Thursday, September 16, 2010

Join Us For Live Friday TV Comments

It's going to be an interesting day from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Friday. ESPN2 and SPEED are going to be flipping coverage back and forth depending on whether the Sprint Cup Series cars or the Camping World trucks are on the track.

The day ends with an interesting TV tripleheader of shows. Nicole Briscoe hosts NASCAR Now, then the saga of Kyle and Samantha continues on Kyle Busch: Riding Shotgun . Finally, Krista Voda returns to host Trackside with Todd Bodine as a guest. That is Todd above about to be interviewed by Glinda, the Good Witch.

There is no love lost between Bodine and Kyle Busch. Darrell Waltrip already suggested earlier this week that Bodine's live TV comments might bring a strong reaction from Busch, including his own special guest TV appearance.

The complete NASCAR TV schedule is on the left side of this page.

We will crank-up the live comments at 11AM and run throughout the day. Join us when you can to catch up on all the items from NHMS. You can also follow us on Twitter at anytime. Thanks!


Rachel said...

I heard that the forecast for Friday calls for rain. I have a gut feeling that Sprint Cup qualifying will be canceled as a result.

glenc1 said...

Forecast looks cool and sunny all afternoon. Weather hould not be an issue. I won't be able to catch the race Sunday but I'll be watching both Friday & Saturday.

GinaV24 said...

Happy Friday, Planeteers! Well if they line up by points that takes one "if" off the table and lets the chasers start up front. I just hope they get practice in. I work with a guy who studied meteorolgy and he says that Sat & Sunday will be nice weather. I hope he's right since we're headed to NH tomorrow morning.

That means I won't be watching it on TV on Sunday, but live and in person. Yay!

Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rain :( but with the weather yesterday wouldn't be surprised if they called action today :(

Happy Friday Planeteers <3

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear Glen :) Hope Mr. Sun stays out!

Anonymous said...

With the NFL ratings shooting through the roof, NASCAR can no longer claim the drop in NASCAR ratings is just a reflection of what is happening across the sporting industry as people have more entertainment options than just live TV. There obviously is a problem.

GinaV24 said...

Anon - NASCAR doesn't recognize any problems. Everything is wonderful -- didn't you get the memo?