Saturday, January 12, 2008

In-Progress Comments: It's Chili Bowl Time!

Here we go with another TV first. The 2008 version of the Chili Bowl from lovely Tulsa, OK will be live on Pay-Per-View tonight beginning at 7:30PM Eastern Time.

This will be the page to add your comments about the TV aspects of the telecast. It should be fun, as PPV events have much less structure...and much more racing!

Our friend Matt Yocum will be covering the pits, and Ken Stout, Dave Argabright and Dr. Pat Sullivan will be providing commentary from the booth. A special treat for me is that former Thursday Night Thunder reporter Larry Rice will also be part of the telecast.

Update: What an interesting start. The PPV show was opened by miscellaneous videotape interviews and soundbites that made absolutely no sense. It was as if the TV truck was still editing. Then, more than a minute later, the preview show began.

As the show progresses, please feel free to stop by and leave your comments about the telecast and what you thought of this first PPV Chili Bowl effort.

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Armor All DIY Contestant said...

I actually wished Speed Picked the Chili Bowl up. Why soak the race fan $24.95?? Lucas Oil,come on,you don't need the funds that badly.

Speed,please pick it up in 2009!

Anonymous said...
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Rick said...

Well, after almost an hour and a half of pre-race, there is a crash in the front of the pack in the first corner of the first lap!!!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Wow, that was tough going an hour before a live lap. I also do not understand the whole Speed Freaks thing.

Prelued to a Dream...this is not.

Will finish the rest off on the DVR and talk more about it tomorrow.

Rick said...

My guess is th Speed Freaks work cheap.

TexasRaceLady said...

I'm with you, JD, I didn't understand all that garbage at the beginning.

However, once the racing started, at least we saw racing --- not talking heads.

Skip said...

I don't understand. There were no graphics to explain the aero push in these cars. No tech center or anything.

How are we supposed to deal with this? It's so confusing.

Anonymous said...

anyone have the results, did stewart run?

Skip said...

Stewart smoked his B Main, came in 8th in the final. Kasey Kahne DNF engine problems. I guess that comes with the Bud sponsorship.

Daly Planet Editor said...

One thing this program did was finally show the large field and the long days of qualifying.

Both ESPN and SPEED have to be thinking about this series for the future.

Done right, this would be great exposure for whatever TV network picked it up. ESPN could use their Internet and international connections to big benefit.

I am off to view the entire thing on DVR, with a column to follow. Thanks for the comments.