Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raining In Dover Saturday - Track Activity Stopped

The rain promised by the weathermen arrived in Dover early Saturday morning. Currently, all track activity is stopped (10:40AM). The pictures above are being sent from the teams and the TV crews at the track in the rain.

Update: Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series qualifying cancelled, not looking good for the NNS race this afternoon.

The Nationwide Series qualifying has been rained out. Unfortunately, it does not look good right now for the Nationwide Series race scheduled for this afternoon.

We will be providing rain updates on this post throughout the day. Check back to see how things are going. You can also check The Daly Planet Facebook page or follow us at on Twitter.

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West Coast Diane said...

No rain delay for me.

Watching (or trying to) live streaming of Indy50 practice.

Leave Wednesday for the 100th anniversary.

If this is a second post, sorry. Google directed me to something and not sure it posted.

West Coast Diane said...

Not a good posting day...INDY500!

Anonymous said...

Have fun Diane!

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day! At least Miles is concrete & self cleaning so when it does stop it won't take 18 million days to dry :)

Sophia said...

Sorry rain interferes again with NASCAR.
Indycar online streaming is great. Saw that on twitter (Thanks to whomever tweeted the link)

JD, I wish you'd cover INDY a bit this month if' you've time. I love the voices online. They are QUIET for long periods of time so you can HEAR THE CARS! TV guys, take a lesson!

FYI, for those who think Twitter is useless, quick feel good story. Reds player Brandon Phillips said he was going to Joe Morgan Honda. Nearby, a 14 yr old had a baseball game & asked Brandon via twitter to come to it. Brandon asked when I where but did not say for sure he'd be there (didn't want to make the kid nervous)Said he'd try.

It was the Reds only day off for weeks. Brandon DID show up, which made the kid nervous but thrilled!- and he played very well. Brandon had a day off, was in the area, and it was a right place, right time Tweet. Everybody had fun & Brandon (who is always smiling) signed autographs & chatted with people, staying for most of the game! :-D

AncientRacer said...

Well ... rats.

Hope if it stops they can get the NNS in

Palmetto said...

It doesn't look good for the Grand Am series at VIR either. They were going to be on Speed 5:00, I assume as tape-delayed.

If I'd know everything was going to be rained out today, I would have delayed watching yesterday's Truck race on DVR.

Anon/J said...

There was activity? IMO, not a race that should've been run today.

Sure there were financial and other reasons behind it - but if it's horrible on TV, prolly not much better on the track - assuming anyone stuck around.

ESPN seems to be listening, and coverage (particularly cameras et al) is getting better. Thanks, TV dudes.

I've heard tell of stuff being rained out through Monday, and maybe that's what should've happened in this case.

Had to sleep through most of it, but doesn't feel like I missed much.

Failboat weekend for NASCAR at present. Cup races haven't been much to look at in ages. We'll see. Big world filled with other, equally interesting stuff if they can't provide.