Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ready To Get Pizzi With NASCAR On FOX?

It was mid-September when the FOX Sports website rolled out an online show called Cubed. Produced by FOX, the original episode featured profanity, nudity and stunned most media members. FOX had promoted it as the next big thing. It was tasteless, demeaning and hateful toward women.

Here is a report from about what happened next:’s Web series “Cubed” may have pushed the line too far with its debut episode. The Web site pulled the launch episode of “Cubed” and replaced it with a much more politically correct version. Female nudity was at first pixilated and then later removed entirely. Also, some of the raunchier segments were deleted, including a discussion among the show’s three main characters about whether they would rather watch the WNBA or gay porn.

Fox Sports said in a statement, “The entire concept was always described as experimental as it is quite simply, a world first. In an experiment, things happen which are not always predicted. As one moves down the experimental pathway, it is normal to make changes and adjustments, hence the changes in the Cubed version now available.”

The most disgusting of the three cast members on Cubed is named Chris Pizzi. If you think FOX Sports backed off this concept, just click right here and make sure the kids are out of the room. It's now part of the catchy Lunch with Benefits webcast series.

Thursdays, Lunch with Benefits offers Pizzi and porn star Nikki Benz in Cubed. Fridays, it offers Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds in 3Wide. Click here to take a peek.

Pizzi and the NASCAR on FOX gang then get together on Sundays during the Sprint Cup Series pre-race shows. A Slice of Pizzi is the hot new feature being pushed by Fox this season. Click here for an example with guest Jeff Gordon.

Pizzi is from Philly and his father is the CEO of the Tasty Baking Company. The elder Pizzi preaches ethics in business as the key to his success. "I don't want to be associated with anyone who doesn't have integrity," Pizzi told a local newspaper. "Because I really believe that the number-one thing we leave this earth with is our reputation."

Jeff Gordon fans were not too pleased that their driver, already suffering with a chronic bad back, was made to tote an obese FOX Production Assistant around the studio while his pants fell off. Apparently to Fox, that was NASCAR comedy.

Now in the tenth year of covering the sport, the Hollywood Hotel act has grown old. The Digger cartoon has been retired. Apparently, Mr. Pizzi is the new flavor of the month where adding a spark to the telecast is concerned.

So, get ready for more Pizzi videos. FOX is here with the next big thing...again.

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Smokey_14 said...

The FOX NFL Sunday pre-game show's comedy segment "Frank Caliendo's Cold Hard Picks sponsored by Coors Light" may have been a good comedy segment, but this one is not. I had to have been right when I told JD on Twitter last week that the Slice of Pizzi comedy segment was going to be an absolute failure, and it was. Comedy segments may have worked on FOX NFL Sunday, but it won't do the same for NASCAR on FOX. It is not working, and it has got to go.

Anonymous said...

I honestly tried to watch the links,but found them all moronic.

Jonathan said...

Ok I think I have something here! I now understand why the ratings have been down the past couple of years well Fox kicks off are season correct? and every year I ask myself why oh why does Fox treat Nascar like a side show??? All the stupid pre race stuff and when they go to commercial all the stupid stuff they make the drivers say thats pre recorded is just stupid. no wonder why some laugh at are sport heck I do to when I see some of the stuff Fox does.. anyways well ratings stumble for Sprint Cup when there on fox cause the coverage SUCKS!!!!! I saw the 2006 race from Vegas on speed and the coverage was top notch... and from FOX ( hmmm what happened??? ) People dont wanna see that at least TNT and ESPN somewhat try to treat us seriously w serious coverage not this circus stuff FOX gives us. People dont want that it drives them away the first half of the season, hell if I wasnt such I die hard I would be gone to. The proof is in the pudding look ESPN was the only network to see an increase in ratings last year and I feel thats cause they dont feed us this silly stuff. I dont know Fox needs to go back and look at races from 04,05, 06 much much better all around! Anyways just my take

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I missed that last week due to having to go to the store. And didn't see the first week due to not being able to access.

Even without Jeff carrying him around I didn't like that segment at all. I hope it gets axed quickly. That is so embarrassing!

I'm going to have to start joining those who come in when it's time for the Anthem or if they do like they did Digger and have it the same time frame each week conveniently be busy if there is a reason I want to watch the pre-race :(.

I used to enjoy the pre-race for all the networks but the last year or so they've become "fine to miss not seeing anything good" TV. While I do like fun and comedy I don't like dumbed down things.

From the "Brad begging for food" to this mess it would seem to scare people away not bring them in :(

BTW there's a typo: already suffering with a chronic bad bad

I kept going he has a bad bad what? then realized ah should be back :)

Palmetto said...

JD, I'm so grateful you made me aware of this segment. Now I have yet another reason to avoid Fox's pre-race programming. Why can't the network figure out there are plenty of entertaining stories available by simply focusing on the sports and people they're supposedly covering?

KoHoSo said...

I don't even bother watching the pre-race on Fox anymore because it is neither informative or entertaining. I have not changed my mind after watching the clips that Mr. Daly included in his piece.

While I do not have a problem per se with Pizzi or the type of humor that he uses, I do not find him to be funny. He is nothing but a poor attempt by Fox to attract the highly desired 18 to 35 male demographic in order to charge higher rates for commercials during that time. That's certainly OK as I am not against NewsCorp trying to make more money. I would just rather see something of more substance or that actually makes me laugh...kind of like the programming on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block that I watch and enjoy even though it's supposed to be for the younger crowd.

With Fox controlling a lot of fresh, comedic talent, I just cannot understand why they cannot come up with someone better than Pizzi.

Unknown said...

Funnt how Fox doesn't try these types of stunts on their NFL pregame show. Imagine some jackass asking Ray Lewis for a piggy-back ride?

Bottom line: Fox doesn't view NASCAR as a sport, but as an event. Half the crap they pull on the NASCAR side they wouldn't dream of trying to pull in the NFL.

What a shame...

51 yr. fan said...

Just another attempt at FOX to
lower us to their slimey standards.
Much like some of their trashy
animated programs. Hill just
doesn't get who a true American
Sportsman really is.

bevo said...

I've found so far this season that skipping all of the pre-race shows leads to a much better race viewing experience. Turn it on as the green flag drops.

The interesting thing to me is that the same doesn't hold true for the NFL games on Sundays. Watching the NFL Network pre-game show actually adds to the games.

West Coast Diane said...

Is this punishment for trashing Digger? From "G" to "X" in one season?

Fortunately, last week, I had read the opening comments on this blog and fast forwarded through that mess.

I am stunned Jeff Gordon would agree to participate.

Didn't know who "Pizzi" was and now I definitely know I don't care.

Trust me, I won't even slow the FF to take a curiosity look.


Gene Haddock said...

ANYTHING that cuts into DW's airtime is fine by me!

Charlie said...

For those of you that would like to know, the green flag is suppose to fall at 3:16 Eastern time.
I will not be watching any pre-race shows.

Daniel Christopher Vining said...

I feel as though the NASCAR on FOX Pre-Race show should take off the lessons and success of the NASCAR on NBC and TNT shows. They were and are great. Anyone remember "B.P. in the Pits", or "Wally's World"? I really like the special segments that Kyle Petty has done during the shows with legends from racing past. I also feel that the Big Show should be a continuation of Speed's NASCAR Raceday.

Some points:

- Have a full on tech garage segment
- Gas-N-Go, it can stay
- Full on weather segment, but with Larry Mac involved.
- Legend's Segment
- Weekly expose' about the top story of the week, or driver of the week.
-Driver interviews
-Crew chief interviews?
- and of course the normal pre-race pageantry

What do you think?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Remember TNT's "Pride of NASCAR" series in the pre-race?

Daniel Christopher Vining said...

@JD Yeah, "Pride of NASCAR"! The segment name eluded me. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Good stuff.

Chris from NY said...

Is there anyone here going to Vegas with a drill? I'd like to see these guys get once-overed straight in the head.

I'm glad they never built the track on Staten Island, because if FOX ran the show HERE, NASCAR fans from both sides of Richmond Avenue (myself included) would go headhunting with one objective in mind. Long story short: where I come from, we don't take no BS.

Anonymous said...

you know, this type of stuff shouldn't surprise anyone, from a network owned by a guy who made his fortune on tabloid trash. And he's never stopped. Anything for a buck. Personally, I find all of this stuff geared at 15 year old boys, or others who maintain that level of maturity. Remember 'Son of the Beach' on Fx? Nuff said.

3:15, I'll be there...or at the hockey game...

Chris from NY said...

Sorry to say that they are appealing to the lowest common denominator, and that is worse than "15-year-old boys". I always tune in at 3:00. Enough said.

Smokey_14 said...

It's very unlike David Hill to be doing this. FOX never did this back in the 2001-2006 FOX/NBC/TNT era, and why they are doing this now is beyond questionable. This is my favorite NASCAR Network, but they can't keep doing this to their pre-race show. There has to be improvements to make the pre-race show better, not worse.

philgoodstory said...

Here's what FOX doesn't seem to get. The bulk of the fans who watch NASCAR week in and week out -- and thus all the pre-race shows -- aren't looking for cheap entertainment. The sport IS their entertainment, their passion and something they care about. They don't need a stupid, narcissistic sideshow to get them excited. The race, the drivers, the sport -- THAT'S what gets them excited.
So if FOX continues to insult our intelligence, they can kiss viewers goodbye. With oodles of websites out there offering insight and info, a re-tooled Raceday on SPEED and a resurgent NASCAR Now on ESPN -- fans have PLENTY of other options to get the sport fed to them straight -- without enduring information filtered through a bunch of frat boys in a hyped-up "hotel" in the infield.
And oh yeah, there's Twitter, where we can get perspective, info and humor straight from the drivers themselves. So FOX, unless you are RELEVANT and RESPECTFUL to the fans, we don't need your stupid pre-race show.
What really blows my mind is that this is FOX's 10th year (as they keep reminding us) and they still don't seem to have this figured out. I'm sorry, but even a casual fan isn't going to want to come back and watch every week because of that stupid Pizzi segment. Are you serious?
The main issue with FOX is that it has turned into one big, self-serving party. DW has to get the last say. I've lost count of how many of his sentences include "I," "me" or some reference to "how we used to do it." But he is so obsessed with himself it's sickening. Longtime fans are getting tired of your shtick, Darrell, and casual fans have no idea who you are. So lose the arrogance.
And I realize SOME of Chris Myers' aloofness is the character he's supposed to play. But why should we be forced to sit through his dunce routine every week when the extremely knowledgeable, ridiculously talented and much more respected Krista Voda is waiting in the wings?
Much like ESPN last year, FOX now has the wrong people in the wrong places -- with the wrong focus.
That damages the sport, because more people are tuning out than tuning in.

Dannyboy said...

Hey, Chris from NY:

I grew up on the Island too! Used to ride my MX bike where they were going to put the track. When they said they were going to build it, I said, "Go back & look what happened when they wanted to put an LNG terminal there." Never happen. NASCAR got a taste of its own medicine when they decided to mess with Staten Island.

As for Pizzi, and FOX's no-class management: Unfortunately, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

JD - Ever thought anybody'd be quoting H.L. Mencken in your NASCAR blog?

Daly Planet Editor said...

You must be from West Islip where the smart people hang!

Vicky D said...

That Slice of Pizzi was awful last week. I just had to say it again, hope Fox doesn't repeat that mistake this week.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Could you imagine what would have happened if Jeff had injured his back and ended his career carrying that guy?

Anonymous said...

How in the blue hell does Brian France expect his sport to be taken seriously nationally when these Fox clowns are being allowed to run rampant and tear down this sport every single week? What other sports commissioner would sit back on their rear end and watch cartoon characters, goofy on-air personalities and this racy crap make a mockery of their sport week in and week out?

Anonymous said...

If I were the likes of Mike Joy or Dick Berggren I would be embarrased to have my name associated with this mess. TNT was bad for a year and ESPN was really bad for three years but neither of these networks ever sunk to the depths the 2010 NASCAR on Fox/Speed broadcasts have. Pizzi, Digger, Boogity Boogity Boogity, "Go Junior go!", Rutledge Wood, Kenny Wallace, Movie Promos, GIANT White Flag animation, dancing pit crews at the finish, David Hill's revamped Speed Channel lineup: package them all in a giant crate and blow them straight to the moon!

JohnP said...

@ Charlie.

Thanks for the info. I'll be turning on Fox at 3:15. I have gone with the group of fans that no longer watchs a second of the pre-race crap. Mabe they should just put that pathetic execuse of a pre-race show over on the Comedy Channel where it belongs.

Kyle said...

obnoxious does not equal funny. Please tell David Hill or whoever is in charge now that.

Its a disgrace to overweight people, such as I.

I will continue to watch the Fox pre-race show. However, I am glad that Fox decided to give me another three minute break during the pre-race show to count my thumbs.

jr88freak said...

I think NASCAR needs to get back to the old. Pre-race show should be filled with driver interviews, owner interviews, crew chief intervies. There should be no cooking segment, no comedy skit, none of the other nonnascar things they try to make nascar. Gives us nascar straight up without the silly business.

You want to interview Jeff Gordon? Then sit down and do an interview with him prior to the week. Leave the piggy back riding to fathers of small children.

It's what happens when you try to shove things down our throat. We don't want all that side trash. Just nascar!

Give us the developing storylines. The new rule changes. Give us a piece of the next weeks race. Gives us the big headlines from last weeks race and anything from during the week.

There are 43 guys out there. 43 crew chiefs and countless teammembers! There should be no reason we are filling up pre-races with mind-numbing skits that aren't funny!

You want to a segment to fill the time - highlight a team position. Spotter, jackman, gasman, etc. and set up to do interviews with them. Lets get to know the people on the teams that are behind the scenes and not talked about much unless they had a stellar or less than stellar pit crew. Lets interview the sponsorless cars to try to get them airtime and out there to nab that sponsor!

Garry said...

When in the hell is David Hill going to go away?? He is a moron whose "tastes" cater to the lowest common denominator. Jeesh, this is getting old! Can you imagine if he had his way in 2001? The Dale Earnhardt tragedy would be cast off as a side show and an annoyance because he couldn't get his cartoon in. He basically (insert euphamism here) all over the sport.David, if you read this, or even better, if you can read, PLEASE GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!

Darcie said...

OK, is David Hill really a 13 year old with an IQ of 70? That's what anyone new to watching Nascar on Fox would think while watching the pre-race shows. Where did this Pizzi come from, some state mental hospital? Sorry, I'm insulting those who have real mental problems when I should be insulting the pre-pubescent idiots who've taken over the asylum known as Fox. Who thinks this stuff as funny? Who thinks this Pizzi guy has talent or is funny. And why would any driver with a modicum of intelligence allow himself to be part of this insanity?

Fox, listen up. You're not going to attract new viewers, and you're turning off regular viewers, with this stupidity. Wake up and realize that fans want racing content and not lunacy. Get back to basics, produce quality programs and segments and then you'll see us fans watching in droves. But if you continue to insult our intelligence, you'll see a continued drop in viewers and fans who support Nascar.

And as for you, Nascar, what are you thinking? I know you're desperate to add to your fan base, but you're not endearing the sport to anyone when you allow such insulting and demeaning programs to be associated with Nascar. Let's see if I can give you a clue: Put on a real competitive race, get the sport back to it's roots and you'll see the fans come back or even increase.

OMG, I just thought of something. Can you imagine this Pizzi bozo hosting the end of year banquet in Las Vegas? Sweet Lord !!!! But those at Nascar are so stupid, that's probably what will happen.

Andrew said...

For some unknown reason, FOX thinks that pre-sports shows should be variety shows, with hearty servings of hijinks, wacky commentators, comedy, and, of course, plenty of shameless shilling. Both their NFL and NASCAR shows suffer from this.

The NFL show is partly redeemed by the fact that Frank Caliendo is, in fact, funny. Pizzi is not.

The extended version of NASCAR Countdown yesterday was a very polished act, with ESPN juggling stories well and actually discussing the upcoming race. Jerry Punch's impromptu 15-minute interview with Danica was the capstone on ESPN's vastly improved coverage. And while ESPN plays up the drama, at least it's related to what's happening on the track. FOX is determined to show us everything else, and it's annoying at best. We're lucky to get 10 minutes of actual previews of the race itself. Most days it seems like less than that. Not what you want on your main pre-race show.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the address where we can write and complain about all this? I don't know that it will make a difference but I for one wouldn't mind giving them my opinion.

Vicky D said...

And those orange signs behind the Speed team are very annoying today. Can't seem to get hubby to change the channel to save my sanity. . . . .

Greg said...

Where is the NASCAR Fan Council when you need them? Oh that's right they trashed Digger last year and David Hill laughed it off.

How about just covering the sport and stop injecting us with the ALL ABOUT US ego that every member of the Fox team seems to possess?

Anonymous said...

David Hill is a better magician than Bill Weber... he has the power to immediately turn everything he touches into crap!!

Anonymous said...

Pizzi was hilarious. I loved his segment with Jeff Gordon. Gordon was not "forced" to carry Pizzi. Pizzi asked him if he could give him a piggy back ride, and Gordon cheerfully obliged. He didn't have to. In fact, Gordon had already turned down two other Pizzi requests (to touch his face, and to eat a piece of pizza). Gordon didn't have to carry him on his back, and once he did, Pizzi asked "is this okay?" and Gordon answered "Fine, I've been working out." and then carried him with relative ease.

Clearly the Daly Planet has a problem with anything dealing with profanity and sexuality. You complain mightily every time there is a commercial with content you don't like, and now here you are again in the role of KING PRUDE going after the Pizzi segment.

It is funny, and many people like it. If you don't fine... but you have this tendency in your blog to speak for everyone, when really you are only speaking for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where is the NASCAR Fan Council when you need them? Oh that's right they trashed Digger last year and David Hill laughed it off.

I hate to defend Dave Hill, but you have to admit that the Digger content, use of the character, references to the character, references to Digger memorabilia, and even the announcers laughing at the Digger animation --- they are all GONE this year. They actually listened to us on Digger and scaled it back tremendously from last year.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:59PM,

Um, did you read any of the other comments?


JohnP said...

I think I found a short and sweet way to say why last weeks pre-race show was my last one until TNT picks up this summer.

I'm not a 12yr. And that could be insulting to 12yr olds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read the comments -- and this blog is the home of the complainers. I could point you to another blog where they love Pizzi. So there. Just speak for yourself and not all fans. You don't speak for all fans, you speak for John Daly.

Chris from NY said...

@ JD 11:11

We were talking Staten Island. We have a West Brighton but not a West Islip. Either way, it's equally smart. Staten Islanders take no BS (look up James Oddo).

Andrew said...

@Anon 1:35 - I'd like to see this blog, myself. Please feel free to give us the link!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:35PM,

This blog is the home of NASCAR fans. We talk about the good and bad of NASCAR TV.

You sound like a teenager, so I respect your opinion and the time it took to come here and express them.

My point to you was that I offer a topic and my views, then open the floor to all others. That has been the format of this blog for years now.

If you agree or disagree, all we ask if that you tell us why and respect others. Take care.


Chris from NY said...


We may not represent all of the fans, but we represent the REAL fans who are against this idiocy, and if you are willing to speak in Pizzi's favor, go ahead and do it. Just because it has happened that no one has spoken in his favor doesn't mean that John Daly controls everything that goes on here. It just happens that all the regulars on this site agree with him, and tend to do it a lot.

Anonymous said...

@Daniel--yes I *loved* BP in the Pits! That short of Kyle's "Pride of NA$CAR" have been my favorite segments. I even liked the "Golden Benny" until it turned into a jinx :(. And how he paid out of his own pocket to reward the OTW Gang.

The BP in the Pits were great informative segments he told us about folks we'd never hear about otherwise.

I wish I had kept it but my FAVORITE Wally's World was one where Wally wasn't there! :p He was off goofing off somewhere doing some story I think and The King and Kyle filled in. That was so HILARIOUS and Kyle "screaming like a girl!"

Also, what Phil said :). Well said sir :). It's one thing to change it up and not let things get stale but to insult our intelligence and risk offending people is unacceptable.

I don't know the numbers but I'd venture to guess that a good majority of the NA$CAR (well racing as a whole) fans are connected online or through twitter than they were back in 2K1 when the "new TV package" started. We know the TRUTH regardless of how TV tries to hide it. We can make our own pre-race package between the various writers, teams, drivers and officials on twitter, the websites you can trip over in a Google search and just chatting with one another.

@anon 1:35--well then take your love to THAT blog! We're not mind-numbed robots! We are smart and have our OWN opinions. We don't always agree with JD nor each other. I'm one of the few who actually liked Digger :) the majority of the posters wanted to do horrible things to him :(. Some race weekends there are folks who loved the coverage others of us are "WTF did I just waste the last 4-5 hours sitting through?" No we don't represent ALL race fans but I think we represent a good cross-section.

josh said...

the best part about it was when it was over and the guys didnt even say anything about it just went straight back to talking to MW, time for fox to get rid of the stupid gimmicks

debi said...

Couldn't change the channel fast enough!

Anonymous said...

Biggest bunch of horse manure I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

So people really watch this Pizzi crap. Sucks. I would rather watch Digger then this crap.

Sally said...

I started to watch the pre race when I got home. after getting terribly annoyed, I decided I'm better off skipping all the BS and just watching the race. That way I haven't suffered thru 3 hours of previous annoyance before I even get to the racing.

Haus14 said...

Good thing I have DVR...I fast forwarded the segment

West Coast Diane said...

Thanks gang for doing all the dirty work! Went for a ride, had lunch. Came back read Twitter, TDP posts. Definitely will not watch RaceDay or Pre-race. Caught JR on Fox News Sunday & Nascar Now before leaving...pretty good...little or no junk.

Will use FF #4 or skip to get to the racing.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

No JD you're right. You're a beacon of investigative journalism. This story has Peabody written all over it.

red said...

hey gang! i'm gonna be watching usa-canada for the gold medal so will catch up with everything once that's over.
catch you on the flip side -- and i'll be on twtter until then so please post info there in re: the race!

WC Robinson said...

@Anon 2:56

The ironic thing is the reason Daly does this deplorable hatchet job on a relatively inocuous 2 minutes of a air time is because a few of his regular commenters didn't like the piece last week. That's exactly the same kind of populist pandering that everyone here whines about David Hill doing.

The ridiculousness of this whole discussion starts and ends with "purists" worrying about Jeff Gordon's back.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pizzi was hilarious again this week. Really funny stuff and I hope FOX continues showing these pieces.

To me the great thing about them is that you get to see some real personality out of the drivers. You get to see how they react to these obnoxious questions. Jeff Gordon was a little perplexed, but tried to be polite. Jimmie Johnson just started laughing and played right along. I bet Dale Jr. will simply walk off the set.

No denying, these segments are excellent TV... and I know I speak for all NASCAR fans everywhere when I say: WE WANT MORE

Daly Planet Editor said...

This is the first time we actually had folks from the FOX server send us anon comments.

Can you guess which those were?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

I would be happy to email with you anytime. My email has been on the front of this website for over three years now. That was long before Mr. Pizzi was a dot on the FOX radar.

Your profanity and hateful speech has your comments deleted. There have been thousands of columns and millions of comments on this blog since 2007.

If you think Pizzi's act is wonderful, then tell us why. But don't tell others, including me, how to think or what to say.

I am a big boy with a thick skin from many years of sports TV, including working with David Hill.

My email is and you can use it anytime.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Did you guys read the viewer comments from NASCAR fans across the nation?

Did you read how that one feature affected their perception of the credibility of the entire NASCAR on FOX crew?

An obese rich kid, already involved in the Cubed debacle with porn stars and strippers comes to NASCAR?

I can hardly wait for next week.

Anonymous said...

Oh now you bash him because he has money? Your jealousy knows no bounds.

You readership is a flake on the butt of the NASCAR viewing audience. What do you have, 30 regular contributors? Give me a break.

Some people think Pizzi was hilarious and it kills you that you cannot control the message.

Daly Planet Editor said...

That was told to me by a FOX employee in LA. Lots of folks on West Pico HATE what is going on with the porn and adult content on a sports website with a significant percentage of teenage users.

Nothing more than a continuation of the lowest common denominator approach used by FOX TV.

Let me tell you all in that office straight up, this ain't going to fly and the fans are going to revolt.

You don't bring someone like this who is linked to Cubed to the Christian-based sport that prays before every race. HUGE mistake.

As I said before, can HARDLY wait until the next race.

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother, dream on. No one who was watching has any idea this guy does anything with porn stars. It's a comedy bit and you don't like it so you cry foul, call the guy fat, make cracks about how much money he has.

I've seen Cubed and it's funny. It's not for everyone, but so what? You think the fans will revolt? HAHAHA. Yeah, they'll stop watching racing because of a 2-minute comedy bit where a guy tries to get Jeff Gordon to eat pizza. Get real, pal.

Yeah, they pray before every race, but if you would put down Twitter and actually go to a race, you will see stands FULL of drunk, swearing, folks. They all have their headsets on, and they all hear the F word, and they don't care. You think this crowd will revolt because of some boobs? Talk about out of touch!

Anonymous said...

NASCAR just had another sell out in Las Vegas and you think fans are going to be offended by Pizzi?

"Daly Planet has jumped the Shark!"

That's what we're really talking about over here at West Pico.

Daly Planet Editor said...

A sellout has something to do with bad TV? Certainly we had the Olympic hockey game, but this weekend will tell the tale. No Danica and only a truck race in support.

Hundreds of emails from families across the country who do not live in LA, who do not share your sense of filth as comedy and who are ready to step up and let FOX know all about it.

Type all you want, Skippy. This weekend the pre-race show is going to be under a microscope.

Anonymous said...

Under a microscope. That is too funny. You are so out of touch it is scary. If fans will turn off a race because of a 2-minute bit with Pizzi, they aren't real race fans to begin with.