Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Repost: Puzzling TV Changes At SPEED

Update: Monday night brought lots of email and social media messages about the changes to the RaceHub program on SPEED. This is a repost of the story describing those changes from last week.

A trio of announcements from SPEED has made for some interesting reading and some head scratching moments. Let's take the items one at a time.

The young lady pictured above, Marianela Pereyra, is joining Trackside as a reporter for the next four programs. As we know, SPEED has been working to revamp the series and began by eliminating Larry McReynolds from the program this season.

Trackside has also been searching for a new host since Steve Byrnes moved into the network's RaceHub studios to host that series. It appears for the moment that Rutledge Wood has been given the role, at least for the next several programs.

Wood will host Kyle Petty and Jeff Hammond on the show this weekend from Atlanta with Joey Logano and David Ragan as guests. Trackside's new reporter goes simply by Marianela and is a TV veteran of music, poker and sports programs.

It should be interesting to see what this new format has in store for viewers and what role Marianela will be filling working among NASCAR fans in a program taped live outside. More fan interaction with the guests, perhaps?

We have been asking SPEED to offer the Victory Lane show after Saturday night Sprint Cup Series races for years. Now, the network has taken that idea even one step further. Victory Lane starting at Richmond will now air immediately after ESPN goes off the air with Sprint Cup Series post-race coverage.

That means fans can literally switch over to SPEED for an extended post-race show in the Victory Lane format. This program offers John Roberts, Kyle Petty and Kenny Wallace on a small set right in the actual Victory Lane area of the track. The idea is to capture the moments and also interview the winning driver, crew chief and owner. Bob Dillner reports for the show and highlights are also included.

This is a wonderful change for both the Saturday and Sunday races. The network deserves credit for moving to this flexible air time format to capitalize on the Sprint Cup Series TV audience that watched the live race.

Victory Lane will also keep it's Monday morning re-air. WindTunnel with Dave Despain will move to 8PM on Sundays to fill that now vacant timeslot.

The final news item is the head scratcher. It has already resulted in some rather upset NASCAR fans immediately after the announcement was made. SPEED's Monday through Thursday RaceHub show is being moved from 7PM to 6PM Eastern Time beginning September 12.

This move puts RaceHub squarely up against local TV station and broadcast TV network newscasts from Florida to Maine. The sacred 6PM hour of news is an East Coast institution. Even more interesting is the fact that for September, SPEED is airing two repeat episodes of the Pass Time drag racing game show in the 7PM hour. In September, the show continues to re-air at 11PM Pacific Time.

We asked for an explanation of the RaceHub move, but did not get a response from SPEED.

As always, we want your comments on these topics. To add your opinion, just click on the comments button below. Thank you for taking the time to stop by The Daly Planet.


Alina said...

Didn't Victory Lane used to be on immediately after every race, no matter what? I swear that when I first got Speed, that is how it was...

glenc1 said...

yes, Alina, that was true, maybe up until 4 or five years ago?

My puzzler is sore. I have no idea why Speed would do change Racehub's time slot. Personally, for me it doesn't matter as I don't watch TV News.

Doug said...

It seems that SpeedTv has no idea how to run a network centered around motorsports. I've often scratched my head as to why Speed would hire Kenny Wallace, a driver with zero Cup wins, to host a show called Victory Lane. The things this network does doesn't make much sense, like showing tape delayed nascar races and events ( pit crew challenge). Speed needs to realize that most fans use social media and showing delayed nascar events makes a lot of fans angry.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are right Alina, figured it had to do with the unstability. Not complaining though. Upsetting when they *Don't* have because of rain or whatever. Marcos got the shaft, which really sx'd, it being his long awaited 1st.
What the **, is wrong with Speed...., just because ESPN sc^e*s over NASCAR and their fans don't give you the right. ~~~I~~~ DEPEND on Speed for all NASCAR info, *H* ESPN puts some crappy poker xxxx before NASCAR, good gosh what a bunch of _ _ lovingnascar

RPM said...

I'm like Alina. NVL used to follow every race live, didn't it?

BToS JD said...

RaceHub @ 6 doesn't get it for me for many reasons.

Anonymous said...

I have NOT watched SLOW (speed) unless cars are moving live in three years.

I don't think they like me to watch their programming.

They are very successful in their desire for me not to watch.

They must be winning.

PammH said...

Another pretty face for the TS crowd-ho hum.
VL right after the Sat night races-great idea! But I won't see it-I can never make it up to see the end of the races, so I record. And if they only show it again Mon morn, depending on who won, I'll record then or do NN, a far superior show, imo.
As to the RH move to 6, I haven't watched the evening news in yrs. So I have no problem w/that. I'll record that too, because I'm still listening to the last hr of Moody's show on Sirius. And he has some great guests at 6 almost everyday.

Kurt said...

John, the Race hub move to 6 is odd,but don't forget the 6 pm news is only appointment tv for older viewers,most stations start the local news at 5pm now,and I bet most of people will just dvr it. The live victory lane is a big plus. I haven't caught trackside in years,so personally,no big deal.

Wisconsin Steve said...

Will Windtunnel still be one hour or is it expanding to two hours? That show really needs to be lengthened, IMO.

MRM4 said...

I gave up on SPEED a long time ago. It seems they do not offer what racing fans want. And when they hit upon something good, they start screwing around with it.

Moving Victory Lane to after the conclusion of the race is a good move. I never understood how they can record it and show it that night or even the next night if the race was run on a Saturday night.

OSBORNK said...

I agree with Doug. I don't understand why anyone would hire Kenny Wallace for anything. He bloviates useless drivel endlessly with a most irritating voice. I get the fingernails on the blackboard feeling every time I hear him.

52 yr. fan said...

I very seldom watch VL. Can't take
Kenny's flaling and babble. Same
with Spencer on Hub. He appears and I change channels.

Hub may be trying to get ahead of baseball here at the end of the season. There are going to be some good competition and games are starting around 7.

Vicky D said...

I've never liked VL because of Kenny Wallace giving us his strange and even crazier comments and don't normally watch it. Why would Speed move Hub to 5 PM CT? Guess we'll have to record the show like NN if we or our DVR can ever catch up with it. I've never heard of Marianela either I'll give her a race or two to watch to see what happens. I happen to like Rutledge and think he can ask terrific race questions, I don't like his Top Gear I'll stick to the English one.

Roland said...

Great move by Speed to move Victory Lane to where it should be. They did do this a few years back Alina, but I guess it caused too many scheduling issues. It probably will this time too. Sunday nights block of programming (VL, Speed Center, Wind Tunnel) is the most watched shows on this network, besides live racing. With the Chase races starting at 2, it will be interesting to see how much Victory Lane we actually get, if we get a full hour after the race or a condensed version till Speed Center comes on. But all in all this is a very smart decision and its going to get me to watch a show I stopped watching, so I guess its already working.

Trackside, well I cant say it any nicer, sucks. 5-6 years ago it was a cant miss. I actually wished they had one on Saturday nights too. But this year its just been atrocious. Its DW's hour. Even after DW left for the year I still dont watch it. I guess Ill tune in to see how they use Marianela Pereyra.

You know my thoughts on Race Hub. I dont watch it, still wont.

Wind Tunnel moving to 8 is fantastic. Its always up against other shows on other networks. 9pm on Sunday nights is a brutal timeslot. I havent seen Wind Tunnel in a couple of years thanks to Ax Men and Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

Moving the Hub to 6:00 is fine with me. I have not watched it live for a couple years. My DVR watches it forme and I tune in whenever there is a break in my schedule. Usually in the AM the next day.

I like having Victory Lane right ofter the race coverage.

The other changes ~ will have to wait and see how it works.

Buschseries61 said...

SPEED just doesn't get it. Then again, nobody seems to 'get it'. ESPN has fumbled the Nationwide series around for years. NASCAR Now is taking huge steps backwards to DVR land.

SPEED is just lost with Trackside. It's like they have no idea what the purpose of the show is. Throwing in a reporter that knows nothing about the sport is just adding to the confusion.

The RaceHub time change sounds like a negative for both coasts of the U.S.

SPEED did make the right decision with Victory Lane. Pretty much the only logical changed made.

John in Chico said...

Managers justifying their jobs. Job justifiers, what else do managers do?

Jim said...

Scratch me off the list of viewers for this show. Kenny has gotten out of hand with his antics, and Rutledge Wood is a goofball in his own right. Those two on the same set?
Who's brilliant idea was that?

GinaV24 said...

OK, so we have a new cute girl on Speed, the guys will enjoy that.

Move RaceHub to 6 p.m.? What idiot thinks that's a good idea? I can usually make it home from work in time to see the 7 p.m. show but 6 p.m., well that will be much more of a problem. So I guess this means that RaceHub will be recorded after this.

I like the idea of VL being immediately after the race - I remember that it used to be that way too and then Speed changed it - at least for the Sat night races.

This is a good move, although I will admit that unless a driver I really like wins, I no longer watch it regularly since I refuse to listen to Kenny Wallace on any program.

w17scott said...

MEMO TO:Patti Wheeler, BPEED Boss
SUBJECT: Quality programming
MESSAGE: Where's the beef?

James said...

Wonder why two races from the start of the BZF "EVENT" would they want to change the times of the series daily programs? ADD a little "FLUFF", cute with probably NO racing experience, and we got the LOYAL FANS thrown to the side to make way for the avalanche of curious new wantabes. Wonder how many of them will be looking to watch DANICA run for the series title?

Of all the new talent Daniel Trotta has been a great addition, she has earned the respect of the garage and IMO would be great in an expanded role on race telecasts, she knows what to ask who at the right time in the correct way. But that would make too much sense?

Andrew Mason said...

I do NOT like the changing of Race Hub I live in Los Angeles I dont have a DVR therefore I cant record the earlier showing which now will be 3 p.m pst for me losing that late night showing basically kills it for me

Anonymous said...

I think the move of Victory Lane to right after the race is a good thing. It will help the emotion of the moment to flow better.

Concerning RaceHub it will be better for me because it will no longer be during my local 6pm news here in Oklahoma (there is more than the Eastern timezone in this country, you know). No matter what time they air it in the evening it's going to step on someone's local news. I have local news here at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm LOL.

I don't catch Trackside very often.. usually either asleep or doing something else.

Anonymous said...

I welcome Marianela. What's one more person on Nascar television that knows nothing about racing? As for Rut and the changes to show timeslots? We'll have to see. Trackside is usually useless and I've lost interest in the Hub too. Nascar programming has become so incestuous over the last few years. I'm suspicious of just about everyone with a mic. Race Hub definitely falls into that category.

Sophia said...

Trackside was fun before all the stupid vertigo inducing signs/LOUD crowds, so I stopped watching.

Also miss Steve B but moving his Hub shows I hope works for him.

Larry Mac was good on TS years ago but I gave up watching that show due to the insipid stage set up & rowdy crowd noise/signs.

WTunnel NEEDS to be two hours!!!!!!!!
if it comes on earlier, give DD 2 hours. Also his extended show online was great but lately video has been a little jerky on it. Needs better bandwidth or more people are watching now.

Shame SPEED thinks it's about pretty girls. Clueless.

Give me the normal voices of Joy, Larry, Steve & others & erase the loud stage crowds, put in a trailer with crowds out of tv viewers eyes so we can enjoy the guests & hear them.

If any of this happens, let me know.

or I gave up RDay for some reason as TS. Lame Home Depot stage, inside crazy fans/waving signs.


Miss the SPEED of years back where I never missed a show. Not worth the DVR if I can not hear the shows, ya know?

Lisa Hogan said...

I won't be watching the new "star" on Trackside. I figure that she will be on one of the Fox shows this fall and this is a cross-promo thingy. :)

I tried watching Trackside at the beginning of the season. Without Larry Mac, it was the DW show and DW during the race was enough! I haven't been back.

I don't enjoy the Rutledge "act" so that won't tempt me back.

Since I watch the races delayed, I might try to record Victory Lane or not. Depends on who wins. ;)

Racehub is a record sometime show for me so the time doesn't matter.

Don't watch Wind Tunnel or Speed Center so, again, time doesn't matter.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Excited that The King is going to be on tv for the sprint cup practice! Or ~ Maybe it was a typo!

6:00PM - Sprint Cup Series on SPEED: Atlanta practice with Steve Byrnes, Richard Petty and Larry McReynolds. Bob Dillner and Wendy Venturini reporting

Daly Planet Editor said...

DOH! Right church, wrong pew!

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Wind Tunnel, SPEED has consistently gone downhill since FOX bought it and changed it's name from SpeedVision. I don't watch it much anymore. The only member of the Trackside team that had any racing sense was Larry McReynolds. I guess they had to get rid of him because he made the others look dumb. Why on earth do they have know-nothings like Rutledge Wood, Krista Voda, and now Marei - whatever? Don't they realize that they just sound stupid every time they open their mouths?


Anonymous said...

Too bad to see Trackside fall further downhill.It was a must watch for many years at our house but they killed it with too much DW. Don't watch anymore, especially with no Larry Mac.

AnceintRacer said...

You know, that is just the way it goes. Find something I like and they either cancel it or change it. I really like Race Hub, but you are right JD the 6pm newshour is sacred space in th east so if I got to choose ... well ... I've been watching the news since Huntley-Brinkley and Cronkite, soooo....

diane said...

Trackside went downhill when they turned the stage set around so that the audience was visible behind the hosts. Its annoying to see all the waving signs and people making stupid hand signals and faces. LOOK MA, I'M ON THE TV!!

That being said, the only time I every watch anymore is if Montoya or Ambrose are guests. I record the show, fast forward to those interviews and then delete the rest.

Vicky D said...

She has an irritating voice and I don't see the point of having her on.

John in Chico said...

I just went to "contact us" at Speed.com and refrenced this blog and suggested they read the comments from us. Of course there isn't enough room to tell them much but they got the blog address. The glowing reviews they will get from the survey takers will contrast with the reality. But denial always works.

Anonymous said...

Wind Tunnel is the only program that I watch on SPEED any more. I used to have some interest in the truck series, but I stopped watching when they put Michael Waltrip in the broadcast booth.

In their support programming for the other series, they seemed to have made a decision long ago to go for programming driven by personalities rather than racing content. And those personalities seem to have been chosen to attract the interest of juvenile males. SPEED still has a few people I would watch (Wendy Venturini for one), but it isn't worth wading through the silliness and fluff.

I half expect SPEED to decide to revamp Wind Tunnel by naming Kenny Wallace and an unknown female pretty face to co-host with Despain. At that point, the whole network would become irrelevant to me.

Anonymous said...

I will not watch any SPEED broadcast that employs Rutledge. He is absolutely worthless.

RaceFanCC said...

I have probably inudated SPEED'S Twitter account by the comments I've left today. Marinela is NOT good on TV, is trying too hard, is clueless and if they were looking for a "pretty face", they gave up their search too soon. I'll bet even guys would rather see a normal looking chick who knows about NASCAR rather than this mediocre bimbo. Just sayin'.

James said...

Sorry, I don't get it! She seems to have gotten the attention of the three stooges on the stage, but I do not see the appeal.

jerry said...

I haven't watched trackside since they started filming it in front of a audience. The original trackside was perfect. Just racers talking racing in a room somewhere. No live audience to play up too.

Anonymous said...

Speed needs to hire new management ASAP. To think someone watches a race show just to see a female is totally out of touch. The shows have mainly become just silly, about stupid things. Very little about actual racing.

oldnewenglander said...

We have a scheduling problem. The football game in Ann Arbor on ESPN 2 just entered a 30 minute rain delay.

Ginny said...

Switching over to SPEED for VL right after the race ends is only good if you're in front of the TV. I actually liked it when they started showing it at a specific time every week because my TiVo recorded it without fail. Now, it'll be a crap shoot whether I actually get any or all of the show when I sit down to watch it later. Great. Just peachy.

I have not been impressed with the Trackside changes and have stopped watching unless there's an interview I'm interested in. They should just rename the show to "Fun Stuff at the Track" because it's nothing like Trackside. I don't understand the need to bring in "pretty people" but I'm sure it's because I don't fit the young urban male demographic. People complain about drivers that haven't won races. I'd rather watch them than someone who has nothing to do with NASCAR.

I'll watch Trackside again if they bring back the old crew, including Larry Mac.

Brian Vermette said...

Personally I don't watch Trackside, so the chances doesn't effect me. Now as for WindTunnel and RaceHub changing times...that actually works perfect for me in both case. My 9pm on Sunday night is full and I normally have to tape WindTunnel the next day, so 8PM is cool.

The same goes for RaceHub, 6pm works considering the local news starts at 4pm and goes to 7pm, I think my DVR can handle it.

Every time I find out where it's at they move it said...

So let's see.. ESPN had no plans
for rain. Instead we get a mix
of college football and alan
and jabber jarret and others.
Wow perfect. But Alan just keeps
talking in his high voice to make
sure we dont miss a thing.
Of course ESPN doesnt have any
great footage that could be run..
Never mind - we all know the horrid drill. See yah manana
oh Speaking of torture .. Jabber
Jarrett on the coverage Sat and
Sunday nite. I give up. amen
peace out ...way way out

John in Chico said...

Speed needs to hire new management ASAP. To think someone watches a race show just to see a female is totally out of touch. The shows have mainly become just silly, about stupid things. Very little about actual racing.

Ah. This is the result of new management....

Dannyboy said...

Like so many others, I only watch Trackside & Hub when they have someone who interests me. I DVR them (and Nascar Now, & Inside NASCAR) and I ffwd thru a large % of the content, especially pre-produced pieces, which rarely tell me anything I didn't know already or anything I really NEED to know.

The vast majority of what I watch on SPEED anymore is live race cars, and Wind Tunnel.

NorCalFan said...

The time change on Race Hub doesn't bother me. Here in Calif. moving it from 4pm to 3pm still means I need to record it on the DVR.

As for Trackside, Speed needs to find a new host. Rutledge Wood brings the Hee Haw factor to the show with all his silly fun and games and childish behavior. Marienela adds nothing to the show except the fawning of two grown men (Petty & Hammond) trying their best to impress her. Their antics are embarrassing to watch. I DVR the show and now only watch it if a driver is on that I like. Then I just hope that Rutledge is not the one asking the questions.