Friday, June 20, 2008

In-Progress On Friday - NASCAR on SPEED

No Kenny Wallace this weekend on SPEED as he is off at the Nationwide Series race in Milwaukee, WI. It will be Hermie Sadler filling-in on both RaceDay and Victory Lane.

Friday on SPEED kicks-off with NASCAR Live at 3PM Eastern Time. John Roberts hosts the show and will have Bob Dillner and Hermie Sadler along as reporters from the garage area.

Steve Byrnes will be up next with Sprint Cup Series practice from Sonoma. Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds will be teamed with Byrnes in the booth. Lindsay Czarniak and Marty Snider will be the reporters for this 3:30PM session.

The Craftsman Truck Series practice will be at 5PM from Milwaukee. Rick Allen and Phil Parsons in the booth will be joined by Ray Dunlap and Adam Alexander.

Go or Go Home is a thirty minute show that reviews the cars outside of the Top 35 that have to qualify on time for the Sprint Cup Series. John Roberts will host the program with veterans Randy Pemberton and Bob Dillner filing reports. This show will begin at 6:30PM.

All eyes will be on the critical qualifying for the Cup race from Sonoma that will kick-off at 7PM. Byrnes, Hammond and McReynolds return to anchor the coverage. Interviewing the drivers and handling the reporting duties will be Matt Yocum and Ralph Shaheen.

The Truck Series race will begin at 9PM as the feature event of the evening. This race will have a post for in-progress comments up at 8PM. Allen and Parsons host with Dunlap and Alexander on pit road.

The evening caps-off with Trackside at 11:30PM from Sonoma. Byrnes, Hammond and McReynolds will be joined by Elliott Sadler for the hour. Sam Hornish and Juan Pablo Montoya will be the scheduled guests.

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Kyle said...

Hope we get to see some of Doug Richert in there this week. I bet hes got a good story or two to tell. He was 20 years old and the Crew Chief for Dale SR. on his first Winston Cup in 1980.

Hermie and Jimmy on race day, should make for an interesting linguistic experiment.

Richard in N.C. said...

JD- I like Hermie, but he is not in Kenny's league, especially energy-wise. Do you think Kenny's not being on SPEED Sunday is purely financial - SPEED's cutting out the cost of flying him back to CAL - or something else? There will be a plane or 2 flying back to Sonoma from Wis. Saturday night since Carl E. and Clint Bowyer, at least, are running in the N-wide race. Thanks

SophiaZ123 said...
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SophiaZ123 said...

OOps...put my KW comments in the wrong column.

I have to say I will miss Kenny Wallace on SPEED this weekend...say what you want but he has tried to address NASCAR several times on issues with the COT...until last weekend of course. But a couple of weeks ago, he said NASCAR needs to LISTEN to the drivers about the car's handling and the heat being sealed inside the car more so than older hot cars. Kenny then winded up his little opinion (tongue -in- cheek) that sounded like Tony Stewart last week "Ratings are up, things are great and everybody is happy."

I don't see Sadler doing that...but I the clamp went on SPENCER and KW as they were pretty quiet or positive last weekend.

Thanks for the pre show information JD. I appreciate it.

Renata said...

I don't think anyone is in Kenny Wallace's league energy-wise.

A liitle off subject, but what do you think the odds are for Ambrose v. Said, part II? They're both on the entry list for this weekend. My vote is for not much of a chance, but you never know.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

after a long week ready for a good show from our NASCAR TV partners

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Nice touch to see two non top 12 drivers in an interview at the begining of the show. Thanks SPEED

Daly Planet Editor said...

Just a note, Jenna Fryer has had to cancel and Bob Pockrass from will be taking her place on Tradin' Paint. Scheduling issue, no conspiracy theories please!


SophiaZ123 said...

Bummer about Jenna....hmmmm.
Whatever you say JD.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Go Marcos Go!

@JD--Darn! I like conspiracy theories :). I wish they'd have Waid (Steve Waid, I've always called him by his last name since forever) come back on, I like him. I didn't get a chance to talk to him but did give a shout out to him back at Sears Point in 2K3 :). I liked when he did NA$CAR This Morning.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Just another bullet comment. Larry Mac was good on Cup Practice. Such a good asset to the broadcast as uaual.

stricklinfan82 said...
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stricklinfan82 said...

If my program guide is correct then I have to give a major thank you to Speed Channel for pre-empting the Truck Series Setup show so they can show Cup qualifying in its entirety. I was very disappointed last year at Sonoma when Speed bailed on qualifying to conduct pre-race interviews at Milwaukee, so I applaud Speed for making an adjustment this year. If qualifying does run a little long I definitely hope that either NASCAR will push back the start of the Truck race or that Speed will just tape-delay the Truck race so we can see both the entire Cup qualifying session and the entire Truck race.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Tell ya what,

I sure have enjoyed watching SPEED today. The announcers were focused and everything just flowed.

Ditto your comment stricklinfan about the network being flexible. What a great decision.

Looking forward to the truck race.


Anonymous said...


Allow me to indulge on a storyline I would like to see Speed cover tonight for the truck race that may remind you of your Formula One days.

Jayski has a Tennessean item about Paul Poulter, a British driver who will be relieving Chad Chaffin in the #40 this evening because he has "brought financial support to the team"

That sounds strangely like one of the least appealing storylines in F1 - the pay driver. Riccardo Rosset, Giovanni Lavaggi and others who were often so slow that they failed to be within the 107% rule.

Remember the 107% rule?

I think this needs at least a little attention to see if its a limited financial issue for one team or a larger sign about the financial status of teams in general.

AMS fan said...

I see the guys get their Black, long sleeve shirts on a 100 degree day at Sonoma. Marcos is so polite and good for the sport. It is nice to see someone enjoy what they do.

SophiaZ123 said...

the long sleeved shirts are disconcerting to see when it's been 100 degrees. Today on SPEED the guys have on blue LONG SLEEVED oxford shirts?!

Somebody is not paying attention to summer wardrobes/appropriate hot weather attire and crew/television.