Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SPEED Banking On "Fast Track To Fame"

Over the years, SPEED has tried a wide variety of TV programs related to NASCAR. Some, like the ill-fated I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver were laughable while others like Beyond the Wheel are still sorely missed.

Monday night at 8PM, SPEED throws another original offering at the TV wall to see if it sticks. Michael Waltrip says Fast Track to Fame was his idea. Click here for a video where he discusses what the show is all about.

Already described as NASCAR's version of American Idol, the show sounds like a collection of race fans showing off their singing and juggling skills on the SPEED Stage. The facts are a bit different.

Click here for the audition information on the new series from the Actor's Pages website. Those wishing to get noticed can travel to the auditions from anywhere in the nation.

Like many other talent shows on the air, Fast Track to Fame is open to almost all kinds of acts. Click here to read about NBC's America's Got Talent series and the auditions for that entertainment program. It certainly sounds familiar.

Fast Track to Fame has all kinds of connections to FOX Sports in LA. FOX's David Hill is listed as an Executive Producer and the actual company doing the production is LA-based FiveBinks Inc.

It seems ironic that Waltrip is hosting a talent show produced by FOX on the very same night that This Week in NASCAR used to inhabit. For many years the lone NASCAR program on Mondays, TWIN was surrounded by lifestyle programs created by SPEED. The management of the network was firm in saying that NASCAR-related programs do not work on weekdays.

Apparently, something has changed. SPEED now has a daily NASCAR news show and just added a three-and-a-half hour block of NASCAR themed shows on Mondays. Following Fast Track to Fame is a NASCAR cooking show, two different highlight programs and then Jimmy Spencer's What's the Deal series.

It's always interesting when entertainment types get involved in NASCAR. Perhaps this line from the Actor's Pages audition listing says it best. FOX and the LA-based production company are: "Looking for talent that will appeal to those who attend auto races." You can take if from there.

This post will serve to host your comments before, during and after this debut episode of Fast Track to Fame airs on SPEED at 8PM ET. To add your opinion on this topic, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for stopping by.


Hotaru1787 said...

Again, this all sounds like a whole lot of fail to me. Even my mom and brother (who watch Idol and AGT think it's stupid).

Face it, they've alienated at least THREE fans in my household.


Bill Jordan said...

From the preview I have seen, it looks like a lot of retread from that Hasselhoff talent show.

As much as I miss MW on TWIN, this gets a PASS.

The only way this show could pack more fail in it is having Rutladge Wood host.

At least we know where the budget for the two decent things (Wendys Real Deal, and TWINS) on speed went....

Anonymous said...

Just what we need on tv is yet another talent(less) based show. I will watch the first episode as I want to know how Mikey will get his sponsors mentioned on the show. This just sounds like a really dumb idea but then again maybe its better than another episode of Pinks

Unknown said...

I'll watch Sounds of NASCAR on SPEED and NASCAR in a hurry probably but not fast track to fame. Cant stand American Idol anyway..

Dannyboy said...

I am one of MW's biggest fans. Have been since the mid 90s when I 1st saw him on IWC. I watch him any time he's on TV.

But a stupid talent show is where I draw the line, even with him as host.

KoHoSo said...

If, as Mr. Daly's title for this entry states, Speed is banking on "Fast Track to Fame," I sure hope we still have some TARP money left. :-D

Andrew said...

Only one word can describe this:


(As in, why does David Hill hate us?)

GinaV24 said...

I won't even be bothering to waste time setting the DVR for this.

I'm looking for NASCAR or other racing programming from Speed, not stupidity.

Give me something like 24/7 or Beyond the Wheel and I would be interested. Heck, show me rally cars or dirt cars and I'll watch, but not this useless drivel.

And having Mikey host it is the final nail in the coffin of the reasons why I won't waste my time.

51 yr. fan said...

Maybe this Monday night lineup
will relegate Waltrip and Spencer
into never-never land. I also
think it's time to put Schrader
into MW's seat on the Camping World
Truck series. I'm tired of his
overzealous commentary. Tie his

TexasRaceLady said...

I sure hope SPEED isn't counting on my TV for a Neilson rating on this show.

I watch RaceHub, but that's it.

JohnP said...

This sounds like the most ridiculous and immature lineup of shows I've ever seen on Speed.

West Coast Diane said...

Zero interest. Who is running their marketing group? What demographics are they trying for? Not me, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Talent that appeals to those who attend races??

They are joking right?

How crass, crude & condescending ! Yup another David Hill mess

It has been shown many times over the years we race fans are a diverse group, yet TPTB insist on stereotypes.

I miss TWiN - not enough to watch this junk. I'm not a fan of this reality talent stuff, & certainly not enough of a SPEED fan to watch this junk.Hubby commented "hasn't this show been done by another name?" Yes it has. Americas got talent, Idol & on & on...

This is definitely not the NASCAR programming we were hoping for here. 2 more non watching NASCAR fans here.

Vicky D said...

Don't watch talent(less) shows or cooking shows. Why would Speedtv want to produce a show like this? Surely TWIN will come out ahead of this thing.

Ziggy said...

Before we all bury this show lets at least watch the 1st one before passing judgment. I'll admit it sounds like a crazy idea & maybe contrived but we gotta see it before deep sixing it.


Shirley Buttacavoli said...

I thought SPEED Channel was devoted to racing and 'speed.' If I want to watch cooking shows, I'll tune into Food Network. Even though I'm a Waltrip fan, I've never watched Idol, don't plan on watching SPEEDs version.

Luckily I AM a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Didn't like the fact that I have to watch The Bachelor tonight to find out this season's line up, but it ain't looking too bad compared to what's on SPEED on Monday nights.

I used to have to decide if I would watch TWIN or DWTS live on Mondays. Don't have that problem any more.


Shirley Buttacavoli said...

btw, I notice Mr. Spencer's show has equaled the time slot of History Channel's Madhouse. hmmmmmmm

Ken said...

With all of the worthless shows that have had NASCAR attached to them to attract viewers, I think NASCAR in the name now drives viewers away. How anyone ever thought this was a good idea is beyond me. I also think it has gotten to where Michael Waltrip drives away more viewers than he attracts.

Anonymous said...

Why don;t they just show reruns of The Gong Show?

Garry said...

An even more pressing question is this: Michael Waltrip has been around long enough to know what the fans of NASCAR want. He's certainly smart enough to know better. Then why in the world does he think this is going to catch on?? Michael, are you that blinded by dollar signs? Is your ego that big? Don't you realize that for every 100 fans you have there are millions who think you are a joke?You and your brother have become an anomoly. I know you read this post, and I know you post on here as anonymous. So you DO realize that selling out isn't funny. Never has been.Why would you want your legacy of two Daytona 500 wins, one of which was highly competitive, as well as emotionally draining, to be overshadowed by acting like a clown, and disgracing the family name?

Donna DeBoer said...

Wow Garry said it all. Won't be watching.

So what DID happen to Wendy V's Real Deal?? best segment of RaceDay...

What I want to see on a channel like SPEED- and how about the Waltrips develop THIS, since they have enough stories to fill a year's content all by themselves- is a NASCAR history show!!! NOT like Madhouse- one where we get out the hilite reels, have the ole boys come in, sit down, and have at it verbally.

Daly Planet Editor said...


The former Real Deal producer is now working on the Nicky Morse show called Racing Chef.


Anonymous said...

Garry, I don't think I can say it any plainer. Michael as host and Darrell as judge are enough to cause a throwing-up effect on millions of people. The heaving could cause an earthquake of enormous proportions. Michael has been trying to get into my home for ages, and I am determined to keep him out. No watching from me.

diane said...

Gee, why don't they just bring back that awful show about Texas bikers?

Anonymous said...

They showed some previews of this show on the FOX pre-race show Sunday. Igads, it looks absolutely horrible.

They showed a guy with a mohawk dressed in leather fetish gear juggling a chainsaw, a guy playing an electric fiddle that sounded like a guitar, and a couple of singers that ranged from good to comically awful.

The thing is: this has nothing to do with racing. Nothing. It doesn't matter if you let Michael Waltrip host and if there are drivers or SPEED personalities on the judging panel. It has nothing to do with racing.

In fact, it doesn't even matter if the so-called performers on this awful amateur hour are race fans. Does it matter if the guy who juggles chainsaws is a diehard Jeff Gordon fan or if he has never even heard of NASCAR? No, because it's the same show either way - and that show has ZILCH to do with racing.

After all the complaining on this blog, I decided I better sit down and watch an episode of PINKS. It's actually a pretty good show. I'd rather have a racing show on SPEED, but if they aren't going to program one, I will honestly watch PINKS any day of the week over this half-baked American Idol workover.

JohnP said...

Am I the last person on earth to just find out that Speed is directly owned by Fox?

I thought it was a seasonal alliance between the two of them for Nascar only.

No wonder Speed is going down the tubes!!

Anonymous said...

This could be the first time an entire network has "jumped the shark", thanks to Digger Hill. Talent contests, cooking shows - just how far away from the original concept of SPEED can we go?

All I can say is thank goodness for BBC America and Top Gear!

Sorry, but I will be Fast Tracking to ANY other channel than Speed for this one.

Scott W said...

It all comes down to ad dollars, and ratings. Outside of the weekend schedule, Speed TV doesn't get much of either on a Monday night. Original shows like Wrecked, Bullrun, and Dangerous Drives all for what they are worth do okay.

Generating dollars for Speed in this economy takes change and diversity. I would assume that for every negative comment about the new line up, there is someone who will watch Fast Track to Fame, Racing Chef, and enjoy them and watch them again… but will not post a positive comment about it.
Idol and Got Talent have been a success to my surprise.

So Fast Track to Fame may have just enough followers to succeed. I personally would much rather see Speed put together a series similar to Countdown to Daytona they did on Joe Gibbs Racing. Maybe one that follows from the moment a car is wrecked to the next time it hits the track or what goes into all the aspects of setting up an event by following the NASCAR officials.

Let’s all just take a deep breath and see how the line up works. If you were told you would fail before we set out to do something, the majority of us would never try to improve.

Anonymous said...

They are phasing Jimmy Spencer out of the picture. Too bad - guess he was too outspoken.
On another front - saw some posts yesterday about Sirius Radio shows. I too have to agree that things have changed over there too. The hosts are no longer fan or caller friendly. Granted, at times you get some "off the wall" callers on Sirius but Bagley, Rick Benjamin and Moody are very condescending and short fuse with their audience. I will not renew my Sirius - only got it for NASCAR Channel. John - how about a story on NASCAR Channel and readers thoughts on the shows and hosts?

Tracy D said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Another reason to read a good book instead of watching Speed. With so little programming I want to see involving Nascar, I've gotten a ton more done because I'm not parked in front of the TV.

Anonymous said...

If this is Waltrip's idea or if he is involved in anyway, I won't be watching.

Chris from NY said...

Put this one in the category of "laughable" like that "I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver".

Among other categories it belongs in:

"Dumb Reality/Talent Shows"
"To Hades with this, I don't even want to bother", and
"Another reason why David Hill should be fired and not promoted".

Hotaru1787 said...

Chris from NYC- Good lord! I almost forgot all about 'I Wanna Date A Race Car Driver'...
Got another catergory- (as the kids my age say) EPIC FAIL!

At least Greg Biffle's online radio show starts up tonight at the same time this trash starts-8PM. That's worth a Monday night listen. (go to his site to find the link)

ddsbstrb said...

John.........it is so much fun to read your reader-comments every time either Waltrip brother's name is mentioned.

The reader comments just make my day, as it is just so much fun to watch Mikey or JAWS just get hammered to death by those very wise NASCAR fans.

I am still laughing from reading some of the comments. Keep them coming, folks!

Tracy D said...

I see there are now two of us using the name "Tracy" to post. The Other Tracy, how can we distinguish ourselves?

Anne M said...

I won't be watching this, but if somebody else enjoys it, more power to them.

What really burns is that I miss TWIN like crazy. That was my Monday night appointment TV, and a lot of times I enjoyed that more than the race itself. How can a show with race car drivers talking about the race be less valued by a racing network than a show like "Fast Track to Fame"? The logic of this makes my head hurt.

Is this new show really cheaper to produce and/or likely to pull better ratings than TWIN?

Also, TWIN was a good vehicle for Chad Knaus. It was different from his more serious tone on NASCAR Performance, and a lot of people who never liked him came to see him differently on TWIN. I hope he shows up in a similar role somewhere else.

Yeah, I know, I know! I can hear the Chad-haters growling! :)

PammH said...

Unlike most of the folks here, I'm interested in 2 shows tonite. The Stevie show & the cooking show. If it's not as awful as the segment w/KennaW, I might enjoy it! Don't care about the others.

PammH said...

Not a Tracy, but use a last initial like me??

Hotaru1787 said...

Watch it (those who must) so I don't have to.

Hotaru1787 said...

BTW- I used to be hotaru-raganbaby.

Anonymous said...

Trying to be fair, I watched "Fast Track" with MW. Actually, the first eleven minutes. Just couldn't take any more.


Vicky D said...

We quickly turned the channel to BBC America and Top Gear - now that show is really enjoyable and has to do with vehicles so if folks don't like it they can watch it too.

Sophia said...

Aack..and outdoor 'talent show'. This is from David hill?

I watched long enough to see 45 seconds of dancing, hear the stomping roaches comment and the scores. Click.

They robbed of us of TWIN for this?

SPEED is schizoid on shows.

Bring back TWIN

Anonymous said...

Watched the "Racing Chef". I don't watch food shows so I don't have any idea how it rates as a food show. But, it was fast-moving, upbeat, and targeted toward those with functioning brain cells.


Anonymous said...

I will only comment on Riki Rachtman's spot on the show. I have heard his NASCAR radio show here in Portsmouth for 4 years. I dont know wht he did on MTV. He knows more about NASCAR then most of the commentators but I guess he doesnt do ties very well.
Put him on a REAL NASCAR show please

Unknown said...

I can't believe we lost TWIN for Fast Track. This program is nauseating. Please, Please bring back something for those of us with an IQ over 60.

Anonymous said...

What? Has SPEED lost its mind?
How can anyone watch another Waltrip show and not puke?
These Waltrips have almost singlehandedly ruined NASCAR!!!!

Is there some kind of strange love affair between the Waltrips, David Hill and Brian France Jr.?

Well, none of the fans I know.. love any of them!

Anonymous said...

Fast Track - Pathetic. 60 minutes of this? Are you serious? Sub-par on every aspect. MW must have some serious pull at SPEED to be given 60 minutes of nuthin.

Racing Chef - Okay. At least it has some racing connection. Host is annoying and based on this one episode, he won't be asked to compete on Iron Chef anytime soon. Did enjoy seeing Miss Sprint Cup cooking. Someone at SPEED should give her a show. :-)

Sounds - How many commercials can they run in 30 minutes? This is a cruel experiment by SPEED/FOX to see just how many minutes they can get away with.

Can't comment on the rest of the programming. After Sounds I called my cable company to cancel.

Anonymous said...

Watched 1 minute of it.Just another reason to not watch SPEED on Mondays.

Dannyboy said...

Don't know if I will ever make it thru an entire hour of this. From the really bad Sinatra to the chainsaw juggler, they turned me off so much I didn't care if any of the later performers were better, which they were.

Hope Mike hasn't "jumped the shark" with this one...

Jonathan said...

The Nascar Now roundtable gets me my mix for Nascar TV on Mondays. I would sometimes watch TWIN but sometimes wouldnt. SO I wont be watching much of this lineup anyways but I was curious so I did turn in some today caught Fast track to fame and wow that was stupid. Wow WOW! Yeah as someone said on this post and I said when I first heard this hmmm this is SPEED tv why are we getting this??? I thought this was the year Nascar was going to get back to buisness???? This makes are sport more laughable to the average fan in my mind and I HATE IT!!!!!! Again I will be watching Tuesdays 60 minute race cut down though thats an awsome show

GinaV24 said...

Nice to know that others are fans of Top Gear. They make me laugh and its a fun show about cars unlike most of the offerings currently on Speed channel.

thanks to those of you who were brave enough to watch the talent-less show and confirm for me that I'm not missing a thing.

JohnP said...

@Tracy 7:09. Use the first letter of your middle name, or last name, after Tracy. That's what I do, and I see a couple others do also.

Scott W said...

FT2F.... watched it and am sorry I did. This is by far the worst program Speed could have produced.

Sounds of Nascar... has potential, needs to not focus on one team as much. Like the focus on car set up as far as practice and the communication between the driver and the crew. Needs to compare a top team to a team that struggles and show the differences in car set up communication. I set a recording schedule on the DVR for S of N.

I see Speed having to retool Monday night yet again here in about 5 to 6 weeks.

RPM said...

I pretty much hate the new season on SPEED. They have really lowered the bar on programming and seem to be throwing what they can against the wall to see what sticks.

However, I do like the new show "The Racing Chef". That show has some serious potential. All race fans love good food and most NASCAR campers take serious pride in their cooking.

For once SPEED is thinking outside the box.

Donna DeBoer said...

No interest in Fame so didn't bother. Racing Chef, not bad, but would still be better on the Food channel. I'll check it again because I'm quite certain they will get to Stewart & Kyle Busch's haulers. Sounds of NASCAR isn't what I expected, and unless they feature a driver I'm interested in, not sure I'll watch regularly. Already finished with Hurry & Deal, won't be watching again.
Summary, Racing Chef added to DVR joining Race Hub.
NASCAR Now Mon Roundtable is now the best race wrapup show. Seems like I'm not missing anything with SHO's Inside NASCAR.

Ziggy said...

OK. 8:00PM. I clicked to channel 450 (Speed HD), I watched, I laughed, I scratched, I cringed, I wondered why am I watching this, 8:06PM I clicked over to Alton Brown.

Anonymous said...

Stupid thing about Racing chef is that he's a chef and he didn't cook a darn thing!

Tracy D said...

Thanks for the name-change suggestion.
Re Top Gear - it's a really fun show! Glad to see others like it too.

Shirley Buttacavoli said...

Why do networks take something that has worked for YEARS and change it?

Weather Channel was the go-to-channel for weather. However, during a possible tsunami hitting Hawaii over the weekend, the 'weather channel' decided to air an episode of camping techniques. Thank you NBC.

SoapNet (yes, I'm a HUGE ABC soap fan) started strictly as a network to re-air ABC and CBS soaps, 24/7. Since ABC Disney bought SoapNet, I'm lucky if I find a re-air of General Hospital at a convenient hour during the evening or weekend.

Fox has done the same with SPEED Channel. If the contestants on Fast Track were ASSOCIATED with NASCAR, F1, WoO, etc. I might be interested. Since I don't watch such talent shows anywhere else, I don't see why I'll watch just because it’s on SPEED - even with Mikey as host. I tried, but didn’t work for me.

As far as Racing Chef, Nicky Morse, I wish him well. Too bad the show isn’t on Food Network, or Travel – where it belongs.

For a number of years, I watched SPEED from the moment Cup practice started on Thursday or Friday, through Inside Winston Cup (This Week In NASCAR) ended Monday night. Now Monday night isn’t even an option.

JD, I know SPEED will never bring back IWC/TWIN, but how many highlight shows can one person watch, and/or copy-cat shows from sister networks? Thanks for allowing fans the opportunity to express our opinions. At least someone listens!

Anonymous said...

several times I've seen people comment on the Chef show being on the wrong network. Would you really not watch a show you liked because it was on the 'wrong' network? I'm just not getting that. The Travel Channel has shows about food too. Just saying...it's not like SPEED has such a full schedule that they couldn't fit this in, although I personally didn't see it.

Hey, maybe "Fast Track" can get Bill Weber to try out his magic act???

JohnP said...

I tuned in at 8pm, even though I said yesterday I would not. Wanted to see "Fame" with my own eyes. Sorry I did.

I made it for about 5 minutes and could not stand it at all. Nothing about it has any redeaming tv value for Speed.

Is MW this needy? To have to have his ego stroked all the time? That's pathetic.

I guess owning three Sprint teams, driving part time, doing commercials, announcing the truck series race just isn't enough to make him feel good about himself.

Mikey, any respect I did have for you is GONE! Your a pathetic needy joke!

Anonymous said...

Monday night on Speed is horrible. Please Please Please bring back TWIN. Or find away that I can purchase Speed only on the days it has decent programming such as qual, practice and race shows on the weekend. Cause you have totally ruined Monday night which any idiot should be covering the prior weekends race with a show such as TWIN. Where insiders who actually are in the sport working in those positions, not media types discuss the weekends race.

SPEED YOU SUCK on Monday nights. Did you bother hearing Sirius this morning, where all the fans want TWIN BACK and are refusing to watch the programming on Monday night cause of how rediculous it is. Seriously, do you even care about the fans? I guess this is just a waste of my time like the 10 minutes I tried to watch that stupid Fast track show last night, that I will never get back. ITS HORRIBLE.

Anonymous said...

ALSO, what the hell is up with not filming Performance at the track? I loved being at the race and going by watching them film that show? CAn you screw anything else up Speed?


Richard in N.C. said...

Not having been in TV, it appears to me that almost at the last minute someone at SPEED ( David Hill?) decided more NASCAR related programming was needed. So the crack SPEED programming department trotted out "tried and true" ideas that had worked elsewhere, and with minimal cost - food/cooking and talent/reality shows. Hopefully much of the current Monday night fare is just space filler while something better is in development.

Patrick said...

Its a good thing I programmed the DVR to record the entire block, because nothing was in the proper time slot according to Dish's Guide.
This was one of the worst talent shows I've ever seen. I'll admit, I watch most of them. Does anyone remember that the chainsaw juggling attention hog (soooo, wanted to use another term) failed on America's Got Talent (the one who awarded a ventriloquist with a Vegas show). The "talent" is the hardest thing to watch (who here watched the Idol auditions FOR the trainwrecks?); the hosting is. Michael would get excited over mud drying if Hill put him on camera to cover it. Don't we have enough "reality" already? And who is the "Simon" of the panel? You have to have someone to tell it like it is.
I could tune in again to the cooking show, if they keep a scheduled mix of driver/crew/wife recipe, local fare and a tailgater.
Spencer does NOTHING for me. And he certainly isn't the representative to turn a non-fan into one. Far too inarticulate and too many baseless opinions.
Give me more Sounds of NASCAR. And, I'd like to see what Riki could do with Spencer's half hour.
I will check the schedule here on The Daily Planet and record ONLY the Hub, in a Hurry (Monday) and Sounds. My attention will be with Top Gear and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Speed cancels TWIN for this dribble? Fortunately I DVR'd NASCAR Now and watched it at this time instead.

Anonymous said...

at least the cooking show has a nascar tie-in as it's with people or places related to the sport. i enjoyed it. like someone else said, keep the driver, crew, fan, local restaurant deal and i'm in.
the chef did cook the meatballs with the sprint girls help. i get it.

fast track....what tie in is that beside shot at the track?

Nan S said...

J.D., I feel sorry for you. Because of this blog you actually have to watch this drek so you can report on it. I can just ignore it all and watch actual racing like Supercross and Aussie V8s.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Nan, just had a meeting about that today. Pretty sure some changes are coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh great...another show with Michael. I have enough of him and refuse to watch the new show.

Jimbacca said...

They should try and pick up the American Top Gear since NBC declined it. Or even run the UK show since it is about cars etc. It's a car related show with hi-jinx.

The new mix of shows just don't jive with the name speed.

Stephen said...

FTTF worst show I think Ive ever seen lol. What a joke. Monday Nascar Now roundtable and race hub are now the only dvr worthy shows. The rest of that is garbage-sounds of nascar is okay I guess but the rest is awful. I watch Top Gear instead with the rest of these guys anf girls!


Andrew S. said...

Hey Speed! Here's an idea for a show. Send a camera crew to the Schrader Racing shop. Set up some chairs and microphones. Get a cooler full of Bud Light and have Schrader and some of his buddies like Johnny Benson do some bench racing about the previous weeks Cup race.

Your right, nobody would ever watch something like that.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!
Holy CRAP!

David Hill should be fired

Anonymous said...

When will these idiotic networks learn than NO ONE wants to see the Waltrip's or hear anymore of their cheap sponsor promotions. If I want to hear huksters, I'll go to a used car lot!

Marylee in Richmond said...

Well, looks like I'll be turning off SPEED at 7:59 pm each Monday. TRIED to watch a bit on Monday, but what a sorry series of shows. PLEASE bring back TWIN. It wasn't perfect, but at least it had some relevance.

Tracy D said...

Andrew S., what a brillant idea! I'd watch a show with Schrader and buddies just talking racin' in a heartbeat.

You should be in the business!

Allison said...

I like MW and I miss TWIN. Still can't understand why SPEED would drop the best NASCAR talk show on the air. NN on ESPN is just so ... corporate.

Chris from NY said...

The point has been made by someone whose name escapes me, because there are so many comments that I do not have time to remember the names attached to all of them.

I, too, have had it with networks trying to copy each other's bull --, not even, horsecrap (worse).

I do agree with attaching the word "Fail" to it.

I think Speed Channel needs to wake the hell up. Give them a Pepsi Max and some help from the "Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation". Especially David Hill.

The "Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation" comes from Animaniacs, one of only few cartoon shows worth watching. But then again, we all know about one that was NOT worth it that was sadistically SHOVED down our throats last year.

Anne M said...

Andrew S - Would absolutely tune in to your Schrader show. Brilliant! :)

Anonymous said...

its like a BAD rendition of the "GONG SHOW" . . . except there's NO humor in it... i mean SERIOUSLY !! who wants to watch someone bang spoons or bad magical acts..

FOX needs to GET LOST and LEAVE NASCAR alone . .

ps. don't blame SPEED for this, this is BIG Brother (FOX) crashing lil bro's room (SPEED) and trying to throw a party.

Anonymous said...

Fast Track To Fame is definitely not a great show and it probably does belong on another cable channel instead of Speed. At least it's not mean-spirited like a lot of reality shows. I like Kathy Leigh Carter, one of the judges on the show. I think that she's smart and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst show I have ever seen. How may cloggers are they going to have on the show? MW gets on my nerves. He loves everything. If this is the best they came up with in the auditions, I hate to think who they rejected. At least Riki Rachtman is funny and interesting. Kyle Petty was great. Everyone else was horrible.