Thursday, October 4, 2007

In-Progress At Talladega: SPEED's Cup Practice and Truck Qualifying

On Friday SPEED will kick-off a big day of live action with NEXTEL Cup practice at noon for one hour. Then, the Craftsman Truck Series takes to the track for qualifying.

When qualifying ends, a flexible NASCAR Live program will transition viewers into the afternoon Cup practice, scheduled for 3:30PM Eastern Time. To end the on-track NASCAR portion of the day, a final episode of NASCAR Live will bring viewers up to the ARCA race, scheduled for 5PM.

Steve Byrnes will call the action on the track for SPEED, with John Roberts hosting NASCAR Live from the SPEED stage. Larry McReynolds and Jeff Hammond will join Byrnes in the booth as analysts, and Bob Dillner and Wendy Venturini will handle the pit road duties for this five hour block. We should see Randy Pemberton interviewing in the garage area during NASCAR Live, and possibly even a Hermie Sadler sighting.

This page will host the comments on this five hour live telecast up to the ARCA event. Fans may post in advance, during, or after this NASCAR Friday telecast.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone tell us why Denny Hamlin was penalized and asked to visit the nascar truck?

Anonymous said...

Good job by Speed on practice. I have surely missed those guys. Thanx for whoever put it back where it belongs, with the professionals.

Anonymous said...

pbump said...
Did anyone tell us why Denny Hamlin was penalized and asked to visit the nascar truck?

October 5, 2007 1:17 PM

I did not hear them say what happened to Denny either.

Labbie said...

I don't know why Denny was pulled from the track and sent to the NASCAR truck, but I would guess it has something to do with bump (or slam) drafting. They said early in the show that the entire track is supposed to be a no bump zone.

Anonymous said...

The tv team makes a big deal of it then doesn't tell us why. And did everyone hear Larry Mac's explanation for why Biffle drove in the grass last week. I thought it was kind of weak.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well, I like Sniffles but FRANKLY thought his OWN explanation of why he went in the grass and was PUSHED INTO VICTORY LANE WAS WEAK!:-)

What? the car was going to blowup if he tried to refire the engine.

It is the oddest rule of the day and winner, in the three years I have been watching NASCAR.

I WOULD like to know why DENNY was called to the office but feel SPEED did not know or did not want to say at the time. Maybe since it wasn't a RACE they did not want to extrapolate??


Anonymous said...

Since Speed didn't answer your question, from
While the rest of the cars rolled into the garage area after Friday's first practice session, Denny Hamlin was on foot when he made a detour to the Nextel Cup hauler.

Apparently NASCAR officials were concerned about Hamlin's aggressive bump drafting and asked him to stop by for a chat.

"I think they put out a general warning to everybody and I just continued to bump-draft a little bit after that," Hamlin said. "I don't know what I did different than anyone else."

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the Truck qualifying. We don't get to see that every race.

A big thank you to Rick Allen. If he said it at all, I missed it. I do know that he didn't say "provisional pole" the usual 100 times during the broadcast.

Now, if someone could inform Adam Alexander which series he's working. :)

Anonymous said...

Denny, joking or not, is saying SPEED coverage had something to do with his penalty: That's

"I was finished anyway, but they parked me there at the end," Hamlin said.

"I don't know. We asked them what the difference between us and everyone else out there and they said we were on TV when we were doing it.

"I guess we'll blame the daggum television cameras. They can park us 15 minutes, they can park us an hour, they can park us for the rest of the day. We're done."

Anonymous said...

where is the arca race post?

Anonymous said...

something weird happened when SPEED transitioned from NASCAR Live to arca coverage. When NASCAR Live was going off air they showed cars making pace laps around the track. those cars looked like arca cars. When the arca coverage started the cars were sitting on pit road and have not even started yet. Is the arca coverage delayed?

stricklinfan82 said...

Yeah I saw the same thing. It was definitely the same field of ARCA cars that was already under the pace laps during NASCAR Live. For some reason it looks like they're using a 10-minute or so tape-delay for the ARCA broadcast. Maybe ARCA moved up the start time a few minutes because of impending weather and Speed started taping their broadcast early in case the green flag dropped before 5:00?

Anonymous said...

Hamlin was warned by the control tower that he was driving too aggressively for a practice session, bump-drafting and so on.

He continued to drive the same ay after being warned once, so officials parked him for 15 minutes.

gotta love this guy's attitude. Remember how, last year he was "just happy to be here"? Now, he's taking behavior lessons from Tony Stewart.

Anonymous said...

And then next year JGR will have Busch to contend with too. I don't know how they will keep their sanity during the season!