught the back half of Hub today but enjoyed it. Rick Allen was great, he was honest about the fact that there was still even more he could learn about the sport and its pioneers, Ken Squire needs no remark because he is quite simply the best period.

Alot of fun, really looking forward to tomorrow now. THAT got me excited, finally.

DougS said...

Watched again today. There were noticeable improvements and some detractors.

I felt like I was watching a conversation that would happen in the media center with Krista kind of steering the topics. More symetry than yesterday.

Seeing Krista standing and everyone sitting did seem awkward. But I guess standing shows off Krista's good side. Not trying to be chauvanistic. She does the "set-up" standing each week so she's used to it.

Will watch again tomorrow, but only because of being glued to speed for all the HOF shows.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should read Ritchies comments, they are right on the money.I couldn't have said it better! Lighting and makeup, who cares, I watch for good info and smart, witty commentary.Good comical banter is also nice, but the forced type, MW type is what I hate.