Monday, April 28, 2008

DEI Plays Host To Manske And Punch

ESPN continues to demonstrate its commitment to NASCAR this season by dedicating a special one hour Tuesday edition of NASCAR Now to Dale Earnhardt Sr. at 6PM Eastern Time.

Down at DEI in Mooresville, NC there will be a day-long celebration of the life of Dale Sr. that will include the fans. This is the seventh such tribute that the company has hosted.

Jerry Punch will be the emcee for the event, and then will join Nicole Manske on-site at DEI for the show. On the guest list will be the current DEI drivers, including Mark Martin. Also on hand will be ESPN analyst Andy Petree. Martin and Petree should be able to continue to tell Earnhardt stories from their many adventures over the years of racing with Senior.

Max Siegel, the top executive at DEI will also be along. He should be able to give fans a great perspective of what is currently going on at DEI in terms of both the racing and the many other outside ventures. It is well-known that one of Siegel's agendas is to "expand the brand" and grow the company in non-racing activities.

Following the expansion of the Monday NASCAR Now to one hour, this special is a nice touch as ESPN begins to stretch the full power of its NASCAR "legs." There are many on-going NASCAR stories relating to hard news and many personality-driven stories that are currently not being covered by any of the NASCAR TV partners.

While SPEED has chosen to focus on the weekend racing activity at the tracks almost exclusively, ESPN is on the air daily. Unfortunately, the network continues to avoid establishing a NASCAR studio facility "down south." Special programs like this one might wake the network up to the fact that there is an entire industry working everyday within a fifty mile radius of shops like DEI.

An ESPN studio in the Mooresville area would create more quality NASCAR content that the network can imagine. It would serve multiple ESPN networks, and be a big hit with the fans.

One can only hope that more on-site programs like this Tuesday special will begin to originate from the area that almost all NASCAR teams call home.

Update: For those of you asking if Ms. Earnhardt will be appearing on NASCAR Now, that will be up to her on Tuesday. Currently, she is not on the guest list for the program. Thanks.

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Ken-Michigan said...

I'll certainly be checkin out this very special show from Mooresville on Dale Earnhardt Day.

JD , I do not agree with one of the expected segments for the show.

I read the "guest list" for the show and I have to disagree with the segment with Max Siegel. Sure I know he runs the place NOW..... but was he even around DEI while Dale was with us ?

Did Siegel even know or meet Dale, Sr.?? Maybe he did, but I really dont know.

If they choose to do a segment on the growth and the future of DEI, there are several other people besides Siegel, with much more intimate ties to Dale Sr that should be featured on the show.

Steve Waid, Tom Higgins, Humpy Wheeler... would be 3 great choices.

Let's see if ESPN can pull this one off from Mooresville.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Dale Sr. fan but I for one won't wath a single minute of the charade at DEI Inc. Teresa isn't even adult enough to have Dale Jr. and Kelly there to help commemorate their father. It shows how rude and childish she really is.

Ritchie said...

Mr. Daly, I agree with you about the Mooresville studio. It would be a good addition, and it seems that it would make covering NASCAR easier for them. What I wonder is how much of a change from tradition would that be for ESPN?

Is there any other sport that is covered by ESPN offsite from their Bristol CT campus (other than the actual events)? It seems like they use ESPN Zone restaurants sometimes.

Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...


That is a great question. The last time that ESPN had a regular motorsports show, it was called RPM2Night.

The network built a small studio and office in a strip mall across from the Carowinds theme park in South Charlotte, NC. That studio was in use for many years for exactly the reason we discussed.

Almost all of the NASCAR news and original content is easy to get when the TV entity is located in the area. The NASCAR Media Group, SPEED Channel and many TV production companies already call Charlotte home.

ESPN has a big company called ESPN Regional TV in South Charlotte, and that is where the liveshots on NASCAR Now originate. That company does college sports and a ton of other production. They are not geared toward NASCAR and have no connection to the sport.

ESPN's big problem is that HD costs more to originate and uplink than non-HD television signals. With ESPN building a huge HD complex in LA, perhaps NASCAR is on the back burner once again.


Statboy said...

anonymous said...
I am a huge Dale Sr. fan but I for one won't wath a single minute of the charade at DEI Inc. Teresa isn't even adult enough to have Dale Jr. and Kelly there to help commemorate their father. It shows how rude and childish she really is.

April 29, 2008 8:15 AM

I may be wrong but I think Kelly will be on Sirius Speedway on Sirius NASCAR Radio this afternoon. Don't know if she will actually be at DEI or just via phone though.

And I do agree that Seigel shouldn't be a part of this deal and that if Teresa ever wanted to be back in the good graces of NASCAR fans that she should be.

Anonymous said...
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fairfax said...

I feel bad for Dale Jr. This must be so awkward and sad for him.

Regarding the studio, doesn't PTI film in the DC area, as both the hosts work for the Washington Post? Surely ESPN could make the same committment to NN.

Andrew S. said...

FYI, Sirius Speedway will also be live from DEI this afternoon.

Channel 128 - Sirius NASCAR Radio from 3-7 pm Eastern

Wisconsin Steve said...

Its great to see NASCAR Now covering this event so extensively. It attracts a lot of fans and raises money for a good cause.

I'm looking forward to seeing the interview with Kerry Earnhardt. He still works at DEI and is often overlooked by the media.

If Jeffery Earnhardt is there, it might be a good idea to talk to him as well. I recall reading that he is one of DEI's development drivers, but I don't believe I've ever seen him profiled on TV.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:59AM,

There are lots of locations around the country that have contributed live and pre-recorded programs to the ESPN family of networks over the years.

The lack of a small studio in the Mooresville or Concord area is rapidly becoming an issue with the new amount of quality NASCAR programming on the network.

As I have mentioned several times, SPEED may be located in Charlotte, but they originate NO programming during the week about NASCAR. TWIN is produced by NMG for SPEED.

The door is wide open for someone like ESPN to come in and establish a "local" franchise for fans.

It should be very interesting to see what shakes-out if the success of NASCAR Now continues. Think about it, ESPN has the IRL and NHRA. Can a weekly motorsports show be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Although I do understand the politics. What a shame that Dale Jr is not involved. Yes, life goes on and we were not there to see how it all happened. Yes, maybe a good show and sign of respect to Dale Sr. But wow, no Jr. Will record it

alex said...

Great to see Kerry being interviewed, and it's true that he does look like a twin sitting there. One great thing that the interview made me realize is how "polished" most of the drivers are now regarding interviews, and the like, while Kerry just sat back and told stories. It's like looking through a time machine-

Anonymous said...
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alex said...

Great show so far. The weather is beautiful on-location, and everyone involved really seems to be enjoying themselves.

Anonymous said...
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Richard in N.C. said...

JD, Doesn't NASCAR or MRN have a state-of-the-art TV studio in Charlotte that could be available for ESPN to use? If not, I wonder if one is planned for the Hall of Fame?

Basing some N-Now or similar programming in the Charlotte area sure could be an enticing way to transition Jerry P more into commentary instead of announcing.

Anonymous said...

Ok JD,
I will eat my comment at 529PM.
Good show, Andy, Mr. Childress, Kerry were good interviews. As were the videos of Dale and the 3 from the past. Too bad except for Dale Jr in the opening, we could not have had an interview w/ Dale Jr from Ms Manske onsite.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up about the NASCAR Now show from DEI. Just refresh your browser.


Anonymous said...

@JD--I LOVED RPM2Night! I miss that show and John :(

@alex--yes the resemblance does cause a double take. A few years ago (after we lost Dale) Mike Joy was talking to Kerry and called him Dale in error. Mike quickly caught his mistake and apologized.