Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Victory Lane" Spins A New NASCAR Reality

After the Sprint Cup Series races, Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace sit in Victory Lane waiting for the winner to get out of his car. While the confetti flies and the TV network does an interview, Wallace and Spencer talk about the race. The resulting one hour show is appropriately named Victory Lane.

Spencer is an unabashed cheerleader for NASCAR and Wallace is always one to put a happy face on any situation. Wallace really does see the brightside of things. This duo is managed quite well by veteran SPEED TV host John Roberts.

After the Brickyard 400, the TV team was once again on-hand as Jimmie Johnson did his final burnouts and prepared for his interviews. One thing, however, was different. Apparently, Spencer and Wallace had decided to "spin" the grim reality of this event into something completely different. That would be a great race.

At the top of the show, Roberts called the race "long, strange and at times unfortunate." Spencer rightly pointed-out that winner Jimmie Johnson had been the fastest car all weekend long. Wallace added that it was only the second time the polesitter had won at The Brickyard. As the panel waited for Johnson, Spencer and Wallace gave their impressions of the race.

It was Wallace who said that The Brickyard 400 was going to be a "watercooler race." With the camera in his face, Wallace offered to "straighten race fans out." He began to insist that this event was fundamentally "a show" and that it was actually a great race. Spencer offered that some of the fans are going to be upset, but that he had seen a lot of great racing.

Spencer continued with the quote that "a lot of variables went into this race" and the fact that the cream had risen to the top. Wallace added that the race had the feel of a Saturday shoot-out at a local track.

In terms of NASCAR, Spencer said they "went out of their way to put a show on for the fans." Roberts was the voice of reason as he so often is on this show and made sure to point out that NASCAR's big fear was bad crashes and driver injury.

There was no doubt that Spencer and Wallace were just trying to be supportive of a sport that means so much to them. Unfortunately, these two are perhaps not the best in terms of trying to balance the reality of this situation with the public relations damage to NASCAR. A balanced discussion was not on the menu.

"This is Indy Car land, they are not going to do nothing for stock car racing." said Wallace. He and Spencer were talking about adding a sealer to the track to help the tires in the future. The issue was apparently now the Indy cars and the grinding of the track to help their performance.

As Roberts gamely led the panel through the highlights, Spencer and Wallace tried very hard to sell the fact that this was a great race despite the limitations. "Left side tires were not an issue," said Spencer as he tried to suggest that pit strategy played a role in this event. Roberts pointed-out that the top cars all took two tires on the final stop, but that did not seem to matter to Spencer.

Bob Dillner handled the interviews with the top finishers and showed his new found maturity in difficult times. Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards offered conciliatory interviews hoping the fans would understand the tire problems and offered their own apologies. The drivers actually were the only ones who took the middle ground on the race issues and came-off as sophisticated and professional.

Winner Jimmie Johnson came along and answered a lot of questions about almost everything...except tires. Asked about his career expectations, testing schedules and the fact that everyone had the same circumstances, Johnson proved to be a true professional. He said the sport would "take its lumps" and move on.

Bob Dillner interviewed Jeff Gordon at the end of the show and Gordon's statements that the race was "strange and unfortunate" echoed Roberts. Gordon was clear in his view that there was no reason to blame anyone, but that the problems need to be addressed immediately by all of the parties concerned.

This is the kind of effective commentary that works to address multiple issues. None of the drivers offered the hype and rhetoric of Spencer and Wallace. While this duo is effective on RaceDay with their unique brand of humor and commentary, this situation was very different.

It is important for national TV commentators like Spencer and Wallace to realistically address issues that may not be favorable to NASCAR. The ability to discuss negative issues in an honest and open manner with the TV viewers is critical. On this Sunday, there was a very good reason why.

Directly following Victory Lane on SPEED was the new one hour Sunday version of ESPN2's NASCAR Now. Within two minutes of being on-the-air, Allen Bestwick was leading an intelligent discussion with Jimmie Johnson about exactly the same issues Spencer and Wallace had been unable to articulate. Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty added to the conversation with good questions and everyone on the panel was extremely professional.

No longer is Victory Lane the final NASCAR wrap-up show on Sunday nights. This new reality is going to be something that the folks at SPEED are going to need to remember. Even after such a great race.

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Anonymous said...

I thought JR was just as guilty of warped reality tonight as Spence and Kenny. He was the one who first stated that unlike the F1 "debacle" (as he called it), NASCAR continued on "in front of a capacity crowd" (yeah, right) to give the fans a show.

If NASCAR and Goodyear share the blame for the race, JR needs to share the blame with Spence and Kenny in providing poor analysis.

Anonymous said...
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TexasRaceLady said...

NASCAR Now is really good.

Good information, good interviews, all presented professionally and succinctly.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Can you feel my trying to suggest that to Spencer and company?


Anon 10:37PM, please return and repost with new words. We want your opinion, not your opinion of others.

kang said...

What we saw on Victory Lane tonight was emblematic of the problems in all sports programming these days. Jimmy Spencer exhibited two of the most common ones: First, he chose to be a shill for the sport instead of telling it as it was. Secondly, he made the mistake that all announcers seem to make today -- the use of the word "great". That word is so overused that it has lost its original meaning. On a side note, it seemed a shame that Bill Elliott didn't qualify for the race. That is it did until they ran the race!

Anonymous said...

ok JD. Lets try this again.

No matter what your opinion on today's racing I dont think NASCAR was at fault to begin with. Second, I think Roberts was truthful in everything he said and was not "guilty" of trying to purposely put NASCAR in a better light than some would think they deserve.

As for Jimmy and Kenny, thats how they always are. they have that "cup half full" attitude all the time and thats what makes the show entertaining and fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

JR should have played devil's advocate like he sometimes does on Tradin' Paint. On NN I was disappointed w/Junior's comment that this race wasn't as bad as some we've seen in the past. Better to think before you speak.

TexasRaceLady said...

"Ain't TV fun?"


Personally, I love the difference between the "unbuttoned" Victory Lane and the "buttoned-down" NASCAR Now.

They offer different perspectives on the same TV presentation that I watched. I get to hear both sides, and make up my own mind.

Dmo said...

Hey JD - you working on a article for NN? Rusty actually made a very insightful comment earlier, referencing NASCAR's restrictive track testing as a cause for the lack of valid info on tirewear. Reviewing VL seems more a post-mortem. Btw, how does "Briss-yard 400" sound?

Anonymous said...

They kept the V/L show very positive. No investigative reporting or probing interviews.

SPEED seems like an extension of the NASCAR Media Group and Spencer has been handcuffed in what he can and can't say. He is too pro NASCAR anymore.

Bring back the Pit Bulls show that Brian France quashed.

The comments that NASCAR and Goodyear did the best they could under the circumstances doesn't fly. This never should have occurred and the fans suffered (again)

Anonymous said...

It was absurd for Spencer to blame the Speedway for this debacle since the track surface is exactly the same as it's been since 2002. That's when the diamond grinding took place. The only difference this year was the COT. Nascar was at fault for not insisting that there be an open test considering the COT had never run on this surface. They made the best of the situation today, but the fault lies in their decision not to hold a full test in the Spring. Instead, Goodyear brought 3 cars here in April and decided that was enough.

Ken said...

I think NA$CAR, ESPN and all the talking heads need to be careful when they talk about the "great" racing and good show. If the new or casual fan actually buys the spin, they won't return to watch or attend races in the future. If they see a poor product and are told it is good, they will find better and morre interesting things to do during the race telecasts.

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, aren't all the NASCAR on SPEED shows like Raceday and Victory Lane produced by the NASCAR Media Group? I thought I read that the folks that work on those shows are officially employed by NASCAR Media Group. Maybe I read that wrong. If so, please correct JD.

Anonymous said...

VL is difficult to watch tonight. I kept asking myself "did you watch the race on the track?" 1/2 full is one thing tonight was delusional shilling of the highest order. Spencer used to speak the truth (at times) when others wouldn't or couldn't - how he has changed. Kenny is well - as I say about Mikey- hes just Kenny being Kenny. Mark Martin wasn't pleased and smiling in his post race interview & he is always smiling and complimentary. Nuff said.

WT was interesting and discussed it completely and sanely - even by Robin Miller.

Speed report had a good deal of the coverage on Indy and Doug (I think thats his name) had a good tech explanation from a crew chief point of view.Especially about the continuing right side tire issues.

NN had the best post mortem of this mess that was Indy. Insightful, informed and for once Tim Cowlishaw sounded like the competent reporter I watched on local TV (&read in Dallas Morn News) in Dallas. He gave a good account of the "race" & its problems and attempts at a fix.
Robin Pemberton was a mess of the France NNiC mold sloppy,& worthless.

TexasRaceLady said...

Doug Richert-on the SPEED Report- offered a little insight on how tracks are selected for open testing. The teams list the tracks they want to test. NASCAR compiles the lists, sends them around again, and the teams do the picking. He said that for some reason Pocono made the list this year instead of Indy.

Guess the teams didn't realize the new car would present problems at Indy.

Anonymous said...

John Roberts is by far my favorite Speed Channel personality because he always appears so neutral and balanced - and even I thought he was off-kilter with his comments on "Victory Lane" tonight.

Get it together, JR!

Daly Planet Editor said...

great comments folks...

All of the programs on SPEED that come from the SPEED Stage and Victory Lane are produced for SPEED by the NASCAR Media Group.

This company used to be called NASCAR Images and is located in Charlotte right on I-77. You can see it from the highway south of town.

The network still tells this production company what to produce and how they want the show "packaged." NMG brings a lot of extras like access and footage and completed programs for SPEED just like the network gets from many other sources.

The Monday TWIN show is also produced by NMG as is NASCAR Confidential.


kbaskins said...

Yeah, in their books, every race is "great". It kind of gets overused. I just watch for their recap of the race. I just ignore the "analysis".

They had an opportunity to question why the compound coming of the tires was dust instead of the usual marbles. Tim Brewer said something to the effect that he'd never seen anything like it in all his years of racing. It seems to me that isn't a product of the CoT. Did they discuss it on ESPN? (We don't get ESPN in Canada, so I didn't see NNow.)

I was pretty sure the dust wouldn't be mentioned on Victory Lane. Turns out I was right.

It seems the disparity it was all the fault of my cable provider. Here in Canada the races are rebroadcast by TSN. TSN must have shown a different race from the Brickyard, because the one JD, Kenny and Spence were recapping wasn't the race I saw. The superlatives "great" and "a show" certainly didn't apply to today's race.

Stupid TSN. They must have shown last year's race.


Anonymous said...

Stupid TSN. They must have shown last year's race.


July 27, 2008 11:28 PM

Too Funny!!

Vince said...

VL has gotten to be the "everything is great" show. The racing is great, the tires are great, Nascar is great, etc. The fans are all dummies. We just don't understand how great everything is in Nascar land. Yeah, right Jimmy and Kenny. Good stuff you guys are smokin.

I think the Sunday night version of NN blew VL right out of the water. Good interviews and good objective commentary. Something we rarely get on VL.

I thought Robin Pemberton of Nascar came across as borderline arrogant in his interview in the media center after the race. One thing I've noticed in this day and age. No one takes the blame any more for anything. It's always spun so it's either not really a problem or it's somebody else's problem.

kbaskins said...

Sorry this doesn't directly relate to Victory Lane, but I thought it summed up the race pretty well:

The most dramatic moment of the day came when Jeff Burton hit an unfortunate bird on a restart with 55 laps to go. Amazingly, the tire held up through the bird's demise.
--Terry Blount,

That's a much better description of the race than what was given by the VL crew. I'd be laughing even harder if Blount's comment was so pathetically true.


Dot said...

Whoo boy, I bet Jimmie Spencer really had to bite his tongue tonight on VL about the tires. What was the panel threatened with? I couldn't believe how polite everyone was about the race.

Did the COT run at Indy last year? I don't remember. If not, why didn't they test there knowing the track surface was different? If the COT was there, GY should've made a better tire.

The only good thing about all the cautions was, all but 2 or 3 cars finished the race.

Karen B, I just read your post before I sent mine. I forgot about that poor bird.

Anonymous said...

That's it - Spencer and Wallace have to go. I don't like being lied to and pandered to like I don't know what my own eyes saw. What a joke. Serious loss of credibility with these two. Serious.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching anything with Spencer and Kenny Wallace quite a while ago. They seemed to inhabit a different reality than the one I recognize. Judging by other comments posted here, it looks like other people are starting to notice the same thing. I know that both have their loyal fans, but I am not among them.

If I hear any more broadcasters shilling for NASCAR, I think I'll lose my lunch. I want the truth from broadcasters, whether it's pretty or not. Lying about things makes me feel contempt for the individuals who do it, and it increases my dislike for NASCAR trying to control media coverage of the sport.

Michigan fan

Anonymous said...

My jaw dropped after listening to the first 15 minutes of VL. Spencer and especially Wallace must be living in an alternate reality.The only Wallace this long time Nascar fan wants to see or hear from is Mike Wallace. For the viewers,the race (??)was a joke. I really feel sorry for the young couples that drove a thousand miles,spent a small fortune to sit in the stands all afternoon to watch that spectacle.The COT is certainly safe,but give some credit to the guy you all vilified last year when he (Kyle Busch) won the first COT race when he said they sucked.The COT with its high center of gravity and more weight (1700# minimum) on the right side really abuses the right side tires just like Evernham and Stewart said before the race started.In terms of on-track racing,this is undoubtedly the worst season I can remember. Instead of side by side racing,its pit strategy and gas mileage strategy. Nascar could fix this mess if they listened to the drivers,crew chiefs and car owners. But why do that when we can hear Wallace and Spencer tell us how wonderful everything is.

SallyB said...

I am SO glad that Spencer and Kenny Wallace decided to 'straighten me out' as far as the quality of the 'race' I tried to watch on Sunday! If they hadn't told me that it was a great race, I would have been appalled at the disaster I saw on track. Don't know how I would figure out ihow exciting the raceing in Nascar is if I didn't have Jimmy and Kenny telling me what to think! And all these years I thought I was capable of making my own judgment.

Tom said...

It is a sad fact that very little programming on SPEED can be counted on for honest, objective points of view. The last shill-free zone appears to be WT. I have stopped watching all SPEED shows, aside from WT and the SPEED news. Although NN with AB is not as open as I would prefer, at least there is a measure of honesty about what goes on. I am sure Spencer and Co. would argue that they are "telling it like it is" because they criticized the facility and it's grinding, but as anyone who knows better, that is complete nonsense.

Inverness, FL

Anonymous said...

As I always suspected - Spencer and Wallace are just tools for NASCAR.

Vicky D said...

I'm glad I didn't watch this program last night. I thought all the drivers were being PC with their comments after the race. How could these folks on VL and other shows think this was a "great" race?

GinaV24 said...

It was just laughable to hear the fools in Victory Lane make their comments. They obviously didn't watch the same race as I did. Thank goodness I have eyes and a brain and can form my own opinion -- and mine is that this was NOT a great race! I realize that NASCAR did what they needed to once they realized what a major mistake they had made in order to protect the drivers and that's fine, but for anyone in the media to call this a "great" race is ridiculous. If this was the only race I had ever seen, I would never watch another one. At least the drivers, although careful in their comments, didn't try to "sell" the fans a bill of goods.

Nascar Now is obviously the better show these days. Speed needs to get its act together -- they are no longer the only or better game in town.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy - You didn't shell out $360 of your own money to take your family to this sham as I did on Sunday. You are such a shill for Nascar; you have zero credibility. To a man, everyone in my section of the grandstand were mad as hell at this joke of a "race". If you had any cajones, you'd be suggesting on air that Badyear and Nascar refund us dupes for paying for this fraud.

3KillerBs said...

Having turned off Nascar in disgust last night, I'm watching Victory Lane right now. I really have to wonder what track Jimmy and Kenny were at.

I didn't see a Cup race. I saw a series of 10-lap segments separated by long cautions that would have shamed a local dirt track.

I saw a complete fiasco, a travesty and caricature of a race.

The fans at Indy should be getting free tickets for next year and Nascar should be declaring that such a debacle would be considered a non-points event.

Jimmy Spencer, you used to tell the truth that others didn't want to admit. What happened to you?

glenc1 said...

Let me just 'pile on' by saying that Kenny & Jimmy were just absurd--if there's one thing I HATE, it's being spoken to like I'm a child incapable of intelligent thought. I don't need the race 'explained' to me; I watched it (unfortunately). I had the feeling from *before* the race started that the word had gone round to everyone not to be critical of NASCAR. Just a feeling. And let's not forget that they work for SPEED, part of FOX which has a contract with NASCAR--thus making their relationship dependent. After John's F1 comment, I thought to myself, well, it was better than six cars, and then on second thought, I decided maybe it wasn't...and I'm sure if I'd been there in person I'd be furious; those folks have a right to be really, really angry.

While NN was a bit more based in reality, VL tried to rewrite history. Shame on you, guys, you should be embarrassed. For many years now, the lack of objective reporting has bothered me, and this was pretty much the ultimate.

glenc1 said...
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Anonymous said...

NASCAR "went out of their way to put a show on for the fans"!!!

I could not even believe he said that! I about fell off the couch when he did. I could be a little wrong here, bit isin't it THEIR JOB to put on the show? Perhaps I should tell my boss that I have been going "out of my way" preforming the tasks he is paying me for!

No Spence, if NASCAR had of really "gone out of their way" they would have had a FULL FIELD test a couple of weeks ago to actually make sure all was well for their 2nd "crown jewell" event. It remonds me of the government after they breal both your legs, then give you a pair of crutches and demand you to tell them how wonderful they are for helping you.


eaglesoars said...

So many said it so well before me. The very reason I've quit watching Race Day and Victory Lane is when two BOZO's tell me what I saw with my own eyes, heard with my own ears is wrong and they are going to set me straight. ??? Are you kidding me?? Fact is this same attitude that comes out through most all of SPEED's programing of NASCAR related shows and I only watch the actual race vehicles on the track anymore.
Now if ESPN would just come up with NASCAR Live type shows on race weekends and teach SPEED how that should be done.

Anonymous said...

Spencer liks to polish his "tell it like it is" image, but he's clearly told how to spin things on the air.

Come on, Jimmy. You were surrounded by angry fans. Don't tell them they're wrong when they say they saw a terrible race.

Even the drivers apologized.

Michigan Mike said...

Its bad enough the race was pathetic and no one would take the blame for the tire debacle. Than Spencer and Wallace choose to try and convince everyone what a great race it was. I dont know what race they were watching but the one at Indy was akin to watching paint dry PERIOD!!
I used to think these guys were straight shooters but apparently they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for NASCAR. and heaven forbid they speak the truth and say something negative even when the obvious is so in your face.
KW can wave that finger at the audience all he wants and tell us what a great race it was but Ive got news for him and Spencer. I also have an opinion and like the rest of the fans the majority would say this race sucked!! Lets do this KW and JS lets take a poll and see what the majority of the fans think and if more than 90% say it sucked your FIRED!!
I dont care who is at fault for this debacle it was no where near a good race let alone a great one. These two should be repalced with someone with credibality and the gonads to speak the truth. they sound like some politican who believes if you tell a lie enough the moronic voters will believe you. SIGH!!

Lou, from NY said...

I like to watch VL on Monday to listen to the winning driver and crew chief. And the rest of the show is just entertainment for me. But with the 10 lap sprints and the tire problems. Jimmy and Kenny really missed the mark. This was not a great race. But for safety I understand. Does not mean I agree with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused. I hear people blaming the diamond ground track. Wasn't that grinding done in 2002? If so, why is it the tracks fault that suddenly the COT cars can't run on it? Equally insulting is Goodyear and Nascar failing to accept responsibility fot that disgraceful performance yesterday. And finally,the next time Nascar embarreses itself,lock Randy Pemberton in the Nascar trailer far away from a microphone or TV camera!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Spencer and Wallace have been taken to the Nascar Hauler once too often, and have been brainwashed into believing that France, Pemberton can do no wrong. Their assertions that this was a great race only makes them look foolish. If I want 10 lap shootouts, I go to my local track, but I sure don't want to see that at the Brickyard.

We flew down to Indy, at not cheap fares, we stayed at a hotel in the city, again not cheap, and bought four pretty darn expensive tickets to see this "tire testing" race. And then, when we get home, we watch the Victory Lane show and find out that we saw a great race. NOT !!!! I don't know what race Spencer and Wallace were watching, but I can tell you, not one person we ran into during and after the race were happy with what happened. Nascar is going to take a big hit with this insanity, both in attendance and viewership. I know we won't be spending one dime on anything in Nascar in the forseeable future. And I also know that unless these people on Speed grow some big ones and stop being terrified of France/Helton, we won't be watching any Nascar on Speed shows.

Anonymous said...

I've given up watching any of the shows these two bozos are on. They have zero clout in my book. Earning a paycheck by saying whatever will please Nascar.

When drivers are apologizing to fans (Matt Kenseth) while sitting in their damaged cars waiting on repairs you will not convince me it was a 'great' race. Yesterday was a joke and it shows how out of touch with reality the Nascar brass really is.

Anonymous said...

Spencer and Wallace have become an embarrassment to Nascar and to Speed. If they are the best Speed has to represent their network and Nascar, I'm afraid their viewers are going to go elsewhere for their after-race information. This program has reached bottom.

Anonymous said...

I was so stoked that my favorite driver won the race, that I wasn't focusing on the negatives. I thought Victory Lane was to congratulate the winning teams. All the teams faced a difficult situation and the 48 Team came out on top. That in itself made victory sweet, and they deserved the celebration. Let them enjoy the moment. There is plenty of work ahead.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't watch Victory Lane anymore, I can't stand the NASCAR suckups of Spencer & Wallace! Both of these guys couldn't make it in NASCAR and they're even worst talking about the sport!!!

Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...

The Daly Planet is a NASCAR TV blog. On this post we are talking about the Sunday episode of Victory Lane on SPEED.

Please include this topic in your comment or it will be deleted. Thanks for taking the time to read the rules for posting on the right side of the main page.



SophiaZ123 said...

Well, I thought Spencer used to speak his mind, even if he did it with his foot in his mouth at times.

And am I the ONLY one who remembers a few weeks ago, KWallace came out and said the COT needs to be tweaked. NASCAR must liste to all the driver complaints. After Kenny Wallace finished his little speech he sarcastically smiled and ended with "But the ratings are up, ticket sales are up, the car is great and everybody is HAPPY." or some such sarcasm.

I was so thrilled to see such an honest opinion from Herman. Then he was gone from the next Raceday and VL (he went to a race I believe) and now as somebody mentioned, has been taken to the NASCAR hauler.

Positive or not, the word great was so overused last night, i was suprised.

Pemberton had as much charisma as Brian France did when addressing the media over the Grant lawsuit (do we ever hear about that anymore?)

The track at Indy was ground years ago. I blame the COT AND the fact that NASCAR did not prepare for this the day before. I saw Tim Brewer Fri or Sat show me the 'powdered tire" and Zippy talking about how the powder was blowing into the engine.

I understand safety was a concern for the drivers but honestly, I am tired of that tune as well. If safety is "such a priority" why isn't EVERY bit of track covered with SAFER barriers? I still remember the bad wreck in the infield at SPARTA a few years ago and the one Jeff Gordon had at Charlotte, hitting an "L" shaped opening.

So, it's either all about SAFETY or it's not.

I felt horrible for the fans in the stands that put out money for tickets and overpriced hotels.

NASCAR Now on Sunday night was much more real and I wonder if it stays on Sunday night, if SPEED's VL will take a nosedive?

I always liked those boys even if they can be silly at times.

One problem, I think giving those guys on RACEDAY TWO HOURS of a show instead of one, makes them think they have more power than they do.

Put the show back to one hour and take away the fluff and minutia. Cut VL to 30 minutes so we don't have to hear the words awesome and great overused.

I understand VL needs to be positive to celebrate the winning team, but there needs to be a balance.

And this comes from a fan of the guys on that show but I can think for myself as well.

Then again, reality is in the eye of the beholder.:)

Lou, from NY said...

Yes Sophia,

They can be silly at times. I guess that is where I enjoyed the entertainment portions of the show. I did not have to take it seriously, just enjoy it for what it may be worth. Your comments are well written. And I mostly agree in general, thanks.


SophiaZ123 said...


Lou, I think a little sillieness and fun is good..we don't need to take ourselves or this sport so seriously.

But I think by expanding RD to two hours, it has hurt the show imo. It went from informative and lighthearted to too much silly.

Much like FLIPPING the format of TWIN has TOTALLY ruined that show and turned off fans.

Newracefan said...

I am a 48 fan so I thought the race was great and so was Victory Lane, got to see the hat dance while kissing bricks, no wonder it took forever for them to get to the media center (FYI Chad said the reason the crew chiefs picked Pocono over Indy for testing because they have data from Indy and the data from Pocono can also be used for other tracks so they sacrificed Indy, see the JD post race show was good for something).

I am also a 55 fan and the race and VL sucked.

Bipolar disorder aside. VL needed to be somewhere in the middle when they talked about the tire disaster and they were not. The only driver who said there was a lot of passing so it should have been a good race was JJ and he won so I would expect nothing different.

For me Dale Jr said it best, this was the best that we could do short of packing up and going home. Kenny and Jimmy should have been saying the same type of thing

Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:13PM,

I would invite you to return and re-post because you had some great points. We do not, however, cross the line on insults.

The rules for posting are located on the right side of the main page.



Anonymous said...

If I was at the Brickyard 400. I would of demanded my money back! This was truly NA$CAR$ biggest blunder and Jimmy and Kenny know it! I use to respect both of them and I thought they use to do a pretty good show. Now, nothing but lip service for NASCAR.
Would you pay full price for your meal at a restaurant if you ordered the biggest, best steak and lobster and they brought you out a hamburger and a stick of immitation lobster meat, and then they said, “Its really not the meal, but the show the waiter put on for you?” PLEASE!

Ann_Ominous said...

After hearing Jimmy and Kenny's opening remarks, I went back to the computer in the other room. I'm finding doing things on my computer nowadays so much more interesting that watching VL or RD. Will the actual race be next?

chase said...

I have read each and every comment with interest and realize that all 58 so far are right on target. I was not watching a race yesterday - in fact, I actually turned it off for over an hour and resumed watching it with 30 laps to go and you know I hadn't missed a bloody thing. I cannot countenance Robin Pemberton's complete lack of concern over the tire issues - the drivers made their frustrations known, and I am sure that the team owners and also the sponsors have let NASCAR know their complete dissatisfaction. At the risk of getting Toyota 'involved' in NASCAR, and the alleged 8 years of development of the COT, has anyone not figured out that all of this was to NASCAR's financial advantage at the expense of the teams, both large and small? It is a travesty. I think NASCAR and Goodyear have alot of explaining to do and not the typical Victory Lane 'explanations' that all is well with NASCAR and the COT. I used to like Spencer and Kenny in the beginning - their honesty was refreshing to say the least. It is a shame that Big Brother (NASCAR) has such a huge ax hanging over their heads should they actually say what they think. And NASCAR wonders why attendance is down, why sponsors are dropping like flies, and why fans are disenchanted? What happened to 'getting back to our roots'? I hope Jimmy and Kenny will be 'allowed' to go back to the way they used to be and not be NASCAR puppets. Thanks John!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Jimmy and Kenny any more----they drive me crazy with all their hand motions---if they had to sit on their hands neither one would be able to talk.

Anonymous said...

I am getting real tired of Kenny Wallace straightening me the race fan out and telling me what I should think and telling me what I saw.
I have been a racing fan for over 30 years. I think Mr Wallace needs to show more respect for the race fan. He acts like we are ignorant of the sport and he has to translate it for us.
He tells us which drivers NASCCAR and we should be listening too and who motivates the sport. He and Spencer act like they know every move drivers should and should not do. If they are so great why are they no longer in good rides.
I am sorry to see these guys become such schills. I used to respect them both before the dog and pony show they put on every week.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up for your comments about Monday's NASCAR Now on ESPN2. Thanks.


SophiaZ123 said...

chase and the other person

RE: Spencer and Kenny.

Maybe it's my 'magination but I think Kenny has only become a shill recently...and Spencer too.

Somehow, I think they got the same reaming by NASCAR that Tony did a few months for the WWF machinations of NASCAR's debris.

It also is NOT lost on my that Kenny W made his point about the problems with the COT (but EVERYBODY IS HAPPY!!) either shortly before, or after the big driver meeting to "stop bad mouthing the COT'.

But it's a shame ..we all know how NASCAR is to those that speak their mind and disagree with them. :(

the Commish said...

I hadn't watched VL much at all this year. Kenny wallace has turned into too much of a cartoon character for me, and while Spencer had that "shoot from the hip" attitude, is hasn't surfaced much this year. But, after the race ended, I had to watch it this time. Like most of the other comments, I laughed my butt off when Kenny had to tell me watch I just saw. I thought when I heard John Andretti say"not a single fan has left this sold out show today" I thought I heard the best. But to hear Kenny tell it; I just witnessed the greatest motorsport event in the history of the world. C'mon guys, maybe the shilling stuff works for the clowns thatmug for the camera behind you, but for any fan worth his lugnuts, lying to us only makes us want to change the channel even more. NN had a muchmore realistic and informed show; and while I loved Rusty as a driver, Ive been turned off by Rusty the tv guy. But he and Brad both brought good honest insight to this debacle. I dont need to agree with what everyone says, just dont lie to me guys.

Anonymous said...

"The best laid of mice and men oft times go astray."
Congrats to Nascar for keeping safety first. To Goodyear for trucking Pocono tires in overnight. To the owners and drivers for adjusting to the circumstances as they came up. To the media for trying to ease the way for everyone to have their say without pressuring, and they each have their own unique way of going about it.
It is said that when plans go wrong it shows what we are made of, and it happens to all of us. Junior said, after going from first to a lap down and spending most of the day doggedly fighting his way back up to 12th, that "it was kind of fun". : ) A very healthy attitude, taking lemons and making lemonade. Of course, he is the same driver who said he liked the 10 lap heats in the All-Star race. : )
At least it was not a long, boring, 100 lap green flag run, with everyone strung out. : )
It was what it was, and I think everyone pulled together, each in their own way putting their best effort forward, and put on a show, and no one was hurt. I am very grateful that it did not turn into a very ugly disaster.

Anonymous said...