Thursday, May 20, 2010

TV Special Tonight: 8PM ET On SPEED

The program titled Storytellers tonight on SPEED at 8PM ET is live coverage of the Hall of Fame dinner from Charlotte, NC.

You might recognize the young man in the middle of the picture above. His name is Mike Joy. He will be hosting the telecast with Larry McReynolds. Randy Pemberton and Steve Byrnes are handling the arrivals and red carpet interviews with the various NASCAR personalities.

Krista Voda will be handling the onstage introductions, including a presentation from NASCAR Chairman Brian France. Allen Bestwick will be chatting with NASCAR personalities including Jim Hunter and Tom Higgins.

This first time event is only going to happen once. It should be fun to watch. The program will re-air at 11PM Pacific Time. Thanks to SPEED for the coverage.


Glenn said...

This is wonderful.
I'm so thankful to Speed, the announcers, the crews that are taking time to bring this to us.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this special :)! I could listen all night :)

West Coast Diane said...

Thanks Speed. What a great idea. Need more of this to educate & entertain fans about NASCAR history.

Anonymous said...

i only saw bits and pieces. i'll be taping the later replay to save with Grand Opening and Induction Ceremony

TexasRaceLady said...

Fantastic show. Kudos to SPEED for sticking with it even though it ran over.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rockin Rich said...

Hey JD, did you know ahead of time that BSPN was going to let Bestwick do this Speed/Fox show? I guess that was the "surprise guest" that Mike Joy referred to at the beginning of the show?

I did enjoy the show. Although I had heard or read most of the stories that were told, I did hear a couple of things I didn't know. I think you would have to be an insider to pick up on all the nuances that were dropped. No matter. Overall I thought it was a very good presentation.

I particularly enjoyed hearing Tom Higgins and Jeff Burton. I think Jeff Burton could have a long career as a major broadcasting personality if he wanted it after he retires from driving. Unfortunately for us, I believe he has some loftier career goals in mind.

Are you aware of any plans by Speed to rebroadcast this? I couldn't tape it, and would like to.

The only glitch I noticed was the replaying of the France, Sr. video piece when they began the discussion of France, Jr. In as much as no reference was made about this by Bestwick or Joy, I am wondering if the live audience saw something different than the TV audience.

The only other "nit" I would pick is the continuing Speed practice of labeling a show as live when it isn't actually being broadcast "to the minute" live. It appeared to me that what we were seeing was edited,and shown moments later. Again, not a biggie. It didn't detract from the show's impact for me. I just wonder what "nuggets" we might have missed.

Again, overall I thought it was very worthwhile show to watch. I usually won't invest my time in watching the Speed/Fox/ESPN "personality" type shows. I am glad I did this time.

Anonymous said...

1. This event was a NASCAR production, including hosts Voda and Bestwick.

2. The "surprise" guest was current Sprint Cup driver Jeff Burton.

3. Guests saw the correct videos.

4. The event program began at 7p, so early segments were taped and tivo'ed for the 8p airtime. Some welcoming speeches and dinner hour were excluded. As planned, the final storytellers segments and wrapup were aired live.

This is the state of "live" TV today, where shows like "Danicng With the Stars" freely mix live and taped segments, but the whole show is considered "live".

Rockin Rich said...

Re: Anon @8:48AM —

Thanks for the reply. Good to know.

Does anyone out there know if the show will be aired again?

Ken-Michigan said...

These "history / memories" shows are always popular with us race fans.

Many of us could sit for hours and listen to the stories & those new to the sport can learn so much about it.

But for the life of me, I dont know why there isn't more airing of "older" races on TV. Go into the archives and put some of those on.

I'm not sure "who" owns the rights to races from the 70's & 80's, but someone must be able to edit and produce something.

Someone is really dropping the ball by NOT airing some of the Classic NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:45--And yes you are correct the storytelling was live. Since I knew it started at 7 expected the first hour to be fill while they finished their dinner. When they were at the storytelling portion, the reporters would tweet "oh such and such is happening" and we'd see it a few minutes later. Even with commercials it didn't seem we were that far behind.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Ken!