Saturday, October 17, 2009

Note: Rain delayed Formula 1 qualifying from Brazil has cancelled NASCAR Performance on SPEED that was scheduled for 3:30PM. No word yet on remainder of TV schedule or a revised off-time for the F-1.

Update: SPEED's Master Control in LA just made a series of horrible decisions. The huge episode of NASCAR Performance with Chad Knaus and Larry McReynolds was joined in progress and 15 minutes was dropped.

Coming up later is NASCAR Smarts, a game show with fans. That program should have been collapsed and this HUGE episode of NASCAR Performance from LMS should have been aired entirely.


Glenn said...

JD, you're exactly correct. It just makes me mad that Speed HAS to put NASCAR Smarts on after NP. That's the only way they can get some people to watch it.
Hey Speed, I STILL DON'T, I hope you heard me.

I will say though, Great decision to finish up a LIVE broadcast, then going to the taped / replayed stuff.
You just chose the wrong show to cut short. imho

Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree more with your opinion. But hey, it is ESPN and it was probaly easier to trucncate NASACAR Performance, then fill in the 15 minutes of the Game Show time.

What they could have done, is they could have have reversed the Game Show time for the Performance time slot and run the whole show of NASCAR Performance, as they are both prerecorded pieces and still been on schedule. But hey, ESPN, take the easy way out, that's why it stands for ENTERTAINMENT Sports Network

Newracefan said...

I haven't watched NS in weeks. I have been known to watch all the airings of NP. This just SUCKS

Newracefan said...

Anon NP is on Speed not ESPN that's why I am so upset, they know better

Vicky D said...

And if Pinks or Wrecked was scheduled they would make sure to broadcast those in their entirety. Doesn't make sense a great show like Nascar Performance should have to suffer. Just shaking my head!

Dot said...

N Smarts has John's older brother on w/Rut.

Newracefan said...

I just emailed Speed that's how mad I am, I've never done that before. About the only way to save this a little bit is to put the entire episode on line! Instead of a snippet

Daly Planet Editor said...

Wow, think about it. You have Chad Knaus, possibly the champion crew chief again. Larry Mac from Fox and SPEED. Bootie Barker, one of the most interesting characters in the garage. Doug Richert, outside looking in with a veteran background.

All of them at LMS with a special set for a show leading into the NASCAR block.

Either NASCAR Smarts or NASCAR in a Hurry could easily have been collapsed to 15 minute, but good lord! Why start playing NASCAR Performance and then just join it like it was an infomercial?

Man, my email exploded.

Bobby said...

Just one of those racing deals.

The rain was bad enough in Sao Paolo that something beyond Speed's control took place. I would have just not shown either show and showed the entire post-qualifying press conference.

I got back from the shop at 2 PM and instead of the run for the pole, they were in a break after the long rain delay in the second session.

When I was home after work, all I saw was former F1 test driver Alan van der Merwe (RSA) driving the medical car (which some F1 fans have criticised because of F1 rules regarding ambulances and medical cars - some criticised the slow response after the Massa crash at the ING Magyar Nagydij) to check track conditions.

Oh, by the way: His father Sarel drove in one Cup race. For which team and where did he race?

Vicky D said...

Dot I he looked and sounded like John and even had a Speed shirt on I thought it had to be a relative! I have it on in the other room and just noticed a few minutes of it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

They could easily have cut NASCAR in a Hurry to 15 min. We are not criticizing NASCAR Smarts, just saying NASCAR Performance is clearly the star of the show.

Vicky D said...

Bobby, was Sarel driving for DW?

rich said...

JD, you hit the nail on the head as usual. Nascar Performance is the only peek that we have into the minds of some very sharp crewchiefs. Smarts is a total waste of time, imho.

red said...

i was going to have to miss today's NP anyway but it's so very sad that the best show out there for the hardcore nascar fan has been bounced around by speed all season. for me, this bozo move just capped a terrible season of decision-making about NP.

i mean, c'mon, speed! we suffer thru an entire week of reality shows and garbage just so we can get to the single best 1/2 hour of nascar television each week! we check TDP each week because, oh yeah -- you keep changing the broadcast time AND there are no re-runs! we get to church late or we DVR just so we can keep up with this show.

and now, today, with PLENTY of time to spare, some one makes this "decision" (or fails to step up and make a decision!) and NP is truncated so that -- wait for it! -- Nascar Smarts and Nascar in a Hurry can get their full airing.

appalling. just appalling.

Anonymous said...

What a shame :(

NP is the best show because they actually TEACH us something unlike Captain Obvious' NA$CAR 101. When they were on Fox Sports I even liked the year when Hammond and Larry Mac built a car during the season. Well they had "help" but it was still from the ground up.

While the highlights are great I don't see that or NS as "must carry" TV :(. But what do I know I'm just a lowly fan :(

Sophia said...

Well I did not see NP on the schedule and forgot to check my digital guide...left the house to get out in the SUNSHINE but cool weather.

Came home sorry I missed NP but can't BELIEVE they chopped up THIS SHOW over NIAHurry.

NP is the best of all these shows and VERY INFORMATIVE and interesting FOR REAL FANS.