Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SPEED Adds Two New Entries To The NASCAR TV Field

Only several weeks into the NASCAR season, SPEED has launched two new NASCAR-themed programs. One will debut this weekend in Atlanta.

NASCAR In A Hurry will slide into the thirty minute slot before RaceDay. The theory of this thirty minute program is to highlight the events of the past 48 hours. In launching this show, SPEED's VP of Programming Steve Craddock summed it up this way.

"In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to find time to watch all the NASCAR programming and a bit unrealistic to think anyone can," Craddock said. "There are a lot of exciting and pivotal moments at the track each weekend and NASCAR in a Hurry will give the viewers the best of SPEED and NASCAR over the past 48 hours. SPEED will essentially DVR the greatest moments of the weekend and bring viewers up to speed on what they’ve missed since the garages opened earlier in the week."

Hosting this show will be Truck Series pit reporter Adam Alexander, although SPEED will rotate a number of on-air talent as hosts during the season. It should be interesting to see how this program works to be different from RaceDay as it begins a season-long run.

SPEED's second new TV series is only a six episode project premiering on March 23rd. NASCAR Confidential will be a one hour high-end post-produced program that looks at NASCAR from the perspective of several different people during the exact same time-frame. It does sound interesting.

The first episode is focused on the Daytona 500 of this year. Cameras follow still photographer T. Taylor Warren, team owner and NASCAR wife DeLana Harvick, driver Ryan Newman and Jay Howard who organizes the pre-race festivities. What a mix that of personalities that represents.

At the end of last season, we heard Brian France say that he wanted SPEED to develop more NASCAR TV properties as a part of being a "TV partner" with NASCAR. The network certainly has follow-up on that mandate. For fans of the high-end weekly shows that used to be on SPEED Monday nights, the creation of NASCAR Confidential is a positive move. It remains to be seen if fans need another thirty minutes of NASCAR highlight content before the two hour RaceDay.

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ri88girl said...

The NASCAR confidential sounds very interesting, but the thing before raceday is stupid. What about another version of the setup that would concentrate on the tech aspects of each track and the weather conditions for that weekend and the handling problems the drivers are having that day. Focus on crewchiefs and spotters and pitcrew. We do not hear enough tech. Chad is great and getting a nascar lesson from someone like him each weekend would add to my knowlage base and my enjoyment of the weekend. If you are watching BEFORE raceday you are a crazy fan and I don't think any of us would say no to more technical understanding.

The whole change with TWIN and now these two showes reminds me of those dark days in what '03 with all those rediculous shows that looked more like MTV than NASCAR. I think Krista got her start on one of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Nascar in a Hurry. I never watch the pre-race shows; the signal-to-noise ratio is too low.



I'm excited about these new shows. I guess I'm one of the people that drive the F1 and cycle racing fans crazy because I want MORE NASCAR on speed.

I also want more of the Humpy Show. The pilot was cool and could be even better with a more dynamic current driver. SPEED is really stepping up their game this year and I love it. (Sorry F1 and others).

Tracy said...

IMABIGDAWG, I agree wholeheartedly, The Humpy Show needs a slot. It was a ton of fun.

Diane said...

Speed used to have 2 shows that I really liked. One was a one hour recap of the various Nascar races that happened that week. (I think it aired on Thursday) The other was the 30 minute behind the scenes show that had a lot of radio communication and the announcer who sounded like the football highlights guy.

I would rather they bring either one of those shows back. Although the Roshomon type show might be interesting.

Ally said...

I'm very much looking forward to NASCAR Confidential - I'll have to set the recorder for that one!

With the exception of last year's series (Survival of the Fastest, which was mediocre), I've been a huge fan of SPEED's NASCAR behind the scenes series: NBS 24/7, Beyond the Wheel, and 7 Days. All were great shows and hopefully NASCAR Confidential will carry on the tradition.

This show premieres on the off weekend on Easter Sunday. SPEED should schedule plenty of repeats - on Monday and then maybe Fri/Sat of that following week. Thankfully SPEED is much better about repeating its NASCAR behind the scenes programming, in contrast to ESPN2's mostly one-and-done philosophy. (Chasing Glory, NASCAR Drivers Non-Stop which was the "sequel" to NASCAR Drivers 360, and Shifting Gears).

batchief said...

ri88girl, Krista got her start on Totally Nascar in 2002. She was a part of the first version of Nascar Nation, the non-MTV version.

Anonymous said...

Too much NASCAR programming as it is.Don't need 2 more shows.

ri88girl said...


Im not in tv so could I ask why in heavens name you would ever put a reporter that close to a track without headphones? Regardless of what is scheduled, arn't there useally cars running around someplace close? ITS A RACE TRACK!Same with RACEDAY why do they switch to the little IFBs when its so loud from the crowd it can be hard for them to hear the audio from interviews. Is this about presentation or vanity or what? I also think it would help if the programs 'traffic cop' would tell viewrs and etc about a satillite delay. It works well in news I think it would remove some akwardness from SPEED

Anonymous said...

I hope Peter Golenbock is OK with the use of his book title, "NASCAR Confidential" copyright 2004...the third of his NASCAR trilogy. He now lives in Florida with his Bassett Hounds, Doris and Fred.

Tom in Bristol

Daly Planet Editor said...


The ESPN guys read your comment and told me it will not happen again. Apparently a third party vendor supplied the equipment.

See, you got clout!


Anonymous said...

Just what we need, more bad NASCAR shows from SPEED!!!

Anonymous said...

"NASCAR in a Hurry will give the viewers the best of SPEED and NASCAR over the past 48 hours."


SophiaZ123 said...

Timing is everything.

We do NOT need more NASCAR shows on Sunday.

If they want to SHORTEN RACEDAY, might help. Most folks need to do chores or other things before watching 4 hrs of a car race.

SPEED think we need tv marathons everyweek?

I like Race Day at one hour but they added more fluff and minutia.

Then again, Speed does not care what we think as far as what we like and love judging by Monday nights show or now, lack there of.

I did enjoy NASCAR 360 years ago but that was DURING THE WEEK.

Speed would do well to ADVERTISE STABLE showings for Nas Performance and Trading Paint since I like both shows but don't want those on Sunday either.

Overdosing on Daytona is one thing, but most just don't have the time or energy to get overloaded anymore than we are...long races, commercials, cautions..that drag too long of races even longer.

Might want to pick another day of the week. Maybe dump PINKS, Unique Whips, NOPI junk or the now hyped "The LOW LIFE".



Anonymous said...

More NASCAR programming sounds great to me. I watch every second my wife lets me.

Daly Planet Editor said...

The show next week is confirmed as Waltrip, Chad Knaus and Steve Byrnes.

That will be a new dynamic for all three of those folks, so it should be interesting.

Just letting you know Schrader and Biffle are busy once again elsewhere. Seems like racing is taking up a lot more time away from the track for these guys.


Anonymous said...

re: SophiaZ123:


and to go off-topic: "Pinks" is exactly what has gone wrong with SPEED.


Newracefan said...

Nascar Confidential sounds like a must see, I like the shows that give us a different perspective (did they decide on RN before or after he won the 500?). The other one I am not so sure about, I like AA so that part will be fine, I guess my need to watch may depend on how much of the other Nascar live/practice etc I was already able to watch. Add my vote to give us more of the HUMPY SHOW, suggesting Cale and JG. Well at least it gives us more shows to blog about.

Anonymous said...

There can NEVER be too much NASCAR