Sunday, April 29, 2012

Social Media Continues To Force Change

It certainly has been an interesting couple of years in the digital world as social media has gone from being called a fad to now dominating NASCAR's media coverage.

From Brad Kesewloski tweeting during the red flag at Daytona to Shane Wilson's wife Dana showing us the $100 bill stuck to Kevin Harvick's bumper, there is no doubt that instant communication via Twitter, Facebook and other up and coming social media applications is here to stay.

When we started this blog in 2007, there was little in the way of communication between the sport and the fans. Radio call-in shows served that purpose, but calls were screened in advance and the personalities in the sport who called-in seemed to always have a purpose related to a sponsor.

The true power of social media is that it gives any citizen with a cell phone, tablet or laptop the ability to make their voice heard on an equal level with anyone else. Suddenly, your Twitter question for Jimmie Johnson gets answered by him directly. Personalities in the sport offer information, online links and glimpses into their true personalities never seen before on TV or radio.

One new twist to this is that the NASCAR TV partners have now embraced social media. SPEED has the Social Garage and numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts. ESPN, TNT and FOX all run multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts related to each network's NASCAR activities.

In the past, we have worked very hard to update the program listings for the NASCAR TV partners on TDP with specific announcers, guests and interviews. Now that same information that was forwarded to us is available on Twitter, Facebook and the TV network's own website.

Since it does not make much sense any longer for us to just repeat the same content, we are making some changes to the TDP format and activity list. We will continue to have a full NASCAR TV listing on the front page, but without the specific information updated in the past. The networks want to handle that themselves, basically so you will follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We will continue to host a live stream on Twitter during Sprint Cup Series races, but no longer for Nationwide or Truck Series races. The truck race from Kansas will be our last. SPEED and ESPN both host their own live chats and want fans to come to their own locations for social media interaction.

The Sprint Cup Series live stream on Twitter will continue to be focused on the TV presentation of the race and the programs airing before and after the event. The original purpose of this blog was to simply discuss the performance of the NASCAR TV partners during this eight-year multi-billion dollar TV contract.

There will be a post-race blog for every Sprint Cup Series race, as well as weekday news updates and columns. This blog also auto-opens on both Android and iPhones. Our twitter account is located at and sign-up for Twitter is free. Click here to view our Facebook page, which has recently been converted to the new Timeline format.

Thanks for listening to these updates, happy to have your feedback on these changes and the push toward social media by the NASCAR TV partners. Just click the comments button to add your opinion.


Jimm57 said...

JD, so if we hate the full screen replays, we can ask the TV guys to do a pic in pic so we can see the replay and still see live racing? One can only hope. Or maybe we can ask them politely to ZOOM OUT!!

Hoping for the best and maybe an improved on air product. Now if there was a way to hold down the Waltrips a little.

Again, thanks for all you've done in the past with this blog and all you continue to do to keep us informed.

Buschseries61 said...

I certainly hope you are not slowly phasing out your blog to conclude at the end of the season. I don't envision passing the baton to the networks being very fun or working out well.

While social media opens the door for change, it doesn't force unnecessary change. Twitter is an interesting tool, but not the technological heaven of the internet. 'Old-fashioned' blogs and message boards have their own fun that Twitter can not recreate.

It's your blog and your choice, but I hope it's not near the end.

OSBORNK said...

This sounds like the beginning of the end. I hope not. I think the NASCAR TV partners have "embraced" social media partly as a way to drive away those that don't agree with them or those wanting change. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts exists so they can push their propaganda supporting their actions. If they succeed in driving away those that want change, fans have lost a voice and that would be a shame.

Anonymous said... many cease/desist orders did it finally take?

Failing that, have you gone to any of these sites? There's a reason we all flocked here. Another reason we avoided Twitter and Facebook. If you aren't deliberately disregarding that fact - and I know you ain't that stupid - someone's inevitably muscling you into it somehow.

Guess that's how the cookie crumbles.

Dannyboy said...

John I had the same reaction as the first 5 commenters. I hope you aren't being muscled out of "the way". And I keep coming back despite the fact that your blog is so Waltrip-hater-friendly.

Say it ain't so...

Anonymous said...

I will go along with anything you do JD, in appreciation for all that you have done. Thanks, Mc

Joj said...

JD -
Thanks for all you have done for us frustrated fans. Like the others I'm hoping you aren't being muscled out or nearing the end.

I check for daily TV info since other sources usually don't list green flag time on race day or 1 click info available ( a pain to find tv info on SPEED Fox or espn)websites.

Again many thank yous for all you have done for us fans.

Jojaye verify = soree lecommic ?

GinaV24 said...

JD, certainly as others say, your hard work is appreciated. This blog is the first place I check when I log in to see what the topic of the day will be and also to get much needed updates.

While I do use twitter and FB for following some NASCAR related things, THIS site is where I come for accurate information, so for one I am sorry to see your great "info" list end.

I'll echo other sentiments - please don't leave us, JD. Your blog is the only place that I can chat with NASCAR fans where it is operated with courtesy. We may not all agree with one another, but the discussion is civil and that is a huge plus from any other discussion board.

There is no way on this green earth that I am following DW on twitter!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for the good words. There is an info overload right now, especially with SPEED.

No need for me to repost the same info they now do on Twitter, Facebook and

No one muscled me, just going back to observing and discussing NASCAR TV as the heart of this blog.


glenc1 said...

I could not be bothered to 'follow' ESPN & Fox/SPEED on anything but as long as I can just get my TV schedule of when they're covering practice/qual, etc, I'm happy. Reading between the lines I'm thinking it's kind of double work--JD checking with them & updating here, when if we want to know the fine details we can just go to the source, makes sense.

bobbydjr said...

I agree with Buschseries61. You've already lost me as a contributor to the live discussion during the races because I don't want to fool with Twitter. Quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it. Everybody is obsessed with it, to the point of oversaturation. Call me old fashioned, but I still like blogs and message boards better for talking to my friends and discussing issues. So please continue to give us this avenue, John, and we'll be right here with you.

Daly Planet Editor said...

No prob, bobby. I have to go where the content is and right now Twitter is blowing up. Will keep the blog active and updated for sure.

diane said...

I quit posting on the Speed forums a long time ago because of a handful of bullies. I won't be checking out the Speed online discussion.

starrcade76 said...

This blog topic seems like a good time to ask this question, and I do it with all due respect.

How has social media improved NASCAR in a measurable way?

The ratings are essentially flat from recent years, and down from seasons before twitter, facebook, etc. The live attendance at tracks appears to be similar from past years. Are more people showing up at driver's appearance during this time? Have website's page views increased from the publicity and word of mouth from social media?

I know Brad Kesewloski added a bunch followers on twitter during the Daytona 500. But what is the value of those followers if they aren't turned into ticket buyers, TV viewers, souvenir purchasers, etc...

Social media can make people more engaged with the product for sure. I'm just curious of in what ways NASCAR and the various tentacles associated with it, have seen improvement thanks specifically to social media.

Debby said...

I am hopeful that your blog will continue. Never have contributed to the other blogs; there is a lot of mean spirited and nasty dialogue going on. Agree that there is an overload of info. Love Twitter, but you read the same thing from 10-12 people. Guess you have spoiled us with your forthright and solid info. Blog on!

AncientRacer said...

As the internet is strangling print so Facebook and Twitter are strangling "old fashioned" blogs. Given the acceleration I predict it shall not be that long until something appears, perhaps called TwitFace, that strangles the former.

For what it is worth the appearance of the Next Big Thing cannot come too soon for me. I find Facebook annoying and refuse to play. As for Twitter I think of it as Quipping Service only. Good primarily for bringing out my inner Henny Youngman.

OSBORNK said...

I contribute a little to the #TDP1 Twitter feed only because I have no other options. It is not nearly as good or useful as a blog. I consider Twitter and Facebook the junk food of conversation. It fills a space but has little real value. I look forward to them joining Myspace when the next bright idea emerges. I don't like reading through many posts of drivel to find an occasional nugget that is worth reading.

Charlie Spencer said...

I'm with those who hang out here because the level of conversation is far more intelligent than the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers on the minimally moderated network sites.

bryan said...

I consider Twitter and Facebook a wasteland - especially the corporate accounts. IMHO there's tons of Crap there, but remarkably little info. John, I found your online chat invaluable. I find the #TDP1 marginally useful, and the corporate social media absolute trash.

I really hate to see this dimishment of usefulness. I understand that you may have better things to do, but I've gone from having a valuable resource (your in-race chats) to babble. I really wish for a time machine to go back even 1 year.

glenc1 said...

AR--Twitface? That's priceless. Keep channeling your inner Henry Youngman (a bunch of young-uns are about to google him...)

I find Twitter to have some use, but Facebook just seems so....narcissistic...unless you keep it a private account. I can't believe the stuff people put out there in plain view.

As for NASCAR, starrcade raises some good questions. Live attendance is down, not flat, at many tracks, it hasn't helped that any. I'm thinking from the teams' perspective, the links to sponsor sites (including Twitter & Facebook) would be an advantage in the sponsor keeping/getting business, because business is one of the places it's most useful, showing people new products & such, with ties to contests.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic here, but with soccer airing on Speed May 13, how is soccer a motorsport? Oh right, it's just part of the Fox Sports agenda.

Anonymous said...

Like others have said, this story definitely sounds like the beginning of the end. ESPN, Fox, Speed, hell all have live chats during the events. Seems a bit odd to make the move to Cup only discussion due to that at this point.

Using Twitter during the races is alright, but after last weekend I can say I am done with it. Too many SPEED fanboys, too much bitching about the things FAUX and ESPN do and then excusing SPEED for the same things.

Good luck beating the dead horse.

GinaV24 said...

Ancient - Twitface made me laugh! good job, man. My cats say "hi" by the way!

Glen - I'm with you. I have a twitter account and follow only select feeds because IMO it's like being spammed 24/7 and I'm not interested in that. I have a FB account because some of my younger friends wanted to keep in touch that way. I post very little since honestly I don't think my life is that interesting nor do I wish to put that much information about myself online.

I'm a NASCAR fan because i like watching cars go fast. I'm becoming less of one because what I get to see on TV or in person is a whole lot less fun that it once was.

Article by Ed Hinton of ESPN about boring races being a matter of perspective. I read it, but IMO he misses the point. NASCAR, the media and the promoters can all bang the drum about how impressive the engineering, blah, blah, blah after Texas is, but I don't tune in to see cars run fast single file. Honestly, there's more excitement on the highway during my daily commute than on most of the bigger tracks like Tx, Fontana, Chicago and Kansas.

Sophia said...

I follow a select few NASCAR reporters so I've not so much "spam" as Gina mentioned.

I detest the biz/corporate FB & Twitter. When I get Timeline on FB I'll cut back how often I use it which is not daily.

I love twitter for my "daily paper" and have met folks in real life, i'd have never, ever bumped into otherwise. I'm even having a Soph's Happy Hour for a great Margarita recipe I have and to use up some booze that I'd never drink on my own. So I love Twitter but follow great folks, locally & afar.

That said, I'm weary and overloaded with Twitter all over tv! It's on sports, news & DWTS? Sheesh. Always hand picked, and complimentary or gushy...not that I've anything against compliments...I'm just sick of the interchange.

Same thing if watching something on tv. DO NOT tell me to go to your trainwreck/convoluted websites "for more info". That's the only reason I'm watching tv. Sure, I often multi-task but don't want to be forced to be.

I follow SPEED on Twitter simple to get Robin Miller's mailbag :) (By the way, show the IZOD series some love. They need the ratings & NBCSports camera work & announcers are great! Not the F1 guys in the booth but better than ABC & Co.

I also agree there will always be a need for blogs & message boards.

Twitter is great for shorthand, or brief exchanges or even limited "chats".

But I liked it better 2 or 3 yrs ago before it got so "corporate".


An early adopter to Social Media :)

I've enjoyed this blog for many reasons including some folks I've met here!

Sally said...

JD, it certainly sounds as if you're going to give up on the blog and go full time to the 140 bit non sequiter. If so, I'll be very sorry. I've tried both Facebook and Twitter, and frankly, find them ridiculously boring for the most part, and a lot of hassle. I already miss the online blog during races, but refuse to wade through all the manure on Twitter. I've been very grateful for all the work and love you put into this blog. Sorry to lose you. I guess I'm just too attached to tradition to get excited about the lastest 'big thing'.

glenc1 said...

Sophia, it's on the Weather Channel too....cause we're so excited to read that Sue in Harrisburg is depressed because it's raining....

But you brought up a point I meant to mention...I hate going to SPEED & ESPN websites, not just because I can't find things, but because they're so cluttered and take forever to load (even at work on a network.) Videos, photos, a million boxes...ugh....almost as bad as I upgraded my DSL, but it's still ridiculous.

Daly Planet Editor said...

I appreciate the feedback, but please understand I am only backing off on some social media updating that is conflicting with the actual TV networks carrying the live programming.

This blog will stay in place, but live Sprint Cup Series TV chat will stay on Twitter.

At this time, the presentation of the trucks and NNS races is not drawing enough fans/readers on either this blog or Twitter to continue.

I am happy to continue to discuss the TV and media issues related to NASCAR and sometimes expanding into other related areas.

There is a lot going on right now with the NASCAR digital world, the website and the entire ability to stream NASCAR video online.

My hope is to keep fans updated on these topics as the old style of NASCAR TV migrates toward a digital viewing experience integrated with additional video sources, real time social media and live timing and scoring.

2013 has a lot in store!


KoHoSo said...

I am fine with the changes. I agree that it's duplicated information and it frees up time for our esteemed host.

Remember folks, you don't have to have a Twitter account to read somebody's tweets and get what you want out of it without being overwhelmed.

However, as a Twitter user, I will also say this. Treat it like salt when cooking. Adding a little brings tons of life and other flavors to the dish. Too much and it is ruined.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is nothing that prevents any of us from being here during the truck and NNS races given JD's switch to Twitter and #tdp1. I don't watch the trucks and NNS as religiously as the cup series and i'm guessing that is what JD is saying here, the demand is not high enough. So for the races i do watch, i will comment using #tdp1, we'll miss JD's input on those series but we'll still have the community of those who want to be there.

MtnVwJay said...

First, thank you JD for all your efforts over the years. My biggest issue is time. I don't even remotely have the time to follow everyone on Twitter and read what they all have to say and have enjoyed your blog as "one stop shopping" if you will - a quick way to stay current in a relatively short period of time. I will also miss reading and being able to rant on your blogs about the crappy tv coverage as I always felt you just might have some influence with the assorted tv powers.

Good luck going forward.

Anonymous said...

West Coast Diane Said:

Basically...what they all said!

I always come to TDP for the schedule, besides the blog posts. Other sites seem too confusing, when all you need is a simple listing!

I only read TDP and a few other writers who offer different/fresh perspectives. Oh and that write well (I may not, but I enjoy reading well written pieces). You start to find out that most articles/blogs are a regurgitation of the same quotes, info. No originality.

Facebook, no thanks. My husband uses for a few friends/family & mostly his racing buddies. I don't even like looking at it, except when my d-i-l posts pics of grandaughers :-).

Twitter. I use to follow racing & politics. I have never sent a tweet.

I, like others before me, want to thank you JD, for a place to air our frustrations, thoughts and ideas about NASCAR TV. So many other sites, and even comments posted after an article, are filled with not just differing thoughts, but vile and digusting comments. I no longer read posts for any articles, racing, political or otherwise. Thank you Planeteers, as well, for contributing to the civil discourse, a seemingly lost art in these days of low brow, crude and obscene communication becoming the norm.

Ps...glad to hear you are not ending the blog. You have to stay at least until the new NASCAR TV contract negotiations!

Jonathan said...

Twitter is over rated!

Steve L. said...

I've been coming here since the first year. I still come everyday to see what's in the news. I've shot NASCAR photos for three websites during this time and have even contributed to JD for some of his posts and was darn proud he used them! I feel like he's a friend and I've never met him in person.

I want to personally thank you JD for hours and hours of what some would say was wasted time looking and reading over your articles. To me no time was wasted because I learned more from your articles than I did from anyone else when it comes to the TV side of things.

Sorry dude, but I hate change and am sure others feel the same way. But I also know things do change and we'll take what ever you have to offer to us through The Daly Planet.

Roland said...

Wow, so this is what TDP has become. In just the short time from the Bud Shootout til now we have went from live blogging everything to only doing twitter conversations for Cup races. Sounds like John is losing interest.

I have a twitter but only to follow people during the races. I dont tweet, because I think being limited to 140 characters is bush league. Also I dont want to overload my friends with a bunch of NASCAR tweets, since Im the only person I know who watches racing. Ive seen some of the #tdp stuff, not too many people seem to have made the transition from live blogging to twitter. Its a shame those trolls made John mad and ruined the party for everybody. Live blogging was fun.

Thankfully, TDP still gives us an outlet to express our opinions on the Cup telecasts, but frankly without any place to share opinions about the Nationwide/Truck broadcasts, it makes me less motivated to check the blog. And Im about to make John mad, but I dont care for social media, even though I have a twitter account. Im kinda sick of hearing about it all the time, which is part of the reason why I rarely comment on weekly columns anymore, since the majority nowadays focus on social media. Sorry if that makes you mad, JD, but thats just how I feel about it.

People have complained about the broadcasts since 2007, and nothing really gets done. Only ESPN has showed a willingness to make changes. FOX has become so incredibly worse than they were when the blog started. If the execs at the networks dont care, why should I waste a tweet to them what they are doing wrong? There is a major disconnect between the networks and the fans, an area where TDP should be thriving, but instead the networks choose not to listen, and TDP is now contracting. I dont blame you John, I blame the networks.

Ive really enjoyed the time here, and Im
very thankful for the opportunity to share opinions about the broadcasts and get news from John. Thank you for your effort. But Im afraid since live blogging has gone away and everything moved over to twitter, theres not much left for me to do over here. Thanks for the ride.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Despite the carefully spun PR stuff from the TV networks, rating are the lowest in many years for all three series.

The number of fans reading TDP and in the live chats fell off after Daytona and never returned.

No matter how hard NASCAR defends this kind of non-contact track position racing, it is not what fans come to see.

I stopped the Twitter stream for Trucks and NNS because SPEED and ESPN now have their own social media folks doing the same thing.

The blog will continue, but there was literally less than one hundred folks in truck and NNS chat when in past years there were thousands.

I can comment on NASCAR topics, but I can't make fans spend time watching the TV telecasts.

IMHO FOX is getting what it deserves right now for being self-serving. DW should be in the infield and a new set of announcers should be calling the action.

ESPN has made it clear how that network feels about NASCAR with no support for NASCAR Now and NNS races. They are just going through the motions and it shows.

The final straw came when media reports surfaced that the mission of the new president of SPEED was to integrate non-motorsports programming like UFC and soccer.

Ultimately, SPEED may cease to exist and any motorsports on the network will just be another program on the schedule.

I am happy to comment on these topics, but am not going to spend time and effort when there are no fans present to participate in live chats or blogs.

Nothing makes me feel worse than seeing the shape the sport is in right now. Nothing.

Having the electic pace car at RIR is only a sign of things to come. It's going to be interesting.


Sophia said...

Wow! Sorry to hear SPEED is making changes. I had to look up UFC & I hate the fighting crap.

Right now my housemate is watching F1 debriefing and totally enjoying it. It's a great show, and I've never watched it.

No chicks to "barbie it up for the young ones". Just older guys, with a sense of humor, and no agenda talking about the past race.
So enjoyable, that it's hard to fathom SPEED catering more to the Jerry Springer crowd with all it's junk tv and now UFC ?? Seriously.

They need to change the name of the network.

They can start by leaving off the S as that's what they are doing to all the NASCAR shows that were fine before. Stop fixing things that were not broken. Take things back to where they used to be before the graphic excess, !@#@$% camera work that's driven people away, and focusing on top 2 or 3 racers.

I loved SPEED when I first discovered NASCAR about 7 years ago or so. Then it quickly got "Hollywood-ized"

I miss watching NASCAR Performance but refuse to give in to the girly upgrading. I loved it when it was Larry Mac, Chad & Bootie.

Just like Trackside was better before the show became about 'How loud & Annoying can the fans be with screaming & wavy, vertigo inducing signs.'

Fox is horrible, too, the way they treat the sport. ESPN. . . don't even bother for that channel unless it's golf or something.

Gee, and we wonder why JD doesn't want to keep the blog so active? Sadly, a sign of the times but it makes me sad.

I now look forward to Izod Indycar races on NBCSPorts (can't stand ABC's coverage & dread what they will do to the Indy 500) I DVR NASCAR races, then delete when I check updates on twitter.

I've professed my fondness for Twitter before but as others here have said, it's not for everybody. And Neither is Social Media.

To force it on any sports fans is offensive. Kind of like all the "sponsored in car cams" they thought they could force us to watch.

Not me :-(

PS I have to refresh this word veri 5 times or more to find one I can read or type correctly. I hate trolls.

GinaV24 said...

JD, that self-serving PR deal was what came thru to me reading Hinton's article and I like Ed's articles most of the time. I liked your comment that you can't make fans watch. As you say Fox, NASCAR, speed and ESPN have all created this mess. Plus they refuse to recognize they even have a problem - although the next gen car may help IF THE TV situation is also improved. Just yesterday my brother and I were talking about not renewing another set of tickets for next year. I like going to races since it allows me to watch the whole track, but I want to have fun too and when the racing is "bad or boring", I am not going to waste my money.

Happy that you'll keep the regular blog going during the week so I can have something intelligent to read and hopefully make a reasonably intelligent response.

Buschseries61 said...

JD, I appreciate that honesty. Its that level of intellectual discussion and honesty that has attracted fans like me here. I'm thrilled the blog is here to stay, and completely understand you spending a little less time on the Truck & Nationwide stuff. Although the sport and the networks look pretty bleak, we all need to have some hope that things will get better.

Jonathan said...

I miss the old school TDP!

Anonymous said...

In defense of us lurkers/ NNS & Truck fans...hard to discuss the merits or downfalls of broadcasts for them when the posts get deleted shortly after the race is over. ;)

I thought the combination thread for those, left to its own merits or failures, with a short and quickly typed out blurb was suitable.

If people want to discuss it, they can, and if not, there's a quick at-a-glance post for the time-challenged.

Leave the Captcha running - however irritating it is for some, and you don't even have to moderate it too much; perhaps after the fact to remove the really intolerable stuff.

That said, the more you cut back and specialize - more you're gonna lose readership.

Lot more people are pushing back about the transition to Twitter and focus on digital "options" - like a broken online experience - than are embracing this new journalistic angle.

I'm firmly in the "youth-er-ful" demographic Nascar and race sponsors want...I barely use Twitter by choice, deleted my FB, and can't justify the expense of a smartphone, data plan, etc.

Most people here, posting, likely have 10 years on me. People like Ancient old is Methuselah again? :)

If I'm not bothering, and I avoid ESPN/Fox/Speed, and their badly managed websites and Twitter feeds...I reckon most other people have me beat.

So - that said, while I'm sure this blog is a time-consuming boat anchor, please reconsider some of these things before you drop the fire axe on the chain.

Keeping up with TDP1, or even trying to find suitable Twitter feeds that are relevant, explanatory, and worth following...pain in the neck. Least with the blog commentary, I can actually watch the race and check back periodically. Lot harder to stay relevant and on topic trying it w/Twitter.

All that said, I mean none of this in offensive or offended respects. I'm glad I found your blog, I'll continue to check it daily...just ask that you really look through the comments from us on this matter, and don't make the same mistakes as the networks and pundits.

Heck, far as I go - I don't bother bookmarking you - on the dropdown list for most visited stuff in Firefox, and have been since last year when I first started watching.

17972 B. C. said...

" Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true".. It seems that may be what is happening here. Push social media, social media wins.

JD, it is your blog, your heart and soul and hours are put into it, and it is your choice to take it in whatever direction you wish. But, as a reader that is not always in lockstep with you and your readers, i wish to point out a few things.
You are ceding the CWTS/NNS chats to their network run chats, well, I am guessing criticizing their operations in their chats is not going to fly all that well.And you point out it is due to declining members. Well, when ESPN/Speeed and others make decisions which are made on that logic, you tend to rip them.
Also, in one of your posts in comments on this subject, you ripped how ESPN goes through the motions.We seem to forget the things like last August, with the live shows from Chicago in the week opening the Chase., the small army they sent to Daytona in Feb,, considering the only race they cover there is the NNS race, and the old Daytons films shown on Classic.Yes they are far from ideal, but the NNS gets better treatment for a secondary series than Indycar does as an elite series. And with NASCARNow, i wish it had better times and the roundtable back, but, just like your decision, the eyeballs speak.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath on the Speed plans too. With a new TV deal coming, and some hoops that Speed needs to jump through to change itself,you never know, Speed could be irrelevant in a new motorsports world post 2014.

Okay, my 2 cents is done. As always i enjoy reading this site, and will always be on my top 10 each morning. Whatever way the road takes you, good luck

NorCalFan said...

Ditto the previous Planeteers. Been silent this season because I just read a couple of racing related Twitter accounts during the race--I don't see a need for my own account. And I refuse to read the propaganda produced by the network accounts.

Sure miss the conversation during the races with the Planeteers
but it's a sign of the times and all good things must come to an end.

Thanks for all you've done to try to improve the racing product for the fans at home.

Speaking of change, is there any hope for Trackside? What used to be an informative show about racing has been reduced to an unwatchable show of pranks, silly questions, stupid games and a bunch of giggling and shouting at each other.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree. Me and my associate were having a discussion about how far Social Media has come and will go in terms of becoming a strong force in Marketing and Public Relations. I truly believe soon SM will become primary over "traditional marketing". Great Post!

Ed Johnson