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Hot Topic: The Adams Family

Update: This is a repost of the original story about the person who posted the Kurt Busch video of him upset with the ESPN camera crew and Dr. Jerry Punch. Sunday night, Busch was fired from Penske racing according to the Charlotte Observer's Jim Utter. You can leave updated comments about that topic on this post.

John Adams lived in Braintree, Massachusetts and was the second President of the United States. He was a Harvard graduate. He was also fiercely independent and believed in the freedom of citizens to express their views. "Let us dare to read, think, speak and write," he said.

Jon Adams lives in Hiram, Georgia. He is pictured above on the right standing with driver Landon Cassill. Adams graduated from Hiram High School last year. He likes to hunt, fish, and iRace with his friends. He also believes in the sharing of information just like the former President.

The big difference is that the Mr. Adams from Georgia has a smartphone with a video camera, a YouTube account and a Facebook page. Where former President Adams published his thoughts on paper and distributed his work by hand, the younger Mr. Adams has an instant global audience thanks to modern technology.

Adams recently traveled to Homestead, Florida for the final race of the 2011 Sprint Cup Series. Garage pass in hand, he found himself in the empty Sprint Cup Series garage as the race started. In a defining moment, he listened to his friend Brian Schoenburg who had an idea on what they should do next.

"So I told my buddy Jon Adams, let's go check on Kurt Busch...he might be slightly flustered with how his day went." said Schoenburg on Facebook.

The two walked over to the area of the garage where Busch was waiting. Adams took out his cellphone and began recording video and sound. In one of the most curious cases of the tail wagging the dog in NASCAR TV history, Adams caught the now famous tirade of Busch at ESPN pit reporter Dr. Jerry Punch.

Rather than just take the video home and show his friends, Adams posted it to his YouTube account that is normally filled with his iRacing pursuits. It didn't take long for the less than two-minute video to become viral. Now with over a half-million views, the repercussions of what one NASCAR fan with a cellphone can do are amazing. Click here if you live under a rock.

Here is a note from Busch's NASCAR sponsor: "Shell and Pennzoil are disappointed with recent actions by driver, Kurt Busch, at the final race of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race season. His actions are in no way consistent with the way we want our brands represented and we have expressed our disappointment and concerns directly to Penske Racing."

Here is a note from NASCAR: "NASCAR has fined Kurt Busch $50,000 for his actions during the Sprint Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. NASCAR determined that Kurt Busch violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing – inappropriate hand gesture; abusive language) of the 2011 NASCAR Rule Book." NASCAR said Kurt Busch showed "disrespect towards a media member," an incident that followed similar inappropriate media confrontations earlier in the season.

Here is a note from Kurt Busch: "Unfortunately, our result in the season-ending race at Homestead on Sunday was not what we had hoped for as a team," he said. "In my frustration with the loss of my transmission early in the race, I let my emotions get the better of me. I regret having done this and apologize to the sponsors of Penske Racing, to NASCAR, its fans, to the media and in particular, Dr. Jerry Punch."

The ultimate irony here is that ESPN is famous for putting extensive effort into using both audio and video captured at the Sprint Cup Series tracks to embarrass drivers. Michael Waltrip, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are just some of the drivers who have been painted in a bad light on purpose.

Unlike journalists at the track who may have run-ins with NASCAR personalities like Busch during the course of a ten month season, Adams and his friend were not interested in accomplishing anything more than just seeing what was going on. But when they saw Busch's antics, they knew right where to go.

"My f*****g idea cost Kurt $50,000.... I can't believe it, great teamwork dude, haha... If only that money went back into our pockets," said Shoenburg to Adams on Facebook. "Way to go man! Haha, you be famous now for taking down Kurt Busch, I bet he gets more of a penalty than Kyle did," said Facebook friend Justin Fuller.

Click here to review Adams' Facebook page and the support he has for "taking down" a NASCAR driver. Epic, owned and superstar were some of the terms being used by those leaving comments.

All of this points to the ever-changing topic of who really is "the media" these days. Was it Punch with his TV crew or these two Georgia boys with a cell phone? Punch never mentioned the incident on the air and ESPN never showed it. The mainstream NASCAR media picked it up from Twitter fan links.

These days at the track there is one group producing the live TV telecast, another producing the radio coverage and a third covering the event from a news perspective for a variety of online media outlets. That is who NASCAR describes as "the media."

Perhaps, there is a fourth group at the track. The unofficial media arm of the sport are the fans who see and hear things from the time they arrive at the track until they leave and take the time to share them.

With the rapid growth of Twitter, the new ease of posting video on Facebook and the global reach of YouTube it seems that 2012 may see fans empowered to become a greater source of NASCAR news content.

What did you think of Adams posting this video? Do you check YouTube, Facebook or other sources for fan videos from NASCAR racing weekends? Do you upload videos when you attend races? What do you think of ESPN choosing not to report this incident or use the footage? We welcome your opinions on this topic.

To add your comment, just click the comments button below. If you are a new reader, we do not permit profanity, hateful speech or political agendas. Our perspective is simply having conversations about different NASCAR TV and media topics. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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Lou said...
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cfstilettos said...

I am disappointed that this video was posted. As fans, its a huge privelege to be allowed "behind the scenes". Posts like this may just make NASCAR, an organization well know for doing everything it can to control its image, think twice about allowing this kind of access to "outsiders".

Lou said...

Hi JD,
Just read some of the posts from 2007 to refresh.

I am glad the video was posted. We are all human and make mistakes. But Dr.Punch should never have to put up with that type of treatment, nor should anyone for that matter.

I think the comments after the fact by kurt busch are shallow at this point. The busch brothers are running out of good rides if they keep this up.

Anonymous said...

The video was edited ... There's a definite stop/restart in it ... The little children aren't telling the whole story ...

The fact that the kid has NOT locked down his Facebook page is proof he's an egomaniac ...

And this article just plays into their out of control egos ...

Very disappointed in ALL involved ...

Roland said...

Jon Adams didnt take down Kurt Busch. Kurt Busch took down Kurt Busch.

I guess Ill come out of the wood work. I am RockyTopTN11 on Youtube. I joined a little more than a year ago. I make a lot of compilation videos about various subjects, like wacky cautions, Marty Reid fails, stuff like that. I never talked about it on here because Im not a Waltrip, Im not going to use JD's blog for self promotion. My channel has had some success and I have a good number of subscribers. If I took that video, I could upload it without tags and within an hour have a hundred views. My point being that I can relate, and I would have done the same thing. Jon Adams did absolutely nothing wrong. Kurt should be held accountable for his actions.

What grinds my gears is that Nascar penalized him. I think that should be something the team should do. And they should have done it a long time ago. Tired of Penske looking the other way. I lost all respect I had for Kurt over the past year or so. His actions towards his crew have been deplorable. And I also think it is wrong to fine a driver because an in car camera captured a bird in progress. Thats ESPN's fault, not Kurt. But the disrespect towards Doc Punch was uncalled for.

I agree with you JD, there is a 4th group of media. I dont think its news driven, more entertainment driven especially on youtube. I dont make videos about news, I make mine to entertain.

AncientRacer said...

In today's world:

You must assume you are always on-camera and the mike (see or unseen) is hot whether or not your name is Angelina Jolie. Everyone has become the paparazzi.

Dennis said...

I don't think ESPN would have looked good had they reported the incident. Some might have seen it as a deliberate attempt at provocation ie. creating an event.

That said, Kurt is his own worst enemy. However, I don't agree with posting whatever one feels like on YouTube. I believe people are entitled to some privacy.

The Facebook comments are distasteful and if I was NASCAR I wouldn't be allowing Mr. Adams or his friends a pit pass. They are too immature to respect it.

Finally, I do agree with NASCAR fining Busch. His actions did bring disrepute to the sport. If he felt he was waiting too long for an interview, he could have simply told Jerry that he had changed his mind. In no way was it appropriate for Kurt to be abusive towards Mr. Punch.

glenc1 said...

Ah...the downside of 'social media'. I agree with Roland. The garage may be a 'priviliged' area....but it's a public one, and what you do there is fair game. These are not 7 year olds who 'don't know any better'. They're adults who are used to having cameras around them, and who enjoy it *when* it suits their purpose, i.e., sponsors, charities, etc. Heck, Kyle & Sam Busch got someone to PAY to televise their nuptuals. While I personally would not have sought to 'dig up dirt' in the garage area (and find it kind of repulsive that people do), we all know these days as AR says, the cameras are always on and you should behave accordingly. (Actually you should behave like a professional whether there are cameras there or not, but that's another story.)

I also agree that I wish it was Penske who fined/punished him, not NASCAR. I would agree KuBu's actions were detrimental to the sport; and reflects the sports' relationship to the media organizations, I'd rather have seen them discuss it with the Captain & let him handle it with the sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Mike Joy tweeted the other day that Kurt's tirade was not aimed AT Dr Punch, but at the ESPN cameraman ...

IF one watches and listens to the video closely, one can see/hear that the tirade is NOT directed AT Dr Punch ... One can see/hear that Dr Punch is trying to tell the truck that he's got Kurt there and there appears to be ZERO response from the truck/booth ...

We have no idea how long Kurt had to wait ... We don't know why ESPN didn't just have the cameraman & Dr Punch tape the interview ... Even Kurt mentions that they should've just taped it instead of making him wait "10 minutes" ... Dr Punch appears to be as frustrated with ESPN's truck/booth as Kurt is ...

It also appears that the kids with the camera are "hiding" behind a stack of tires ... so we're not getting the whole view of what's going on ...

Yes, I'm a fan of Kurt's ... BUT, we also know that ESPN loves their self-created drama and they have a bad history of stalking drivers knowing that when they're upset it's easy to nudge them over the edge into an over-the-top reaction ...

That said ... The video does NOT tell the whole story ...

I'm pretty sure that Brian France is loving this video and the reaction it's getting ... Heck, he may have actually cut a check for the kids ... Brian's probably just glad that some other video knocked the "Booooooo" video out of the collective conscious of the media / general public ...

Oh, the irony ... The word verification is: cookie

NancyatStudioN said...

I am NOT a Kurt Busch fan but I agree totally with "tiamatsrevenge" - the profanity was aimed at the camera - not at Jerry Punch.

Yes, in today's world there is no privacy and everyone should realize that anything they do in public can be used against them and act accordingly.

Yes, Kurt was wrong but so was ESPN.

I wish the media would refrain from "attacking" the drivers the minute they get out of their cars after a bad situation. Somehow, the "public's right to know" has trampled on a person's right to be protected from being hounded.

GinaV24 said...

Well, these days, everyone has a phone with a camera that they can instantly upload whatever idiotic thing it is that people are doing up to the web.

As GlenC pointed out, the garage is a public area, even if the public usually has to pay to get access to it and lets' face it, the drivers KNOW the cameras are always there - either the media that NASCAR acknowledges or the public with their personal cameras.

I can't feel too badly for Kurt though, this is normal behavior for him - I base that opinion from his scanner traffic as well as his behavior with other reporters in past incidents.

I actually give credit to ESPN for not showing what a jerk he is on camera - except they probably were worried about FCC fines.

NASCAR fined him, but that won't stop the behavior - I think he and Kyle are both simply rude and obnoxious individuals by nature.

The statements from Penske and his sponsors get a shrug from me on the basis of its just the usual PR drivel, just like Kurt's apology.

Greta said...

I think Kurt's behavior was out of line, but Kurt is becoming that way more and more. He is downright nasty to his crew, and I guess he doesn't realize we hear that and believe the other persona he puts on. Having said that, Tony Stewart has always said that the track is his office, and how would we want someone with cameras all over us all the time. He has a point.

NASCAR fining a driver $50,000 is nothing, and they should really just stop it. It makes them look foolish.

MRM4 said...

I listen to Dr. Punch on a radio show every Monday on a local radio station in town. Last Monday, he was very harsh when speaking about Kurt Busch. The video had not yet gone viral, so I wondered what prompted that comment. Dr. Punch usually takes the high road when commenting on driver behavior. About an hour later, I saw the video and knew then what he was talking about. It's no suprise because Kurt Busch is a jerk.

Regardless whether Busch's words were aimed at Punch, the crew guys, the truck, or whoever, the man shows no respect for anyone. Ask those in the garage area and these are common stories.

Let's not forget as Busch was coasting toward the garage, someone in the garage area caught Busch's attention to the point where he flipped off that person. It was caught on live TV. Combine that with his treatment of the ESPN crew, he deserved to be fined. Sadly, the fine will probably have no effect on Busch. Losing some pocket change will not change the attitude of a jerk.

glenc1 said...

It's also not okay to act like a jacka$$ to a cameraman making a lot less money than Jerry Punch. The point is, they deal with this all the time; I've even heard the reporters thank the drivers for their patience. If Kurt couldn't deal with it, he simply could have walked away and said he was sorry; no harm, no foul. My guess is, they have plenty of other examples (media) that they have never shown or told us about. Not just of Kurt, I'm sure. But you can't expect to have the privilige of driving in a top racing series without learning how to deal with the media. It's as much a part of the job as anything else.

AncientRacer said...

Was talking to a friend this morning and she said, "Well, all of it is further fleshing out of what Andy Warhol said. Used to be we wondered how all of us were going to be famous for 15 minutes. Now we know it will be because of either, or all, an extremely compromising photograph posted on the internet or a video posted on the intenrnet where we act like a jerk or being the person who posted them."

She has a point.

But as to the fine(s): If Kurt's was to be $50k Kyle's should have been higher $150-200k. I cannot see any rastional equivalency between cussing and wrecking someone else vehicle.

But it is NASCAR. Rationality plays little part in decsionmaking.

Daly Planet Editor said...

It's still interesting to me that:

1 - ESPN never commented online about the entire thing. Only story on the ESPN website is from AP's Jenna Fryer.

2 - NASCAR owns all footage recorded at tracks when cars are racing, including infield. I find it amazing that NASCAR allows Mr. Adams to continue to display the footage.

3 - ESPN made a decision not to mention or use the footage even after the race on shows like SportsCenter or Outside the Lines. This is the complete opposite of ESPN's track record in using footage to embarrass NASCAR personalities for website hits or TV ratings.


GinaV24 said...

perhaps there are incriminating photos of someone at ESPN and that is why they are not talking about it.

I know I know, I see black helicopters!

Daly Planet Editor said...

I think is on it! Those guys just rake the sports muck like no one else.

Vicky D said...

Like Dennis wrote, the Busch brothers are their own worst enemies. I haven't listened to Kurt's since I've heard previous rants by him lots of other times (and like Jimmy Spencer shows on Hub, Kurt Busch Radio Sweetheart). These drivers should realize that there will always be someone with a cellphone nearby when they start with their outbursts! He and Kyle don't have any sympathy from me.

Buschseries61 said...

A decade ago, the public would have known nothing of the incident. Dr. Punch is a classy guy. He would never report on air, 'there will be no Kurt Busch interview due to a childlike tirade in the garage.' He just dropped the interview and moved on. But modern technology has changed the world for better and for worse. I’m surprised NASCAR didn’t force the video down.

Kurt has a lot going on in his life right now, which is understandable. But he has developed a history of this throughout the season. It's not good PR for anybody. And I really am surprised ESPN did not pick up the story, considering he treated Jamie Little the same way at Loudon in September.

While Adams & his friends may be celebrating, his actions may cause consequences that no one will celebrate: additional fan garage restrictions and a growing gap between the fans and the drivers.

The public vs. private debate will rage on for years to come. Meanwhile, drivers have to be cautious of their actions even after the tv cameras have turned away. A grainy cell phone camera can topple giants.

Ann_Ominous said...

I'm wondering if maybe the France family wants the Busch brothers gone. Maybe there was some private tirade to one of them or about them that we just haven't heard about.

Lou said...


Maybe I am just old school. But I always think of the U.S. Constitution and the first amendment rights. I may be wrong as I am not a lawyer. and i am sure that this has been in court many times,perhaps hundreds or thousands in the last 100years

But the freedom of speech that kurt busch exhibited is a right that he has. But then the next question is, does mr. adams have the right to exhibit the right of kurt busch comments to the public in a forum in social media?

Years ago this would not have been an issue as it pertains to social media.

JD, do you or I think that maybe someone in the 22 camp such as a pr person might be around to advise him? With all the sponsor dollars involved I would think so.

Getting off track, maybe not. this is coverage of the sport. Which is why I read every post you blog. You have taught me so much of the tv aspect of the sport.

Daly Planet Editor said...


As we know, that certainly protects opinion but does not protect speech within voluntary workplace guidelines.

Kurt could have easily taken a walk. NASCAR only requires the top three finishers to meet with the media.

Our debate is focused on whether a fan video posted on YouTube that never appeared on the ESPN telecast should be considered by NASCAR as criteria for suspension.

Can these two kids be considered "media" sources?


Lou said...

JD, thanks for your response. Yes, I agree that maybe Kurt should have taken a walk. it does seem the video has been edited.

As to your third sentance. yes, if only the full video is presented to nascar. will this take a subpoena? It may well be the case. But does nascar want to go that far?

And no. those two can not be considered media sources IMHO.

AncientRacer said...

Interesting comments here and JD asked, "Can these two kids be considered "media" sources?"

By the now older than dirt standard I was taught in which there existed "gatekeepers" and usually multiple levels of them between information unfiltered and information delivered the answer is clearly "no."

But that world began dissolving, as I reckon it, in 1988 with the scandal involving Fmr. Sen. Gary Hart with allegations first aired against him in The National Enquirer which had, prior to then NOT been considered an acceptable source. Much handwringing went on at the time and the actual "story" was no considered "official" until the Miami Herald went after it with its own shoe leather in the person of reporting ace, Tom Fiedler

The rule that emerged from that, and which was confirmed subsequently, I call the "first bite" rule. Anyhting and any one can be a media source once any one of the big players in the media (the nets, the wires, the established, mainstream print outlets)picks up a story and runs it.

With the internet the application of the "first bite" rule became so easy as to render the rule nonexistant. So the answer to JD's question in the contemporary world is "yes."

We may not like that, but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Editing or not, as many others have stated the Busch brothers are their own worst enemies. They've shown their arses numerous times in the past on LIVE TV, so we know exactly how they can be.

Yes most of the tirade wasn't towards Dr. Punch but he was an arse in the beginning when he "thanked" Dr. Punch for mentioning about his piece flying & possibly damaging Smoke's radiator.

OSBORNK said...

I think this is much ado about little. If social media and cell phones had been around when Dale Sr. was racing, I think we would have seen a very different Dale. Dale Sr. did not tolerate fools or invasion of his privacy or space. Of course ESPN and reporters would not have had the guts to approach him in situations like Kurt Busch was in.

Sally said...

Seeing that the garage is a public area, the boys had the 'right' to take the video, in my opinion. The fact that they are so childishly celebrating 'taking down' ad driver speaks to their maturity level, which seem to be on a par with Kurt's.

With media coverage of Nascar fading rapidly away, having any driver being that disrespectful just isn't smart on any level. Kurt could easily have said he couldn't wait any longer and walked away. It isn't like this is the first time he has treated media badly. If he chooses to have that attitude in a public area where fans are around, he should be well aware of the consequences of his actions.

It's unfortunate that he hasen't learned to either censor his own speech/attitude, or keep it private. At least that's how it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't go anywhere any longer without my smartphone, a video camera loaded with an Eye-Fi card and a point-and-shoot camera loaded with an Eye-Fi card. Everything I shoot gets uploaded via cellular to my home server for potential later use. Anyone who uncovers a news story is media in today's media landscape. Ethical media wait for corroboration before publishing, either via print, web or television. However, not much corroborates better than uncut video and/or undoctored photographs.

And if one fails to understand this, as the Busch Brothers have failed to understand, one will pay the price.

Like unethical media, NASCAR did not wait for sufficient corroboration. NASCAR acted on a You Tube post that did not appear to be uncut even to the untrained eye, but that is no surprise to long time observers. Unfortunately NASCAR seems to never learn from their mistakes.

Doug S said...

Are the Kids journalists? NO

Dr. Punch and ESPN is to report news, not be the news. I don't blame them for not airing the tirade.

Should NASCAR of fined Kurt after the release of the video? Absolutely! His action are his own and took place at a NASCAR sanctioned event. If an official was present and saw that tirade, he should have reported it to John Darby. And NASCAR could have levied one of their secret fines.

These agents and PR personnel constantly remind these drivers about PR and how it plays in the media and social media.

The question is where was Kurt's PR person trying to calm him down, remove him from that situation? Oh wait, they're probably treated with the same respect he shows his crew chiefs, crew, Phoenix Police and owner.

Kurt Busch has talent, he also has a short fuse. The is no denying those two facts.

The question becomes, when will it be a liability, and the sponsors, and crew stop looking at Penske racing as a positive place to be associated with?

How would you like to named as Kurt Busch's newest crew chief, or would you hope the blurb would be posted on Jayski and everyone just pass it on by.

jdh417 said...

Compare this act of "non-reporting" with ESPN's latest college sports stories. Child molestation story at Penn State, they're all over it and Paterno is fired. Same problem at Syracuse, they've been sitting on the story since 2002. Just waiting for additional sources to come forward or selective outrage based on the names and universities involved?

ESPN is about promotiing ESPN. Sports is simply the vechicle they use to get there. Their version of the story and their agenda is far more important than reporting on actual events.

Anonymous said...

for all those commenting about the 'edited' video...has anyone, Penske, KuBu, anyone...suggested that the general view of what happened was inaccurate, edited (perhaps for time) or no?

Zetona said...

It's a strange paradox that the NASCAR Media Group would charge so much for race footage, but not crack down on YouTube. Other series and sports do. Any Formula 1 highlights posted are quickly taken down. A search for highlights from a recent top-level soccer game generally results in a bunch of videos telling you to "click the link below!" to see it on another site that the sanctioning body isn't cracking down on.

By contrast, you can watch full NASCAR races (very recent ones, too!) on YouTube and there seems to be a thriving community that exchanges clips and creates compilations for public entertainment. I'm fine with that as it is (I'm subscribed to you, Roland...keep up the good work!), in no small part because the more "official" sources for NASCAR video, namely, are buggy and leave out important highlights, especially for the lesser series. Plus, they don't provide compilations of great racing, hilarious quotes, or wild saves.

Anonymous said...

These 2 young men are as much members of the media as the person that videoed the beating of Rodney King,or the driver of the GOOGLE EARTH car that filmed the nude woman in Florida.They were just in the right place at the right time.
NASCAR sue them for posting home movies or pics?I think not.

West Coast Kenny said...


You posted this today, the same day Steve Addington -- Kurt Busch's crew chief -- called Busch to inform him that he "was indeed leaving" the team. Minutes later came the official announcement from Stewart-Haas Racing that Addington was taking over as crew chief of the #14 Championship team for Tony Stewart.

Maybe that YouTube video been a small indication of Kurt Busch's problems with anger management?

Could it be that Steve Addington had just had enough of Kurt Busch and decided to accept a position with Tony Stewart?


Nick Doyle said...

Daly Planet Editor said...
It's still interesting to me that:
. . .
2 - NASCAR owns all footage recorded at tracks when cars are racing, including infield. I find it amazing that NASCAR allows Mr. Adams to continue to display the footage.
. . .
November 28, 2011 12:12 PM

JD --

Near as I can figure, the only way that NASCAR could control any photos or video taken by fans would be to confiscate/ban cameras and phones of all types from entering the tracks. That seems impossible and would likely cause all kinds of negative publicity.

Has NASCAR ever done anything to prevent fan photos from being published? Lots of sites, including yours, have photos that were probably not taken by or licensed from/by "official" NASCAR photographers. Videos are just one step removed, and that genie looks to be out of the bottle.

Cheers --


Daly Planet Editor said...


NASCAR has no problem with fans taking and using pics and videos for personal use.

The change comes when things are posted online or used for "journalistic" purposes.

As you might have seen on Mr. Adams YouTube page, he now says that the video is actually owned by NASCAR.

In terms of pics, NASCAR uses a variety of outlets to offer pics to all kinds of online and print outfits.

Websites like mine that have no ads and do not generate revenue are not the issue. Those pro sites with ads and big page views have to negotiate use of official pictures.

Just to repeat. NASCAR does in fact own all the video of any kind shot inside the race track once the event is underway.

I appreciate you bringing up this point and I will try to put together a basic guide to these types of media issues as a post later this off-season.


Anonymous said...

I want to know why there hasn't been an apology posted by TDP? Once again he ripped ESPN for not following up the Busch story and here we find out there's a completely different story behind the scenes.

John Daly makes it a point to always chide ESPN for their mistakes and unethical behavior but when it comes to his own, as expected he's silent.

Nick Doyle said...

JD --

Thanks for your updates on NASCAR's control of various types of media. Some of that was news to me, and I look forward to learning more when you post the expanded media information.

Enjoy your site.

Cheers --


Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 5:37PM,

Can you help me to identify where I "ripped ESPN?" The producer chose not to use this footage. Jerry Punch chose to stay silent on the issue. chose to post only an AP story on the topic.

Thanks for the help.


Bill said...

So it's official, huh? Kurt is no longer the driver of the 22. Wowee. At least brother Kyle damaged his career on the track, and was aware of what he was doing at the time.

Sorry Kurt. Camera's on even when the tally light is off.

glenc1 said...

holy crap. I was shocked when a friend just told me. I don't know how I feel about the social media role in this. A guy with a camera got a guy fired? It has to be more than that. Maybe the issues with Kurt & his crew. Addington had certainly had enough. And I'm guessing Shell was directly involved. Reuty or Vickers should get a call.


Roland said...

That kid is going to take a ton of heat from Kurt Busch fans everywhere...all 5 of them.

Like I said above, Jon Adams did not take down Kurt, Kurt took down Kurt. Although I was a bit surprised at his firing, given Penske has refused to step in on numerous occasions (that we know about). Sounds to me like its 100% sponsor driven. Its a bit of a longshot, but I hope Parker Kilgerman or Landon Cassil get the ride. They deserve it.

Bill said...

Sorry drivers. "Boys have at it" does not mean in the garage area, or anywhere else. It only applies when you're going 200 mph in your race car. Where it's safe.

This one event will completely change how all drivers and teams behave during race weekends. Expect to hear teams begin to ask NASCAR to limit fan access in the garage areas.

Of course, that won't happen, but who's to say a fan couldn't surreptitiously video a private driver/crew chief strategy meeting, and throw it up on youtube for all their competitors to see, just minutes before the green flag?

BillyW said...

Good read.. glad someone mentioned hwo ESPN does it reporting on the drivers. goes ot what i have said... isnt it a bit funny that knowing Kurt has had a bad day they have Punch tell him his tranny went through Tonys grill and hut his car....

Steve Luvender said...

I don't know what posting Jon's personal information will accomplish. It doesn't matter who shot the video -- in this day and age, drivers should know that anything they say will probably surface somewhere, somehow.

It doesn't change the fact that Kurt Busch made these comments and acts unprofessional week in and week out on and off the track. Kurt Busch is not the victim here.

Roadgeek Adam said...

If this is true, the people wondering why Kyle wasn't should understand. Kurt wins a lot less than Kyle does. Kyle bring the sponsors the wins they want. Kurt is nowhere near consistent. One thing Kyle's good at is communicating with his team, maybe not with other drivers, or himself, but Kyle knows when things are going wrong to not accuse everyone of something. Kurt let's his team hear it, which is not a great work environment period. So what if Kurt has 24 wins, he's still a jackass to work with at points.

Honestly, I don't want to join the bandwagon of who should take his ride. That's entirely if this is true, if not, why are we playing false speculation? The market isn't hot really anymore since Bowyer and Edwards have had their seats. Reutimann should have been in a ride for 2012, but who knows. Vickers is too inconsistent and Ragan is fully deserved, but I don't want to speculate who gets the #22.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Just so we are on the same page. Many more people are going to be looking at the public information on Jon's page than this blog.

While this off-season post may have between 25 and 40 thousand pageviews, there is a potential audience of tens of millions of users who can access the public information available on Jon's open Facebook page.

There was never an intent to "publish" information that was not intended to be public.



Anonymous said...


That is inaccurate. Potential audience doesn't mean actual audience. This website has more of a potential audience than his facebook page just for the sheer fact that you don't need to log in to this website in order to see the information. If your statement of 25-40k page views likely for this article is accurate, that automatically means that more people will read this article than will get the info by searching for him on facebook. This is irresponsible journalism at best.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:23AM,

I respectfully disagree. Facebook is filled with the profiles of people who make the choice to keep their information private.

One of the main attractions of the service is the privacy controls and restricted access.

I am the only person writing about the NASCAR TV and media full time. If Adams had published video of an incident involving an NFL or NBA player, his identity and the content of his open Facebook wall would have been all over the Internet.

My approach has always been responsible, my information accurate and my opinions presented with an opportunity for a response.

Thanks for your comment,


Steve Luvender said...

You are correct, John -- Jon's information was posted publicly at the time your article was published; thus, it's free, public information. You didn't "uncover" or publish anything that was a secret at the time of posting since it was publicly visible.

Anonymous said...

The video was something Jon had every right to post. Kurt Busch is at his "job" while at the track and that just doesn't mean while in the car or when having a good day. He needs to have some composure the entire time and he obviously fails at that. He is the face of Penske racing's 22 car and chose to show himself as an ass. Blame Busch..not Jon.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon, don't know if you took the time to read the column but there was no mention of "blaming" Jon at all.

This blog is about NASCAR TV and media topics. The fact that one kid from Georgia could choose to offer this content when ESPN chose not to was the subject.

You understand that ESPN could have hung Kurt Busch out to dry. They could have used the footage, the sound with the bleeps and made Jerry Punch talk about the incident.

The network chose not to and Jon chose to report what actually happened. That was our question to ponder.

In this situation, who was really "the media?"


Anonymous said...

ESPN let JA do all the dirty work without having to get their hands dirty. I'm still wondering why they had to go live with the KB interview? Either way, the damaged is done and I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson here... There is no such thing as privacy, so you better be on your best behavior 24/7/365. And you wonder why the drivers are drones....

Anonymous said...

I'm really afraid that, as a direct result of this, drivers and owners will begin petitioning NASCAR to restrict fan access during race weekends.