Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your Turn: Sprint Cup Series From Charlotte On ABC

What an interesting night in Charlotte. While the drama of the Chase played out on the track, the ongoing drama of changes on the TV production team played out on the air.

Allen Bestwick had a full house again in the Infield Pit Studio of Ray Evernham, Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty. Their comments were interesting from the start and continue to show the information gap between Evernham and the other two analysts.

Bestwick also provided the recaps out of commercial break and several times interacted with the pit reporters to provide updated information before sending the telecast back to the broadcast booth.

Marty Reid called the race and again had a tough time with the size and scope of a Sprint Cup Series event on a big track. Several times Dale Jarrett called out that there was an accident while Reid struggled to provide the reasons for other cautions. This is Reid's first season in this role on ESPN.

Andy Petree frequently disagreed with Tim Brewer in the Tech Garage. Brewer was thrown on the air several times in scenarios that just made him look awful. A stuck throttle on Kyle Busch's car and a failing alternator for Jeff Gordon wound-up with Brewer providing instant updates that were immediately dismissed by Petree from the booth. As we spoke about in the live race post, waiting for the right information before using Brewer is a real issue in the Chase races.

The lights at CMS are great, but the beautiful aerial shots of the speedway were few and far between. ESPN shoots these races like a football game, following the leaders and then moving to another shot only if something happens on the track. It is a philosophy of motorsports coverage that has been used for four seasons.

One bright spot was the pitstop coverage, under both caution and green flag conditions. It was great to see double video boxes on green flag stops and the wideshot at the end of pit road to see cars race off after caution flag stops.

ESPN delivered another race with no technical problems and that should be remembered. The technical folks gave the production people the tools to tell the story in compelling manner once again.

NASCAR faced tough competition tonight from Major League Baseball and college football. It was truly crunch time for the NASCAR on ESPN team.

Thanks to NASCAR Now Lead Reporter Marty Smith for the Victory Lane picture above.

Take a moment to give us your wrap-up of the race coverage tonight on ABC. To add your comment, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Anonymous said...

Those guys ESPNed up the finish once again. Must be rocket science or something we are not supposed to be able to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Good coverage for the first 10 laps then everything went south from there. Oh yea somebody tell Brain Paris that his chase and COT sucks big time. I hear the racing have been good but I didn't know that it was the parade of cars following each other was the one they were refering to. Nascar cracks me up.

David said...

Yep, lets NOT have a post race show. Was there even a goodbye?

Sophia said...

Glad Jamie won. but the camera work triggered mild vertigo on the HD tv (went out to watch the big tv after room mate watched his Phillies get beat)

Honestly, I'm dizzy from the swoopy camera work towards the end...listened mostly on radio or sometimes have tv on in my room...but this swooping camera work the last few laps made me motion sick like. It seemed to be some sweeping ROBO CAM from inside the track at odd angle.

Am I the only one that gave a headache?

Bad camera work at the end.

Should've stuck with the radio online...but Jamie was really out in front when we turned on the race.

Anonymous said...

What is left to say? Ratings have crumbled and NASCAR, ESPN & the drivers are clueless why this is happening.

The answer is simple: Why devote over 4 hours of time to watch the race when we don't even get to see the cars finish? It's like watching a baseball game and missing the final out...the camera was watching the team's reaction in the dugout.

Why watch a race - for the race - when the drivers are categorized into groups. The important Chasers, and the other guys that have to be covered becuase - they are there.

Why watch a race when there is now flow or cooperation between the images and play-by-play? Battle for the lead...ok, now we are watching the battle for 8th..[in-car camera]...[insert Marty Reid cliche]...[wideshot]...[cue to pit report]...[in-car].

There is some gold in this mess: Allen Bestwick, Andy Petree, Ray Evernham, and Dr. Jerry Punch. The camerashots were mostly wide and midpack racing was well documented. Congrats to Jamie McMurray on his win.

Roland said...

At the beginning of this race i was really into it. Then as espn continued to self destruct i just zoned out. found myself on the laptop more than the race. bout 70 to go i got fed up with this. I have 2 cheap surround sound systems that ive wired in so i plugged my phone, which has a fm radio app, into one and left the other on the race. The one on the race i turned the rear volume up all the way so i couldnt hear Marty. So Espn pictures, background audio, and excellent PRN coverage. Some people said the radio was 2 minutes behind TV, but mine was dead on. It was awesome, I found myself reinvigorated and excited again.

Next week I plan on doing this again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think Vince can take a vacation day next weekend and nobody would notice?

Jamie basically conducted his own emotional victory lane interview while Vince held the microphone.

glenc1 said...

once again I have to exempt myself, as I was watching my driver the last 25 laps. But overall...I thought the cameras were a bit better. But Marty was still saying some really dumb things. I have no objection to focusing on a good battle (at the end) but I kept wondering what the whole track looked like. The bit with the tech garage...they actually showed us Tim Brewer switching a dial from left to right. That was actually funny in its stupidity. I thought they actually did okay with not clubbing us over the head with Jimmie coverage.

Sally said...

I can only comment on the first half of the race, as I dozed off somewhere around half way (I think), and woke up for the last 35laps. Whether it's the coverage from ESPN, the COT, or the fact that the majority of the cars on track are dismissed as 'non chasers', it isn't enough to keep my interest. Not long ago I would have been glued to the TV, watching every lap of coverage. I guess that now I just don't care enough to stay awake for a night race. It's sort of sad. I guess that just about sums up Nascar, their 'chase', the COT, and the state of the sport in general...sad.

Roland said...

Btw there was microscopic post race on abc. But the post race on prn is still going strong an hour after the race ended. glad to hear randy again. Was never a big fan of his espn work but hes great on here.

Jonathan said...

WOw what a crappy race broadcast, last week I was giving ESPN an A- tonight I give them a D! One of the worst races I have seen in a while! Crowd wow that was bad bad bad I think Cali had a much more hefty crowd then this!!!!!

Did you all see this quote from USA Today a couple weeks back

Smith said Charlotte's 16,000-square-foot screen (with 9.36 million LED lamps) would ensure sellouts of the 1.5-mile track's Sprint Cup races after it's finished early next year.

Seriously SELL OUT???? That looked like a truck or Nationwide race w all the empty seats tonight.... do you honestly think a jumbotron is going to sell that place out?? HA ok good luck

Anonymous said...

I paid half attention to it not too much kept me tuned in. I'd watch a bit then do other things, watch some more, do other things.

I generally tune Captain Obvious out but did sorta pay attention to hm a couple of times and did *giggle* when Mr. Petree disagreed with what he said.

@David I was wondering the same thing. I was responding to tweets and next thing I realize I'm hearing the news! I was like did Allen close out and say good night to us? If he did I totally missed it!

majorshouse said...

The coverage on PRN was totally superior to the tv broadcast. I enjoyed listening to the irreverent humor of Randy LaJoy and he fit right in with the normal suspects there and I would love to see a tv broadcast with him, AB and Ricky Craven or Ray Evernham.

Vicky D said...

I left the race early but I just watched Jamie Mac's interview from NN and am very happy for him. My guy is still 11th in points how can that possibly be? Anyway, the broadcast focused too much on JJ, JG & KyB. Marty seems lost in the booth and I thought he would be different from JP. We don't have PRN in Houston and would have liked to hear Randy on that. Maybe next week's race will be different better?

Anonymous said...

I was in favor of The Chase when it started,but am no more. Like Rick Hendrick said before the race-one bad pit stop and you can be in trouble. Thirty-six races and the Championship out the window for a few bad pit stops??? While they continue to tinker with the Chase format,look what we have this year. Kenseth is in the Chase. We all like Matt. He's a good,clean driver. BUT, what has he done this season other than to finnish almost all the races? During the season, how many times was he mentioned or have the cameras following him? It's not Matt, but a number of issues with his team,equipment,etc. Now take McMurray. He's not in the Chase,but has won Daytona,Indy and other big races. Why are people in The Chase who couldn't win in twenty-six races? Tim Brewer is imploding. He has been up/down on his reporting the last few years. He actually got better a month or so ago, but has since taken a dive. He rushes to proclaim exactly what has gone wrong without knowing any of the facts. When Biffle blew last week, Tim said he dropped a valve. After the race, Biffle said the bottom end let go. I built a few race engines in my time and engine failure analysis does not lend itself to a knee jerk reaction on TV. Bestwick seems to have an extra bounce in his step now that his nemesis producer is gone.Speaking og gone, Rusty really needs to go along with Kenny and Stephen in my opinion. I watch all the Truck,Nationwide and Sprint races. Love him or hate him, Kyle can drive a car. On restarts, he is just lethal. Maybe now we know why--he said the gas pedal was stuck last night!

AncientRacer said...

I did not watch the race. Last night we went racing with the old beater. Was a series of parts races. No trophies. No money. You win parts and/or gift certs. for parts. Brings us hobbyists running to enter and, of course, that is why they do them: we always need parts.

I have read all the comments from both nights and, first, I believe Phil had the best comment of the weekend when he said at 8:52 Friday evening:

"If the announcers aren't watching the screen they can't call the race we are seeing - basic concept of television folks ...

It's the spotters' and director's job to catch the wrecks, quickly relay that info to the booth via IFB and also give the announcers ACCURATE info. Then it's video's job to cue up all the angles they have of the incident and the director again to quickly call the TD to get the replays on air for analysis. They had the wreck covered - the director just blew the call...."

Cannot top that.

Second, I have a question: The two races were on the same track under the same conditions [though KyBu won neither -- always a shame in my book -- and the world's greatest disgrace to the Number 22 did win one of them -- a negative to me anytime, but especially at Charlotte where Fireball died and most especially on the weekend following the selection of Ned Jarrett into the HoF; the man Fireball called to for help that sad day.] why the division of opinions in the comments?

From reading I take it the coverage (the pictures mostly)sucked out loud in public on Friday night, but not so much on Saturday. What variable am I missing here that leads to my perception that one was poor and one was mostly not so bad?

Lastly, the high points of my week were 1. Brian's Bozo Orange hair (fitting, but as an image thing not so good), and 2. ESPN running an extended clip of Jimmie at practice talking to Chad about the car. If you want to know why these guys are so good, there was one of the answers. Chad said basically nothing while Jimmie rode around delivering an articulate detailed monologue on everything.

Those are my thoughts. BTW: We won some brake stuff.

51 yr. fan said...

I watched only parts of the race,
along with MLB and college football. ESPN continues to
make it boring. Glenc1 is right.
I cracked up when Brewer showed the
switch to change the batteries.
This is what is ESPN is gearing
their coverage toward. Nobody
could be that dumb as to what
Gordon did to swap batteries. Is their a race fan anywhere that doesn't know what an alternator does? Who are they packaging this
goofy presentation for? Show us the racing!

Mike (Detroit) said...

I shake my head in disbelief. Lifted from Jayski's

Here's Brian France on the declining TV ratings:
Brian: "We're working on it. Racing is great and over time that takes care of things. We'd like to have better ratings but we will over time.''
On what more he can do and the idea doing like IndyCar with commercials and the race sharing the TV screen together: "We'll look at everything we can do. Ultimately, the racing, which is phenomenal, will carry the day. That's our product.''(Virginian Pilot)(10-17-2010)

Ritchie said...

They really need to axe the tech garage and go to a Fox Sports set up with the car outside so Evernham can simply walk outside to the cutaway car like Jeff Hammond does.

I happened to be traveling last night and got to "enjoy" PRN's coverage of the race.

These comments about how PRN was great compared to ESPN is non-sense. They advertised as much, if not more than ESPN, they would simply chatter during green flag racing so between that and the commercials you barely knew what was happening. Finally, they actually missed the Kasey Kahne wreck because - wait for it - They were at commercial break!

Let's please get over the MRN/PRN thing on this blog...

Zieke said...

Have to admit that the Brewer thing has to go. He had no idea on what happened to the blown engine,(Biffle last wk.) a dropped valve was simply an educated guess. When you have Andy in the booth, that makes Tim very expendable. I think Marty will get better, but he will need some time. Most of ESPN seems ok. I may have lowered my standards a bit, but that would be because of Fox and Waltrip making everyone else look good.

Anonymous said...

"As for the TV coverage I honestly thought ABC did a good job and am still quite puzzled at the constant complaints and negative perceptions.

I really believe some don't watch with their eyes and ears open and go in - and then come out - with a preconceived idea and skewed view.

But to each his own - now let's see what those ratings look like for a Saturday night on broadcast television."

Pete Pistone via Twitter...

OSBORNK said...

I got home in time from an old time music/bluegrass/flatfooting show to fast forward through the first part of the race and watch the last third live. The kindest thing to be said about the race and the coverage is that it was very forgettable. I didn't see or hear anything that made me want to pay attention to what was on the screen. I think the employees of ESPN and many of the drivers/crews are just phoning it in and looking forward for the season to end. The World Series and the Superbowl puts an excitement in the air for the fans of the sports but the Chase falls flat and decreases the excitement level for many of us.

Anonymous said...

@ Jonathan - Isn't it sad that track promoters are relying on jumbotrons,instead of the racing, to bring fans to the track? Just like Texas Motor Speedway with the carnival caution lights that blind the fans view of the track.

@ Mike - I am in disbelief as well. Looking through the BS, Mr. France seems happy with everything going on and would do nothing to change the tv product that is down 25%. If things have been on a downward slide since 2007, wouldn't it be time to finally do something?

Tom said...

Jayski says final rating for Charlotte from last year was 3.0 with a 6 share, viewed in 5.45 million homes.

Doubtful that number will be topped this time around.

Dave said...

Here is the bottom line, this car is terrible, and no matter what Brian "The Brain" France says, its not good racing. The crews have been telling them how they can race better but NASCAR ignores it.

The Chase is a joke, people watch is because its not stick and ball sports that have playoffs. The ratings go down each year because every year you alienate a part of your fan base based on which driver was leading the points then doesn't win the Championship in the Chase. After they see all that hard work go out the window and the 48 just wins anyway, why carry on. To alot of people, true or not, it seems like the fix is in.

At the end of the day, until Brian France steps down or is removed, NASCAR will continue to deteriorate and get worse and worse. I'm saying this as a 20 year fan of this sport.

Mike (Detroit) said...

There is a serious dis~connect with Brian France, I can't believe what he's saying about the ratings. Wow is that denial or what?! Yes I caught some of the replay on ESPN and the place had some serious gaps in the stands. I guess even in the home of stock car racing there is some discontent with Brian's "phenomenal racing". Reminds me of a story about the King's new clothes.

yankeegranny said...

BORING,BORING,BORING. Cars strung on racing by thenselves. Can't say anything that has not been said, except I like the Chase format, but it needs to be changed to include anyone who wins a complete race(rain shortened don't count.)Marty Reid is the worst announcer I have ever heard. Sounds like a funeral director. The race is way too long; I gave up at 10;15 when Jr went 3 laps down. Really glad Jamie won the race. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

Sophia said...

I was the one that said PRN was 2 minutes behind. I found this out when I went to turn on tv after a spin out & missed the time the two with restarts....sometime later in the evening (hrs later) I turned off internet radio & reconnected (I was NOT listening to terrestial radio, streaming times vary wildly!) Then net radio was only 5-10 seconds off. Depends on the labyrinth ways the audio gets to one's laptop.

Todd Crane said...

JD...this has nothing to do with the race last night, which was typical espn, but...don't even post this, but...Now that Bobby Allison is going into the HOF...can't we do something to get bach his 85th know the GN/GA cars at Winston-Salem, NC when NA$CAR staged a race, but no winner, cause Allison won it in a Mustang (Grand American) car, but Tiny Lund did the same, and got credit for a Grand National Win. Allison deserves the win, putting him in 3rd place! How about seeing if you can stir up some stuff about it...Todd Crane

Anonymous said...

Todd--IIRC the talk on the 'net about why they took that 85th win back was because DW whined about it so to shut him up they took it away and put him back in a tie.

Chadderbox said...

ESPN's coverage is embarrassing and Brian's CHASE is ruining Nascar! Together, it's a perfect stew of crap that stinks so bad that this NASCAR fan of 30 years can not get through the race on DVR!

Someone please tell me how I am supposed to take ESPN seriously when the broadcast personalities continually say things that are stupid?

The racing might be good but don't know that because I am NOT at the track to see it. Instead I have to listen to this group of fools say stupid things. Whether it's Marty, Tim Brewer or Rusty or DJ or BIG BRAD, its a disaster.

I am sorry but you could pick out five nascar fans from the stands and they could call a race better than these guys.

AB and Jerry Punch are the only ones worth keeping.

FlyinBryan said...

Typical racing fans, always finding something to complain about and blatantly ignoring the fact that the coverage DID take into account some of the things you've asked for.

Not focused enough on non-chasers? The coverage focused on McMurray coming up through the field, they documented Kasey Kahne's problems, and I also saw a lot of Mark Martin, Joey Logano, and David Reutimann as they ran in the Top 10. Also talked about Regan Smith and his late pit strategy call, heck they focused on his battles for 12th inside of 20 laps to go.

I can't believe NO ONE at least acknowledged the fact that ESPN did a "Through The Field" for NON-CHASERS ONLY!!! 2 things everyone on here screams for, non-chasers and through the field, and no one is going to at least give them credit for that?

It's not NASCAR's fault that there were stretches were guys got single filed and there wasn't much passing, that's what happens in these 500 mile races.

I'm aware it wasn't all sunshine and roses, Marty Reed was terrible. Called Jeff Green, Mark Green, and multiple times Robby Gordon was going a lap down and Marty Reed mentioned it was the first time Robby Gordon was going a lap down, even though 50 laps ago you said the same thing.

I also don't need the "up-to-the-second" update on the start and parks. Yes I know Joe Nemechek and Michael McDowell are going behind the wall, they do it every week. Just give us the quick run down, once, of those guys who parked 50 laps in, not each time one of them turns off track.

Tim Brewer and the pit studio is useless. NASCAR is down 25% because all of those casual fans aren't watching, its just us old diehards, and we know what an alternator is. Get rid of it.

They also did the "Points as of Now" within the first 50 laps of the race which was absurd, luckily that was the last we saw of that for the rest of the evening.

The coverage did cut from a national commercial break to catch a wreck, the booth was not ready at all, then they cut back to commercial break in the middle of Marty Reed babbling.

Alan Bestwick was outstanding once again, he carried the entire pit studio and every time they cut back to him he was dead on the ball.

Overall, it was a B-/C performance, it had its high points and its lows, but it wasn't unbearable as many of you make it out to be.

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

You know what. I was just thinking this John. Brian France not taking questions other than the topic of new fuel just shows how much of a coward Brian France is.

Now about the telecast.

i watched only a fraction of it. I was watching to see if Jimmie finished poorly, which he did not. The telecasts are a kludge and on my standard TV (less than 27") the ABC logo is chopped off to show A. DON'T YOU INGRATES REALIZE THAT MANY OF US DO NOT HAVE HD TELEVISIONS, OMG.

Marty is a nice guy but is barely the right fit for the PxP role. I want Bob Jenkins in the PxP role, not AB, Bob Jenkins and maybe i'll come back, maybe.

NASCAR, ESPN and ABC needs to really start to get their act together

Drive to kill Jimmie commitee, Bring Back Bob Jenkins commitee and the National Impeach Brian France commitees are all responsible for the content of these messages

Vince said...

I thought ABC/ESPN did ok last night. I haven't watched a race since Richmond and I though the racing itself was good last night. I thought the camera work and direction was good for the most part. The pit work was better than usual. My main complaint was with Marty. I like Marty, he seems like a nice guy. But he was lost last night. A lot of yapping about nothing. AB needs to be back in the booth where he belongs.

It looked to me like the crowd was ok at the start of the race. Maybe 3/4 full. But for some reason people started bailing out at about the halfway mark. Maybe because Jr. was a lap or two down?

I've been a big critic of ABC/ESPN over the years, but I honestly think they did ok. The pictures were good. Not too many in car or roof cams. For the most part wide shots that showed the cars racing. I don't think they did a commercial break the last 30 something laps. But they did blow the last lap. Kyle and JJ were racing like hell for second and the director switched to Jamie way out front and totally missed the battle for second.

I do think Marty, Tim, Rusty and Brad need to go. I don't really see the need for 4 guys in the infield booth. Just put AB in the PxP role. Have Ray in the infield/cutaway car and bring in Ricky Craven to anchor the infield with Ray.

Anyway, the rest of the races are on cable which I don't have, so I'll see you guys next year.

GinaV24 said...

JD, I was at the race, so I can't comment on the TV coverage -- but based on reading the posts, I saw a better race than what was broadcast on TV. There were some pretty amazing battles on the track and the restarts made me hold my breath. The nice thing about being there is that I was able to see the whole race -- not what whoever is producing the race shows me. Bonus -- I don't have to listen to the booth fumble around.

Once again, this goes to show that if TV doesn't show the sport in a way that does it justice, how do they figure that anyone will stay interested in the sport? Or bring in new fans?

Jonathan, you are right it wasn't a sell out, but the front stretch all the way down into turns 1 and 4was pretty full.

GinaV24 said...

Vince, I can tell you that one reason people were bailing was because it was COLD. It was 49 degrees when the sun went down and there were a lot of people who didn't come prepared for it. LOL -- I had a long pants, boots and a hooded sweatshirt on under my coat WITH gloves. I was a warm little camper for the race, but I saw lots of t-shirts and shorts in the stands

Anonymous said...

Just to add to what has just been said. Marty Reid referred to the #2 Miller Lite car as driven by Kyle Busch. To be sure, I backed up my recording to make sure I wasn't hearing things. No one's perfect, but he does this all the time. As for the announcers. Those who are just average working folks would probably fall over if they knew what Marty,Rusty,Brad and Kenny Wallace get paid for sharing their 'insights' with the viewing public. Some of those 'debris' cautions are getting to be a joke. I guess we'll have to settle for a "Show" instead of a "Race"!

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

Hey Vince

You said Fox is not diamond in the rough as well. I won't be watching Fox as well. I do not condone hollow promises like King Brian did this year. Hollow promises break may hearts, John.

Looks like Jimmie and Cheater Chad has got the championship won.

GinaV24 said...

Oh yeah and Bruton is going along with ESPNs idea to have a later start time. Hmmm, it didn't help before why does anyone think it will help now?

It isn't the start times that has turned off a lot of race fans.

Andrew S. said...

I have to work on Saturday nights so I watched the race this morning on my new HD-DVR. Anyhoo, I agree the coverage was better especially the non-Chaser through the field. Brewer and his claws still need to go.

And I caught this gem from Marty Reid "David Ragan is the last car on the lead lap in 23rd. Bobby Labonte is in the lucky dog spot, he's only 1 lap down in 25th"

Ummm... was no one running in 24th?

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

Well if you guys think ESPN is bad Fox is worse. Sorry if i am repeating myself, John. Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond inthe Hollywood Hotel. Whoever thought of the idea for the prerace studio named the Hollywood Hotel shoud be electricuted. And DW is the arrognt SOB he was as a driver. The only bright spot of Fox is Mike Joy and Larry Mac, as dorky as Larry is he is the smartest one when it comes to the sport.

My suggestion to fans: Don't watch the TV, not mute turn the Tv off, listen to the radio or on the net.

saltsburgtrojanfan said...
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Anonymous said...

Gina, thanks for your insight as an attendee. Always glad to hear it really was a good race, even if we didn't see it all. Had to laugh at your comments on the weather. First time I went to Richmond, it was early spring. Daytime was great. But by the time the checkered flag waved, I had on my tshirt, turtleneck, fleece pullover and windbreaker with hood. Still a bit chilly. But I can't believe people can't read a weather report & prepare themselves (although I suspect the alcohol keeps some of them warm...)

Zetona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zetona said...

Several people have said things about the quality of the racing last night, both positive and negative. Jeff Gordon had something interesting to say on the subject:

"I’ve never seen track position be so important as it was tonight because we just fell back to like sixth or seventh that one time after coming in and getting the gas-and-go and couldn’t do anything. It was just so important to keep that track position.”

I've noticed that with the COT, it seems to be nearly impossible to pass at some tracks, and that clean air is hugely important. Track position then becomes very important, and it becomes very difficult to break into the group of front-runners except by pit strategy. The result, I think, has been a large number of races this season where there hasn't been much good racing up front (as good as the racing back in the pack has been at times), and that is surely making fans lose interest.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think we are too hard on Marty. What if we were told to call the race based on what was on the monitor? That the announcer was at the mercy of the producer? Could we do any better? I feel we should be on the producer(s) for saying this is how it is going to be. MC

Anonymous said...

Marty Reid's "meat in the sandwich" catchphrase when drivers are three-wide is just the absolute worst. A few times he even shortened to to "he's the meat." Weird.

GinaV24 said...

Anon 7:56 - LOL - yeah, well, it was better than what you saw on TV, but it wasn't a "great" race. That hasn't happened since the ugly car was instituted and Humpy levigated the track.

any more, I go prepared for everything. Even if they forecast a bright sunny day, I take rain gear. We endured the monsoon at Darlington in 07 and it was quite the event.

I thought the contrast between the race that was put on in the nationwide series with the new car compared to the ugly spec car was significant. At least Friday night, they appeared to be able to race one another. Plus it is a shorter race. I never thought I'd be a proponent of shortening them, but 500 miles should be limited to specific races, like Daytona and the Coke 600. Make the rest of them shorter. Interesting isn't it that we've had 2 races with late cautions --- when there was a lot less of that after twittergate. Brian hasn't a clue. Everything is wonderful, must be nice to be oblivious.

Anonymous said...

Coverage is getting better...liked the side by side with racing on one, and pit stops on the other. Still don't know whoever decided that we need to see everyone's pit stops. Keep the screen showing racing, and run the commercials during the caution flags! Another thing, we did get to see more cars. That is better than just showing the leader all the time, but show us whenever one car passes another car, whether for position, or lapping another car. We want to see racing, not every pit stop for everey car!

Anonymous said...

By the way, how can Nascar get a race right, when most of the tme, they can't get anybody to sing the national anthem, without butchering it? Also, go the way of the Nationwide COT, with the cars having SOME resemblence to their street counterparts. How about changing the name of Nascar, these cars are about as STOCK as the funny cars in drag racing! NAFCAR?

David Evertsen said...

I was watching the race on twitter as a TV was not available at the begining of the race. I was then able to make it to my local Hooters for part of the race. With no sound it was impossible to know what was going on based on the broadcast, tickers scrolling pop up graphics told me nothing. Twitter to the rescue again, I instantly found out what was going on without having to hear the broadcast and usually before it happened. What a joke the coverage has turned into. At the local Hooters the race was on only 1 TV and not in HD, everything else was football. Do the math the races don't matter anymore..

Anonymous said...

Our favorite laugh of the night: Side-by-sides, one of Jimmie's in-car showing him driving, and the other of Chad sitting on the pit box. Really interesting stuff guys!

GinaV24 said...

@annmartina -- LOL, well, I am so glad that I missed that shot of the 48 duo, but I can see it in my head.