Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Live TV For Hall Of Fame Induction

Friday night the five newest members of the NASCAR Hall of Fame were inducted in a ceremony in downtown Charlotte, NC. It was an important night for the sport in many ways.

On hand to document the events were the Motor Racing Network and the gang from SiriusXM NASCAR radio. The assembled media used social networking to pass along updates on what was said and post pictures as the evening went along.

NASCAR itself established a Twitter and Facebook presence to document every aspect of the induction ceremonies. A lot of good information was being sent to the fans in an almost real time stream.

Originally, there was no loud objection when it was announced that the television coverage of the induction was not going to be live. The reason given was that the event was not "Made for TV" and needed to be edited into a program that fit the commercial format and time restrictions that come with airing a program on SPEED.

As the Hall of Fame evening went along, a fan buzz began to build as more and more fans began passing along their objections to the fact that SPEED was selling used cars instead of honoring old DW and his friends. The Barrett-Jackson auto auction from Arizona was on the air and had been filling primetime on SPEED for days.

All of this was made even more ironic when NASCAR itself passed along a live online streaming video link. NASCAR invited fans to watch the remarks of the new inductees live as they spoke to the assembled media immediately after the ceremony.

In terms of scheduling, unofficial word passed along by fans was that SPEED had made the Barrett-Jackson auction deal before NASCAR changed the Hall of Fame induction date to late January. Basically, SPEED's position seems to be that its hands were tied and any scrutiny of the situation needs to be turned in NASCAR's direction.

That leads us to believe that perhaps the most logical option would have been to stream the live induction ceremonies online and then let SPEED air an edited version on Sunday. Hardcore fans would be able to see some significant history being made live and more casual fans would still be able to watch a finished TV program all about the event only days later.

Either way, it was a tough night in NASCAR land as information flowed from many sources about memorable moments, words and emotions that could not be seen by any fan. In this world of live coverage, instant news and portable video perhaps there needs to be a mandate in place that future Hall of Fame events be made available to the widest amount of fans live using whatever technology is needed to get the job done.

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Anonymous said...

The Hall of Fame has been a failure and is losing money at at alarming rate. SPEED has over-hyped the HOF since the beginning, and I find that a turn-off. As a NASCAR fan and a car lover, I much prefer to watch the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. SPEED does an excellent job with that, and there's nothing wrong with a tape-delay on the HOF induction. We've known for months who the well-deserving inductees are, so there's no drama as to what might happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon.

If only there was a way to fire Brian France, this sport would be much better off. The arrogance of him and Helton are why the sport is losing fans. Helton actually said the other day that he is not worried about having a short field at Daytona. Of course! Sponsors line up for Daytona. But what about the races after that?

I've said it before, but under this current management I doubt that the truck series will be around after 2014-2015. If it is still around, it will be 40-50% start and park.

Frank said...

NASCAR, historically, has always been a day late and a dollar short. That is part of the allure-witnessing the bumbling of the bumpkins. Serendipity made NASCAR what it is certainly wasn't planning and insight. I listened to the streaming audio last night and was entertained greatly. It just wouldn't be right if NASCAR wasn't so backwards. After DWs intro by Hillbilly Jeff Hammond last night, I see I will miss him in FOXs Hillbilly Hilton. Hearing him describe DWs first days at Junior Johnson's had me in tears of laughter.

AncientRacer said...

I am not a real fan of Barrett-Jackson. It is one long commercial interrupted by way, way too many other commercials and which returns to the main commercial just in time for the selling of another Corvette or Mustang. Worse, they pan out into the show tents and there are some interesting cars there I might like to see, but do rarely get a chance to. Then they go to commercial and, if it is Saturday, return just in time to see ... Rick Hendrick! And Rick then spends a small fortune to buy ... another Corvette!

I blame the guy on the podium with the dark glasses. I know he wears them because of his eyes, but it really does make him look like someone sent over to a used car auction by Central Casting.

However, Barrett-Jackson has been a staple for a long while and as much as I can poke fun or criticize it is better than reruns of Pimp. They operate on a predictable annual schedule and it was not them, but BZF and Co. that made a changed and so created a comflict.

And this "Not made for TV" bullpokey? It is just that. A PR Flak's lame-o excuse and is translated loosely as "We screwed the pooch here in creating this conflict and though we know that and you know that I have to say something by way of defending our stupidity":

Lastly, I love the picture at the top of the piece. Reminds me of the old aptitutude tests in school. Pictures of three hammers and a electric fan. "Which one is different?" Ole DW showing his age by trying hard not to. :)

TexasRaceLady said...

I place the blame on the conflicting times squarely on NASCAR. The B-J auction dates are known far in advance.

And truthfully, I'd rather have an edited version of the ceremony showing the important stuff.

53 yr. fan said...

Bet those other three inductees
colored their hair gray to make
DW look bad.

Charlotte Disturber and local TV giving lots of good coverage today. Tomorrow will be good filler for NFL commercials.

OSBORNK said...

I agree with TexasRaceLady. I would rather see the edited highlights than to try to watch the induction live. With the delays, stumbling, bumbling and useless babbling, it would seen like punishment to sit through the whole thing from beginning to end. If there was anything to be learned and anticipated, it might be slightly different.

The auction don't bother me at all as I don't watch Speed unless engines are running.

Keith_Kagee said...

Doesn't bother me, I wouldn't have watched anyway. Won't watch the replay either.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I would take the "delays, stumbling, bumbling and useless babbling" to see the emotion of my hero, Cale, unfolding live as he was inducted.


Anonymous said...

I have read 4 articles so far and I still have no idea when the edited version of the induction is set to air. I watch SPEED channel as much as anyone else and yet to see any promos re: the ceremonies. What a screwup situation. Spend some money NASCAR AND HIRE SOME PEOPLE with a brain.

Anonymous said...

Hall of Fame inductions, regardless of the sport, play to a limited audience. And if Nascar changed the date, that is their problem.

It seems that the only way to solve this is to actually create a Nascar channel. I believe that Nascar and ISC could afford it. Why they haven't chosen to do so after the collapse of the original plan for Speed speaks volumes.

Daly Planet Editor said...

On the left side of the TDP main page is the current NASCAR TV schedule.

Hall of Fame is 6PM ET this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Barrett-Jackson has had this same slot for its auction for more years than NASCAR has had its Hall Of Fame.
I attended the inaugural Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. It was held in late May. Why in the world did NASCAR think it needed to change it to late February? That can often be a terrible time of the year for traveling due to the weather. This could potentially eliminate a lot of fans from attending. The temperature in February in North Carolina is rarely comfortable to be outside. When we attended the first ceremony in May 2010, it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. We stood outside with hundreds of other fans and watched the red carpet arrivals of the drivers, team owners and other giants of the sport who were also attending.
I doubt the cold, rainy weather last night was very conducive for this type of activity.
Considering all the above factors, I say NASCAR should change its induction date back to May. And everyone should quit blaming Barrett-Jackson for NASCAR's blunder.

Buschseries61 said...

As long as I get to see it, I don't really care anymore. But I do have high expectations it will be presented very well if it isn't live.

Anonymous said...

I need to make a correction to the above comment I made.
I meant for the date of the current induction ceremony to be January.
I have no idea why I typed February.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon, where do you see anyone blaming Barrett-Jackson for this problem?

I'm not a fan of the phony cars being pimped as classics, but it is a brand that makes money and that is the only goal of an auction company.

As one reader said, the activity outside the auction circle is the most interesting part of these auctions and that is rarely shown.

Interviews and features are non-existent. It's a push to generate as much money from commercials and car sales as possible coupled with several charity cars to help make it more legit.

Make not mistake about it, Barrett-Jackson is on SPEED to make money for both companies...period.


The Mad Man said...

As much as Brian France stumbles, mumbles, and bumbles during speeches, I can see why they'd want to have the induction ceremony on tape delay so they can edit out his mistakes.

I'm not much of a fan of the Bondo-Jackson auctions. They're more boring than a race at a cookie cutter track.

Anon 2:12, if The Charlotte Observer wins its lawsuit over Brian France's sealed divorce files, you'll see Brian France gone once his dirty secrets are revealed.

Anonymous said...

Anon, where do you see anyone blaming Barrett-Jackson for this problem?
>>>>>>>Well, if Barrett-Jackson had not been on last night, I don't think you would have written this article and the "buzz" you describe in your article which was going around at the HOF ceremony would not have been buzzing, now would it???

I'm not a fan of the phony cars being pimped as classics, but it is a brand that makes money and that is the only goal of an auction company.
>>>>>>>And, JD, what proof do you have that any of these cars auctioned at Barrett-Jackson are phony? That is a serious accusation to make about a cheap collector car, much less a half million dollar one. Barrett-Jackson scrutinizes all the paperwork on each car as it is submitted to them months in advance. If there is one iota of anything which is not in line with the absolute highest standards in the collector car hobby, that car is rejected from their docket. So, you need to retract that erroneous statement before B-J reads it and sends their lawyers after you. And I am dead serious about this.

As one reader said, the activity outside the auction circle is the most interesting part of these auctions and that is rarely shown.
>>>>>>>I assume you have no collector cars or you would not agree with this statement. You know there are some people who do have such vehicles and wait anxiously for the auction action on the block.

Interviews and features are non-existent. It's a push to generate as much money from commercials and car sales as possible coupled with several charity cars to help make it more legit.
>>>>>>>Interviews and features are informative and entertaining to those who don't have a chip on their shoulder about the Barrett-Jackson auction's being on Speed instead of the induction ceremony.

Make not mistake about it, Barrett-Jackson is on SPEED to make money for both companies...period.
>>>>>>>I could not agree more. But then, so is NASCAR.

Jonathan said...

Watching Barret-Jackson is like watching paint dry. I dont get it how they can put that on for all those hours is beyond me. Yeah its a shame this years HOF wasnt at least on Ah well it is what it is cant wait for tomorrow going to watch all the bios then get to see the HOF Induction sweet.

OSBORNK said...


I would take the "delays, stumbling, bumbling and useless babbling" to see the emotion of my hero, Cale, unfolding live as he was inducted.


You and some others would endure the broadcast to see the emotion of their hero but the vast majority would not and many do not have a favorite being inducted. I think the rating would be very low and they would have difficulty selling commercials for enough to cover the costs of broadcasting the induction live.

Other reward shows like the Grammys, Oscars, Country Music Awards, etc. generally have poor ratings even though the winners are not announced until the shows air. Imagine how much worse they would be if the winners were already known.

AncientRacer said...

What did I tell you? What did I tell you?

It is Saturday at B-J and there is Henrick! No Corvette yet, but a 57!

Now, we will be right back after these (intermidable) commercial messages...

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:52PM,

B-J being on had nothing to do with this column being written, absolutely nothing.

Do you not understand that the pool of antique cars does not get bigger? The same small group of rich men bid on the same cars and trade them back and forth in their collections over and over again.

The meat and potatoes of B-J is the cars that can be bought by the non-club members and can bring a steady stream of revenue during the auction.

I attended the Palm Beach auction and had a nice time chatting about these topics. Choices of what cars to bring up for auction are made well in advance in order not to clash with other choices of the same type of vehicle.

As you know from other car restoration shows on TV, specialty shops create the parts and fabricate the exteriors so that cars can be restored to the original condition.

This work is top-notch, but you can listen to experts like Mike Joy who will explain on the telecast the difference between the "classic cars" and those that have been "restored."

Don't know if you have ever been live to one of these functions, but there are a myriad of companies and brands that have booths, products and non-auction classic cars on display. That is what is missing on the auction coverage.

Finally, no one indicated that NASCAR was a charity. B-J is a static show that does not feature racing of any type and the only history attached to it is the information provided by the TV crew and the website on the vehicles chosen for the specific auction.

As I said originally, it did not matter what type of programming was on SPEED Friday night. The fact that the only Hall of Fame induction for the entire year was not live is fundamentally wrong.


You are comparing apples and oranges. NFL Network and MLB Network would be the best examples. Using pro's to organize a Hall of Fame awards is easy to do. The NFL inductions were awesome.

IMHO just organize it for TV and give it a try!


Anonymous said...


It sounds like you are so jealous of the big boys.
Maybe they will let you ride in one of their cars someday.
The HOF ceremony has lost its shine.
So, you went to an auction in Palm Beach and this makes you the consummate expert on all of this?
I have owned and been involved in collector cars for over 40 years and I have found people like you before. We call them part-timers and be-backers among other things.
Thank God, I never sold you a car. I'd hate to hear you whine and bitch about any problem you had with it later on.

jbvalleysprings said...

Agree: I would take the "delays, stumbling, bumbling and useless babbling" to see the emotions of all the inductees unfolding live as they are inducted.

Sally said...

JD, any word on if many fans turned up in Charlotte for the ceremony? It seems like a big mistake to hold it in January instead of the big race weekend when so many fans are alreday in town.

veri: rents

Sally said...

Totally off the subject, but has there ever been a more appropriate sponsor for the Brothers Busch than Monster?

Daly Planet Editor said...


The NASCAR Preview was a big success and I will have a column up about it later today.


Let me help you again with the topic. It made no difference what program was on SPEED, the HoF induction should be. Otherwise, move the network back to LA and let it be with the rest of the FOX cable networks.

PS - I spent the day with two top collectors and got a tremendous education in how the high-end auto auction business worked and how the business of "selling" the illusion of a real auction to the public also worked. You and I both know this has as much to do with a real auction as the man in the moon. It's show business, baby!


Daly Planet Editor said...


The latest info on the Busch brothers and Monster as well as a Kenny Wallace update is on TheDalyPlanet page on Facebook.


Bill said...

I'm a huge fan of B-J as well as NASCAR, and having an edited version of the induction ceremonies is fine with me.

As it took far too long to even make the HOF a reality, NASCAR trying to get some of the sport's pioneers inducted while they're still around is an honorable gesture; however it will be tough to attract many fans if one or more of the inductees retired from racing before the fan's parents were even born.

Nonetheless, HOF ceremonies are never on my list of shows to watch, except for the Rock & Roll HOF, and it's not live either.

Yes, there are many compelling speeches, such as Rod Woodson's speech, and many others from the NFL HOF, but the only reason I see any of them is just dumb luck.

After I find out whose being inducted into any of the Halls, the rest is anticlimactic, with the exception of the R&R Hall, as there is always a chance of a reunion concert, or artists of dissimilar styles playing together onstage.

Well, we ain't gonna see Jim Brown or Joe Namath suit up again, and after Larry Pearson's frightening accident at Bristol a few years ago, I doubt if we're ever going to see long-retired drivers get behind the wheel of a racecar again in competition, so besides being able to watch your "hero" give his speech, there isn't much to look forward to.

And I'm not glued to the set while BJ is on, but I am a car nut, and though I may never be able to afford a classic or collector car, I still like looking at them.

Palmetto said...

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. I have no interest in auctions, HOF induction ceremonies, or awards banquets either. That's regardless of the sport concerned. HOF inductees, yes; ceremonies, no.

Billy Delyon said...

I believe the channel that shows a great part of the NASCAR season, should show the HOF inductee's live on SPEED.

JD, gotta love the Anon poster, can't put a name to their posts...

Kinda wimpy IMO...

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy Delyon,

I guess I am the anonymous poster you are calling wimpy. I am the one who has been "discussing" this subject back and forth with JD. I did not post all the anonymous comments, though.
I have never posted on this site before and so I had no username on it. I have no google account so I could not use any name there either. I wanted to post my reply while I had the time to do it and while the idea was fresh in my mind. I did not refrain from using my name for any other reason. If you will look at the other posters on here, very few use their real names or their complete names. So, basically, you are calling them wimpy, too since they do not post their entire names which is the equivalent of being anonymous. I feel this is due to the state of the world these days. You never know what kind of nut you are dealing with and it can be risky using your real name.
However, since you made the comment you made about me, I will tell you my name is Larry Brooks. I am not afraid to post my name here.
But, Billy, also realize that I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you or anybody else is.

The Loose Wheel said...

The HOF ball has been fumbled big time by NASCAR. First they wanted to tie it into May, then Oct, now the offseason. You'd think with all the many off weekends of the offseason that they wouldn't have picked the absolute most inflexible weekend for SPEED if they wanted to broadcast it. A well-edited recap summary would fill my appetite quite perfectly with the HOF ceremonies.

You can't please everyone, in the many years of this blog prove that. SPEED did right, NASCAR seemed to have done their best by making it a live streaming package so looks like it was a win-win to me.

SD80MAC said...

A rarity, I almost did not read this post, because I knew it would make me mad. I knew when NASCAR announced the HOF Induction Ceremony date change from May to January that there would be problems with TV conflicts. And I blame it squarely on NASCAR. NASCAR knows that Speed covers Barrett Jackson's Scottsdale Auction with extensive live coverage, expanded this year to 40 hours. And it is always the 3rd week of January. Using the "official" #BJA2012 hashtag on Twitter, I saw tweets from a lot of people that I know are also NASCAR fans and car fans in general. I don't know what the ratings are for Barrett Jackson, but it must be one of Speed's best events since they put a tremendous amount of people, time and effort into the production 4 times a year. I have watched every minute of every show since they started covering the events.

I do not understand why NASCAR changed the date for the HOF. It used to be in May during the time NASCAR is in Charlotte for the All Star and Coke 600 races. And I am assuming there are more race fans in Charlotte at that time than there are this week. The people that are responsible for the date change need to get their head out of the part that touches the chair first and move this HOF event back to May when more fans will be there, or at least consult with Speed so that there is not a conflict with another obviously bigger TV ratings event.

The NASCAR HOF has been a big money loser from day one, and stoopid human tricks like this scheduling change are doing a very good job of continuing that loss.

AncientRacer said...

Just to rub a little salt in the wound because it feels so good when I stop:

Though they may re-run it Speed has put the edited version up against the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Right. Got it. I am full in my conclusion, as not everyone who might be interested has the ability to record the show, that BZF and Co. AND Speed have made a complete Clusterfuss out of the induction. Especially as I do agree with JD -- I want to see Cale who became when he appeared on the scene my hero after the death of Fireball Roberts.

PS: To "Anonymous" Larry Brooks -- if you click the "Name/URL" button you can add in a name on a post by post basis. I do this as I do not use my real name. Not out of cowardice but because of business and if I changed now no one here would know who I am :)

Anonymous said...

so speed reruns an edited HOF show against what..........
NFL playoffs
As a Giants fan, what will I be watching?

NFL trumps nascar again

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38

NFL trumps Nascar again?

They aren't even in the same league. You may as well run a Nascar rerun against the NFL, because either way, rerun or live, it loses bad.

PhoenixHotZonie said...

I really enjoy this blog and those motivated to participate. Alas a place where intelligent and informed comment freely without being attacked. Keep up the good work JD!

Jonathan said...

NFL = ZzZzZZzzz to me i'd rather see the HOF on Speed but thats just me

jennifer6973 said...

I honestly love watching Barrett-Jackson on Speed. Since I am not that big of a fan of Darrell "let me use my position as an analyst to beg my way in the HOF" Waltrip. I personally don't care if his induction ceremony is live or on tape.

But one thing I was wondering is if they moved the HOF Induction ceremony to January is because of the current drivers May schedules.

This makes sense, because all the drivers have various other commitments in May and plugging one more in can be problematic.

longtimeracefan said...

Nice Fox recap of the 2011 NASCAR season leading up to the 49's/Giants game today.

PammH said...

I listened to the live broadcast Fri nite. It was wonderful! I can't believe Speed is sooooo stupid to condense the HOF to a couple hrs & give the majority of the time to DW!! They obviously don't read this blog. He NEVER shuts up-disgusting...:(

RPM said...

NASCAR should tie the Hall Of Fame induction with the All Star Race. The fans are there, TV is there... it just makes sense.

Bobby said...

If the Preview was a success, I see why the Hall of Fame was moved to Preview Week. Since all the current drivers and teams are together for this NASCAR Week (the revival of the old Winston Preview at Joel Coliseum) and then the CMS Media Tour starting today, then NASCAR probably thought having the Hall of Fame as part of the fan festival would bring extra revenue as it would be similar to the NFL or NBA's Hall of Fame weekend events.

With NASCAR's ties to iRacing, can you imagine if the living Hall members and family or friends of deceased members were featured in an iRacing event among Hall members, beamed on a big screen? Imagine how the crowd would have reacted if iRacing had Glen Wood, Darrell Waltrip, Richie Evans Jr (a former driver himself), Cale Yarborough, and a few others (maybe a fan or two too) racing together in an iRacing simulation on site.

Buschseries61 said...

SPEED was misleading when they started the broadcast 'live' from Charlotte. But that is not as important as what happened next.

I can't believe nobody brought up Mike Joy's opening speech. I really hope he reads this, because he delivered an incredible, teary speech that deserved the praise of NASCAR TV critics. His words and emotion were genuine. How he could make jokes with all that emotion leaves me in awe. Great job Mike!

Garry said...

Here is my problem with this: They do a live show for the end of season awards show, benefitting current drivers, but the people that built the damn sport get relegated to second class status. I am a fan of the Barrett-Jackson auction, but also think that The Hall of Fame induction should have been thought out last year when they made the change.

Bucky Butler said...

After all the comments, Anon 1/21 1:35AM summed it up the best for me.
Personally I have a love automobiles and appreciate looking at all the cars and watching as many hours of all Barrett-Jackson auctions as I can.
I grew up a Cale Yarborough fan since the early '70's. I was more than thrilled to see that he was selected to join this HOF. But the fact is there are many Motorsport HOF's of which he is apart and I didn't see any induction ceremonies for those HOF's so missing one more didn't matter. Besides, since Jaws was going in the same year, I know that Speed would've been too DW intensive for my liking.
Comparisons were made to MLB & NFL network's. I understand there is a great deal of NASCAR programming on Speed but last I checked, this is not NASCAR Network/Channel. I hope someday there will be so all the one-note Charlie's can congregate to the same place and those of us with a general automotive interest could get Speed to program for those who appreciate ALL motorsports.