Thursday, January 19, 2012

ABC Moves "Bachelorette" To Charlotte For Emily Maynard

Reality TV is in pretty tough shape. The backlash against the reported deception and scripted marriage and divorce of Kim Kardashian continues to grow. Clones of cheap-to-produce shows about storage lockers, pawn shops and repo men now dot the TV landscape.

Amid this chaos, ABC continues to push ahead with the franchise shows that draw female viewers of all demographics. There is just something about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that women cannot resist.

Last year viewers of the Bachelor saw Emily Maynard selected by Brad Womack to be his wife forever. The loving relationship lasted until June and never made it to the altar. What it did make was a reality TV star out of Maynard. Now, she gets to take center stage in a melodramatic reality with NASCAR wrapped all around it.

In stories from People magazine and Entertainment Weekly, Maynard has reportedly agreed to become The Bachelorette for ABC as that reality TV franchise rolls on. As you may remember, Maynard was engaged to Ricky Hendrick, the son of NASCAR team owner and car dealer Rick Hendrick, before Ricky lost his life in a tragic plane crash back in 2004.

Shortly thereafter, Maynard revealed she was pregnant with his daughter and now Ricki is a happy and healthy young girl. In agreeing to take on this central reality TV role, Maynard made it clear she did not want to be away from her daughter. ABC reportedly responded by moving the entire production of the series to the Charlotte, NC area.

On The Bachelor, Maynard played out her Hendrick connection in an interesting and rather scripted scene at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where Womack brought some of the ladies for a "date." It pointed out just how much the Hendrick and NASCAR connection can be used to exploit the mostly female audience.

The management at LVMS had no idea who was involved in the production, but NASCAR itself did work with the Bachelor production team when it came to the involvement of the NASCAR Racing Experience, a drive or ride along race car program.

This time, Maynard's connection with the Hendrick family will be out in the public eye on national television. The specific shooting locations for the program have not yet been reported, but NASCAR country figures to play a strategic role. It will also be interesting to see if any NASCAR personalities, many of whom already have extensive TV experience, make an appearance.

The Mooresville and Concord areas are ripe with colorful locations that have racing connections. There is little doubt as the word filters out that this series is coming the phones will be ringing with offers of locations that the production team can use to create some additional "reality TV."

As this is an ABC property, expect to see promotional integration with the NASCAR on ESPN programming as the season rolls on. Filming of the series begins in March and the first episode hits the air in May.

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larry said...

Gosh! I am absolutely underwhelmed by this news.

Vicky D said...

Same here Larry! I don't usually watch reality shows but some of the folks I work with swear by them. I'd rather watch the scripted Nascar races on tv!

AncientRacer said...


Other than that I agree. For some reason the show is really attractive to women.

I am happy for anyone in the Charlotte area who get pick-up work on the crew, and it is not a bad hit for the Chamber of Commerce types there either. Much better, and longer, than their other coup for this year, the Convention (speaking nicely and being charming like this will eartn you a rose I am told).

Frank said...

Reality TV needs to die an early and grotesque death. Hollywood greed, the WGAW, and the WGAE birthed this awful phenomenon and these entities should bear full responsibility for their actions.

Stick with the Biff said...

not all women. Not this one; guess I'm the wrong demographic. I couldn't be bothered with most of these scripted celebrity reality shows. Anything about the K people makes me nauseous. I read an article that said that particular brand is becoming tarnished, thank goodness. Anyways, as Ancient Racer pointed it, it's good publicity for Charlotte, and I certainly wish the best for Emily in her quest. I don't really think this is a good way to meet the right guy, but I guess you never know.

I'll admit, I kinda like the Pickers. It is a bit historical, sort of like Antiques Road Show only without the experts, though they sometimes call them in. I watch some of the 'contest' shows where people actually have a talent (Project Runway, Idol, that sort of thing). If I'm going to follow people, it needs to be more documentary and less 'scripted', like the old NASCAR 360. Most of these shows have so many circumstances where they are forced into situations just to see what happens. That always has an air of phoniness about it.

bevo said...

Yep. Nothing says "TRUE LOVE" like a staged last-man-standing competition on national tv featuring a bunch of raging narcissists. And gay marriage is an assault on the sanctity of traditional marriage?

starrcade76 said...

If the Bachelorette goes to a side-by-side broadcast I'll be there. Don't want to miss anything during the commercials.

GinaV24 said...

LOL, count me in the underwhelmed category. I must be one of the few people who don't watch either of the "BACH" shows or any other lifestyle or reality programming.

Have enough problem with my own reality, and if I'm going to watch a soap opera, well, it won't be one of these.

53 yr. fan said...

I really don't think Ms. Maynard
understands the negative impact
this brings to the Hendricks and
her daughter. She can't be doing
this for the money as I am sure
she is very well provided for by
Rick and Linda. She must be
really be sold a bill of goods by
the producers.

Just another dog and pony show for
Bruton's pocket. (more to follow)

Anonymous said...

Why women enjoy watching a woman kiss and carry on with that many men one right after the other is beyond me. Will never understand it.

Makes you wonder why these women or men can't find someone by themselves. What is wrong with them?

17972 B. C. said...

This is why a daily NASCAR show is not needed in the off season, sometime you just run out of news, and this is one of those moments

KoHoSo said...

I will be quite pleased if the stuff JD discussed in his article does indeed signal the beginning of the end for the "reality" television fad. Then again, with TV executives looking to put out as much cheap programming as possible to keep costs low as we all squawk about our monthly cable bills (mine just went up over $25!), I greatly fear what the next trend will be.

Anonymous said...

Reality shows are only more scripted television. I can't understand people who have so little in their own lives that they have to watch other people make fools of themselves and hope others will give them their fame by watching whatever they do. Racing shows at least lend some excitement and credibility to some people's talent even though most of the time there is manipulation depending on who you are or work for as to the outcomes. And ditto to what Larry said in the first comment.

GA Red

glenc1 said...

KoSoHo, I have the same thought. What if they made everything 'game shows' for example, like after 'Millionare' became popular. Ugh.

53 year fan, she already did the show once, she knows. There was (from what I read after it was over) a lot of negative stuff published on people's blogs and whatnot about her. Nasty accusations. But I also read (maybe here?) she's interested in a TV career, so this is probably right up her alley. I doubt Rick & Linda are crazy about it either.

Anon 11:08. Lots of people can't find other people. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. But since they appear to be mostly attractive people, I would guess the producers sell them on the glamour and excitement. I would imagine plenty of 'rejects' have gone home & found themselves someone else the normal ways, I doubt there's anything 'wrong' with most of them, except wanting fame.

Sophia said...

i can't believe all the stupid women I follow on twitter who are upscale, well educated, good employment types who watch this crap.

I thought it was aimed at the jerry springer tv show crowd (Love Mr. springer himself, great guy...use to be local)

I'm disgusted Emily is taking this route but I don't get the whole K family or east coast shore reality folks craze either.

The Hendrick family must be embarrassed over this :( Super tacky of Emily as i can't imagine her needing the money either.

I watch more old tv shows on DVD or old I'm watching a 13 hr video on how to eat juices, making my own almond milk...stuff I used to practice 30 yrs ago but forgot and has been updated. i don't need it for weight loss but tired of being ill & more diagnosis coming my way and having forth family member die of cancer will wake you up to eat better.

If it were not for sports we would totally ditch cable tv & watch online.

But we enjoy sports on 52 and 33 inch or 19 inc tv still.

I never, ever thought this 'fake reality' show junk would last. My housemate does watch one about alaska cause it has planes in it..but he said one girl on this reality show starred in another reality show. Say what?

Sigh...the only "reality show" i liked was the original behind the scenes show they had on NASCAR a few years ago where they followed drivers, families in their RVs and at the track. Forget what it was called. Hour show, very well done..then went off the air.

TexasRaceLady said...

This woman is NOT impressed by any of the Bachelor(ette) shows.

I will NOT be watching.

Jimm57 said...


Thank God there's only 37 days till the Daytona 500 and we can go back to talking racing and bashing the Fox broadcasts again!

Roland said...

So between Paige Duke and Emily there are 2 Nascar personalities involved in dating shows. Big whoop.

Heres a rant: There are a lot of great reality shows out there. Gold Rush, American Chopper, Sons of Guns, Storm Chasers, Moonshiners. Not so much in the subject matter but more in the way that they are edited. They are very well done shows. For each one of those theres about 5 pawn shop shows that suck. And towing shows too. Like "Wreck Chasers", what a stupid show that is (sorry if you like it but I cant stand it). Why cant their be some shows on different subjects instead of pawn shops and anything to do with Alaska. I like Ax Men, even though its not the best put together show in the world, but other than that the History Channel has gone down the crapper. In fact the H2 channel is better than the actual History Channel cause at least there you learn stuff. Somebody please bring back Nascar Drivers 360.

MRM4 said...

I don't see how anyone can stand to watch that crap. The only thing remotely close to that I'll watch is American Pickers because I like the junk, the guys on the show, and the people. Seeing these other shows bores me to sleep. No wonder network TV is having a hard time keeping up with a number of cable channels.

Jonathan said...

MRM I agree I cant watch NONE of that! Think back 15, 20 years ago if someone told you back then that these kind of shows would be some popular you would of been yeah like ok weirdo! Ah well if it gets the Nascar word out to more people im for it I guess but this story is pointless to me

Bobby O said...

If Nascar goes reality TV style in anyway..... not that they haven't in some ways! Boogity... etc.

I will not be watching any of it!

JD, I may still read this web page just for laughs and reinforcement that I made the correct decision!

Hopefully someone will realize RACING is reality enough.

sue said...

Never watched any of these shows but gee whiz I guess she's going to make more money doing this than lets say being a file clerk. Really what else is she qualified to do? I say take the money and run. These "reality" shows are a joke. I am surprised by the amount of folks that get suckered into these shows. If they didn't get the ratings they wouldn't be on so shame on those who watch.

Dot said...

I'm a woman and I've never seen either of these shows. Have any of the couples ever gotten married? And we crab about what's on SPEED?

@VickyD, too funny, scripted nascar races on TV. Maybe that's what happened to all those out of work sit-com writers.

Daly Planet Editor said...

For all of you who sent along negative comments that were not posted:

I am trying very hard to make the point that ABC will move an entire production to Charlotte for one woman because of her NASCAR and Hendrick connection.

Meanwhile, we don't even have one new NASCAR TV series of any type (reality, highlight or interview) on the air for this season. Nothing.

The Humpy Wheeler interview show never had a chance. No funding from SPEED for a new NASCAR Media Group reality show, a behind the scenes series or even a Monday night panel discussion.

The current rumor reported here is that Showtime has reduced the "Inside NASCAR" shows from 38 shows to 11. There will be one show following the Daytona 500 and then nothing until the Chase.

NASCAR may be putting a nice spin on the upcoming season, but where NASCAR TV is concerned outside of the races there is absolutely nothing on the horizon.

Please remember this point when we get a couple of months down the road and the realization hits that NASCAR has no primetime TV programming of any type from Monday through Thursday of every week.


diane said...

"There is just something about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that women cannot resist."

As many of the women have already said, plenty of us can resist this crap.

A news-type show dedicated to racing would be great, but if it doesn't happen, then I am content to watch the actual racing.

GinaV24 said...

diane -- I'm with you on that! I can and do resist it and when Speed HAD interesting NASCAR programming on, I watched it.

It may be a big deal, JD, that ABC is moving all that staff and technology to support this show and if it brings jobs to people in the area, that's great, but personally I will not bother to watch this show.

Anonymous said...

Good for her. I am glad to see that the big 'ol mouse has a heart and allowed her to stay close to her daughter.
If I had to bet, I'd bet that ESPN won't have anything to do with the show except maybe when they are at CMS, but even then the focus is on the Indy 500 and not the NW series.
I hope you are right JD and this gives some primetime exposure to our sport. The problem is that these new fans will have to endure the same poor quality broadcasts and lack of true coverage.
Good luck to us all