Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your Interview With Fox's Mike Joy

The readers of The Daly Planet spent several days posting questions for veteran motorsports TV commentator Mike Joy. That is Mike in the middle of the "NASCAR on Fox" gang pictured above.

He has been kind enough to send along some responses, and here they are. At the bottom of this article there will be a comments area where you can add your reaction to his answers.

Q - Since it's almost that time of the year, Kevin observed that you really seem to enjoy your time during the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. He wondered if you get to test drive any of the cars, and what other car/racing interests do you have outside of NASCAR?
A - Kevin, I often get calls to evaluate vintage cars for folks. My first love is sports cars, including an MGB that is getting one of Bill Guzman's V6 conversions.

My best drive was when Ken Epsman asked me to drive his 1970 Mark Donahue/Penske Javelin at the Lime Rock Vintage Festival. That is me, pictured above.

George Follmer and Sam Posey were both there. My eyes filled-up when I was on the pace lap, looking at the infield hillside. That's where I had sat watching Mark race that very car against Sam in '70, and George had raced it in '71 and '72. It was a very emotional experience, and what a car to drive!

Q - Vicky in TX asked if NASCAR is getting too expensive for one-car teams to field and race against "the big guys?"
A - Vicky, the level of engineering and development at the biggest teams greatly reduces the chances of a small team being competitive...which makes it much more exciting when one of them has a great finish.

Q - Several readers including Karen in British Columbia asked about your weekly schedule during the race season. She imagines that it is just as hectic as the earlier interview comments from Steve Byrnes and Wendy Venturini. Can you let us in on it?
A - Karen, both Wendy and Steve have lots of off-track shows they are involved in during the week, while I broadcast practice and qualifying. That leaves me to prep for the race telecast, including garage time, time with our Fox Production folks, and sponsor appearances at dinners and track hospitality. During the week, my family says I spend too much time on the Internet and the phone chasing down vintage cars and parts. Mostly, it is spent on race research and includes surfing websites like this one so we can improve our TV coverage.

Q - Franna in TX asks what was the most difficult interview you ever had to do?
A - Franna, several times I have had to talk to Bobby Allison on-camera about his sons. As a father, its incredibly hard to imagine what life has been like for the Allisons. Bobby has always been gracious with his time, and candid with his comments. He is a good friend, and that makes my task easier...but it always leaves me with a lump in my throat and a great sense of loss.

Q - Both Makiki and Ann asked what was your most difficult moment on the air to report? They also both can't wait to hear you back on the air in February.
A - Thanks, Makiki and Ann. The 2001 Daytona 500 finish was a great moment for the Waltrip family, but we knew that Dale Earnhardt Sr. had crashed hard. No one would give us any sense of his condition beyond Ken Schrader's reaction which you saw on TV. We feared the worst, but hoped for the best...that maybe Dale was just knocked unconscious. Absent confirmation, I wasn't comfortable explaining what I thought could be true from what I was seeing and how people were reacting. That day still produces a great conflict of emotion.

Q - Lots of people asked about "the three amigos," and the fact that folks love to hear you, Larry, and DW call a race. How have you three developed such a good chemistry together?
A - We've known each other for twenty or more years. We're good friends, but most importantly, we all have a high respect for each other's experience and point of view. Our bosses at Fox, David Hill and Ed Goren, encourage us to have a good time, to inform, and to entertain. We love to go to work every day, and that means a lot.

Q - Tammy asks if you could please describe what goes on in the Fox booth during a race? She pictures "organized chaos," but says you, DW, and Larry Mac always manage to give us the race information we want and the camera angles to back it up. Like many Daly Planet readers, she wishes you could call all the races.
A - Tammy, so do we! Everyone filters out the "noise" and concentrates on the input needed for their task. I have the announcers in one ear, and the producer and director in the other. We have a statistician and a historian in the booth who hand us brief notes. Larry, DW and I maintain eye contact while watching both the TV monitors and the track. All this multi-tasking is very challenging, so getting it right is a big part of what makes it so much fun.

Q - Sally, Sophia and others are a bit upset. NASCAR's mantra is always "it's about the fans." Between the bad coverage on TV this season (not from Fox), the COT switch, the homogenizing of the driver's personalities, empty seats at the tracks, lower TV ratings and too many commercials...something must be done. What are your ideas?
A - Sally and Sophia, we have on-going discussions with NASCAR about your points. Strong rivalries, drivers showing personality without the fear of penalty, and an easily understood point system would help engage more fans in the sport.

Q - Matt has been a fan of yours since the TNN days with Neil Bonnett. What was broadcasting NASCAR back then on TNN like? How different is it now with Fox compared to those days?
A - Matt, thanks for mentioning Neil, he is still really missed. It was very different, it takes 200 Fox people on-site to televise a race and TNN did it with just 60. The biggest advantage is the computerized scoring and information flow. Back in 1991, the "points as of now" stat had to be figured with a paper and pen, and we only got a scoring rundown...every ten laps!

Q - A fan asked if you and Fox have considered what would happen in the event Sunoco became the object of serious criticism in the NASCAR garage? (Mike is also the CEO of New England Racing Fuel, a distributor of Sunoco racing fuels in the Northeast.)
A - I would voluntarily disclaim my potential conflict, but not shy away from the discussion. I'm glad NASCAR and Sunoco enjoyed a seamless transition to unleaded fuel...that was a big step. For the street, I see ethanol creating more problems than solutions. The Europeans have proven there are already more efficient options biodiesel.

Q - Larry says last season's Daytona 500 ended with a dash to the checkers as a multi-car crash was ensuing behind the leaders. Do you believe that NASCAR should allow racing back to the yellow on the final lap of a race?
A - Larry, sorry for the pun...but its a no-win situation. NASCAR needs to have flexibility. We all want each race to end under green, if the track is safe in front of the leaders. I feel they made the best call they could that day under the circumstances. Maybe we could get two chances at a finish in Overdrive (a green-white-checker).

Q - Joe met you on Labor Day weekend about 11 years ago up at Loudon, NH when you were running your SCCA sports racer. Do you still have it, and do you still race it?
A - Joe, I sold the Valvoline car when we moved to North Carolina. The Fox/SPEED schedule and two children did not leave much time for racing. I'd like to do more vintage racing, and I've got my eye on a historic Trans-Am that I don't think Ed is ready to sell just yet.

Q - Sharon says you are one of the best in the business. She thinks its a shame we don't have more people like you in NASCAR. There have been a lot of changes in the sport over the last couple of years, what is one change you would like to see reversed, and why?
A - Thanks Sharon. I wish that ownership had been capped at three Cup teams. But, that horse is out of the barn, and with "satellite teams" and all, I fear we could one day have as few as eight real team owners.

Q - Alex wants to know if there is anyone that you would have liked to work with in the booth that you never had the chance to?
A - Alex, David Pearson and Richard Petty together in the booth would be really interesting. Each of them did a little TV, but not together.

Q - A fan asks what do you consider to be the most memorable moment of your broadcasting career? Also, is there anything left that you haven't gotten a chance to do as a broadcaster that you would still like to accomplish?
A - The 1998 Daytona 500 was a very special team effort. Our group did so much research so that Ned Jarrett, Buddy Baker and I could properly educate viewers on just how close Dale Earnhardt Sr. had come so many times before to winning. On your second question, I would like to help Darrell Waltrip win an Emmy, and to continue to be part of this great team for many years.

Q - Since we talked about the Barrett-Jackson event earlier, Patrick wants to know what amount of prep work do you do before the show? Also, what collector cars, past or present, have graced your personal garage and do you have a wish list?
A - Patrick, most of my prep was done in 40 years of owning, driving and working on these cars but I read and surf the web to improve my specific knowledge once we get the auction catalogue. Someday, I'll get a website up to showcase the cars I've enjoyed and what it cost to own them. From the '60 Chevy Impala I drove in high school to the new car I asked Santa to bring...there is always a wish list!

Q - Brian appreciates the fact that you make watching races fun, and have for many years. From your days as a pit reporter to the present, who has been your biggest inspiration to help you become who you are today?
A - Brian, there are three people who I owe more than I can every repay. Ken Squier, Barney Hall, and Ned Jarrett. Not just for the high standards they set as broadcasters and the doors they helped open, but for the life lessons I learned under their guidance.

Note from Mike: Thanks, John for this forum, and thanks to everybody for the questions. Merry Christmas, and we will see you in Daytona before too long!

Once again, The Daly Planet readers have come through with some fantastic questions which have gotten some very interesting answers. We always welcome comments from readers, and encourage you to post your reaction to this interview.

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Anonymous said...

"I would like to help Darrell Waltrip win an Emmy"

My god, that would be the one Emmy show I would watch!!! Can you imagine them striking up the music and DW still up there talking and talking and talking!

Mr Joy thanks for the wonderful job you do on the Fox and Speed networks, and especially for taking the time out of your holiday to come answer some questions.

Kyle in Vegas

TexasRaceLady said...

Thank you, Mr. Joy, for your answer. And thank you for some of your precious time during the holidays.

JD, thank you for giving us this opportunity.

TexasRaceLady said...

"Senior moment" ---

JD, Mr. Joy might be able to help get the answer to that question I emailed to you, since he worked with the gentleman.

Newracefan said...

Mike Joy, it was an honor to have you answer my question. JD thanks so much for setting this up for us perhaps you could forward his answer on how to call a race to ESPN obviously they need some assistance. :)
"Everyone filters out the "noise" and concentrates on the input needed for their task. I have the announcers in one ear, and the producer and director in the other. We have a statistician and a historian in the booth who hand us brief notes. Larry, DW and I maintain eye contact while watching both the TV monitors and the track. All this multi-tasking is very challenging, so getting it right is a big part of what makes it so much fun."

Have a great Holiday

SophiaZ123 said...

Thanks, Mr. Joy for taking your precious vacation time to sift through and answer these questions.

Merry Christmas and look forward to you and that gang in the new year.

My two cents on chemistry. You can be great friends but might not transfer to radio or TV. I think Chemistry just "Is".

You and your gang on Fox got "it."

And it's a good thing.

The other station with 4 letters is like listening to somebody get dental work. Painful...

Best to you and yours

P.S. Mucho thanks JD for these great Q&A sessions.

Anonymous said...

Our bosses at Fox, David Hill and Ed Goren, encourage us to have a good time, to inform, and to entertain. We love to go to work every day, and that means a lot.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we appreciate the Fox and SPEED broadcasts. It's an attitude and a chemistry that can't be faked.

Thanks for answering our questions, Mr. Joy, and I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

I'd also like to thank JD, Steve, Wendy and all the participants in this blog for these wonderful Q&A sessions. The questions have been great, and the responses even better. As a fan, it's been an awesome experience to take part in the discussions.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

KarenB in British Columbia

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80's during Speedweeks we attended a live radio show at a small Daytona bar. Mike Joy was the host and some of the guests were Sterling Marlin, Bobby Hillin and Hal Needham. Then, as now, Mike Joy was easy going and relaxed and obviously loved what he was doing. It's good to see that has not changed, only the venue.

Lisa Hogan said...

Thanks to Mike Joy for sharing some of his holiday time with us.
Thanks to JD for the Christmas present. :)

Busch Series Fan! said...

Thanks to Mike Joy for answering our questions on the Daly Planet. I think I have mentioned this before but my nephew works tv/radio for the Browns in Cleveland and it's not all fun and games during the broadcasts and I'm sure Nascar is no different. Maybe we can see Mike Joy hosting INC next year???? Anybody but Despain who acts like he hates being there. That would be funny if DW won an Emmy they would never get him off the stage! I can just imagine that . . . . Merry Christmas to JD and the fans of The Daly Planet

slithybill said...

Mr. Joy--

It is truly an honor and a privilege to address you. I'm sorry I wasn't able to ask a question, but I really enjoyed reading all your answers. I'm constantly amazed at how challenging your job is, yet you appear to do it so effortlessly every week. You really are a class act and I'm looking forward to the return of NASCAR on FOX next February!

--Bill in Kansas

elena said...

Thanks, Mike for answering so many questions. I enjoy your work and liked hearing more about you work.

Thanks JD for putting this interview on for us.

Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for setting up these interviews. But I have noticed that the three so far have been from the Fox/SPEED family, do you think any of the other networks will participate?

Thanks again to Mike for participating. You can tell that although he is a consummate TV professional, cars & motorsports are his passion, not just his profession. It really shines through.

I'd like to see DW win an Emmy as well...if for nothing else the enertainment the speech would most likely would provide (though they probably wouldn't air it).

Mike Joy on INC...there's an idea I can get behind.

Best wishes for a Merry Christams and a Happy Holiday season to everyone!


Tripp said...

Thanks to Mike for the great insight, and to JD for making it happen.

KarenB is spot on. The fun literally oozes out into millions of living rooms each weekend and it contributes to the overall enjoyment of the race in ways no high tech gizmo, nor whiz bang graphic ever could.

I'm looking forward for the fun to start up again in a couple of months.

philtheporschefan said...

Hello all..having had the privilage of meeting Mike Joy on severial occasions at Limerock over the years when he was a Connecticut boy.He was always more than happy to stop and chat if he wasn't on his way to some meeting or interview..I was up on the spectator hill at Limerock to see both Mark Donahue and mike joy drive the awsome javalin trans-am car.Mike keep up the great work as you are and always will be the best racing commentator ever..well maybe tied with Chris Econamacki but no lower than a tie at the top..Thanks for all your work

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike

I enjoy your broadcasts. You come across as a real fan. Keep up the good work.

haus20 said...

I realize that Fox has the NFL in the fall, but it would be great if the Chase could be on Fox somehow.

Saturday night races / Sunday night races - maybe a start time that would replace the late afternoon game for one of the weeks.

I know it isn't likely and it may not even be practical, but it most certainly will not happen if we don't talk about it.

LuckyForward said...

Mr. Daly:

I sincerely thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift in the interview with Mike Joy.

Luckyforward - Cris C.

Anonymous said...

Great pic of the AMC Javelin. I still have a soft spot for those cars.
Thanks for answering the questions.

IanNJ88 said...

To Mr. Joy,
It's really cool to see someone as busy as you are take time to answer some of our questions. Thanks! One thing I'm curious about..It's the 50th Daytona 500 in 6 or more weeks from today. Is there any special plans for the show? Maybe bring a Special Guest Announcer like Ken Squier or Chris Economaki? (Or even both!) Either way, Good wishes to a great 2008 season with DW, LarryMac, Ageless-Dick Bergreen, Matt, Steve, Krista, and Jeff. And maybe a little for Chris Myers (J/K)!