Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jim Cramer And NASCAR: What A Mix

The "Mad Money" man is making a stop in NASCAR land and he has a pretty good supporting cast. Jim Cramer has his first broadcast TV network special on NBC this Sunday at 7PM Eastern Time.

The CNBC finance king is calling his special "The American Dream With Jim Cramer." This program was taped at Lowe's Motor Speedway a while back, and Cramer asked a lot of drivers to stop by and chat.

Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Casey Mears and Jeff Burton are featured in this special. Cramer talks about the ecomony and investing. He also addressed the gas price situation, retirement issues and securing a financial future.

This certainly seems like an interesting mix of topics and personalities. We will take a look at it and offer a post for comments after the show.

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PammH said...

I have NO idea who this guy is?? Can you fill us in, please?

Karah-Leigh said...

He has a show on CNBC :)

I heard his interview today with Moody on Sirius after yours, which... I had no idea you did!

Usually on Wednesday afternoons I'm in the newsroom working on the paper, so I was like "Hey, that's my TV site dude!"

Kiteman11 said...

Awesome interview on Moody's show.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Thanks a lot, that crew is great.


Jim Cramer is the wild guy with sleeves rolled-up that hosts a very interactive CNBC show called Mad Money. He is very well-known and is trying to stretch his way over from the cable to the broadcast side of the big NBC world.

This is his first shot on NBC and it should be interesting to see how it worked with the drivers and a studio audience at LMS.

If you need more on Jim, just Google him or Mad Money.



PammH said...

JD-you are making me LOL because my former boss used to extend my mmm's also!! Thanks for the update & he sounds like that show is worth tapeing! Could be very interesting!!:)

Richard in N.C. said...

I think I would say Cramer is a lot like Kenny Wallace - but hyper.

Kyle said...

Richard in N.C
Almost got it right.... Hyper and yells alot more then Kenny :)

If he sticks o his Mad Money style it will be a high energy show with lots of props. Well worth watching.

bevo said...

Sorry but I can"t share the enthusiasm for him. All hat and no cattle as we say down here. Check YouTube sometime for his histrionics about Bear Sterns the day before they went belly_up.

Anonymous said...

Bevo, thanks for injecting a little realism into this love-fest. The American eagerness to accept snake oil salesmen never ceases to amaze me. Judging by NASCAR fans' taste in broadcasters, they have a strong preference for flash, speed, and volume over substance. Cramer should fit right in.

Michigan fan

Karen said...

Unfortunately, Cramer gets on my nerves. Will watch Sunday just to see how the drivers react to him though. May end up being funny after all.

Jim Russell said...

Cramer knows his stuff. He ain't always right, and his goofy antics are an acquired taste. A little goes a long way. If you don't care about investing, his show won't be of interest at all.

The NBC special should be interesting, just to see the interaction.

Anonymous said...

Goofy antics should include the masters of goofy antics, the waltrip brothers.

Dot said...

Hi folks,
I feel like an idiot to ask this, but here goes. Is this show on CNBC or NBC on Sunday? I looked at the guide and could not find a listing on either so I could tape it. Yes, I did allow for the EDT vs PDT. It's 4:00 pm my time. I hope someone can help the lame one. Thanks.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Hi Dot

JD says it is on NBC. It is in the first paragraph. Enjoy.

Karen said...

dot said ...

I looked at the guide and could not find a listing on either so I could tape it. Yes, I did allow for the EDT vs PDT. It's 4:00 pm my time. I hope someone can help the lame one.

It's on at the same time 60 Minutes is on and it's on NBC.

Dot said...

To Lou & Karen,

Thank you.