Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recap Of Columns This Week

Here are the columns this week with easy access, just click on the title:

"NASCAR's Monday Night Match-Up: Bestwick vs. Byrnes" from 2/2/08

"2008 Will Bring Change To This Media Project" from 2/1/08

"SPEED Wraps Pre-Season Testing Coverage" from 2/1/08

"Fontana Testing Worth The Wait" from 1/31/08

"Manske At ESPN And Ready For NASCAR Now" from 1/30/08

"Waltrip And Schrader Stay With SPEED" from 1/30/08

"Inside NEXTEL Cup On SPEED Says Goodbye" from 1/29/08

"ESPN Classic Learns A Lesson: More NASCAR" from 1/28/08

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Anonymous said...

JD, can you update us on SPEED HD?

My cable company says they may not add SPEED HD until early summer/late spring. That would mean I will miss all of speedweeks and possibly the all-star race in HD.

SPEED is promoting SPEED HD so much, but it seems many cable companies will not even carry it until mid-season at the earliest. What is SPEED doing about this?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thank you for that reminder. SPEED told me the way it works is that they provide a fulltime HD feed and then the cable companies add it to their line-up when they choose to do so.

SPEED-HD is on DirecTV from the world "go," because that company is owned by Fox.

Rick Miner, the exec in charge, said that the roll-out for some subscribers would take months, and that SPEED would be providing a non-HD feed during that time so there would be no service interruption.

Both Fox and their parent company News Corp do not own any cable systems, so other companies are making the decision about when to add SPEED-HD to the line-up.

I will update this story during the week, thanks again for the reminder.