Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homemade Soup Always Tastes The Best

It's easy to buy the soup that is on sale at the supermarket and simply stick it in the cabinet. Red labels line my shelf and promise exactly the same taste over-and-over again. Consistency trumps quality when convenience is the goal.

Wednesday afternoon, the folks at The NASCAR Media Group (NMG) used the SPEED network to remind us of one simple fact. Despite the ease of buying off the shelf, nothing tastes better than homemade soup.

Using all the ingredients left over from 2008, NMG took three hours to deliver just the kind of TV lunch that creates a great memory.

Like the tastes of the past that come to mind when homemade soup is on the menu, the NASCAR pictures and sound flashing by in the first episode of NASCAR 39/10 were just flat-out good for the soul.

These are tough times and watching the memories of Daytona and California allowed for three hours of relief from reality. Storylines jumped off the screen as images of the Shootout flashed by mixed with honest comments and familiar faces.

NMG pulled from all the 2008 NASCAR footage and allowed the story to wander from high-speed racing to the slow and steady pace of the late T. Taylor Warren as he captured the action. Announcers from both the TV and radio broadcasts combined to deliver a fascinating mix of commentary styles.

Inserting interview footage right in the middle of the action as it happened is a trademark of the glossy TV style of NMG. Seeing the calm face of Ryan Newman commenting on his Daytona 500 win seconds after watching his car cross the line is just tremendously effective.

The closing review of California was a reminder of the weather struggles for the series last season. Even with the kind words of SPEED's John Roberts as he talked about the history of the facility, the real world struggle of the racetrack was well chronicled. One look at the grandstands confirmed that issue.

As a lead-in to the season, this first episode set a very strong tone in terms of quality and satisfaction. The challenge for NMG is going to be keeping this honest and upfront approach as the season hits the speedbumps that both the COT and Goodyear experienced in the stretch run.

The second episode of NASCAR 39/10 airs on Thursday, January 8th from noon to 3PM Eastern Time. The rest of the series continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays in that same timeslot for four more weeks. 30 hours of NASCAR action is not a bad kick-off to the 2009 season.

For those expecting a warmed-up re-hash of the past, finding a nice mix of ingredients in NASCAR 39/10 will certainly serve to invite fans back again to see what's on the lunch menu for Thursday.

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TexasRaceLady said...

I really enjoyed the first show. It wasn't a slapped together rehash of last year --- very creatively edited.

I enjoyed the brief vignettes of history at the beginning of each section.

Guess I know what I'll be doing Wed & Thurs at noon for the next 5 weeks. LOL

Mary said...

I taped it can't wait to find the time to watch it - probably at the weekend in the gaps where the races should be ;-)

Ziggy said...

Gee wizz, shame on me for having a job. I guess a larger audience is something that SPEED doesn't need or thinks that everyone has TIVO or can tape it.

Show sounds interesting.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Can you believe SPEED buried this at noon ET/9AM PT?

What a way to kick-off the season and the worst part is the show was great!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Speed figured all the Nascar fans have been laid off their assembly line jobs and have the leasure time in the middle of the day to watch this program. What I shame that a program that is apparently so good was put at such an inconvenient time. But, they couldn't jeopardize those lifestyle show re runs, could they?

Vicky D said...

Yeah, JD, too bad I had to work today so I missed it. Maybe I'll remember to tivo the others.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, but I forgot to tape it today. Good job on sppeed not to rerun it during the over night so I could tape it then. they have to rerun the 7 episodes of pinks at 2am.

PammH said...

This was an excellent show! Nice mix of MRN & Fox announcing-some stuff from Nascar Confidential, but ALOT of focus on smaller, mostly ignored, MWR, Sam Hornish at Penske, etc. Alot of new stuff I've never seen, which I know was taped & makes me waaay miss the wkly Nascar 360 etc. I enjoyed it very much!!

Karen said...

30 minutes in and I'm loving Mike Joy, Larry Mac and DW. Thinking of saving this one to compare to EESPN in later shows.

What a difference a booth makes.

Anonymous said...

I watched a bit on lunch and it definitely seemed like a great show! I can't wait to check out the rest of them!

I was thinking the same thing Karen for when they get to the EESPN part.

rich said...

Just what the doctor ordered. It is unbelievable that they did not run this in prime time. I have only had time to watch the first hour but wow. It looks great and like an earlier poster said there was a lot of footage that I missed on the first go round. Tell everyone you know that likes Nascar not to miss the next episode. I set my DVR to record the season.

Anonymous said...

I setup to record the show and wasn't really going to watch it until later but I thought I would watch just a touch of it to see what it was like. I ended up watching the whole thing. I like it. As I watched I would find myself saying - I remember that now. It brought back some of the interesting things that happened in February. For those wondering if they may or may not watch it. Give it a few minutes of watch time and I bet you watch the whole show. It got me in the mood for this coming season.

I went to sign in and it didn't take the password I thought I used on this blog. Is there a way I can find out what my password was?


Dot said...

I'm halfway through today's show. So far so good.

I checked the listings on SPEED for Sat & Sun.

Sat: 5pm-8pm Monster Jam (reruns). 8pm-9pm Wrecked (reruns). 9pm-10pm Pinks (reruns).

Sun: 5pm-7pm Ultimate Factories (reruns). 7pm-8pm Pinks (reruns). 8pm-10pm Wrecked (reruns). These are PSTs.

And, SPEED couldn't show this series on the weekends? To the sponsors, I haven't seen a comm'l yet. Ah, the beauty of the >> button.

Daly Planet Editor said...


TDP has no passwords or membership. If you choose, you can take a moment and get a blue nickname from Google.

That allows those in the comments section to know who wrote the post.

You can also continue to post anonymously with no problem.



majorshouse said...

I forgot about watching it yesterday and will definitely have to turn it on today. I was looking at Speed's schedule yesterday and there is no reason that they could not show this in prime time with all of the re-runs of Wrecked and Pinks that they are showing and those were shows that I normally was not watching to start with, so why watch them now?

tom in dayton said...

Great show yesterday and am looking forward to episode two!
Do you know or could you check to see whether NMG will be releasing this series to DVD this year?
Would be appreciated, I believe!

Charlie said...

Thanks JD about the password thing. I realized after I posted that I sign in to blogger to get my name to appear on here.
Watching part 2, the March races right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm home on my lunch hour this Thursday, and decided to catch some of this program, given the praise I read here yesterday. One thing I've noticed is that, without the crawler at the top of the screen giving the running order, it really point out how little information you get about any car not running in the top 10. I realize that this had been edited for this format, but the lack of information about the majority of cars on the track is especially frustrating to me. I think this really highlights how little information fans watching on television are given about the race as a whole, as opposed to covering only a select few drivers. Anyone else out there notice this?

Anonymous said...

What I noticed is how much the director is following the booth in these segments. I also notice that while I miss the running order ticker as the other poster mentioned, I see how much more I see without all the other BSPN BS!

Does anyone else find the bumper music oddly mournfull and not quite what you'd expect with a review show?

Anonymous said...

I watched the first two shows.They were well done. The downside was having to listen to Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:48PM,

Please return and re-post your comment. The rules for posting are located on the right side of the main page. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

They did a great job on the show and can't wait to see the next one. This should have been done in prime time so that all could see.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I missed a great show. It is unfortunate that SPEED, despite it's moniker, seems to be more interested in becoming Bravo TV Junior. This program deserved a prime time slot.

Vicky D said...

Well I've tivo'd next week's shows so I guess they won't be as good. Never recorded this week's but it sounds like it was ok.

Anonymous said...

JD, have you see what FOX has prepared for the BCS bowl game on It seems very similar to TNT's RaceBuddy. Perhaps this is a sign of an addition to NASCAR on FOX?

Newracefan said...

Enjoyed Day 1. Didn't realize when I watched the race that Larry Mac said early on that Newman had a good shot at winning. Just another reason to respect the guy. The T Taylor video was well meshed with the race video. Am saving day 2 for the weekend so I can give it my full attention.

Anonymous said...

Great show. The radio chatter from drivers and crew chiefs was the best for me since you usually only snippets on live tv, and even then its only from JR's car.


Hagar the Horrible said...

I sure wish I'd known about this show and not missed the first two episodes. Too bad Speed TV did so little to promote it and didn't put it in prime time.

I sure hope that they wake up and repeat NASCAR 39/10 instead of showing yet another car auction.