Saturday, April 12, 2008

In-Progress At Phoenix: "Tradin' Paint," "NASCAR Performance" And "RaceDay"

SPEED has an extensive block of NASCAR programming as the lead-in to the Phoenix Sprint Cup race on Fox.

Tradin' Paint comes along at 4:30PM Eastern Time with John Roberts and Kyle Petty. The media guest is Tom Jensen, the Senior NASCAR Editor for He is the former Executive Editor of NASCAR Scene Magazine.

As most fans know, Petty and the 45 team missed the Cup race at Phoenix. This should be an interesting show, as the issues of drug testing and the future of Petty Racing should be on the menu, regardless of who is on the panel.

Next up at 5PM is a show that is growing on us. NASCAR Performance used to be strictly tech talk, but host Larry McReynolds has used the current NASCAR topics in the news as issues to expand-on in his own way. Using Chad Knaus and Bootie Barker in a very smart manner, McReynolds has addressed issues from the COT to tires to bumpstops. If you have not seen this show, check it out.

At 5:30PM is the quirky NASCAR In A Hurry show. Truck Series veteran reporter Adam Alexander provides a "wrap-a-round" that ties together the best TV content from SPEED's NASCAR coverage of the previous 48 hours. It is kind of an Entertainment Tonight meets SportsCenter.

The franchise is up next, as the two hour live NASCAR RaceDay takes to the air at 6PM Eastern Time. Jeff Gordon will be a live guest on this show, and Jeff Burton is the subject of Wendy Venturini's Real Deal segment.

John Roberts hosts this highly-popular show with Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace alongside. Hermie Sadler will be taking an in-depth look at PIR, and the show will review the past PIR winners. RaceDay will run up until 8PM, when the live coverage of the Cup Series will begin.

As usual, Victory Lane will be taped Saturday but will air as scheduled at 8PM on Sunday night before Wind Tunnel.

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Lou from NY said...

Gee, I wonder if Kyle will discuss the issue of missing the race, on Tradin Paint. As a long time NASCAR and PE fan I hope he does. There can be some implications here. IE. sponsor stuff, history, field fillers, drivers. Oh sorry, forgot to mention the TOP35 rule. Or should the 43 fastest race.(AND THEY SHOULD) Maybe NASCAR needs to take a step back and review. Strlknfn82, love your comments.(even thought at times I may not agree) Your articualte them very well

Anonymous said...

Race Day on ESPN: Very strong words by K. Harvick. Maybe it is about time. BRAVO.

Anonymous said...

Wow, has anyone heard some of the sound from the drivers in regards to Fike. Great job Nasar Now! RB did a very nice job gettig through a lot of different issues!

Angie Cleveland

red said...

and burton made an excellent point: what's the negative in testing too much? careful, there, jeff! your wisdom and leadership are showing! some might renew the campaign to get you to speak to the guys in "The Hauler" for the garage on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Pettys were the ones that campaigned Nascar to protect the regular teams,after missing the Daytona 500 several years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see comments on NN even though JD forgot to include it here. This morning's show reminded me of "Spedded Up" , mostly a rehash of ESPN stuff from the past few days. I can't remember for certain where I heard or saw Burton's astute comments on the "Drug Mess".

Lisa Hogan said...

I enjoyed both Tradin' Paint and NASCAR Performance.

Thanks, SPEED!

Anonymous said...

NASCAR in a hurry seems like a good show. It is providing me with everything that I may have missed from the weekend. I normally don't get a chance to see it because it airs too early for west coast viewers on Sundays. It also seems well produced.

Daly Planet Editor said...

What did you all think of Spencer saying Jeff Burton does not have what it takes to be a champion?

That was an interesting moment.

By the way - I am up in Charlotte for some meetings through Wednesday. Sorry if I am a little slow on the email follow-up.


Newracefan said...

I was somewhat shocked that Spencer said it the way he did, I'm taking it as he's not agressive enough and consistancy isn't good enough(see Jeff Gordon 2007). Jimmy is usually tells it like it but that was a bit blunt. I also found Kyle Petty's comments about drug testing interesting (tradin paint)in some sense he is holding the teams and fellow drivers responsible for not catching Fike. He short of has a point; KK said he was suspicious but he obviously didn't say anything. I wonder if the sport had become a little less self policing with all these young guys and maybe that will change with Fike's statement.

bevo said...

I tend to take anything Jimmy Spencer says with a grain of salt. Burton has everything it takes to win a championship.

As far as testing goes it can't be left to the teams. Too much self-interest involved with sponsorship. Always remember to follow the money. As far as others in the garage reporting suspicious activity that could backfire on them big time, it will eventually come out who said what.

Kenn Fong said...

Jimmy Spencer has a history of speaking before he thinks. Maybe the glue from his awful rug has poisoned his brain.

Remember his harsh and completely out of order criticism of Kelly Earnhardt Elledge? He said that Dale Jr. should not have left his step-mother's company? And that his sister has gotten too big for her britches, trying to hold onto some fame by using "Earnhardt" as part of her married name instead of using her married surname alone.

He went on to say that Kelly talked her brother into leaving DEI because she wanted more control over him and by doing so, would be more in the spotlight.

I know the term is outdated, but Jimmy Spencer certainly deserves the moniker, "male chauvinist pig," in more ways than one.

Alameda, California