Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday TV/Media Notes

Here are some topics under discussion as we come down to the start of the TNT races on a weekend where NASCAR's top series are racing in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

TNT has confirmed that Phil Parsons will be joining the network as a pit reporter for the six Sprint Cup Series races. Early feedback on this move has been mixed. While casual fans may not be in the loop, hardcore fans certainly have strong feelings about Parsons making "starting and parking" in both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series a profitable personal business.

While others on TV like Rusty Wallace, Brad Daugherty and Michael Waltrip also own teams, those efforts involve racing for the win and not parking for a pay day. Parsons has Dave Blaney and Michael McDowell entered for Pocono, although both drivers have to make it into the field on time. There are 45 cars set to qualify.

Parsons move to pit road covers the spot many originally thought Adam Alexander would take. Instead, Alexander is upstairs in the TNT booth. This responsibility takes him away from SPEED, so Krista Voda will cover pit road for the three Camping World Truck Series races Alexander will miss due to his TNT duties.

We mentioned yesterday that Lindsay Czarniak was set to host the six TNT races. Now, in addition to those duties she will also be appearing on TNT's online RaceBuddy to offer recaps, updates and direct feedback from the telecast team during the race.

RaceBuddy is a hot topic and we got lots of feedback after yesterday's column. Here is some additional information and answers from TNT and to questions you asked.

On the topic of RaceBuddy working on an iPad the news is not good. Originally, Apple promoted the iPad as being Flash-friendly. Click here for an outstanding article on what happened next. It turns out the iPad does not support any websites that use Flash technology. RaceBuddy is one of those. Sorry folks, but the only part of RaceBuddy that will work on an iPad is the leaderboard.

On the question of free team radio scanners. RaceBuddy will only have team radios from the in-car cameras that are being used on the application.'s Trackpass feature will be made available on Pocono and Chicago race weekends free to any users. That has multiple scanners. Also this season, the Gillett Young Guns sponsors will make a free online scanner available with two of the Young Gun drivers.

On the topics of what changed with RaceBuddy this season. The video portion will be almost 30% larger on the screen. There is a DVR function that allows fans to quickly rewind to create video replays. The leaderboard can be customized completely and so can a Twitter feed of NASCAR driver, team and media tweets.

Speaking of Twitter, the original leader of the Twitter pack Kyle Petty will again be interacting with viewers through his cell phone and Twitter in the TV booth. Last season I had the unique experience of sending Petty a question, having it answered live on the air moments later and then Petty send me a tweet in the next commercial break asking if he answered my question fully. That was an eye-opening social media moment.

Finally, this was offered by Darrell Waltrip on Twitter Tuesday night:

Read today that FOX needed to make some changes, we do races for everyone, not just a few that seem to think they know everything about TV!!

Speed is cable, on Sunday FOX is network, some people don't get both, so sometimes you repeat what you said because its a different audience!!

Sorry,just made me angry,we try to make sure if you tune in you'll learn something you didn't know and have fun doing it,I'm just sayn'!

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SquidBuzz said...

I think it is time for DW to retire and let others try their hand at the broadcast booth.

Anonymous said...

Fox was awful this season. I don't care what Fox's highest paid employee says about we "know it all" race fans. Pizzi, Digger, boxing racecar driver vignittes and Boogity Boogity Boogity are neither informative nor entertaining. They're an embarrassment and make me ashamed to be a race fan every time I'm watching Fox with the "everyone" he spoke of (casual/non NASCAR fan friends). Find me a more objective voice on the subject of Fox's Nascar coverage than a very well paid Fox employee who sells his catchphrase t-shirts and David Hill's gopher crap on his own personal web site and maybe I'll actually take it seriously.

Debbie said...

DW was a good driver. His act in the booth is getting old. I was a huge fan of his when he drove. I am tired of his bias and self promotion. Time to move on and get someone else. Either that or FOX should talk to him to tone down his obvious bias and give him a bigger monitor so he can watch the same race we are.

Anonymous said...

They make Race Buddy better and better every year! Can't wait to play with the new toys :)

I wish FOX and BSPN would get with the program and sign on to it :(. It's a fan favorite and really helps fans enhance their race experience.

On Sunday for the 500 I had the "compete" view and that was fun to watch 2 guys side by side :) and have their stats right there. That could be a fun feature for RB one day :).

WickedJ said...

i like DW, i really really do but his cheerleading for JJ, JG and KB makes me want to shoot the TV. hes hardly fair and unbaised with his commentary, especially when his brother is in the race

As far as Phil Parsons goes, he was never a talented driver..i dont like him in the booth because he screams and talks endlessly(ive kept track..he screamed for a WHOLE lap at Talladega before breathing) and him on pit road wont end well either

bring back Lindsay..

Dot said...

I like Phil Parsons the TV guy, I hate Phil Parsons the S&P owner.

He'll get one or both cars in because the engines are tricked out for qualifying, not to race. Then Max won't make the field again because he's set up to run the race. And with a full time sponsor no less. Not fair.

Looking forward to Race Buddy. Still amazed that TNT gives us that and FOX....?

I'm fine with the personnel changes. Even though Wally has no experience with current car, I do like him in the booth. I like his smart alecky (keeping it family friendly) comments.

Anonymous said...

I like DW but the trademarked BS has to go, constantly explaining tight and loose is ridiculous! Most people watching are either guys and women alone or a group together watching. I have many times explained loose and tight and shown them cars coming off a turn loose and the booth never talked about it.

I know they have sponser responsabilities but it's getting in the way of true race coverage. They are not doing sponsers justice by showing a driver making a great save or a great stop! It's simple dynamics show the action and the sponser wins.

I have read the sport suffers due to Jr. Not succeeding but his t-shirt sales haven't. There are plenty of story lines to follow, Jimmy can't race a spoiler car, Rousch is in the dumps, RCR is wavering, it's racing get back to the roots and see where they came from. Then you might learn that talent over rides money once in a while.


Anonymous said...

BradD did indeed S&P his Nationwide team for several races after they lost sponsorship and then shut down the team ... And it implicates Mikey because BradD's a satellite team ...

I love the FOX/SPEED coverage ...

At least they don't have idiot blonde pit "reporters" who ask stupid questions like "How does it feel?" or "Really? The toughest/hardest day ... ??" or "Why is it detrimental?" ... The last two questions came from ABC's blonde on "Bump Day" at Indy ... I was soooo hoping that Sarah Fisher would've popped the blonde in the snout for asking that stupid question ... Fisher sure seem honked off at the blonde ...

Jonathan said...

I dont think its time for him to retire at all hes great! Keep up the great work DW!

kbaskins said...

Read today that FOX needed to make some changes, we do races for everyone, not just a few that seem to think they know everything about TV!! --DW, via Twitter

I would be the first to admit I know nothing about producing a television broadcast of a race. However, I do watch many races on TV, and at that, I am an expert.

I watch more racing in a week during race season than I do "regular" TV shows. NASCAR, F1, Indy Car, Rolex, Grand-Am, dirt...if it's a four-wheeled vehicle, I'm watching.

I am the "everyone" DW refers to in his tweet. And as such, I find his condescension insulting and galling. To be told that, as a viewer, my opinions are somehow invalid because I don't know anything about broadcasting is patronizing in the extreme.

FOX's current stint didn't measure up to their previous years of broadcasts, and certainly falls short when compared to some other race telecasts I've watched. Whether I know anything about television production or not is immaterial.

If DW chooses to dismiss my opinions as a viewer, fair enough. That's his prerogative. But to paint them as ill-informed because I know nothing of television broadcasting is an affront to my intelligence.


Sally said...

When I started watching Nascar on Wide World, they didn't bother with repeating the 'rules' every 20 minutes and you know what? I managed to figure out quickly what I needed to know. Of course, it could have been I learned because at that time, ABC actually spent their time covering what was happening on the track. If DW thinks Nascar is rocket science, he's sadly mistaken. It isn't necessary to know all the mechanics to enjoy watching a race. It IS necessary, however, to actually show and discuss the action on the track, not reminisce about how great you were as a driver, or what you would do behind the wheel. Rationalization is a wonderful thing, isn't it, DW?

Anonymous said...

What about the camera shots FOX shows? They don't follow the racing and use single car shots like they are doing practice.

Tom said...

Yeah, Please DW, go play a round of golf. It is upsetting to see where you have gone. There was a time I truly thought you were the "thinking man's driver", and for a time, announcer as well. Please don't let my memories of you always be the "thinking rodent's seller"!

Inverness, FL

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for fox to do some real world soul searching about their nascar coverage. Do a real survey (one that is not slanted to make fox look good no matter how you answer the question) with all race fans. Pay turner, if you must, to get the survey on the nascar web site. I am willing to bet that the real world view of fox's coverage does not come close to fox's insider view of their coverage. IT IS NOT THE ECONOMY that is causing drop in ratings as one example.
DW, as I remember it, Ned Jarrett said the best and hardest thing he ever did in regard to broadcasting was listening to a person he trusted critizing his work. He will end up going into the HoF because of his broadcasting.

OSBORNK said...

DW is apparently in a serious state of denial. He does not understand how much the typical fan dislikes the product presented by Fox. It sounds like Fox will not change much and the "few fans" that don't like it will just have to live with it or leave (and many have already done).

I think Phil may give us a different look that the crowd who have been doing it in the past. We may see it from the perspective of someone who has struggled and done what they have to do to stay in the sport. We might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Do I think that sometimes we can be a little harsh on the networks that cover the sport? Yes. But, I also think they do need to make changes. Fox would do very well to listen to some of the comments on this site, and to do focus groups and research to find out what people really think about their broadcasts.

I have felt for a couple of years now that Fox is producing what they think we want to see without ever actually finding out what it is NASCAR fans are looking for.

At one time DW was one of the best analysts in sports. Now, he and Larry Mac have seemed to devolve into a "one-upsmanship" contest where one says something and the other needs to say something with just a little more hype or something that is just a little more humorous. How about taking a page from the Indy 500 broadcast and offering analysis?

NASCAR viewers are smart folks. We don't need to be treated like children with simplistic explanations of the same thing week after week after week.

NASCAR and the networks are concerned about falling ratings. Maybe if the networks treated their audience with respect people wouldn't have walked away. Cover the race. It's that simple. Sponsor tie-ins, obvious conflicts of interest, abrasive graphics packages that obscure the screen...all of these things have driven away the audience. Again, doing a little focus group work would prove that and then let you start working on recovery.

Anonymous said...

Racebuddy will work on a normal Mac computer though, right?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Yes, any computer that supports Adobe Flash.

GinaV24 said...

So DW has his knickers in a twist about the fans not liking the Fox coverage. In the words of David Hill - tough.

They are NOT broadcasting a TV production worth watching to all the fans. Choosing to dumb it down and to cover the action on the track so poorly with the camera work and the PXP (back to my running stream of conciousness thought) does a disservice to ALL the fans, hardcore and casual.

Let's see, the ratings have been almost uniformly down for all of Fox's broadcasts - including the All-Star race on Speed -- that tells me that viewers aren't tuning in, so for all DW and the Fox teams patting themselves on the back, it doesn't seen that the fans agree.

10 years of the DW shtick has run its course -- Fox needs to make a major change.

I don't have an ipad so I was just planning to use my regular old computer -- I'm looking forward to racebuddy. I liked it last year and I'll use trackpass for the scanners if they don't have my driver available. Heck, I've had to multi-task every other race so far, so why should this 6 races be different.

Phil Parsons -- can't say I'm really in favor of him being around for this stuff. I don't like any of the guys with ownership or personal and financial interests in the booth or on pit road. It's a conflict of interest -- it makes them, to me at least, less credible in anything they say. DW has had the "toyota" effect in the Cup series for instance. Phil choosing to start and park his teams for the money is way to similar to that for me.

Unknown said...

If we are the only "few" that DW is talking about, then we must have made an impression. The fact that he acknowledged the "few" of us, means we pose a threat to the big machine. In some circles it's called "Revolution". To borrow a new phrase from politics:Hey, David Hill, how's that diggery,boogity thingy working out for ya?

E-Ticket said...

I have noticed some of the TV and Radio guys getting snippy with all of the fans of late. They just don't want to hear any of the bad about coverage, races or lack of people at the track. I am really over it, there is one guy in particular that has absouletly killed a great NASCAR morning show because of this. He will not let anyone say anything negative without go off on the caller. I am thinking the coverage needs to change and TNT will show them how fans in the year 2010 want to see a race presented online and on TV.

Yes Race Buddy works great on a Mac in Safari or Firefox, all day long..

Anonymous said...

Here's a media note: How come the media completely ignored one of the biggest stories of 2009?

Jeremy Mayfield's lawsuit against NASCAR was dismissed in full. That's the equivalent of the judge thumbing his nose at the complaint.

I realize the Hall of Fame was obviously a HUGE story -- but I am kinda shocked that the final chapter in one of the biggest NASCAR saga's in recent years hasn't really been reported on much, if at all. It's like this story was completely buried!

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing people bring up Digger. In fairness to FOX, there was about 90% less Digger this year than last.

Ron said...

That Fox Blabbermouth and his two parrots are gone and I hope for good. DW thinks that Nascar is all about him and Mikey and MWR.
He and McReynolds just make me sick! It's high time for Fox to fire these dull people, and get some people in the booth that don't have such huge egos. And as for the start and park people, NASCAR needs to stop this crap. Fans have said we need a full field, but after a handful of laps theres no full field anyway. These people like Parsons, Neme"send me my check", aren't race drivers, They are pan handlers, out to beat of off NASCAR and the tracks. I bet they lied on their income taxes too if they fill in race car driver as their occupation. These people are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Forget firing DW - how about someone axe Brad Daughtery from the airwaves? On both ESPN and Showtime, he is just a boorish fan full of hot air and cliches. What is his expertise again? Oh, that's right: basketball.

You saw us coming said...

So basically DW has joined David Hill in saying, in an analogy here, "we don't give a honk how you did it up north!" You don't scold the customers for complaining the food is cold because you did your best, do you, people? I don't think so. Well, we are being served up an unsatisfactory meal on our TV plates here and I am squawking loudly about it. And--Darrell Waltrip--you and yours at FOX need to listen to your customers, while you still have some!

I think alot of people are beginning to have a serious problem with the Waltrips and the Wallaces being the face of NASCAR on TV and are becoming vocal about it. In response to well-earned criticisms about poor decisions made on the part of many people involved in the telecast, Darrell Waltrip has in effect posted a no trespassing sign on HIS property!

MRM4 said...

JD, do you know if the Fox guys watch replays of their telecasts to critique themselves? If they do, then DW doesn't know what good television is. And if they don't, then maybe they should start watching.

Phil Parsons to TNT is an interesting move. He's a good announcer. Let's see if he can ask good questions, especially after some controversy happens.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:56AM,

That topic was reported all across the 'net as well as "NASCAR Now" and "Race Hub."

If you Google mayfield+suit+dismissed under the news heading, you can see how many outlets carried that story.

Anon 10:56AM,

To continue that topic, FOX Chairman David Hill originally said "tough!" to fans who objected to the continued use of that animation and the shameless pandering of Waltrip that all the Digger merchandise was available at It took a little higher authority to straighten out that mess.

Anon 10:57AM,

We have done many columns on Daugherty since he began on ESPN back in 2007. In fairness, Waltrip is a primary booth analyst for live races. Daugherty appears on the pre-race and stays in the infield during the events.


Daly Planet Editor said...


After ten years, I think they know what they have. It's very clearly an "us against them" situation right now.

My hope is the new prez of Fox Sports, who is 38 years old, will make some changes for next season.

There are plenty of good people working on the FOX telecasts, but just like a Cup team that is not winning, it's time for some changes.


Unknown said...

@Dot - One correction to your post, Max Papis is NOT fully funded. He was only scheduled to run about 13 or so races.

DW needs to go! I turned off the race on Sunday when he blamed Denny Hamlin for JJ hitting the wall. Hamlin wasn't even in the same zip code when it happened.

As for Phil Parsons on pit road, I don't like it. I don't like him being able to be a commentator on anything NASCAR while he continues to S&P. Although, maybe his teams will become defiant now that he's not listening in and run a little longer than they are "supposed" to.

Daly Planet Editor said...

From The NASCAR Insiders blog:

"It’s very well known and understood through the garage that Phil Parsons and Randy Humphrey are at the track to make money. They’re there to win prize money. They aren’t actively looking for sponsors, because they neither want nor need them. I can’t say beyond sketchy rumors what Michael Waltrip gets out of the relationship, but I can say what you’ve probably read online is what I’ve heard."


Anonymous said...

It seems like every time I come to this site, I walk away wondering how many people fail to live in the real world.

If you owned a website, the last thing any of you should want to do is encourage people to go to other web sites. NewsCorp (Fox/SPEED) and The Walt Disney Company (ABC/ESPN) are no different. It's all about the page views . . . and those two companies would be insane to drive traffic to Turner Sports Interactive. At the same time, TSI would be insane to allow the other two companies to utilize the technology on their site. The result is a standoff that is unlikely to be resolved.

As to Mayfield v. NASCAR, et al, there WAS broadcast coverage less than 90 minutes after the signed order was handed down. It was by NO MEANS ignored.

S&P has been a real part of NASCAR racing since day one. In the real world, it's not going anywhere. I don't care for Phil Parsons. Never did. However, he should not be taking public pot-shots for engaging in legal behavior. If you don't like him, tune him out. He's not the only voice you will hear on TNT.

glenc1 said...

wow... Gina, Dot, Karen, anon've all said pretty much what I think. There is nothing worse than being treated as if we must not know anything about what we're watching. They forget that we have *other* racing broadcasts to compare it to such as Nationwide, F1, Grand Am, the Truck series, IRL, not to mention previous years of their *own* coverage (pre-Digger, for example). Even if you had never *seen* racing before, you could still watch various broadcasts and be able to tell who was doing a better job & why. If enough of us get fed up and leave, it will hurt them. I used to have a lot of respect for Darrell, as a driver and as a broadcaster--I know we have commented that at times, he seemed to be the only one looking out the window at the race. At one time I thought people were exaggerating a bit on the 'shilling' for the DWStore, Toyota and his brother's sponsors, but it has gotten progressively worse. I even defended him a bit on his rooting for Junior, since I think he represents a lot of fans in that way. But I've said it before, this train has really derailed. DW has become a caricature of himself. And yes, it IS embarrassing to see race fans being treated like children. When I became a more serious race fan, 12, 13 years ago, I had criticisms of the broadcast efforts at that time. Now I wish for those days, except for the inability to criticize anything NASCAR does, and that pretty much still exists now. I look forward to TNT, where I can hopefully hear guys having fun while they call the race with enthusiasm.

Btw...I'm happy for all you gadget gurus with your toys...

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:45PM,

Just for info purposes: RaceBuddy was created by the Turner Sports guys, but they approached both FOX and ESPN about using it.

FOX is a broadcast network, so David Hill said in order to protect the exclusivity of the FOX local TV stations, he would not allow any streaming of live races.

ESPN has a bigger issue. They own a large group of sports websites and pride themselves on emerging new media technology.

Paying Turner to provide RaceBuddy for the final seventeen races of the season would be great for the fans, but it would be tough for ESPN as a corporation to swallow.


Richard in N.C. said...

Now I am admittedly quite biased because of the harm Phil Parsons did to Morgan Shepherd in 2009 in the N-wide series. Johnny Chapman driving for MSRP made 28 races and drove a grand total, for the season, of 194 laps - an average of about 6 or 7 laps per race.

Say what you want about DW, Larry Mc, and Hammonds, but I can't believe anyone would dispute that they love the sport. I don't believe you can say the same about Phil P., as it appears to me that he is merely gaming the system for personal, financial reward without any real intent to race.

In any event, what kind of attention to the issue of S&P'ers can one expect from TNT when they have the king of S&P'ers in the pits? Say what you want about DW's asserted conflicts, they've always been out in the open. Phil P's conflict of interest is grosser and more egregious than anything DW has been accused of in my opinion.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Even if Parsons had continued with his S&P activities in the Nationwide Series, this would not be a problem.

But to have someone on pit road who is beating other Sprint Cup Series teams out to make the field and then parking two cars is just not a good idea.


Anonymous said...

A team owner as a pit reporter? Talk about a major conflict! PRISM will continue to S&P, but will other teams feel comfortable sharing information with a teamowner (alligned with Michael Waltrip Racing)?

Does DW have the ability to handle different opinions? Apparently not. A few months ago, somebody here stated DW is now a caricature of himself. After this season I completely agree. I saw an interview of Darrell from 98 on Youtube. It is amazing how much he has changed. Darrell plugged sponsors Waltrip-style, but he was more reseved and a litte witty while he was still a driver. Now, he just states the obvious, flip-flops, blabbers, and plays favorites. There is no wit, the 'humor' is a gag that is forced. On other shows, Darrell returns to his normal personality, but on FOX he must play the goofy role. It's sad and just not working, but David Hill is stubborn and nothing will change.

Ann_Ominous said...

OMG! DW is repeating stuff on the broadcast that was said on Speed in the Race Day pre-show? I had no idea - because I quit watching Race Day.

Repeating information is not the problem.

The problem is NOT talking about what is happening on the track - or showing it on the tv!

And with regards to NASCAR being rocket science, as a matter of fact, I used to be a rocket scientist (15 years working on various space shuttle and space station programs). No, NASCAR is not rocket science. Maybe if it was it then the race coverage wouldn't be so boring.

GinaV24 said...

I wonder what DW would do if all of us tweeted back at him in response to his comments about the fan viewers? Could be interesting, no? - "just sayin".

Richard in N.C. said...

You may not agree with everything he does, but I would not underestimate David Hill. He has changed both NFL and NASCAR broadcasting over the past several years and I believe for the better. I am a huge fan of both BP and Ned, but they were in a different, simpler time in NASCAR. Adding a crew chief to the booth in my opinion has been one of the most significant improvements in NASCAR broadcasting in the last 10+ years.

Oh, yes. BP used to tell the same stories every year - like the lead radio and the ice cream stories. I never tired of hearing them, and still miss hearing them.

Lisa Hogan said...

I am looking forward to TNT this weekend. I enjoyed their races last season.

I think it was JohnP who said, earlier in the season, that he had enough multi-tasking during the week and didn’t want to multi-task during a race. I feel the same way. I do multi-task during a race; but, it is to keep up with my regular life, not racing stuff. I am happy for all the viewers who enjoy the extras. I checked out Racebuddy last season and will probably do so again. I won’t be a regular user.

JD - - I haven’t posted as much this season as I have in past seasons. I do read all of your columns and read all of the comments. My regular life is such that I may read them after-the-fact, but I do read them.:)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks Lisa! Unfortunately, participation is down across the board for NASCAR.

Hope TNT can get this season jumpstarted.


Richard in N.C. said...

JD, as I see it there is a great deal of imperfect (slanted?) reporting about the status of the NASCAR world. For instance, as a sign of what's bad in NASCAR I recently saw a comment that Lowe's had chosen not to renew its name sponsorship at CMS - with no mention of the fact that Lowe's is one of the major, if not the major, sponsor of the Hall of Fame.

It just occurred to me that the Wall St. Journal has a space inside, daily for corrections - but I don't ever remember seeing any NASCAR publication ever print a correction for anything.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Fundamentally, big corporations move to major sports sponsorships when they are profitable.

With the recent downturn in the economy, NASCAR has seen several "big fish" forced out of the sport.

Rumors about DuPont are flying following departures of names like DeWalt Tools, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

As the economy goes, so does NASCAR and that has been true for a very long time.

Track sponsors used to be regional, but over the last decade many tracks and races got great national companies to jump in.

Now, those one or two time sponsorships are the first to go.

It's been awful for tracks, especially the smaller ones that needed the money to survive.

I don't think it's under-reported, just a fact of racing life.


Richard in N.C. said...

JD, it seems to me that focusing on Lowe's dropping its CMS name sponsorship as another indication of NASCAR problems is, at best, incomplete when the writer fails to report that Lowe's has committed millions as a major sponsor of the NASCAR HOF. Lowe's has not withdrawn money from the NASCAR world, just moved it around. Whether intentionally or not, accuracy is not prized like it once was in the press - sports or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

But to have someone on pit road who is beating other Sprint Cup Series teams out to make the field and then parking two cars is just not a good idea.

Phooey. Who is he beating out for spots? That's right - other start-and-parks, that's who. It's not like there are other teams dying to run the whole race but just can't qualify. Believe me, if his S&P fails to make the field, it is replaced by another S&P.

JohnP said...

DW Quote: ""Read today that FOX needed to make some changes, we do races for everyone, not just a few that seem to think they know everything about TV!!""

Mr. Waltrip, If it's as good as you say, the TV rating would not be down 3 years in a row. Period.

Mr. Waltrip, FOX needs to make MAGOR changes. Your coverage is boring, childish, and very non-informative. I've been lost for weeks now on what is actually happening in THE RACE. If I have to watch Hammond showing me a brake pad or rotor or exaust system on a dummy car one more time WHILE THEIR RACING I'm gonna throw up. Understand this Waltrip. IT'S BORING. The people who already WANT to know about the tech stuff, they KNOW already. The people who don't know don't give a Damn in the first place. I use computers on a daily basis. My eyes roll back in my head when some techy dude starts talking giga, mega, terra, biteme stuff. My response is always "let me know when it's working". It's boring stuff. A lot of Nascar fans feel the same about cars. They simply don't care. Fans like me already know, why you ask, because I'm a car guy and have a garage, and tools, and get over my head all the time. (wife does not like that by the way :) )Then figure it out. (sometimes) But some(a lot) think your talking about gigi stuff. And roll there eyes.

Sorry, have not been on in a while. Now I feel better.

Vince said...

I'll start with a disclaimer, I never liked DW from his start in NASCAR. There's a reason Cale gave him the name Jaws. Because he wouldn't shut up as a driver and he's gotten even worse as a color guy in the booth. It's always all about him and it always has been. I'm sure he's a very nice man off camera, but the way he comes across on tv is the DW we all know. And his act is getting very old.

I think there is a conflict of interest having Phil Parsons in the pit, but what else is new in the NASCAR world. There are conflicts everywhere you look in NASCAR itself and with the broadcast partners. I think I do remember Phil being a pit reporter way back when he first got his start on tv, but I might be wrong. What ever happened to Glenn Jarrett, DJ's older brother, who was a great pit reporter back on the old TNN brodacasts.

I just don't get the NASCAR media as a whole. They are extremely sensitive to anything said negative or critical of them and NASCAR. I don't see the same type of sensitivity with other sport's media (baseball, football, etc). What makes the NASCAR media so special? I've been following NASCAR before most of the current media were even born and believe me the media as a whole these days is sadly lacking in journalism skills and ethics. I'm talking about tv, radio, print, web whatever.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to TNT and RaceBuddy. The new bigger screen display on RB is a welcome addition. And I always enjoy Kyle and Wally in the booth. Those two are like two brothers going after each other at times.

Zieke said...

As usual, "Ol DW" does not think anyone's opinion matters but his. Does he think all this negativity is being posted because people like his Fox schtick? He needs to cut the testiness and worry about trying to be a broadcast professional.This carries over from his making races with the PC spot and riding around at the rear of races and collecting the money. (almost like a S & P without having to qualify.) Find a new job Waldrip.
It will be interesting to hear the ratings and posts when TNT and the rest come into play.

The Loose Wheel said...

That would be nice DW except your repeating what you said on FOX there buddy! Week after week after week same old thing.

Also FOX's issues are deeper than that so clearly DW did not "read" what any of the gripes were about. Fix the camera stuff and production stuff, then fix DW walking over Joy and trying to dominate the broadcast and you know what FOX would have a pretty darn good product.

Anyways my main concern today and it has been the same all week. People seem to be taking Kyle Busch v. Jeff Burton and formulating opinions on what false information. Everytime I see someone analyzing this, they show the WRONG replay. The only telling replay of what happened was Sunday night with Jeff Burton where Kyle HIT him just after the start finish line, thus cutting down his tire. It was down when he got to turn 1 and the fact Kyle went 3 wide, the damage was already done. Sorry it just really irks me the media is blowing a fuss over false info.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 5:59PM,

Seriously? The entire problem is that the S&P cars can knock any car outside of the top 35 out of the race.

Remember, it's not like Parsons is out hunting sponsors like other teams forced to park by the tire bill.

This is a business for Parsons. He started in the Nationwide Series and moved up to Cup this year.

Thas it the difference for me.


Anonymous said...

This is a business for Parsons.

Ha! It's a business for everyone. Everyone.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Sure it is, but that does not adress the start and park issue.

Guys like Max Papis and others were forced to park, but they ran the full distance and will when they get the money.

You can't get away from the fact that despite what some FOX commentators said, Parsons entire operation is built around non-racing.

As a longtime fan, that rubs me the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to cry for Max Papis when he couldn't even make the race? If Max Papis can't beat a start-and-park, does he deserve to be in the race?

I have no problem with the start and parks. They still have to make it in on time. The only people they are knocking out are people who can't make it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Do you even watch this sport?

The entire issue is that S&P cars only work on qualifying set-ups and never even do a race run.

Other teams who might be slower than the big boys but are intending to run the entire race must spend time in race trim and may get knocked out by a fraction.

That is the issue with Parsons, none of his own teams race because his business is non-racing for money.


longtimeracefan said...

Phil Parsons is a guy who is trying to make a living doing what he, and his late brother, have been involved in their whole lives. To cast stones at his current situation as an owner, or his opportunities as a TV personality, is somewhat churlish. At least he has the drive to get up every day and do what he has to do to stay in the mix of stock car racing. I don't think Benny would disapprove.

Richard in N.C. said...

While he did not name names, it is people like Parsons that Eddie Gossage was talking about when he referred to some S&P teams stealing prize money from teams that wanted to actually compete.

Regardless of how you feel about Parsons' S&P operation, if there is nothing wrong with what he is doing why are S&P'ers (I understand) never discussed on the truck races? There seems to be a lot of interest in the S&P'ers - but, will it become an out-of-bounds topic on TNT with Parsons in the pits? I think I might have less problem with Parsons if he was willing to speak up and defend what he's doing.

Now I am a Morgan Shepherd fan and biased about what Parsons' S&P'ers did to him in the N-wide series in 2009. In 2009 Morgan got in 21 races and ran a total of 3,450 laps, while J. Chapman driving for MSRP got in 28 races and ran a grand total of just 194 laps for the whole season, about 6 to 7 laps per race - which in my view is just gaming the system.

red said...

in re: dw's tweets: see kbaskins post and i'll add my "yeah! what she said!" in support.

parsons doing pit reporting: no, no and no! it is wrong in so many ways and i find it difficult to fathom why fans are not up in arms about this. in my mind, no owner should be involved in a nascar broadcast of any series for any reason. if there is a reason to interview him about something, have at it and get his opinion. but a recurring role in the broadcast? absolutely not.

i expect broadcasters to have opinions, to have knowledge, to have an understanding of the sport and i agree that a current owner in the sport will have all of that. but i believe he also has a significantly vested interest in how his team is doing and i don't believe he can view the race without having that effect his work.

parsons in truck & n'wide? no problem. on cup broadcast in whatever role? wrong in so many ways.

simply put: one cannot cover the story if one IS the story.

Anonymous said...

Someone at Turner's Nascar Online department needs to get a clue! Signed up for the Million Dollar Challenge thing you talked about and all the car numbers are from last year! 26 McMurray, 44 Allmendinger, 1 Truex, 36 McDowell, 07 Mears, etc. Tried to make my Nationwide eliminator picks and they have all the Cup drivers like Busch, Bowyer, Logano and Harvick available but none of their subs!

Very very very poor weak effort by this group for such a major promotion on Nascar's official site! I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come on Sunday.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:24PM,

Going to have the Turner guys check on that first thing in the AM for you. Check back online in the afternoon.

It is strange because they already have the current NASCAR info loaded into the system because of Trackpass and the other options.


Zieke said...

I like Phil, but it seems that he is trying to take an easy way to racing. Hate to see NASCAR have to make rules for this stuff, but it looks like they may have to. Starting and parking just isn't the way to put on a race show, but I guess Phil doesn't care, and he is within the rules. Unless his actions are "detrimental to stock car racing"

Darcie said...

Dear Mr Waltrip,

I am a rabid sports fan and watch sporting events more than regular television. Your contention that you repeat comments from one channel to another, including incessant commentary about the technology involved, because you broadcast on different channels doesn't hold one ounce of break fluid.

When watching any sporting event that changes channels or networks, for example you might watch the first two rounds of golf on the Golf Channel and the rest on CBS, you never hear the announcers talk about swing mechanics, club composition or putting strategy over and over again. Those announcers are able to recognize that it's the game itself that should do the talking.

When I watch a football game, there's no talk of the history and composition of helmets, there's no in helmet cams and the director does not focus on just one or two players on the field nor do they just show only one of the two teams playing. Unlike your precious Fox, those who broadcast those events know to let the show on the field/course/rink do the talking, and not the incessant blabbering of those in the booth.

And, Mr. Waltrip, I wish to respectfully remind you that those who watch your races are not imbeciles, uneducated hacks, or want to subscribe to your version of "Racing for Total and Complete Dummies". Stop insulting us by trying to force feed us things that have no real interest to racing fans who only want to see the action on the race track, and not all your fancy technology and obvious preference for five or six hand picked favorite drivers.