Saturday, October 16, 2010

Note: There is a Brian France press conference at 2:30PM ET on Saturday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We will live blog it on Twitter and then provide a wrap-up of any and all media-related topics discussed right here and on our Facebook fan page.

Update #2: Looks like fuel injection and a new fuel blend is coming to NASCAR. Will update details after the press conference. More info is available on Jayski right now. Sunoco Green E15 is the new fuel, 15% domestic ethanol. Starts in Daytona in 2011.

Update #1: Wendy Venturini passes along that Randy Pemberton will be taking her place today on SPEED's RaceDay show. Venturini's husband experienced a death in the family and they are out of town today.

The live blog for NASCAR RaceDay on SPEED, NASCAR Countdown on ABC and the live race telecast will open at 4:30PM ET Saturday. Join us!


51 yr. fan said...

Another Brain Farce comedy decision
to satisfy the Hollywood elites.
Even the new EPA ruling has limitations on the usage of E15. I don't know if it's true, but I read recently that farmers would be exempt from using it. IRONIC? I guess it is an indirect way of cutting horsepower. Check out the performance ratings on the E10 and problems it calls with the fuel components.

I guess 2012 will bring the electric cars.

Anonymous said...

Not watching Race Day. Thought I might listen but somebody clue me in. WHEN did SPEED add the lame constant bottom crawl to their channel?

It annoyed me during NP. This STINKS & reeks of ESPN. Also on SD tv the banner shimmies & shakes? Cripes.

SPEED should want to distant themselves from annoying bottom crawls...sigh.

So OFF went the DVR :(

I'm certainly not going to try and sit thru that for Race Day, as I've not seen that show in months..but too many annoyances on that show now & add the bottom ticker. No way.


Anonymous said...

If Brian France wants to go green, Ive said for YEARS to shorten the races! Sigh. Somebody just RT that on Twitter as well.

I've been banging that drum for years...not to mention with the lame camera work, plethora of commercials, it drags out the already TOO long races. Just common sense to shorten them.

Bruton Smith is CLUELESS as well to the problems with ratings...he's blaming 1pm start times.

When oh WHEN will the POWERS in the sport get a clue. Go watch old broadcasts from years ago or ANY DIRECTED by Mike Wells. That would improve things dramatically.

Giving us wide shots at home is like being at the track.

ok, sorry, am I off the subject??

Sorry JD. I gotta stay away from NASCAR..just brings up my rants :-(

P.S. The bright yellow track on CHARLOTTE is bloody distracting as well. I tried to watch handful of laps on tv before deleting off the DVR. Too much color on da cars. Keep the walls simple white!

ok, now i'm done.

If I come back, I hope to be able to log in under Google....