Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SPEED's "Trackside" Has Changed

The crowds are always great. The fans are always colorful. The guests are better than ever. The panelists are NASCAR all-stars. The resulting TV show is a mess.

Trackside on SPEED is a one-hour program that wraps-up a long day at the track. Steve Byrnes hosts with Larry McReynolds, Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Hammond as his panelists. The program features two guests who answer questions and offer comments on NASCAR topics. The formula has been around for a very long time.

During this part of the season, all four men on the show are also on the air during the day. Waltrip and McReynolds handle the Cup telecasts with Mike Joy. Byrnes and Hammond work on the Nationwide Series coverage. By the time Trackside rolls around, it seems there are often some rather exhausted guys trying to get themselves through a final hour of TV.

Trackside was the source of a tremendous amount of email, comments and tweets recently after an appearance by Danica Patrick. Instead of treating her like another veteran driver, Waltrip turned into a swooning teenager. Byrnes did his best to control him with Patrick eventually changing seats to move away from Waltrip. Hammond could later be seen sitting next to Waltrip and telling him to be quiet. It was all very strange.

Last weekend, Carl Edwards was suddenly added as a "special first guest" on Friday's Trackside. Kyle Busch and NASCAR legend David Pearson were originally scheduled. Edwards touched all the political bases he had already run earlier in the week with the media. His appearance was never explained, Brad Keselowski was not on the show and nothing new was said.

Kyle Busch arrived only to begin by hawking his own line of sunglasses. Byrnes tried to steer things in the right direction, but sometimes Waltrip seems to believe that he is the star of this show and not just a panelist. Waltrip now speaks overtop of the host regularly and that is tough to watch. Byrnes is a patient man.

Once he settled down, Busch handled himself quite well and spoke about topics that would not otherwise be discussed on TV. That is the point of Trackside. Showing fans and TV viewers another side of NASCAR personalities. On this Friday, however, it came with a price.

David Pearson, the Silver Fox, was on the set and ready to go. Pearson was in Bristol to participate in a Legends charity race. After the Edwards public relations interview and the Busch sunglasses promotion, Trackside had five minutes for Pearson. SPEED slightly extended the program time and Pearson got out some classic one-liners, but ultimately he got the short end of the stick.

These days, fans rarely see or hear from the legends of the sport. Trackside had a perfect opportunity to let Pearson show the rough and tumble background of NASCAR through his personality and comments. It never happened.

Trackside changes when Waltrip is present during the FOX portion of the season. His on-air antics are increasing and his disrespect of his fellow panelists and the host are tiring. Byrnes, Hammond and McReynolds are often interrupted by Waltrip. It is a credit to their professionalism every time they calmly wait out another outburst from "Ole DW."

Monday, Waltrip's famous #11 car was unveiled as being in the new NASCAR Hall of Fame. Waltrip was there and looked like he belonged. He gave good interviews and reflected on the sport from his veteran perspective. That is the Darrell Waltrip that needs to show-up on Trackside next week.

Where do you come down on Trackside? Add your opinion by clicking the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by The Daly Planet.


Bill Jordan said...

As much as I like DW, I don't watch Trackside till Eliot Sadler time after the first 17 or whatever races.

What they did to Pearson was just unbelievable. Extending it was a nice try, but he should have had the whole hour to be honest.

Maybe they could have run an extra bullrun promo to make up lost income from hawking sunglasses.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Sean, could you repost with a little change in language please? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a right on assessment. As a trackside viewer since
the checker board garage days I am increasingly disappointed by DW. It was yet another one sided chance for Carl to share his side of the story and DW was so unbiased in his comments. To then have a tool commercial demo instead of spending time with a legend like Pearson and the not letting him talk was disrespectful! They didn't let him get anything out. My highlight of the show was Pearson having Kyle stay for the last segment. I was forgiving after Danica and thought it would get better. It has not. They have lost a viewer.

Shirley Buttacavoli said...

I really hate to write anything critical when it involves Darrell Waltrip. He was the first driver I followed. I've still have a Gatorade hat and t-shirt, and an autographed 8 x 10 Tide pic from Darrell.

First of all, I appreciate the fact SPEED allowed extra time with Trackside when they had issues with their audio this past weekend. However, corporate America has taken over another one of my favorite shows.

After a-way-too-long-segment with Carl Edwards, an Irwin Tool contest, and promo from Kyle Busch, The Silver Fox had less than 10 minutes.

Fans see Carl, Kyle & the rest of the SPEED celebs on a regular basis. A chance to watch and hear from Pearson is rare.

After watching numerous promos, I planned my entire night around that one hour, of which I was disappointed after.

Its sad, that a network I watched almost 24/7 when the race weekend started is now an after thought.

I guess its like everthing else in life, it was fun while it lasted.

Shirley Buttacavoli said...

BTW, Kyle throwing out M&Ms to the crowd was nice, but I bet they might have liked some of the sunglasses as well. (not to mention every other guest) I have a feeling the guys on the panel could afford to buy them for themselves.

I'm not even a KyB fan, but I'd wear a pair if he gave me a pair at no charge. Just sayin......

Anonymous said...

Great point that the panelists are probably very tired by the time they do Trackside. Which ties into the main problem with show -- too many panelists. The SPEED/Fox guys get plenty of airtime over the course of a race weekend. Same with the schtick -- SPEED has all weekend for hokey comic relief bits. A host and a rotating panelist would probably work better and give us more of what we want, which is more driver/guest time. I actually enjoy it when Byrnes has been able to interview guests all by himself.

But there's a larger problem in that SPEED seems to have no idea how their programs should fit together. Trackside is not a news update. If that show can't take time for a long, relaxed visit with Pearson, what's the point?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments. As I tweeted I was VERY disappointed that The Silver Fox had less than 5 minutes to begin with and in the extended show didn't get a lot of time to talk either.

I think that they should have had several of the Legends on instead of Kyle. We can get Kyle anytime we don't know how much longer we'll have these Legends. :(

I missed during the original practice that it was announced that Cousin Carl would be on so when I was listening to the replay was quite upset to learn it was "planned". But regardless they shouldn't of had Cousin Carl on to begin with.

They should have cut the Irwin segment when they had the audio problems to give more time. I don't understand why Kyle's segment was as long as it was to begin with :(.

Trackside like much the old line up on SPEED use to be "must see TV" and now it's no longer a biggie if I miss anything on it. I was very disappointed by the lack of consideration shown to The Silver Fox. He should have been in the inaugural class of the HOF and should have been treated much better by TS. :(

Burton said...

I prefer the laid back, loose, chatting in the living room with your buddies feel of Trackside. Obviously you would like more structured,programmed,uptight show.

Dannyboy said...

JD, a few points:

1) DW's car in the HOF Monday was the #11.

2)I heard at least one or two days before Trackside that Carl Edwards was scheduled, so it was not "sudden" or unplanned. Since Carl was the one who did the deed, he's the one who needed to explain his actions, therefore I had no problem with him being on. I also felt he clarified some of the issues involved.

3) I already posted on your earlier blog this past weekend about how badly I thought TRACKSIDE mishandled David Pearson's time. Even Rutledge Wood asked why they put his Irwin segment on instead of more DP. Nevertheless, David's laconic style allowed him to get some of the biggest laughs with just one or two WORDS! Hilarious.

4) I also like the chatty format of these broadcasts. And DW's comments usually interest me. I mean, come on! Only David Pearson and Richard Petty have more Cup wins than ol' DW, and that IMO gives him the authority to pontificate.

5) I think you and some others somewhat misread the Danica Patrick Trackside. After that show she was quoted saying how much she appreciates DW and his advice, along with other more experienced drivers. Paul Tracy's snarky remark notwithstanding, a lot of guys would like to see her succeed.

Ritchie said...

Yes, trackside is not what it used to be. While I was put off by the lack of respect for Pearson, I wasn't quite as shocked as the Daly Planet was by what happenned. Shameless self and team promotion has been a problem at SPEED for years. Sometimes I think that the only reason SPEED exists is so that drivers and teams can come on the air and get greater exposure. That may not be a huge problem, but when you add a Waltrip to the mix(both Micheal and DW) trying to promote themselves along with the drivers promoting themselves it becomes a racing infomercial.

This past week may have been bad, but I was also a little dismayed during the Danica interview disaster on Trackside. Waltrip's behavior was deplorable, and he has not done anything since to make me feel comfortable while I watch.

Rich said...

I only watch Trackside when somebody I want to see is on there, so I'll just speak to the Danica show.

Yes, they were like fawning teenagers over the cute girl, but that show and Tony Stewart's radio show in Daytona a few weeks earlier were about as releaxed as I've ever heard her in an interview.

As DW says, the show is designed to let the drivers enjoy themselves and show their personalities a bit more and it does that, so leave it be, especially when DW is on there. He loves Nascar and has a passion for spreading the word about the sports positives, keep him.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Thanks for correcting the car slip.

I disagree on Edwards. His story and comments had been in the national media for more than ten days. TV cannot create time.

Adding Edwards to the show came at a price. That price was David Pearson.

I have no problem with Waltrip commenting on subjects. The situation is that there are two other panelists who deserve equal time and respect. That is not happening.

Not sure what you are talking about with Danica. I never said she has a problem with advice.

Waltrip's behavior was borderline creepy. If he thought it was funny, it certainly did not get that response.

Tired, hungry or just out of control, seeing both Hammond and Byrnes trying to keep Waltrip quiet so others can talk was the tipping point for me.

Sometimes you just have to regroup a bit to get the balance back. I think Martinsville before the break would be a good time.


Daly Planet Editor said...


I thought Tony's radio show was the best interview she ever gave.

On Trackside, it was Hammond and McReynolds that asked Danica the best questions IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Trackside has always been fun but light on substance
for me the show is better this year big picture for 1 reason...they got rid of that idiot Jimmy Spencer. Jimmy is truely a back mark on the sport and network - his offensive remarks and total lack of creditability brought down the show - cheers to Speed for dropping him,,,

Anonymous said...

WOW the first comment on the page from Bill is spot on. I watch after DW is gone. After an al day event with his non stop yapping I do not want to hear from him.

Btw -does he get paid by the word? just wondering....

51 yr. fan said...

I agree totally JD. Time for
Trackside to regroup. What about
Schrader, Benson, Rudd or some of
the other fan favorites? It's like
someone noted previously anyone
with a WAL in their name has worn
thin with the no nonsense viewers.

Anonymous said...

You hit the copper nail on the head, Mr Daly!

As my countryman Bernie Eccelstone has done with heroes of Formula One such as jackie Stewart, Nikki Lauda and Alain Prost, NASCAR shunned the greatest driver and legend in the history of American stock car racing.

Bray Kroter

Vicky D said...

We had Trackside on the TV and I doing 5 other things, but when Carl came on I felt they should have had Brad to balance both sides of the story. Of course, Speed got only one and I turned the channel and missed DP. Plus I have said this many times before, those folks behind the stage with those signs drive me nuts, and it looks like many of them have orange ones now maybe Speed is giving the signs to them. And the screaming just annoys me too I can't hear the panelists, or one of them is making a good point, and DW talks right over them. I don't need to watch that any longer.

OSBORNK said...

When a Waltrip shows up on a show, I change channels. We've been force fed Waltrips since DW started NA$CAR. They have always made themselves the center of attention and I'm sick of both of them. NA$CAR is more than THE WALTRIP SHOW. The attention and focus of the show should be the special guests. David was a very special guest that was treated poorly. He has always been a quiet but very funny person.

Donna DeBoer said...

Technical glitch, it happens. Figures that its when I anticipate watching!! I only watch Trackside when they are going to have a guest I want to see. This time I wanted to hear Pearson and Busch... well Kyle got some pretty good minutes and antics in but there was not nearly enough time for David Pearson, even with the attempt at making up for the outage, so I was disappointed. As others and I keep pointing out, noone is getting any younger or will stay healthy enough to do this stuff. So "legend" time is precious. But we assume a lot, maybe David didn't want to do a long interview w/DW present, lotsa history. Maybe still feeling the sting of not making the inaugural HoF class. I felt Carl's appearance was unnecessary after all the week's press. The kids, however, didn't care about Pearson or Edwards, they like DW, Kyle and Rutledge so the show was fine to them. I learned a long time ago to deal with having to listen to Darrell so his presence on any of NASCAR TV shows is taken with salt. Speaking of rubbing, I think Larry is irritating me most lately with the constant AL stuff and persistent name mispronunciations.

GinaV24 said...

5 minutes with a legend of the sport. That was all they could spare from the other silliness that was going on for trackside? This is another show that I used to love and never miss, but have a hard time watching any more. I think Steve Byrnes does a fine job and I like Jeff Hammond most of the time. DW has completely gone round the bend and like Bill said, I tend to NOT watch trackside regularly until DW "retires" for the season unless the guest that they have scheduled is someone I don't want to miss and then I have to just grit my teeth and bear with it.

I'm not a Danica fan, but by heaven I give her credit for here control in not knocking DW's teeth down his throat for being such a sexist pig the time she was on.

There is a big differnce between fun and stupid. this show seems to have gone the way of a lot of the Fox/Speed broadcasts - downhill.

Haus14 said...

I actually don't watch any of the extra NASCAR shows any more. I have a lot going on so I turn on the race at the appropriate time and enjoy it.

NO Nascar Now, no Hub and No Trackside for me. It isn't must see tv any more.

gwsp. said...

David Pearson is probably the greatest driver NASCAR will ever have and I am a "died in the wool" Dale Earnhardt fan. David can be very funny but is basically a very shy and quiet person and a fact that very few people know is that he also has very sensitive feelings. I am quite sure his poor treatment did not go unnoticed by him and it could well be the last time he will willingly appear on Speed.

Zieke said...

Spot on JD. Waldrip has been a train wreck on Fox for ages, and it's constantly getting worse with the Danica swoon totally unwatchable. I can't imagine how uncomfortable she must have been or what she actually thought of that dope. He must have a "no cut" contract, which is very unfortunate. I saw Pearson race yrs. ago and was looking forward to hearing him alot more than Fox allowed.

Anonymous said...

I was a fan of DW when he was still racing but the last 9 years has turned me off, he promotes Dale JR. way too much, but Trackside has changed a lot in the past year, i would like to see track 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I try to either not watch or mute anything that has DW or his brother in it. Both are stuck on themselves, have made a lot of money as "hot air" salesman. I have watched NASCAR over the years, loved Pearson, Jr Johnson, Cale and Allisons. Never liked Earnhart or Waltrip racing as they would do anything to win, particularly when they first started in Grand National, ie Cup. Tired of seeing the same blowhards talking about themselves. When I watch the race, I tune in PRN for the coverage. DW needs to retire back to Kentucky, not my home state of Tennessee.

Sophia said...

I enjoy the hosts on TRACKSIDE.

HATE the rowdy crowds.

I had Trackside on in background to WAIT TO HEAR LEGENDARY PEARSON! Only to hear way too much KB and that lame IRWIN segment.

They REALLY need to have Pearson back for an entire show. I LOVE hearing from the older guys from the golden days of NASCAR.

The SUITS MUST STOP trying to squeeze 20 lbs into a 10lb bag.

Also LOSE the lame, waving signs. I wanna hear Steve B run the ship (as best he can :) )

Fix the seats so we just see the guys on the show, NOT the vertigo inducing home made sign waving.


Tracy D said...

Normally, I avoid Trackside, but tuned in to see David Pearson. Wanted to have a hissy fit when CE showed up first and got to ---won't say what I want to say, it's not nice. My guess is that he's a Speed fav since he and Byrnes hosted that show the year CE didn't make the chase. Dreadful decision to put him on and cut Pearson down to mere minutes.

Pearson should have been the star, front and center for the whole show. What a cryin' shame.

JohnP said...

I use to watch Trackside but the actions by DW toward Danika was the final straw. Both the wife and I were watching when they had to move DW away because he was touching her leg under the table, and he was acting like a teenage boy seeing Britney Spears for the first time.

We have not watched since and will not until that dotard is gone from the show.

Basically, If any show has DW on it as a broadcaster, and the green flag is not waving, we don't watch it. He's become poison and is ruining his reputation.

Anonymous said...

I almost never watch Trackside. To me, it's usually fluff with Friday night being the worst. I did tune in however to hear Kyle and Pearson. I'm respectful when I say this,but I've seen a number of interviews with Pearson and its usually tough to draw him out.I can't imagine a long segment with him as much as I'd like to. The look on his face was priceless when DW asked him what he thought of Danica (long silence followed by, "She's pretty!"). I have no idea what's going on at Speed, but their programming is just a lot of mush. The good thing about having Spencer was that you wouldn't have to hear as much from Wallace. But now we have lots of Wallace and Petty. I love Wendy but I'm not going to watch two hours of Kwenny and Kyle!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is more annoying. DW or Digger. Waltrip has gotten so full of himself that he's real hard to watch, let alone listen to. As far as the Speed channel goes, it's doesn't go very far with me nowdays. Most of the shows are (un)reality shows. The speed channel has turned into Fox Junior.

SRQ said...

I have not watched Trackside this year for many of the reasons already mentioned. I did tune in this week to see the Silver Fox. How disappointing -- they treated his segment as an afterthought. Speed and Fox are doing everything possible to reinforce the stereotypes about NASCAR and its fans.

Anonymous said...

I wont watch Trackside unless one of my favorite drivers are on. Like I wont watch it until All-Star race. My favorite driver will be on with his crew chief. Mark Martin & Alan Gustafson will be on the show

boyd said...

I don't watch when DW is on the show. He's gotten so full of himself, and it's not so fun to watch.

Is there room for him on What's the Deal?

That way I can watch a show that I used to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch any show that has DW or MW on it. They have a me agenda, they think they can sing, they jump to conclusions, and constantly show extreme bias for their favorites and try to shove them down our throats along with their wares...

About David Pearson, he is one of the greatest who continues to be given the short end of the stick. I did not see the Trackside he was on but he deserved better than 10 minutes. I was extremely disappointed he was not chosen as one of the original inductees into the HoF.

Anonymous said...

It's the same show as always - a parking lot jabfest designed to get the live crowd to holler. I never thought I'd see such overanalysis of such a simple show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's over-analysis. This is a show a lot of people evidently used to like. It's pretty interesting that such a simple show has gone so far off the rails that it actually makes people angry. So something changed. Yes, it's a simple format but that doesn't mean SPEED can get by without giving it any thought or effort or working to find the right balance of panelists.

Trackside is often the first NASCAR programming I get to see on Fridays so in a way it sets the tone for the weekend.

And Gina -- "There is a big differnce between fun and stupid" -- that's just hilarious. And true!

diane said...

I watch Trackside if Montoya or Ambrose is on. Otherwise, I give it a miss.

Anonymous said...

@gwsp--I have that feeling too :(. Heck I cried reading Ryan's article shortly after Mr. Pearson was left out of the inaugural class of the HOF. You could hear the disappointment and hurt feelings in the words :(.

@anon 1:29--probably true but still could have given him some REAL time and even if the others had to do the talking to get him going it would have looked better than the "oh CRAP we're supposed to have another guest on and we have 5 minutes left. Let's quickly get him out here!" I have no idea how they originally planned things (if he was originally to have come out earlier but with the glitch, Cousin Carl and the Irwin segment if it was pushed back further than expected) but that's how I felt.

majorshouse said...

It sounds to me like Waltrip's never change. In my opinion this was what was so badly hurting TWIN with Mikey. Too much over the top and making the rest of the guests and even making the host look like fools. In my opinion it would be best for the show if they removed DW all together, because if you notice when it is during his off time, the show is much better and even flows better, so just get rid of the root of the problem and the show would be much better.

Anonymous said...

I will repeat the motto I watch racing by, if it a Waltrip on the mike I do not watch it....period.

Anonymous said...

I used to look forward to all the shows to get as much information as I could. Now there is too much nonsense and not enough info. I have caught myself during the prerace show for the last two races instantly getting the image that I don't want DW on there. There are too many good spokespeople out there and this is just overkill. After the last Trackside, again a show I always looked forward to, I find myself less and less inclined to set aside the time to watch it.

Ken said...

Any time a Waltrip shows up and opens their mouth, I change to a different channel. Any channel is better than either of them.

Anonymous said...

First, Pearson was snubbed by the Hall of Fame, then it happened on Trackside. It's a shame that the greatest driver of all time was not afforded the respect he has earned in either venue.

MI Mike said...

I used to love watching Trackside but it has turned into a circus like sideshow. Waltrip is so in love with himself I suspect he has mirrors wall to wall in his house. I just cant take it anymore, after his near orgasim during the Danica dance I simply dont watch this show anymore.
Until Waltrip gets over himself or gets gone I have better ways to spend my time.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of Rutledge Wood? He seems like a really nice guy and all that, but I can't see where he adds much value to a racing discussion.

Mary, Richmond, VA

JB said...

There are two too many "panelists" on the stage. With the time allotted for the show there should be no more than three, with two more the ideal number. Byrnes is professional all the way. The other three doof's spend most of their time trying to outdo the other in a "who's the TV star" competition instead of talking about racing. Waltrip is very knowledgeable and would be a good panelist if it was just him and Byrnes. Then more time could be spent talking about racing and briefly touching on other items like special edition paint schemes, charity events, or movies being promoted by that drivers team. With one panelist, Byrnes could keep good control of the show and it would be much better. Right now it's no more than a circus. McReynolds needs to stay in the booth and Hammond needs to stay with the cut-away car and leave the rest alone. They are not movie stars and never will be.

Anonymous said...

The Waltrips are the reason I don't watch. They are doing their self-promoting best to ruin anything that is still positive about NA$CAR. When will the NA$CAR "media" figure out enough is enough?

Sophia said...

YIKES! I missed DW's hands on Danica? (I listened to that didn't watch) Mama Mia. That said, I TOTALLY AGREE with JB.

Steve Byrnes is the MOST PROFESSIONAL and doesn't try to be a star or a doofus. Too many cooks spoil a meal and there are too many talking heads on that show. NOT TO MENTION Rowdy fans/waving signs.

Maybe the others should ROTATE weekly with Steve B. Then DW would behave. Also they'd get their "sponsor plugs in" without eating into the guests time.

BUT until they get rid of LOUD WAVY SIGN CROWDS (I check volume for annoyance factor) I won't be watchign much TRACKSIDE this year.

I have very limited use of eyes now anyway but if the crowds compete with voices that interview, I will not be "LISTENING".

STILL can't believe the suits killed TWIN for the crapola on Monday nights.

I say bring back TWIN with Steve Byrnes, Juan Pablo Montoya and some other fun driver! :-D JPM would be a hoot.

Then again, I think the SPEED shows and camera direction during races is ALL done by 12 yr olds.

Anonymous said...

We used to enjoy every minute of Trackside but DW has chased us away. We don't watch anything that is not enjoyable so will not watch Trackside or any of the other pre or post race shows until DW takes leave at midseason. Do Speed and Fox actually not see what is happening?

Anonymous said...

I haven't noticed any changes for the bad to Trackside. unless i hate the driver (which there are a couple i'm not fans of) i try to watch. i like Steve, Larry, Jeff, DW and the later season Elliott Sadler.

RPM said...

DW doesn't get enough camera time. Just ask DW.

I have an idea. Can we swap him out with Ray Dunlap on Jimmy Spenser's trainwreck?

Garry said...

Trackside IS a mess! It's a constant DW shill show, and he does interrupt the guests and fellow panelists. I have seen numerous driver guests have a look of "why the hell did you invite me here if you're not going to let me talk" on their face. Last weekend was bad. I guarantee that the Carl Edwards visit was a combination of certain panelists' favoritism towards him, as well as Roush PR tools to go PC on the Edwards/Keslowski fued. I bet Roger Penske was beside himself when he watched, thinking he had been one-upped on the 'fued".What do you bet who the "surprise" first guest is this week?
The Irwin tool contest was STUPID. I really can't stand Kyle Busch behind the wheel, but I'll tell you what: When he isn't hawking sunglasses, and sits down for a normal interview, he can be downright funny. I'm glad Pearson asked him to stay. He even had a stat sheet on Pearson, which shows that he at least tries to know about the past. Back to the Irwin tools segment: I have noticed for several years that it's got to be an inside shill deal. Larry Mac would go out of his way to say "Lowes Motor Speedway" even if whatever they were talking about had nothing to do with that speedway."Yeah, those Martinsville hot dogs are great, but when we were testing at Lowes Motor Speedway....." I bet certain panelists get freebies from Irwin for having that deal on.As I have said before about the booth guys during the race; They need to revamp the Sunday broadcasters, the Raceday bunch(Petty not withstanding), and Trackside. Larry Mac turns to a mostly inebriated crowd-"These are my people!" Of course, you're going to get a positive response.