Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brian Vickers Out For Dover

Expect "NASCAR Now" and "Race Hub" to feature the breaking story of Brian Vickers missing the Dover race with an undisclosed illness. Click here to a link for the story on this topic.


GinaV24 said...

I hope that Brian is OK and makes a quick recovery. That is a really vague story and statement from him, but then of course, perhaps that is all they know at this point.

Heaven help him with Mears in the car.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon BV

Jonathan said...

Wow that sucks! Hope everything is ok with him, get well soon Brian

Anonymous said...

With HIPPA they can't release anything without Brian's authorization so whatever it is he doesn't want it public yet or maybe waiting on the additional tests before saying more.

Hate it for him :(

red said...

this is one of those times when the racing takes a literal backseat and our thoughts turn to the individual. so my thoughts are also with The Sheriff tonight.

that being said, i'm a bit annoyed at the speculation which is now overtaking the story but i also understand that fandom abhors a vacuum. if there are no facts released which further explain an event, guesses, theories, and general craziness rush in to clog up the story.

i could wish this one would be different but when i read a comment that says something to the effect of "i hope this isn't another tim richmond thing," i can only seethe. what's been released has said what BV wants to have said: beyond that, it's not our "right" as fans of the sport to know more.

respect for personal privacy is disappearing, due in no small part to the artificial closeness that social media and a 24/7 news cycle impart.