Friday, October 29, 2010

Live Blogging Friday At Talladega On SPEED

This day is always one that real race fans cherish. Both the Camping World Trucks and the Sprint Cup Series cars are going to be on the track at full speed racing in packs and checking out their equipment. It makes for good TV.

The full TV schedule is listed on the left side of the page. It starts at 10AM ET and runs through the end of Trackside at 8PM. Along the way, ESPN2 sneaks-in an episode of NASCAR Now at 5PM.

Everything else is on SPEED and this is a day of coverage that really shows what a fulltime NASCAR TV network could do. Friday through Sunday there are so many stories, so many possible show topics and such a wonderful flavor at the racetracks that the current TV package just does not do it justice.

On a day like Friday, when SPEED is just fulltime NASCAR and viewers are just along for the ride really is the type of coverage that can help get the sport back on the right track. Putting this coverage online for free would expand the audience even further and let any laptop or iPad tag along.

Mike Joy is handling the Cup Series, Rick Allen is calling the trucks and Krista Voda is hosting Trackside. It should be a fun day of TV on SPEED

Please feel free to post your TV-related comments on any of the Talladega programming throughout the day. This is a family-friendly website, so please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for stopping by The Daly Planet.


Anonymous said...

Happy Race Day Planeteers <3

Early early early and all day <3

red said...

hey jd! wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention as we're moving this weekend and i'm packing the endless books (!) but did i hear the booth say that truck qualifying will be multiple trucks on the track at the same time?

Lisa Hogan said...

Hello to everyone!
Good luck on your move, red.

Love having Fridays off! :)

So happy to have everything on SPEED today.

red said...

thanks, lisa! youngest knows we're moving but not where or when so i'm keeping it quiet & off twitter until we're completely moved in on unday.

despain history on 'dega is terrific! great stories from some of those involved, wonderful B&W stills, awesome images! props to speed & despain!

GinaV24 said...

Hi, everyone! Won't be on here much until I get home from work. Looking forward to the truck race.

I'll have to catch up when I get home.

Anonymous said...

oops forgot the Weekend part on my post earlier...*giggles*

Yes Ms. Red! That was a great segment! Dave does a great job with those shows!

I missed that you were moving! Hopefully not too far away! <3 And yes that's what the boyz said they're doing the multiple Pick 'em Ups at a time

Roland said...

Solid day so far for Speed. Wish they woulda showed the first few laps of practice instead of showing the booth and full screen replays of last years wreck. Lets see some cars on the track! But other than that Speed did great.

OSBORNK said...

Watching the truck qualifying. The booth monkeys just made a brilliant statement. "Two trucks qualifying at the same time almost makes the qualifying go twice as fast".

Chadderbox said...

Just watched my DVR recordings of today's activities. Mostly I watched the 3 Nascar Live episodes to catch up on what happened during the practices. I think Speed always does a solid job with the Friday Activities.
There doesn't seem to be any news on the RPM situation, just a lot of uncertainty.
I am really looking forward to this weekends race because its so unpredictable. Also I am thinking ESPN will do a better job of coverage on this big track. Keeping my fingers crossed ESPN does not butcher this race!

Anonymous said...

wonder what last place pays? seems risky for a start and park to try to race the whole race given the chances of wiping out the entire car. I suppose they have calculated it all out the gain vs. the pain.

RPM said...

John, I hate to call you out, but you are falling down on the job by not reporting on Showtime's Inside NASCAR. I know there's a lot of negative feelings about the show, but it's legit even if you have to pay for it.

The uncensored race recaps are groundbreaking. This is exactly what the fans want, "Race in 60" recaps with completely uncensored audio. Unfortunately, you have to be a paying subscriber to get it.

It's a legit media outlet.

On a related note, if NASCAR wants to branch out and expand their base, they don't need to be teaming with NBC on a lame scripted soap. They need to be teaming with TNT and the producers of "Men of a Certain Age" for something more edgy.

Anonymous said...

happy halloween
i love talladega if you can hold your breath that long..\
l read in jayskis that its a sad day in nascar the loss of Jim Hunter....
keep in your prayers a man sorely
missed in the nascar family and community and the media.