Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Media Stakeout At NASCAR R&D Center

It's Tuesday so it must be time for some NASCAR penalties. Today, the appeal over the penalties levied against the Hendrick Motorsports #48 team is being heard by a panel of three at the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, NC.

There is absolutely nothing for the reporters assembled there waiting for news to do other than get on the Internet and send some pictures. Here are some of them, starring your favorite NASCAR media folks.

Happy to have your comments or questions!


bevo said...


A little rule of sociology goes "that which is perceived as real is real in it's consequences". So how does that apply with this circus? If NASCAR wants to change their perception as not a major league sport then they need to control this kind of nonsense. When others see this kind of stuff they will naturally laugh at it,shake their heads and continue to view NASCAR as on par with wrestling.

Sad for those of us who love motorsports in all of it's forms. If you wonder why NBC Sports and ESPN treat NASCAR as a freak show here's exhibit A.

PammH said...

that was soooo nice of a fan to bring cookies & water to the reporters....:)

Stick with the Biff said...

bevo--as opposed to NFL reporters watching Terrell Owens work out on his lawn, or staking out Brett Favre's house? This is just normal in sports TV now. I find it amusing, particularly CMS sending Lugnut over. They're calling it OccupyNASCAR (okay, I had to check Wendy's tweets to find out why Lugnut was there.)

Becky [@hightechredneck] said...

Just read through my Twitter NASCAR feed and caught up. It's situations like this that has me laughing at the media. Or shaking my head. Really?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Appeal was denied by 3 member commission. Hendrick will appeal to highest level, NASCAR comissioner.

NASCAR Now on air at 3PM and RaceHub on at 6PM.


Fed UP said...

Be rather interesting if the appeal board decided that the 48 needs a stronger lesson. By INCREASING the penalty.

Does the probation still run out in April? Or is that along with sitting out for six races starts when the 48 team actually starts serving its penalty?

TEX said...

So Kyle Petty was right.
The people on who listened to the appeal today know nothing about how Sprint Cup operates.

Hendrick was doomed before he walked into that place today knowing what kinda of appeal board would hear the case.

Tuesday's appeal was comprised of Leo Mehl, a former executive at Goodyear and the Indy Racing League; Dale Pinilis, operator of Bowman Gray Stadium, a short track in Winston-Salem, N.C.; and Jon Capels, former chairman of the United States Auto Club.


Please...this is a joke.
Might as well put me in there.

I expect more from NASCAR.

GinaV24 said...

Tex, I'd love to be on the appeals board -- except that I agree with you - it's usually a rubber stamp of whatever NASCAR says so it's a joke.

hang 'em high!

Anonymous said...

why not put 'regular' people in there? Playing devil's advocate---in real court, it's the prosecution or plaintiff's job to explain in understandable language why they believe their position is correct, and it's the defendant's job to show the same. This is just a sport--in real life, let's say a negligence lawsuit with a brake failure, you, as a juror, are not expected to be an expert on brakes....they explain to you. I don't know that the board is impartial (I understand Kyle's point about NASCAR picking them), but why must they be experts? I did look up the NFL process, and it's quite similar. The appeals 'board' is Art Schell & Ted Cottrel. Picked by the NFL. But presumably since they have a union, that was agreed upon. Just thinking aloud.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tex. Really lame group of "Gods".

Andrew Maness said...

I see that everyone there has their phones and/or computers at the ready. Pretty much society in a nutshell... sad.

batchief said...

Isn't the idea of the pre-race inspection to make sure all cars comply with Nascar rules and if they don't keep them off the track until they do. Isn't this what happened with the 48? This is a ridiculous conclusion to the problem found on the 48. They went on the track in compliance and I assume complied in post-race inspection. These penalties are just ridiculous and gives the question of what Nascars agenda is.

Vicky D said...

I didn't see this yesterday wow so many reporters there and it looked like they ate a lot of pizza. Who was that with the walker though I couldn't tell. PS I am not a robot!