Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday TV/Media Notes

Here are some topics that are up for discussion this week. They will be updated on this post if more information becomes available.

Overnight TV ratings are in for the races from Auto Club Speedway:

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on FOX earned an overnight rating of 5.0 rating 10 share opposite the Olympics. That’s down 6% compared to last year’s 5.3 rating 8 share in a later time period. Yesterday is the lowest overnight for FOX’s Fontana race since it moved to February. (from KGKI - The Racer's Network)

ESPN2 scored 1.5 overnight rating for NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Fontana, up from 1.4 last year. (From ESPN Media Relations)

SPEED finally updated information about the new TV series called "Fast Track to Fame."

Series will debut on March 1 at 9 p.m. ET and feature a 10-episode grassroots talent search taped at stops along the NASCAR tour. It is the first major development announced since Fox Sports chairman David Hill expanded his role to include direct oversight of SPEED.

The show will be hosted by Michael Waltrip, a NASCAR owner. “I love talent shows,” Waltrip says. “I went to Hunter [Nickell, SPEED's president]and told him he should air a NASCAR talent show. He thought it was a great idea, and next thing you know, we're doing it.”

Fox/FSN on-air talent Charissa Thompson will co-host the show with Waltrip. It will feature not just wannabe singers, but also acts such as comedians and dancers. The show will tape from late February until May. SPEED plans on airing each episode as many as six times after its Monday-night original. The judges will be Riki Rachtman, a former rock star and host of radio's NASCAR 24/7, Hollywood talent manager Kathy L. Carter and a weekly guest judge culled from NASCAR's many personalities.

Click here to view the Fast Track to Fame website for information about auditions and specifics about the series.

Monday saw the normal TV line-up of NASCAR Now on ESPN2 and Race Hub on SPEED. NASCAR Now got an extra 15 minutes as the delayed NHRA event from Phoenix was updated by Paul Page in an highlight/interview format. That took only 15 minutes, so NASCAR took the rest of that 30 minute block. ESPN did an admirable job of dealing with the untimely death of a spectator at the NHRA event over the weekend as well.

Will there be an episode #3? Jimmy Spencer's series on SPEED called "What's the Deal" had its second program on Monday night. Spencer has no problem poking fun at himself, but his co-host is Ray Dunlap and that is the problem. Dunlap is not a host, he is a reporter. The result was not good.

Spencer desperately needs someone with him who gets it. Dunlap does not and gradually gets more frustrated as the program progresses. The entire idea of the show is to let Spencer vent and then mix back in the responses from the TV audience.

The disjointed product on Monday saw Spencer call people names and say stupid things, but that is the point. Having Dunlap correct him, argue with him and make fun of him does not work. This show should be peppered with viewer emails, Tweets and Facebook messages as the theme.

Spencer was unceremoniously dumped from two high-profile shows on SPEED. It seems on this program, he is getting little direction and no production help. The show this week concluded with Spencer getting Nationwide Series driver Kenny Wallace on the phone to talk about why his car and many others were never mentioned by ESPN on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Dunlap was so flustered and Spencer so confused by this point they never got around to addressing the topic. They chose instead to talk about casinos, gambling and the fact that Spencer is not in Las Vegas this week. Judging from the quality and content of this program, it might not be a bad idea for Spencer to catch a flight in that direction. He is having absolutely no luck at SPEED.

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Smokey_14 said...

Did not watch NASCAR in A Hurry Monday Edition or What's The Deal today. Race Hub is fine, but it only needs one host. Don't understand why Hunter Nickell is going with two hosts. NASCAR In A Hurry only needs one show, being before RaceDay built by the Home Depot, but Spencer's new show belongs in the trash! It's also bad for Ray Dunlap's reputation! Big mistake by Nickell to cancel TWIN, and altough some people were annoyed with Mikey, I watched every single episode of TWIN in '09 and enjoyed every one of them! Even though people were annoyed at Mikey at times, TWIN was a more likeable Monday NASCAR recap show, especially with the Steve-Chad-Mikey combo. Spencer's What's The Deal is not! Spencer's new show has got go and TWIN needs to be brought back now! Overall my view of this is TWIN > SPEED's new Monday 8:00 pm lineup! Somebody outta start a petition to get Hunter Nickell to bring TWIN back!

Mike@NASCARFanView said...

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to catch "What's the Deal" yet since I've got so many other NASCAR shows to keep up with, but I'm kind of disappointed the Jimmy Spencer is off the prime shows.

Even if he was loud and obnoxious on occasion, he brought some much needed relief to what now seems a little too serious a show.

I do enjoy Kyle Petty's views, but I don't understand why SPEED have to mess with a good show? Or was this Spencer's idea?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, enough Michael Waltrip already. How many shows does this man have to be on?

Anonymous said...

Ratings down 6% vs the Olympics is not that bad. You would expect that kind of hit for such a major sporting event programmed at the same time.

That said - what was the attendance at Fontana? Anyone? The camera shots of the stands were BLEAK.

Sophia said...

Huh? Talent show? We need another one of these like a fish needs a bike.(don't watch any!)

Caught last 5 minutes of JS to hear them say show is changing times to 10:30 next week? I like Ray on trucks but not good fit here at all.

Can't believe they robbed us of TWIN for this stuff.

As weeks go by, I am more homesick for Steve & the Odd Couple.



p.s. Pesto is word veri?

Viva Italiano! Go Max Papis :)

Anonymous said...

We just can't seem to keep Waltrip off the TV. Another show I won't be watching.

Dannyboy said...

Down 6% against the Olympics doesn't sound too bad does it?

Then again, the way NBC is murdering the Olympics I'm not sure how much they stole from Fontana viewership.

Ray Dunlap is a meat-and-potatoes "just the facts" kinda reporter. He was a disaster on Tradin' Paint vs Michael Waltrip, who argued rings around him (and THAT'S really saying something!).

But with that in mind, who green-lighted him against Jimmy Spencer? Doesn't anybody at network TV ever look at their archived shows for a clue? Oh, I forgot: the answer to that is right across the dial at ESPN.

Anonymous said...

Watched Spencer's new show for the first time last night. Will give him credit to giving the 48 team respect for their accomplishment but otherwise I won't watch again. Show was a disaster from start to finish. Glad Spencer not on Raceday and VL anymore although he was ok being on one or the other maybe but I like Kyle P and think he does a better job.

Glad I don't have Showtime so don't feel I should watch Mikey's show over there just because it's Nascar. He was a bit more tolerable on TWIN last season mostly because of Chad who tempered Mikey a bit. I do miss TWIN because at least they had in Allen, Mikey, and Chad and/or whoever was the 3rd host for the week they had people who not only love Nascar but also have a clue about what is going on.

Race Hub and/or Nascar in a Hurry is ok but doubt they need both. Thank goodness for ESPN's Nascar Now this year.

Anonymous said...

Is there a show that does the scanner segment that TWIN did? It was always my favorite segment.

Vicky D said...

Thought the NN last night was good and RE was funny when AB updated Chad's wins as a crew chief and RE is still ahead - like Ray said - for two more weeks. Lots of info on that show and the panel all got along together very nicely. Have Spencer's show recorded will watch it another time. The "To Do" list has been updated too.

Donna DeBoer said...

Oh Ho! A talent show! yipee! NOT!!!! another show with MW? why? scratch something else I'll not bother watching.

NASCAR Now as good as ever. Although I thought Marty was looking a bit awkward, IMO this desk thing ain't for him. He's a great interviewer/field guy. Alan, Ricky, Ray absolutely belong. The twitter thing at the bottom a little weird, but I know they are trying to work in participation so ok.

This is the first Race Hub that I have to give a fail. No guests, just usual guys rehashing the weekend. Mostly footage I've already seen. Then, Hurry does the same thing! Together an hour of complete rehash. Race Hub only works when they are talking directly to people, either in house of by vid link. And I have no use at all for Hurry, already seen what happened.

If What's the Deal is TWIN's replacement, it is a failure. I couldn't even get all the way thru the show this time. As mentioned before, I already know which way Spenser's opinion leans and I really don't need to see or hear it. His office failed to amuse me this time. Ray is completely out of water in this show, and Ray is a very good reporter. End his misery!

As for the Fontana ratings, I agree that even with the disaster of the telecast and opposing Olympics, not as bad as I thought.

gibbsgirl1118 said...

Watched Spencers show last night and thought I was watching an old SNL clip of Waynes World! What's with that set? It looks like they are in the family basment. I totally expect to see a pinto parked out back! Sha-wing! They really need to bring TWIN back, this was NOT a good move!

GinaV24 said...

A talent show? What does that have to do with NASCAR? Is that supposed to bring me back to watching Speed channel? Not likely and with Mikey as host, nope, that seals the deal as no way in heck for me.

I like RaceHub but it still has too many voices and not enough substance but that is the only NASCAR related show I can stand to watch on Speed.

I DVR'd Spencer's show so I could watch it -- wow, what a mess. Definitely NOT must see TV and I won't bother with it again.

JohnP said...

I realize there are plenty of folks that don't like Mikey or TWIN. That's fine. They didn't watch anyway.

Race Hub is pretty good, though the music can be distracting at times. Least it is to me.

Then at 8pm, I simply switch off Speed for the night. I have watched Twin since it's inception. It did NOT need Mikey to continue. Everyone is replaceable.

It's the format I miss. The light hearted interaction of the cast of characters. Yes, fun. I already have most of the info by then from tv and the internet. I just enjoyed the entertainment along with some inside info from the actual racers/crew chiefs. Monday night recaps here are now a thing of the past.

bevo said...

Spencer was unceremoniously dumped from two high-profile shows on SPEED. It seems on this program, he is getting little direction and no production help.

Not unrelated issues I bet. Sounds pretty simple, to avoid firing him they offer him his own show but do the minimal amount to support it. Benign neglect.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal is another typical poor effort from SPEED. Do the producers PLAN anything on these shows? Just seems like a jumbled recap of all the other NASCAR shows on SPEED. I like Spencer but it just doesn't seem like there is any new material provided for him to work with.

Scott W said...

It seems like Speed is like a fish out of water after the weekend. They have covered all the topics since Friday and now there is a void they need to fill. Monday nights where the best with TWIN, actual race dissection by people involved in the race.

So I don't watch Jimmy's show, but I guess I should at least give it a chance.. Would have loved to see the Joey Cry segment.. Joey actually looked like he was going to cry. He should have been more upset with Brad the Greg. I digress... but by Monday night I have had my fill of NASCAR... It's all repeated information anyway. If anything a show on Tuesday night after NASCAR has issued it's final results and/or violations is more warranted.

Another talent show, really? Not watching... I will say I was a fan of the last attempt at a talent show on speed where fans competed to be a Speed reporter. What ever happened to that winner...? I actually wanted that one to survive so I could try, no really I'm a funny guy and a funny looking guy too watch out Rutledge!!!... Plus how cool would it be to actually ask the questions a fan wants to ask to a driver that the networks censor their reports of.

51 yr. fan said...

Run Ray Run! Your integrity is
being prejudiced by appearing
with Mr."know it all".

Ziggy said...

I've come to the conclusion that SPEED works on a shoestring budget when producing NASCAR related programming. You know the old saying... "lets throw it up against a wall & see what sticks"

These shows remind me of programs that show up my local cable public access channels.

Bring back TWIN !!!

Anonymous said...

It just seems that the week doesn't start right any more without TWIN. Yes, at times I got really irritated at Mikey, but basically it was a great show, especially when Chad was on. I realize that he can't be on every week, but need to find someone that can hold his own against Mikey. I do not like What's the Deal. I thoroughly enjoyed Nascar Now. RE, AB and RC should be on every week. Marty was good also. I always hate it when Boris Said is on. I like Randy LaJoie also. Lose What's the Deal, and bring back something on the order of TWIN. Race Hub is okay, need a steady host.



bknotts said...

I turned it off after Race Hub. One week of the repetitive NASCAR in a Hurry and the annoying Jimmy Spencer was enough.

I think this lineup will not last long.

They just need to admit their mistake, and bring back TWIN.

Steve L. said...

I WATCH all practice, qualifying, and races that are shown during the weekend and don't really need ANY recap shows to tell me what I just saw. I find out more from the drivers on Twitter than from any of these shows on TV. I don't want a recap show, I've already seen it.

What I DO want is some REAL reporting! Give me a show from behind the scenes the lets me know who that drivers is, where he came from, and what he does when he's not in that car. I want to get to know his crew, team, and even his family. Show me how hard he has worked to get where he is and how hard he works to stay where he's at.

Show me his house, his pets, his hobbies, his friends. Give the fans a show like this and you'll have a HIT! Instead of a stiff studio show, get these reporters out there to the drivers and get the stories.

Sophia said...

I thought Jimmy S show was going to be about fans tailgating? Though either way its not a great show.

SPEED suits canceled TWIN due to THEIR TELLING US "the show was no longer in tough with the fans" or something like that.

Now they are trying to spoonfeed us this pablum?

No thanks.

Across the board I am seeing MANY comment about missing TWIN with the gang.

I've given up watching SPEED during the week unless quals or practice is on. I tried to sit thru the late night repeat of JS show.

It dawned on me as they showed clips of the show it was like they were trying to do a badly copied "1 man" version of TWIN. Was this show being planned when Jimmy was abruptly added to TWIN?

That's my big question because I can't believe we lost that nice studio setting for a show that looks like the cluttered desk is in a basement or corner of a garage. Not to mention Steve, Chad, Mikey and Biffle. Even if Mikey got on your nerves there was some balance. TWIN had information, inside tidbits, fun and yes sillieness. but I loved it.

SPEED gets a big fat F.

If they bring back SPEED, somebody please let me know.

This is just plain sad how CLUELESS SPEED is. . .

Marylee in Richmond said...

I cannot imagine anything worse than "What's the Deal" except a "NASCAR talent show"!
Obviously on WTD they have no sound engineer. Ray Dunlap is much too loud. Almost sounds as if he is somewhere else and they are pasting together pictures and voices. Totally disjointed, makes no sense, understand it is moving to 10:30 which won't bother me at all. PLEASE, SPEED, bring back TWIN.

Anonymous said...

All three of these shows suck! I hate them. But I guess the channel is getting what they deserve for cancelling TWIN. That was the best show they had on tv. Mikey and Chad were great on the show. BRING BACK TWIN NOW

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Spencer,but have watched the first two shows to give it a chance. I'm just looking for some candid insights as to what's really going on rather than all the politically correct BS you normally get. Mikey is like a bad penney-you just can't get rid of him. I wouldn't watch him if he were the only Nascar show on TV. Kenny Wallace, Kyle Petty and a few others have caused me to watch a LOT less pre and post-race coverage. Kenny was a total embarrassment on VL the short time I watched it Sunday night. Is he the best Speed can do? Too many of The Speed programs are mindless fluff. For what it's worth....

glenc1 said...

I will admit...I just can't figure out what SPEED is trying to make itself as a network. Racehub is good and it's working, although occasionally uneven.

I wouldn't bother with Hurry because I'm not 'catching up' on anything...I would think most race fans have caught up by Sunday night. And I have no interest in Spencer. Be better to let Ray go do some fun interviews with some actually interesting NASCAR characters.

As for the talent show....geeez. I like some of them, I'll admit, but they don't belong on a sports network.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another show I won't watch. The funny part of your article was Jimmy Spencer saying stupid things and getting things wrong, REALLY, like thats a suprise. I like John Boy, of John Boy and Billy fame said it best many years ago when he did the "Gentleman start your engines" at a race, His one and only time I think. As I recall he modified it a little. I believe it was "Gentleman and Jimmy Spencer start your engines". That said it all.

Richard in N.C. said...

I got even more respect for Alan Bestwick Monday when he mentioned how the dates for the 1st race at Fontana had been shifted (from April back to Feb.) when it got its 2nd date and how it used to sell out when it had the April date. I had forgotten that Cal. used to have an April date - a fact the NASCAR bashers in the press have overlooked in their rush to criticize NASCAR.

I've watched parts of the 1st 2 Spencer shows and I did not find them that bad, granted they have come on after the weekend's race has already been hashed by 3 SPEED shows and NASCAR Now. It seems to me that it comes down to whether you want Spencer's take or not, and, yes, the show needs some polishing. I did note a couple of different takes on the races on Spencer's show, and it definitely was far superior to several EESPN shows like First Take and Spouts Nation.

After watching at least sizeable parts of all the SPEED post=race shows and N-Now, I found it fascinating how much attention was paid to the Joey L. - Biffle run-in Saturday with virtually no attention given to the end of race run-in between Joey and Brad K. I guess no pithy quotes, no air time.

Anonymous said...

David Hill=A one-trick pony

seriously? an american idol knock-off?

Darcie said...

OK, someone please explain to me what a stupid copy of American Idol or America's Got Talent has to do with a channel that's supposed to focus on cars/racing? Just because they're supposedly finding this "talent" at race tracks doesn't make it Nascar related. How stupid is this? Well to me, it's probably the dumbest idea since the COT or the Fox rodent. Looks to me like David Hill has lost his marbles and is trying to expand his resume to include producing a talent show, for whatever reason. As for having Waltrip on this show, ENOUGH ALREADY---WE'RE ON WALTRIP OVERLOAD. This man has no talent for such things, but they keep dragging him out like he's some sort of TV savior or superstar. NOT !!!!

Now, for the ratings, one would think that with all the Danica hype that the ratings for Nationwide would go sky high, but she's obviously not having that great an effect. And I don't think the Olympics has an impact of drawing viewers away either, especially realizing that NBC is the network who thought that the USA/Canada hockey game was of little interest to viewers--boy did they screw up that one.

Vicky D said...

Maybe when RL's recuperation is over he'll be back on NN as Marty Smith did look a little awkward behind the desk. I forgot to mention on my previous post I think it's a waste of time watching Nascar in a Hurry since we've seen almost all the stories. There should be plenty of guests for Hub to get instead of just two hosts like last night. What about the truck series guys, they aren't racing for another couple of weeks.

jamie said...


Anonymous said...

I feel as if I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Complain about Spoeed's new shows and they will be replaced with more Bull Run, Pinks, Pink's all out or Nascar Smarts. It seems like the audience can't win with speed. Complain and your show gets replaced with something even more stupid and inane.

Anonymous said...

I think the talent show contestants are not necessarily race fans...I see they are having auditions away from the track. So what's the point of having a show with contestants that aren't even race fans that airs on a racing network???

Hotaru1787 said...

I don't see the need for any of these shows...

...ESPECIALLY some stupid talent show. I currently do not watch any of the ones out now, and will not watch Fast Track to Fail... for that's what I see that show as- fail.

Only managed to get through half of WTD, then never turned it back on again.

Bring back TWIN (and shows like my still-missed NBS 24/7).

Until then, I'll find other options then that junk.

Dr. Kevin Harrington said...

I will chime in with a vote to please bring back TWIN. Chad, Byrnes, and someone like Juan Pablo, a guy not afraid to offer opinions.

Chris from NY said...

I hope "Fast Track" and "What's the Deal" head to early cans. "Fast Track to Fame" is obviously part of Hill's evil plot to destroy FOX Sports's quality control.

The only reason Nationwide ratings went up is because of Danica, which is not worth it. The racing still sucks as it has since the Buschwhackers purged all sanity and meaning from the series when they flooded in years ago.

Cup ratings going down is nothing new, Olympics or no Olympics. Even though the racing is gradually heading towards improvement, remember that a lot of this country shares the moronic, head-in-the-sand view that NASCAR is meaningless cars going around in circles, which it most certainly will no longer be. But, then again, NASCAR and the networks put themselves into it and has fit that perception a lot recently, especially last year.

Chris from NY said...

Like someone said in another post, that each decade, NASCAR had a different network. In the 1990s, ESPN was those guys, until the contract in 2001 put them on hiatus, then Speed became the NASCAR network of the 2000s.

But now, Speed's NASCAR operation is imploding. Unless NASCAR can find a new home, possibly create a new network, or better yet, if some other, higher-quality company (of which there are few in the TV business these days) could buy out Speed in the name of the fans, we're doomed. Hell, I'd be celebrating if Turner bought out Speed. What a happy day that would be, wouldn't it?

Richard in N.C. said...

I believe it would be unfair to accuse the media of creativity or originality - especially at the upper level of programming at SPEED. Many other cable channels have been successful with food and "real-life" contest shows, so I guess SPEED needs to give them a try.

Marty said...

Chris from NY,

You'll be happy to know the Nationwide ratings from Fontana dropped to a 1.7 this year, down from a 1.9 a year ago.

JohnP said...

This is off the origional post abit..

But it's 8:34pm et and I just flipped to Speed to see if anything is happing fun. Lol. Well. NOPE.

A show called "Race In 60" is on. I guess it's a recap of the entire race in an hour. Never heard of it before, But Steve Byrns is hosting it so I checked it out.

Sorry Speed and Steve, watched "race in 240" live Sunday. Don't need a replay.

Bring Back TWIN!

Hotaru1787 said...

I almost forgot 'bout Race In 60'- who is still thinking of the past race? I think the fans (as well as the teams) have moved on to the next one.

I hate to be so harsh 'bout it, but it's like I always say, 'think forward, not backward'.

Jonathan said...

I think Krista would be a good fit with Spencer! Let her ask the questions and bam let Spencer do what he does best. I cant stand Ray he needs to go! I get the feeling that he dosent even wanna be there. To me Whats the deal this monday = TRAINWRECK!

Jackie Johnson said...

It wouldn't matter if Tom Brokaw was hosting the Jimmy Spencer show. It is horrible, horrible television. Looks like its shot in my basement. Ray clearly doesn't want to be there and neither do I.

Jonathan said...

oh but I do have to say I aboslutley loved Nascar in 60! Great show speed should think of making a dvd package at the end of the year w 3 races on a dvd 12 cds! Great show speed thanks

Anonymous said...

I think Speed should go to dirt track each week across the country and show that. That would be a talnet contest I would watch.

Richard in N.C. said...

Intriguing action today by EESPN to suspend Tony Kornheiser for 2 weeks for his comments on PTI about Hannah Storm. I wonder whether the same action would have been taken if such comments had been made about someone other than an EESPN employee - like oh Danica?

bevo said...

@Richard- Kornheiser suspension had more to do with him calling Chris Berman fat and calling him a fraud for his Nutri System ads. Berman's contract is up and they are panicking that they won't be able to keep him.

Nan S said...

Here's what I plan to do this year. I am going to record the races and fast forward through any extraneous crap. The only other shows I will record are the Speed Report and Wind Tunnel. The other stuff is just useless fluff or propaganda to me.

Sophia said...

OoH! Bring back Twin with Juan Pablo, Chad and Steve! EXCELLENT IDEA but would never be allowed by NASCAR suits.

We'd love it too much and JPM speaks his mind.

HOWEVER, I think Steve B could keep the balance on the show...unlike the guy with JS...but I think I miss TWIN too much.

Last night I dreamed Steve Byrnes was in my area listening to a band I love! Somebody from tv was with him but can't remember now.

THAT's pitiful when you miss a show so much you have dreams about the host!LOL

But I love JPM tho I have a brother who can't stand him and another brother enjoys his firey spirit as well.

You can't please everybody but a talent show on SPEED after dropping TWIN??

Richard in N.C. said...

bevo, thank you. Had not seen the Berman connection anywhere - curiouser & curiouser. I don't guess all of this could just be curiouser to hype "Alice in Wonderland" coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Why more Mikey W? He is horrible on his best days. On a normal, he is unlistenable. His TV performances makes his driving career look hall of fame worthy.

Tracy D said...

"Complain and your show gets replaced with something even more stupid and inane.

February 23, 2010 2:54 PM"

Maybe that's the point. You don't like what you see? Well, folks, see how you like it NOW.

I give up. I'm with the person who's going to record the races, fast-forward thru the ads,and watch Wind Tunnel.

BTW, I saw a Chris Meyers collectible box for sale. Yes, you too can own a wooden framed case for your sports memorabilia with a picture of Chris Meyers on the box. What the...?

Anonymous said...

We were very happy to see Spencer moved off Raceday and Victory Lane but why leave Kenny Wallace behind? He's more of a wing nut than Spencer.We like Kyle Petty and everyone else on these 2 shows but Wallace has chased us away. Too bad because Speed needs a lot of help.At one time we could'nt get enough of Speed Channel but now it's mostly a wasteland.
As far as M.Waltrip, they should air his show at 3am and have his overbearing brother Darrell on with him and that way we would'nt have to listen to either one of them. Darrell is causing us to wear out our mute button when we want to watch a race on Fox.

Anonymous said...

More Waltrip?? Unbelievable! I won't be watching this ever!

Anonymous said...

I am at a point where I just can't stand them anymore, so my motto now is, If there is a Waltrip on it, I don't watch it.

The only problem with TWIN was a Waltrip, fix the problem, don't cancel the show.

Oh yea Kenny Wallace makes me turn off the TV too. Seriouly, I just can't stand listening to him scream and think he is funny and insightful. He's an obnoxious moron, everyone knows it.

RPM said...

I'd rather poke my eyes with a sharp stick than watch Jimmy Spencer.

A SPEED talent show... really? If they want a cheap reality show why not just send some cameras into the campgrounds on Friday and Saturday nights?