Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ESPN Changes Announcers For Texas Busch Race

ESPN has announced that Dale Jarrett will join Marty Reid and Andy Petree to call the Busch Series event at Texas. This moves Dr. Jerry Punch and Rusty Wallace aside for the moment, which ESPN says is a planned break and nothing more.

The ESPN press release stated that DJ would join ESPN for ten telecasts in 2007, but made no mention of any additional role in the future. Dr. Jerry Punch was said to be "on vacation" by ESPN, but in the current release from the network Marty Reid was referred to as the "lead announcer."

Thank you for the email on this subject from both NASCAR and NHRA fans. We will post additional news on this situation as it becomes available.

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Joe said...

wow. very interesting.
I like Jerry Punch alot. Haven't really watched much Busch yet this year but from what I've watched, he doesn't seem to be clicking with the other two. Not sure if that's totally his fault though since I don't think Rusty can click with many people...other than himself that is ;-) Sounds more like tinkering than a 'done deal' change but at least they're up for changing. Maybe they'll give up on the Mussberger idea and put Punch in that position?????? THAT would be a positive.

Then, they'd just need to hire John Kernan for Nascar Now to start looking like they give a damn about their Nascar property