Friday, February 12, 2010

Truck Race Delayed Until Saturday at 6:30PM (SPEED)

The Camping World Truck Series race has been delayed by rain. SPEED will offer the Setup at 6:30PM and the race will start at 7PM ET on Saturday. Was not going to put up a live blog for the trucks, but am told fans around the country are not really up to date on the situation.

A large front is moving through Florida today and it continues to dump rain on Daytona and the greater Central Florida area. Activity at DIS today, including the Nationwide Series qualifying, was rained out.

SPEED is live on the air and this post will let you voice your comments on the live and prerecorded programming that the network uses to fill the time.

Thanks for being patient! Looks like all the racing will be tomorrow and Sunday. Updates on the schedule will be posted right here. NASCAR still not releasing rain plans.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Hi folks, updates posted here as the weather situation rolls on...

SonicAD said...

I wouldn't mind a rainout. While I'm recording the SPEED coverage and will watch it regardless, I'm much more interested in the Olympics.

SonicAD said...

And I see it's postponed to Saturday anyway, Setup at 6:30PM.

Jonathan said...

DOH oh well. I wont be able to see tomorrows truck race.. but will def be watching the Nationwide race! Going to Monster Jam at the ALLSTATE arena sat night so oh well.

The Loose Wheel said...

Should make for quite the interesting day tomorrow.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Should be good weather, it is already clearing just west of Daytona.

Earl The Pearl said...

Am I the only viewer - that can not stand MIKEY AND the two other folks. They have not shut up for
3 years. Go ahead tell me I am not
correct. I dont care. They haven'
shut up since forever.

Parsons is a disaster. He yells and screams when there is a pass.
Finally Mikey Minutia : facts that nobody cares about time after
time aftertime after time just like
this this this
There is no hope. Tell me where
I am wrong ..Please insult me I
dont care . because I am right.
It is a question of Respect for the listeners. Is it too much to
ask for Silence so we can hear the
engines ??
I give up and gave up long time

Anonymous said...

Earl I like you on the basketball court. YOUR WRONG! how's that for insult?

batchief said...

Earl, what you are asking is the same as hitting the mute button, so do it. These people are paid to narrate the on track activity. You are wrong.

Chris from NY said...

I agree with SonicAD. The introduction to a 216-man Olympic team is infinitely better than watching an outdated race, isn't it?

Unknown said...

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