Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Daytime TV Comments

TNT's on-air crew knocked the rust off by covering the early session of Sprint Cup Series practice on Saturday. Adam Alexander, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach Jr. were in the TV booth. Lindsay Czarniak and Larry McReynolds were in the infield. Marty Snider, Matt Yocum and Ralph Sheheen on pit road.

Second session will be the regular SPEED team of Steve Byrnes, Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds. SPEED continues at 4PM with the ARCA race. Rick Allen and Phil Parsons flew from Texas to Pocono for this race. Wendy Venturini and Jim Tretow are on pit road.

At 5:30PM, the ESPN2 guys handle qualifying from Nashville, TN. Vince Welch has his chance to lead the team with Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree alongside. Dr. Jerry Punch, Shannon Spake and Jamie Little handle the interviews.

This should be an interesting day of TV coverage. Please feel free to leave your comments right here by clicking the comments button below. We will be live blogging the Nationwide Series race later in the evening. Thanks!


Shirley Buttacavoli said...

LOVED Reutimann's in-car camera as he was entering garage area.

Don't know if that was thanks to TNT or SPEED, but that would good stuff.

Nice way to start the day. Hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

Adam did a good job. pleaseantly surprised

Daly Planet Editor said...

He seems to fit well with Kyle and Wally.

glenc1 said...

if I hear the term 'tricky triangle' one more time....enough already...

but other than that I'm enjoying coverage this morning/afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I already miss the TNT team. Steve Byrnes teamed with Larry McReynolds and Jeff Hammond is probably the absolute worst combination of so-called talent in NASCAR television today.

Anonymous said...

Example: # @mrh37 Before my blog and now Twitter, fans had no outlet for TV topics good and bad. I had no idea that bad would be a regular topic. 55 minutes ago

My take:

You delete 90% of the comments that don't fit your blog's storyline. A blog should allow debate in the comment section.

You are the only blog that censors NASCAR comments before they are posted for others to see in many cases. You should use an "Report Abuse" system and allow opposite opinions. Don't censor before posting!

Hearing you speak on a couple of radio webcasts, you come across as a very intelligent guy. However, you do let your bias get in the way of pro vs con on TV broadcasts when they don't fit your view.

TNT is here for 6 weeks - can't we all enjoy and get along? Maybe some positive energy would make ratings go up before the NFL takes over again.

Daly Planet Editor said...

That is total BS. Complete and total BS.

My format has always been comments on the topic we are discussing or email me anything else and I will answer directly.

Once again, you refuse to comment on the topic we are discussing and try to re-direct the conversation to your agenda.

This BS that the "NASCAR party line" of positive entergy is somehow going to make the sport better is laughable.

Where were you last night for the truck race? All those positive comments and glowing reviews did not match your agenda of trying to be in charge, did it?

I call 'em like I see them and for the past four seasons, millions of fans have done the exact same thing on this blog.

Come back tonight for the ESPN live blog and see just how "negative" it is.

90% of the comments, what a bunch of BS.


GinaV24 said...

Always interesting that people who want to criticize this blog hide behind the Anonymous tag.

I've been here with JD for a long time and all I can say is thank goodness for this site. For a long time I thought I was the only one who thought the coverage was bad. Nice to know I am not alone or crazy.

When the coverage is good, the comments are positive. If we like it, we say it. If we don't, we say that, too. NASCAR's muzzle doesn't fit on the fans - but its showing up in the attendance and the ratings.

It was nice to see the TNT crowd again. I've always like Wally for some reason -- I guess because he's a smart aleck and Kyle seems to work well with him. I thought Adam did a nice job and I hope the chemistry will be good for the races, too.

What time is the Nationwide race today?

GinaV24 said...

Never mind - I went back to your home page and I see the times now for the ESPN coverage.

Can't wait - Poconooooo is much better watched on TV than in person.

The track is too big for the # and angle of view the grandstands give you.

Shirley Buttacavoli said...

"...delete 90% of the comments..."

Huh? If that was done, there wouldn't be anything to read.

Ditto on the total BS.

Give 'em hell, JD!

Anonymous said...

Adam Alexander is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully Kyle and Wally let him do his job as the paly-by-play guy.

Anonymous said...

What is the official Kool-Aid flavor for The Daly Planet and it's followers?

GinaV24 said...

Anon - Sounds like you're the one who wants us to drink the NASCAR or Fox kool-aid flavor of choice.

JD and the planeteers are into spirited discussion and on-topic commentary, not brainwashing.

West Coast Diane said...

Is "Anon" a relative of David Hill? Or maybe it is Mr. Hill..LOL!

Just watched truck race this am. Realized when it was over couldn't comment on the announcing because I could follow the racing on the screen!

I got enough info from the announcers at cautions to complement the camera work.

Thanks SPEED.

Enjoying TNT guys. Wasn't sure I would like Adam A's voice, but it is working for me. Good luck calling the race. Actually looking forward to the race for the first time in a while.

Anonymous said...

The Official Motto of The Daly Planet:

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tom said...

No, no, I get to call the I must say that having (mostly) read comments and posted for the entirety of the blogs life, there appears to be little censorship here. Only once or twice can I recall being edited out, and usually that was for some technicality, like I called someone an @#$% or something. This has been a place where we have been free to like or dislike.
Currently, I am liking what I have seen. Perhaps it is just the lack of DW, but everyone seems re-energized and excited. I have appreciated having both Vince and Adam, it is nice to get a glimpse of a possible future. I will be watching tomorrow, really the first time in some weeks, and I am looking forward the new dynamic. I am no fan of Larry Mac, but even he seems to be having fun.

Inverness, FL

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

idiotic trolls

PammH said...

I always feel like I'm watching some kind of foreign racing with all the English accents on the Rolex telecast. But I luv it!

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

Everyone needs to stop bashing JD. It is his blog and he can do things on his blog as he sees fit. I don't know if all of you read this and I quote.

"This is a family friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting."

John Daly runs a good blog. People need to appreciate that.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Oh, I know exactly who it is and if I ever wrote a story about who is stalking me it would be a bombshell. Maybe that will be soon.

red said...

hey jd and planeteers. won't be joining in tonight as the philadelphia union soccer team is playing on abc at 8pm. so, i'm going to watch the local boys for a coupla hours before i tune into n'wide.

but i WILL be chceking TDP & twitter!

glenc1 said...

always enjoying the Grand Am coverage. Of course, there's always one big cloud up there at the Glen that causes the rain....

I can testify to disagreeing with JD and not being deleted. And I'm still not twittering, lol. But then, I only use my cell phone for emergencies, which I suppose is fairly rare in this day & age.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Pretty ironic that someone who can't figure out how to join the discussion has to act out like a child.

There is four years of water under this bridge.

Definitely takes all kinds to make a world.


glenc1 said...

yeah, sure does.

Ugh, Phil just used the tricky word again.... glad to see it's not raining though.

glenc1 said...

okay, now I'm proposing the tricky drinking game...

rich said...

Adam was a breath of fresh air today. Really enjoyed his questions to his two analysts. Those questions inspired some great answers and went down a road less traveled.
Have not noticed any DW withdrawal pains yet

Daly Planet Editor said...

Run over to Yahoo! and read Jenna Fryer's 4-wide column. Good comments about TNT, Phil Parsons and FOX.


Chadderbox said...

Hey, at least we don't have to hear DW say "roval" anymore!

glenc1 said...

anyone else get the humor in the ARCA sponsor at Pocono...?

Chadderbox said...

Just saying I love this blog! This blog has gotten me back engaged in the live races again. For the last 2 years I had been DVR Recording every race and watching the recording later on in the race day. Now with this blog I jump in and engage with others watching the same telecast that I am watching live. Many races I do not comment, but I always have the blog open and follow what the viewers and readers are saying as the race plays out live. I love it!!
I thank this blog and JD for being here!

MikeC said...

I know this ARCA race is on tape-delay......but appears they're delaying it to the hilt. By that, I mean, they went to commercial just now and there 30 laps remaining. When they came back from commercial there were 29 laps remaining. I know Pocono's a big track, but I've got to believe they're able to run more than a lap during a commercial break.

PammH said...

Good article by Jenna. One of the few times I agree w/her.

Richard in N.C. said...

I am biased. I am a Morgan Shepherd fan and I believe what I see as Parsons' unsportsmanlike conduct in the N-wide series in 2009 hurt a fine person and other real racers. I believe Parsons' conduct in N-wide in 2009 and in Cup in 2010 bring his credibility into question.

I can take Parsons only in very small doses and, thus, seldom listen to very much of the SPEED call of truck races.

I am fascinated to see how aggressively Parsons' cars will practice S&P'ing while he is in the pits for TNT - and whether TNT ignors the S&P issue.

In any event, cue the JAWS theme. It could be viewed that a Parsons S&P'er bumped the car of mild-mannered Robby Gordon from the Pocono race.

I have to applaud the care and effort JD puts into TDP. We don't always agree, and we do disagree a great deal on a couple of topics. However, I don't believe I've ever been censored unless I've either made a political comment or gone too far off topic. There used to be a racing blog that I was very, very fond of, except that I learned there was no use in reading it after 10 or 12 comments because it invariably would have disintegrated into a food fight because the author did nothing to police it. The best blogs I see are the ones where the author, like JD, cares enough to try to maintain some order and make posters act like adults.

itsonlyrockandroll said...

Alan has come out blasting on all
cylinders -- as he is known to do. It is a mad frenzy for him as
his journey continues into oblivion. Then he comes right back
after the commercials and does it all over again. And I agreed not to
call him the dreaded
**** W o r s t w i c k ****

Zieke said...

Anyone notice how much better Larry Mac is without Waltrip blathering over him? DJ did a fine job in his broadcast of the Nashville race. Did hear "roval" on Speed on Sat., but that's expected. You can sure tell how much better JP is on pit road. It's a natural for him.
By the way JD, I get folks hammering at me in the local paper all the while trying to spell"Pensky" and the like. Hilarious what a half wit will try to impress someone.