Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NASCAR TV Season Opens On Wednesday At Noon

Update: There is a new post up for your comments on the first episode of 39/10.

The time of day might be an issue, but the 2009 NASCAR TV season is officially opening at noon Eastern Time on Wednesday.

A brand new TV series from The NASCAR Media Group should be just what the doctor ordered for fans left out in the cold since the checkered flag at Homestead.

The series is called NASCAR 39/10: Reviewing the 60th Season.

There are thirty hours of programming in ten shows over five weeks. That is a lot of math, so let me break it down. Each Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 3pm ET there will be a new episode. Basically, it's like watching two football games a week.

This is DVR Theater at its finest, as noon on the East Coast is not exactly the primetime welcome NASCAR wanted to kick-off the 2009 TV season. After a long run of reality shows in primetime, perhaps SPEED might have moved some repeat programming to put these shows in timeslots where NASCAR fans would not be forced to record them.

For those of you without a DRV, TiVo or VCR, good luck to you as these episodes are not currently on the SPEED schedule to be repeated. Perhaps, a long lunch on the East Coast or a half-day off on the West Coast might do the trick.

TDP still does not have an episode list, but we do know that the first show on Wednesday will consist of pre-season testing, the Daytona Shootout, the Daytona 500 and the first California race. Like most of the edited highlight shows from NMG, these programs do not have on-camera hosts but do have a narrator throughout.

The best part of this type of show is that NMG captures the best parts of each race and then puts them all together in a style that is unmistakable. All the best race footage, in-car cameras, and pit road drama is mixed with the best audio clips and natural sound of racing. The result is almost always a winner.

As more information trickles in about the episodes, we will update the TV guide on the right side of the TDP main page. Shortly after this first episode ends, we will have a review up and ask for your comments.

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Dot said...

I have this set up on the DVR. I'm not sure if I really want to watch it though.

Do I really want to see the references of KyB winning all those races again? Or, JJ starting on the pole every other week due to rainouts? I'll probably tune in just to see if it's worth DVRing again.

majorshouse said...

Personally I would have thought that Speed would have put this show in prime time to capture the maximum amount of viewers and I guess that we the fans really know more than they do, we just don't get paid for it unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Dont need It! Lets see the new stuff..Elliot,AJ...Come on man!!Lets here how there going to shorten pre-race ceremony!For god sakes If this does not stop!!.Whats next?Whos left to sing the national anthem Iggy Pop!Ive have a new years Idea!.Lets bring nascar back to somewhere between the early eighties and mid nineties..Oh buy the way!! Mark Martin 2009 Champ!!Bet on It...

Unknown said...

JD any clue what the 39/10 means?

Anonymous said...

I have decided I'm not so desperate for racing that I'm willing to tape a 3 hour rehash of a year that wasn't very exditing to begin with. Too bad the couldn't have put this on at a more convenient time.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Could you re-phrase your comment and then re-post please?

The rules for posting are located on the right side of the main page.



Ziggy said...

Wth the crazy time slot is anybody (NMG or SPEED) making any money on these shows ?

snowfaller said...

39/10 is for 39 races (36 regular season plus duels, shootout, and all-star) covered in 10 episodes.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad SPPED is not putting this in prime time. A race fan can't get enough Pinks or Barrett-Jackson you know.

Anonymous said...

West Coast Diane said:

DVR'd but probably won't watch. Don't really care about last season rehash. I'm sure we will here and see it all during 09 broadcasts. There is so much going on now with the teams, why don't they try something to tell us about the current situtation.

Anonymous said...

LOL! @anon 10:34

I'm glad you kept us updated cable guide didn't have it noted until next week.

I had to do a manual set for today and tomorrow. Guess it's good to review the highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective/how your driver did/etc.). That's why I miss the real review shows they use to do. Bring up moments you might have missed/forgotten about and want to see again.

But of course now with Youtube, Google Video and similar sites you can pull up 24/7/365 just about anything that would make a highlight reel.

Anonymous said...

So far this is a good show. Nascar really can make some cool shows. They really need to have this on in primetime instead of this time slot. Thanks for the heads up JD!

By the way JD, does it cost a network more money to show highlights of NFL games in HD compared to standard def or is it a question of just getting the highlights as fast as possible? Thanks again for the great website!


Anonymous said...

Episode 1—February Preseason Testing, Daytona Shootout, Duel, 500, California I
Episode 2—March Las Vegas, Atlanta I, Bristol I, Martinsville I
Episode 3—April Texas I, Phoenix I, Talladega I
Episode 4—May Richmond I, Darlington I, All-Star Race, Charlotte I
Episode 5—June Dover I, Pocono I, Michigan I, Sonoma I, Loudon I
Episode 6—July Daytona II, Chicago, Indianapolis
Episode 7—August Pocono II, Watkins Glen, Michigan II, Bristol II, California II
Episode 8—September Richmond II, Loudon II, Dover II, Kansas
Episode 9—October Talladega II, Charlotte II, Martinsville II, Atlanta II
Episode 10—November Texas II, Phoenix II, Homestead-Miami, Postseason Wrap-Up

Anonymous said...

Is it true that SPEED wants to keep primetime free for a big-time special = Pinks at Barrett-Jackson?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:59PM,

Thanks a lot and say hi to everyone down there for me.


Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new story up about the first episode of 39/10.

Please refresh your browser or click on the TDP logo at the top of the page.

Thanks, JD