Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Third Thanksgiving With You

This may have been one of the most interesting seasons in many years where NASCAR TV was concerned. The topics we discussed and the issues that arose are going to certainly be what we continue to talk about over the next three months.

Before we get to that, it's time for a Thanksgiving break. So, I just wanted to say thanks to the TV gang, the NASCAR team folks and the NASCAR media relations staff for all the help and assistance this season.

Most of all, I would like to thank TDP readers for taking time from their regular lives to contribute thoughts and opinions. NASCAR fans come from all walks of life and are all ages. They have widely different opinions on the issues, but all feel passion for the sport.

I hope you have a peaceful holiday and enjoy family and friends in whatever setting you choose. TDP will return after the holiday. Feel free to use the comments section to pass along holiday greetings to others. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Mahalo (thank you) JD for TDP and all your efforts over these years.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Tracy D said...

Wow, I get to be the first to wish one and all a very happy and grateful Thanksgiving.

My many thanks to JD and all the planeteers who educate and help make all of us more informed viewers. No matter how dismal or stellar the TV coverage, the racing is what matters most to us. Your love for the sport is what drives everyone who posts, and for that, I'm grateful as well.

Dot said...

Until the next topic, Happy Thanksgiving to JD & the Planeteers.

KoHoSo said...

My Thanksgiving wish to you all in language that only a Planeteer will understand...

May none of you get the dry, tasteless turkey that somebody has been cooking the same way for years and years and refuses to change it no matter the amount of complaints.

May none of you get the overdone turkey covered with too many fancy doodads, filled with too many spices, stuffed with gopher, and served up by somebody that tells the same corny jokes every year.

Instead, may you all get the perfectly balanced, tasty, succulent, and juicy turkey even if you find that you have to replace one ingredient very late in the cooking. ;-)

Daly Planet Editor said...


Whatever do you mean? hehe....

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving tomorrow!

KoHoSo - OMG, I am laughing so hard I am holding back tears.

red said...

among the myriad of moments for which i am thankful this year, my time spent with planeteers, both here and on twitter, are among the most interesting, thought-provoking and downright funny! being part of this community of folks has been my very own "three-peat" experience! what say we all go for the dreaded "4 in a row" award??

the most wonderful thanksgiving to all planeteers, past, current and soon to join us next season.

and to you, jd: i'll raise a glass in toast to you for everything you'd brought to us to think about, all the moderating you've trudged through on our behalf and the long weekends you've put in, all to give us a place to come together and share our passion. someday, we'll do one helluva massive tweet-up, make gluck and mcgee bring us some stellar guests and spend time together, talking racing, broadcasting and friendship!

many thanks for everything, jd!

Sophia said...

Thank you JD for a place to come with like minded folks who love this sport, and wish to see it garner the respect it used to have by "Certain" broadcasters!! and those in charge of camera direction, specifically :-)

Have a nice holiday everyone, even if you don't do the traditional dinners, may it be enjoyable. Some of us did Italian this year, some of ya do Vegan, it doesn't matter. It's all about the gratitude for life & our blessings, whether Grande or small.

My gratitude to you, JD, and the Planeteers, since my face to face friends still giggle or wrinkle their noses that Sophia loves watching NASCAR!?

I can always count on this place for information on a question.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.


Chris from NY said...

Just to tell you now, I am NOT going to some certain parade because the mayor of some certain city decided to eff up the route.

But, the only NASCAR TV-related topic I can sit and rant on is an MSN article on the "10 Reasons why Digger should be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame". Google it, read it, and rant. I will warn you now that not by a thousandth of a percent does this article make an ounce of sense, let alone tell the truth. Well, that's typical of FOX, isn't it?

Well, that's the only thing I can get myself mad over, WHEN I want to get myself mad over it.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Greatest Tourist Trap in the World.

Chris from NY said...

If you really insist on me fixing this corruption, and you want to get a good idea of what kind of blatancy was posted, here are the facts:

10 reasons why Digger must be scrapped:

10. Conspired with NASCAR to create debris cautions.

9. Needs more "Lucky Dogs" to keep up with the leaders than are given in two seasons.

8. Has LIKELY never flunked a substance abuse test. (or has he?)

7. Ratings go UP once he goes back into his hole for the summer, only to drop when ESPN ruins our lives. And that's BAD!

6. Always starts and parks because he has no use in life and should just give himself the gun right now and end it.

5. Holds Martinsville hot dog eating record, and SURVIVED! Much to our dismay. I hope he gets a terminal case of tryptophan this Thanksgiving.

4. Will never get a REAL girl.

3. His crew chief would ALWAYS bend the rules. (He was put on yearlong suspension for "illegal modifications" at Daytona '07.)

2. Has no talent at all. Well, if you insist, he has more than Dale Jr for the time being. And more than ESPN for life.

1. Knows what happens in the Talladega infield leaves the Talladega infield and insults the intelligence of many Americans in a Disneyesque manner. What he doesn't know: he is a loser who shouldn't have any money and control over anything, and, like I said before, should just commit a terrible act of self-pwnage for our enjoyment, and bill that as the pre-race cartoon for next year's Daytona 500, so we will finally watch another race without a lame, meaningless cartoon companion.

I hope you have some fried gopher to eat tomorrow as well.

Chris from NY said...

CORRECTION: It was not posted on MSN, it was posted on the FAUX Sports site itself. Sorry for that.

Newracefan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you JD and all the Planteers. I have found so many friends to share my love of Nascar some I've since met in person and others I just know by their internet name. Having a place to come and share my thoughts and frustrations has saved my sanity on many occasions. I look forward to the new season with the hope that there will be changes for the better and we helped in some way to make them happen.

Sally said...

The Planeteers are the lonely refuge of sanity in the Nascar world today. Thank you all for helping me slog hru this season. JD, The service you give us all here is irreplaceable. May you all enjoy the holiday with good food, good friends, and the hope of better racing next year!

Trident said...

As a relatively new poster here, who has been lurking for ~three years but following racing for about 50 years, I'd like to add a few thoughts.

First and foremost, a platform for free speech is one of - if not THE - most important rights of a free society.

To Mr. John Daly:
Thank you for providing this platform for we individuals to state our thoughts on the (sometimes) abysmal and (sometimes) excellent television coverage of NASCAR racing.

It does not take long to come to the conclusion that the vast majority of those who voice their opinions in this forum are intelligent, informed, passionate, and caring individuals.

Please note:
A handful in power will consistently present a false front of allegedly congruent thoughts and words with the rank-and file.

Unfortunately, many of the same in power speak in daylight but act in the dark of night.

Although the inference and subject is NASCAR, please Think Beyond NASCAR.

It is my wish to all here to glean the harvest of Thanksgiving, as the forefathers of the United States Of America gave thanks.

Please say a prayer for, and give thanks to, all those in the armed services who sacrifice daily to allow us our freedom.

Kenn Fong said...

@Chris from NY,

This is almost 100% completely off-topic but might relate to the NASCAR TV coverage in an odd way.

Ever wonder where the expression "turkey," meaning a bad show, came from? It comes from the theatre, specifically Broadway. When producers had a bad, money-losing, show, they would schedule performances during Thanksgiving, when the hicks from the sticks came into the big city to see a show and they would buy a ticket to any awful show, just because it was Broadway.

Maybe this does relate... A certain network throws awful NASCAR coverage at us fans, thinking we're hicks and we'll watch anything.

I am thankful that we are a community. You folks have become more important to me than anyone else in my life, except for my relatives. I have a lot of acquaintances, but you Planeteers are my friends.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Dot said...

@ Kenn, funny you should bring that up. BF tried awful hard to get away from the roots of NASCAR. But, you're right. A certain 4 letter network must think that we're a bunch of unsophisticated hicks and will watch anything.

Little do they know.

Thanks for the turkey history lesson.

Veri word: balls. Made me laugh.

Jane said...
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Vicky D said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow planeteers at TDP. Here's hoping 2010 will bring about some broadcast changes to Nascar. Have a great weekend too.

Cooter said...

To Sir Daly and his Planeteers, I bid Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.
(I proudly call it Christmas and I offer no second-language version.)

Kate said...

Although I'm in Canada and our Thanksgiving is long over, I'm thankful that you didn't close this site at the beginning of the year as you'd planned. What an interesting year of reporting and commentary we all would have missed! thanks, John!!
(and look, you made cyber-friends with MW55 too, after a rough start :-) )

Daly Planet Editor said...

He's a pretty interesting guy. He gets social media like JPM and Denny Hamlin do.

Big transition coming up in his life, wish him all the best.

PammH said...

Wishing all the Planeteers a very happy T-Day, in whatever way you wish to spend it! Myself, I am thankful for all the hard work JD puts into this blog to give us a place to vent (or cheer) together on the week-end. It's the first place I go when I get on the web. I'm also thankful for the friends I've made that I now follow on Twitter. What a fun bunch we are!

Veri-word: taticat! Made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

To all, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

A special thank you to our military forces everywhere, active or retired. If not for you, we would not have the freedom we do...and be able to watch NASCAR and post our opinions on this site!!

JD...special thanks to you. You give us an outlet to vent and a place where we can affect change in the sport we love!!

Be safe all and enjoy!

Word veri....psych!

Anonymous said...
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Steve L. said...

This first three years have been a fun ride. I've learned a lot about the tv side of things and have made a few friends here as well.

As much as we all complain, I'm still very thankful we have NASCAR to watch on any of the networks. Lets just hope and Pray we get the changes needed before it's all gone forever.

Happy Thanksgiving to you JD and all the others on here as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my TDP family!

Thank you JD for providing the platform and allowing us to vent. While most fall on deaf ears some changes have been made.

Thanks to those who serve and protect.

Thanks to the Planeteers who make race weekend bearable! The fun convos here and on twitter and hope to meet some at the races next year :)

<3 Gymms

Martin Vincent said...

Thanks, JD, for a great blog!

Had to laugh at my word veri, "abigmess"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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TexasRaceLady said...

Hope my fellow Planeteers had a wonderful day --- full of food, fun and family..

JD, a special "Thank you" for all that you do for us. This special place has helped me keep my sanity for the last 3 years.

@KoHoSo --- I had to stop reading for a bit because I was laughing so hard. Great post. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Chris from NY said...

@Kenn Fong (yesterday)

I get your point. Money and power control everything and they think they know everything and we don't. The truth is, it is a flip-flop. WE, as the VIEWERS, know more and deserve more. It is not our fault we are not people with suits, mansions, and management positions with out-of-this-world salaries. To relate and agree, this show IS a turkey, not for Thanksgiving, but INSANITY we have to suffer through during ESPN and FOX's section of the season. TNT mostly gets it, and Speed has nailed it on the head.

So, mentioning "Turkey" shows is not off-topic, it's something we can relate to.

Thank you.