Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Observation vs Experience On Monday's NASCAR TV

This was certainly an interesting Monday where NASCAR TV was concerned. Every Monday after a race, two of NASCAR's key TV partners each offer their own one hour review show.

ESPN was first with the roundtable version of NASCAR Now on ESPN2. Since this was the day after the Talladega race, the network brought out the big guns. Dale Jarrett, Andy Petree and Ray Evernham were on the panel with Allen Bestwick hosting. As Bestwick is known to say, this is a championship panel.

The topic of the day was the final lap accident in the Sprint Cup Series race. The panel was politically correct in the early answers about safety and concern for the injured fans. Then, things changed a bit.

Jarrett, Petree and Evernham work well together because they all have a broad range of experiences in the sport. All have been drivers, two have been crew chiefs and all have been owners. On this day, however, they were offering their opinions as observers.

Both Petree and Jarrett had flown to ESPN's studios in Connecticut after the Saturday Nationwide Series race. They joined Nicole Manske in a preview of the Talladega Cup race in the morning and then watched the race on TV.

"That was the most exciting race I have ever watched on television," said Petree. "I just love restrictor plate racing."

Jarrett said both Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards did exactly what they were supposed to do. Evernham quickly spoke up. "When you have both drivers that did exactly what they were supposed to do and you have a wreck that big, I think something needs to be done about the (yellow line) rule," said Evernham.

As one might expect, ESPN has a love of what is called B-roll. This is the footage shown while someone is speaking on-camera. Well, the main topic of the program was the Edwards crash. It was played approximately 35 times in the 48 minute show.

The upshot of the discussion was that the panel agreed that NASCAR would most probably change the size of the restrictor plate before the next Talladega race. Evernham was particularly outspoken with his comments and has been exactly the kind of expert ESPN hoped he would be now that his active NASCAR career is over.

Later that evening, the observations of the NASCAR Now crew gave way to the first-hand experience of the This Week In NASCAR gang. Just like ESPN did, SPEED called out the entire crew. Greg Biffle, Chad Knaus and Michael Waltrip were all on the panel and had all been involved in the Talladega race. It was the task of Steve Byrnes to control this group as the host.

Right from the start, all three panelists wanted to talk about the big accident and offer opinions on how and why things happened. As usual, it was a lot of Michael Waltrip and then some more Michael Waltrip. He has lots of ideas.

Chad Knaus was trying to be thoughtful and offered Talladega suggestions that ranged from no refueling under caution to adding a chicane on the backstretch. Waltrip countered with railroad ties as rear bumpers and no front bumpers. Greg Biffle tried to talk, but was constantly interrupted by Waltrip.

Byrnes and Waltrip are good friends and sometimes their conversations tend to dominate the show. This Monday was certainly a good example. Knaus and Biffle were non-factors, although they both contributed good preview information about Richmond and were allowed to answer email. Other than that, it was all Waltrip all the time.

Recently, Kenny Schrader has started to pop-up on SPEED in analyst roles on both the ARCA/REMAX telecasts and several episodes of Wind Tunnel. If there was ever a show that could have used Schrader, this was it. No matter how hard he tries and how much he smiles, Byrnes cannot put the clamps on Waltrip and that is a problem.

As usual, the features inside the program were outstanding and the panel always offers good information. What could have been changed was the dominance of Waltrip on an expanded panel where both Biffle and Knaus deserved more of an opportunity to speak.

TWIN is a formula show, however, and the one constant on the program for well over a decade has been Waltrip. Hosts and panelists have come and gone. Love him or hate him, Waltrip is the show and this week he certainly filled that role to the max.

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TexasRaceLady said...

As much as I love the show, I quit watching after 25 minutes because I was over-dosing on Mikey.

Too much Mikey, not enough Chad and Greg.

Sophia said...

I caught the first part with a couple of brief interruptions on the last half but enjoyed it.

Now I have to watch the reruns to see if it was indeed, all mikey all the time, but I believe y'all. :-)

If Greg and Chad were both there and over shadowed, that's a darn shame. I enjoyed the top of the show.

Anonymous said...
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darbar said...

Someone, please put a muzzle on Mikey. I wanted to hear some serious discussion on the race and the aftermath. Either someone find a way to tone him down, or get Mikey a job at a comedy club in Charlotte.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 9:47PM,

We are interested to hear your opinion about the two shows tonight.

If you would like to direct a comment or question to me, please email me at the address on the main page.



The J said...

BTW, did anyone notice that the Dega race didn't make ESPN's top plays of the weekend? What does it take for them to give NASCAR respect?youre surprised by that? thats been the norm for a few years now.

man, mikey really killed the show for me tonight. gotta love his enthusiasm, but hes gotta give em a chance to talk! i stopped paying attention to the show halfway through

Karen said...

Noticed the Allen let everyone have a chance to ask Brad a question. Thought he did a good interview.

HarpAmy/Amy in FL said...

Maybe the reason that the show was ODing on Mikey is that there were the 3 panelists and that was different from the formulas that had worked the last year. The formula that works is Chad and Mikey and Steve and adding Greg just seemed a little awkward.

Just a thought.

Maybe Mikey was a little nervous and tried to overcompensate.?. The reason that I say that is because for the last year and a half the formula has been 2 panelists and Steve and tonight it was 3 panelists and Steve and that can take some time to get used to that formula working again. Does that make any sense?

This was one of the first times that my dad had seen the show and he said that if TWIN would just let them talk that he would have enjoyed it more. He said that about 40 minutes into the show that it was dragging on to him. He said that how many times can we see Carl wreck. He enjoyed the banter and debate that happened at the beginning of the show. That is my dad's opinion of the show as a relative first timer watching the show. He is a big time Nascar fan and has been for decades.

Just my random thoughts.

Sophia said...

Harp Amy

good point about the 3 plus Steve. But I did miss my "Odd Couple" episode but glad they addressed the serious stuff at the top of the hour.

But as somebody mentioned in email Biffle's clip from last year was prophetic...so I dunno. Some of us still think changing the yellow line rule for the LAST LAP might not hurt. As we have seen either way, there are wrecks.

Bigger restrictor plates will slow some but still keep the pack glued together.

I kind of like Mikey's idea of no bumper on the front of the car so if you push or bump too much, bust the radiator.

Sometimes I feel like the cars drafting are two magnets the way they stay stuck together on the tracks.

Also Biffle thought that was still allowed and Mikey and Chad wanted to know why nothing was being done about riding a guy's bumper around the track.

I found that interesting and knew about bump drafting in the corners but did not know NA$CAR now says No on the entire track. Unless I missed it..need to watch the repeat.

Jimbacca said...

I watched TWIN just to see what was said. Haven’t played NN yet. Sadly not surprised Mikey had diarrhea of the mouth. Yes we know you are there. Good job. Got it. But others should be allowed to discuss something. Even when a valid point was made he tried to divert away from it. They need a presenter that can put him in check like Schrader. He was always good about making sure when Mikey put his foot in his mouth it stayed there.
Chad had some great comments that were belittled. Biffle was on the path to some good comments until Turrets Mikey was not the center of attention. Just sad that the show has digressed to this point.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I am going to let your comment hang but we discuss folks here without the personal references. Please take it easy in the future.

Always happy to have your comments.


Jimbacca said...

Toss it JD.
I'll sum it up in this one.
TWIN One person talking over the 2 other panelists. Some excellent points were discounted. They need Schrader to stand up for things.

Just watched NN. Big difference. No one talking over someone's point. Professional and much better back and forth. Good discussion of how to find a common ground. Plus a great explanation on how the safety items tried to help.

Run company crate motors in the 350hp street range at plate races.

Dot said...

I enjoyed TWIN. Mikey was a little over the top tonight though. I did like the discussion about the weapons they could install on the front of the car to prevent bump drafting. Not feasible but funny.

I thought it was OK for the cars to hook up and draft together no matter where on the track a la Carl/Brad and Ryan/JR. Just don't bump the guy in the corners like Joey L did to Mikey in the NW race.

@ HarpAmy, I am surprised that your dad hasn't seen TWIN before being a race fan and all that. I'm glad he liked it.

I told my roommate that if I was allowed only one hour of TV watching a week, it would be TWIN.

For less fun and more serious talk, watch NN. I only watch NN when AB is on. I prefer him on the round table over Nicole and Mike.

Sophia said...

What is that pool of water thing on the TWIN set in front of the boys?

I keep forgetting to ask that.

Photojosh said...

I'm a Mikey fan. While I can see why some dislike him, I think he's a good personality for the sport.

However, that having been said, TWIN works best when he gives others a chance to speak. His interuptions are funny or interesting once or twice, they make him seem just excited about racing. But after a while, they wear on the viewers and the show. While I personally like the 3 person "panel", it has historically led to more chaos and/or at least one guy getting left out.

Bring Ken Schrader back. For all the reasons listed here and more, Schrader needs to be on that show.

Richard in N.C. said...

I'm not sure whether it was respect or friendship or some of both, but Kenny always seemed to know exactly how to deftly deflate Mikey's balloon when Mikey got too wound up. I don't mean this disparagingly, but it may be that Mikey views Kenny as an equal - at least in race and TV experience- whereas Mikey is the senior in TV and racing compared to Chad and Biffle.

I haven't seen any mention today, anywhere, but I thought the yellow line was instituted as a safety precaution to keep cars from bouncing back up onto the track off the flatter apron.

Dot said...

@ Richard in NC, Good point about the yellow line. Chad mentioned tonight that speed is scrubbed off down there. Only if you stay down there like Mikey and Kurt did. However, Kyle didn't and we saw what happened to him.

The Loose Wheel said...

Biffle was nothing short of spectacular on TWIN.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching TWIN early last year when I ran out of tolerance for MW. I use TDP to keep track of the show since then - it doesn't sound like much has changed. It will be interesting to see whether SPEED ends MW's presence on TWIN if he retires from driving after this season. After he quit driving in the cup series, SPEED cut loose Ken Schrader who seemed to be the only panelist who pleased all the viewers of TWIN. MW's presence has been so strong for so long that he must look like the franchise to some people.

I watch NN Monday panel shows regularly because they all get to express their views. I prefer a civil discussion where everyone has the opportunity to speak their piece. I watch shows for their racing content and different opinions, not for a personality who dominates a show.

Anonymous said...

Like many,I used to be a fan of Mikey. He's funny,entertaining and a good communicator. Old-time Nascar fans will recall how most everyone questioned why Dale Earnhardt hired Mikey to drive at DEI. Mikey had never distinguished himself before as a driver. Then DEI 'hit it' with their plate motors. Junior and Waltrip would just play with the competition. All four of Mikeys wins were plate wins. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of Waltrip hogging the camera and his endless self-promotion on Twin. Every week we hear how well his team mates are doing and we hear excuses why he didn't. Its time for Waltrip to get out of the drivers seat. He continues to detract from TWIN and Steve Byrnes clearly cannot handle him. Ralph Shaheen did a great job subbing for Steve earlier this season by staying on-task.

Anonymous said...

I watched NN and thought it was a well done show except for the endless B-roll footage of not only the Talladega crash, but the "preview" to Richmond where they showed Kyle Busch spinning out Dale Jr. endlessly. The comments from the expert panel were very interesting and I enjoyed their perspective.

One person's perspective I no longer enjoy and refuse to watch is Michael Waltrip. No man in the history of NASCAR has been more overexposed than he. If I were Biffle or Knaus, I'd simply keep my mouth shut and let the show run downhill with Mikey at the helm. Allan Bestwick couldn't control him. Dave Despain couldn't keep him down, and not Steve Byrnes has proven incompetent as well.

I simply will not watch a show with Michael Waltrip on it unless he is underwater or trapped in a bank valut where he cannot be heard.

Anonymous said...

What TDP forgot to mention about Twin,was they replayed Biffles comments after Regan Smith got screwed last year where he said the low car on the track would hold their position,turn the other into the pack and cause a big wreck. Very prescient indeed!I have a lot of respect for Andy Petree and he's certainly entitled to his opinion,but I was a little surprised that he was so gung ho about plate racing. As a car owner,he certainly must know how much time and money got turned into scrap Sunday afternoon. We all know that the fastest car and best driver rarely wins. Its all about being in the right place at the right time in finding folks that will push you to the front. They say 'anyone can win'. Is that racing?

majorshouse said...

I refuse to watch TWIN because of Michael Waltrip. He has never been that great of a driver and is so overexposed that it is not even funny. I agree that Knauss and Biffle need to keep their mouths shut and let Mikey and the show go down with the sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Michael Waltrip was very rude to everyone. Someone needs to tell that boy that it's rude to talk over someone else when they have the floor. What a putz.

I was so glad they replayed Biffle's comments from last October's race (regarding the Stewart-Smith finish). I commended him for his statement last October and here we are in April and the exact thing he said would happen has happened.

Loved Chad's idea of only being able to refuel on green flag stops. That won't solve the problem but it would result in larger parts of the race where the cars aren't in tight packs.

Once again shame on Waltrip's rudeness.

Deborah said...

I guess I was watching a different TWiN than everyone else because I thought their "big boy" discussion as Steve Byrnes called it at the top of the show was excellent.

I felt as if they specifically set out to each have different opinions and speak from a different perspective which perhaps was why they had all three panelists so they could each speak about something different. Michael had a lot to say but I thought he had some valid points regarding how the driver's choices, specifically Carl's choice to block, contributed to the wreck. Greg discussed the angle of how the yellow line rule is a problem - great call by TWiN to play his comments from last year in which he predicted exactly what unfolded on Sunday. Then Chad discussed the need to separate the cars and some ways they might do it. I thought it was terrific that they each had different opinions to the point where Michael and Chad disagreed. Perhaps one reason Michael was allowed to talk so much is because like it or not the fact is that he does know Talladega and that style of racing extremely well.

I did take note of Michael interrupting a time or two but I thought the good discussion and interesting opinions presented by all the members of the panel outweighed the time or two that Michael jumped in. I was really happy that TWiN discussed the issues from Talladega in a serious way, in-depth and right from the start. It's too bad that all some took out of it was that Michael talked too much and made a silly suggestion about bumpers because I think there were a lot more interesting things said during that discussion including by Michael.

It's funny because to me this was one of the better TWiNs because of that discussion between Greg, Chad and Michael but given how much everyone else seemed to hate it I guess I shouldn't expect future shows to have too many more "big boy" discussions.

Dede said...

I think you are all over-reacting to MW. I thought the show was funny, interesting, informative etc. Maybe it seemed alittle over the top with Mikey because of the "Earl" show preview that is coming up. If Chad and Biff thought he was talking too much they should have told him to shut up. You have to be a strong personality to deal with a strong personality, so lighten up folks and have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I long for the days of SPEEDVISION
Execs who knew what they were doing

and Bestwick,Benson, Schrader and Waltrip..........

ahhhhhhhh, those were the days

MI Mike said...

NASCAR TV should change its name to the "Mikey Waltrip ego show".
I cant believe how rude he is, his constant interuptions are more than annoying. Did anyone ever tell MW as he was being raised not to interrupt someone while their talking.

I cant take it anymore, I usually take time to watch this show but Last night was it for me, to bad the other guest didnt have the gonads to tell MW to shut up and listen for a change.

RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! MW learn some manners please!

Aven said...

When a Waltrip talks, I quit listening. I've had to listen to a Waltrip on an ego trip since DW started racing in the major leagues. That's far to long to be punished for simply being a racing fan. Thankfully, the Fox portion of the season will soon be over and I will avoid anything where Mikey is present.

50 yr. fan said...

I would like to see the other panel
members just keep talking when
MW breaks in. I enjoy his comments, but his manners need to
be addressed.

I turned the program
off when background music overpowered Chads answer to the
write-in question. SpeedTV thinks
loud background music adds something to the program.

Tracy D said...

Deborah, I'm with you. I especially listened to Biffle, who isn't keen on political correctness and tells it as he sees it.

I thought TWIN was much better than NN last night. Yes, Mikey got wound up, but at least he's animated. The buttoned-up, suited-and-tied "we're too professional to be Nascar hicks" look of NN puts an immediate damper on the whole panel. Evernham was the lone bright spot for me.

Anonymous said...

I thought NN was much better than TWIN. Andy Petree, who I think is great, said something that you seldom hear commentators say on TV. He said "drivers get paid to compete, and fans pay money to watch...", meaning that the fans take precedent over the drivers.

With so many drivers becoming analysts and in turn becoming driver apologists, it was refreshing to hear that. Only Andy Petree has the stature to say that.

diane said...

Enjoyed TWIN, particulary Biffle. I don't watch Evernham, so I didn't see the ESPN show.

Anonymous said...

We never missed a show the first 10 years,after Kenny left couldn't take Wal-Trip any longer.When Wal-Trip leaves we'll be back.

Tks.J.D. Ron Il.

Anonymous said...

If someone doesn't put some 200mph tape on Michael's mouth, they're going to lose viewers. I watch to be informed. If I want to see comedy, I'll watch the Comedy channel. This is getting nauseating.

Jayhawk said...

Both did "what they were supposed to do."Below the line is dangerous due to loss of control returning to the track in the turn. I get that.

Blocking, however is "what they are supposed to do" now. It used to be that cars were required to "hold your line" in the turns, which looked a lot like a no-blocking rule to me. Blocking is incredibly dangerous, causes massive wrecks, admittedly caused the wreck in question, but it is "what they are supposed to do."Somebody please explain that to me.

Too difficult to enforce? Nonsense. They have those lines on the track, they have cameras, the officials, and they have Carl Edwards saying, "I moved down to block him."

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention we stopped watching the truck races when Mikie
is on there also. Rick and Phil was doing a great job without Mikie. Mikie was invited up as a guest and never left! Maybe if Mikie gave up some of his TV time,
he might have a better personal and professional life.

Tks.JD Ron Il.

Sophia said...

Well after watching the repeat I must have watched the same show as Deborah and Tracy. I totally enjoyed it but YES Mikey did interrupt too much a time or two, but mercy.

This has turned into a Waltrip bash thread and that's too bad.

Like Deborah or Tracy said, I like how they discussed the seriousness of this right out of the shoot at the beginning of the show.

I thought the show was fun..it made me smile it made me laugh. I was INFORMED.

Now, that said, I MISS Schrader. Have ALWAYS MISSED KEN SCHRADER and indeed, his comments on Mikey were always spot on but with humor behind it.


HarpAmy/Amy in FL said...


My father travels for work and generally doesn't get SPEED. That is why he hadn't seen the show.

I am with Sophia, Deborah, and Tracy in liking the show. I watch it every week. I didn't think that MW was that rude. I think that MW has some great visionary ideas.

Some people just hate or dislike MW and that skews their views. I may not like some drivers but am a Nascar fan and will give them their time and due and will listen to them.

Just my humble thoughts.

allisong said...

I also felt that Michael was dominating the conversation, in that he doesn't let anyone else finish a thought, or expound on their opinion, without jumping right over them with a "golly gee I just thought of something else."

The TWIN show that was after the off-weekend, that was promoted as having all the best scanner chatter from the season so far, ended up being all Michael, all the time - nothing but Michael's scanner. Talk about disappointing! That felt like a bait and switch to me.

glenc1 said...

while I enjoyed TWIN...I think Chad & Greg need to learn to be as rude as Michael is and interrupt/talk over him like he does constantly to them (it was more than 'a time or two'.) Maybe a few times & he'd get the message. Our elders taught most of us how to do that when we were children. Shouldn't be that hard for him to pick up. While I occasionally enjoy what he says, he needs to (as others have noted) learn some manners and let others speak. And Steve needs to be better at directing questions at them and veering away from Michael, or at least going back to them so they can reply. I like it when they're all there, but only when they get to talk. I do think Michael did have more respect for Ken because he's older, and maybe that's the difference.

Anonymous said...

I watch TWIN because of Michael Waltrip. I've also become very fond of Steve Byrnes too and Chad adds a good crew chief perspective when he is available. Michael is the one who faithfully shows up every week even if he has only been back in NC for two hours. TWIN is a fun show where panelists talk over one another and a lot of good ideas are thrown around.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Let's take a moment. Everyone has the perfect right to voice their opinion here.

No more comments about others or what things have turned into just because those comments might be different from your own.

We are asking for your opinion of the two Monday NASCAR TV shows after the Talladega race.

Thanks again for helping us provide a forum for TV feedback where everyone is welcome.


Mindy said...

I loved the show last night, I thought is was funny and informative. The guys didn't seem to mind Michael interrupting, Chad was laughing alot and Greg looked tired. Besides these guys are all friends, I have heard them tell Michael to be quiet before, what is the big deal. Anyhow, I thought it was interesting how each of the panelist had different opinions and ideas on Talladega. I've never been able to get in to the stuffy shirt & tie show, just not my style, so I can't report on that one. TWiN is a fun show!

Robyn said...

I watched both shows yesterday. This was the first NN that I have watched all the way through in a while. I think that everyone on there did a good job. Place me in the camp that believes that the yellow line rule was the cause of the race-ending accident on Sunday. I think that NN spent too much time on the safety features and I felt like they were blaming those for the accident.

TWIN was good. I was surprised to see all 3 panelists there. I did get tired of Mikey's antics about 1/3 the way through. But there was one point where he interrupted either Chad or Greg, and he quieted down and raised his hand pretty quickly. Someone must have given him that look or talked in his ear to tell him to back off. He then waited semi-patiently to say what he had to say, which I think was his idea to stop the bump-drafting.

I had a question. Is it NMG that puts together the scanner feature? I was wondering since the scanner replay was basically the same for NN and TWIN. Interesting that only the radio broadcast was used as the announcer audio.

Daly Planet Editor said...


NMG produces the TWIN show directly as well as the other programs from the SPEED Stage on weekends.

ESPN's edited features are a mix of NMG content and in-house editing.


Vicky D said...

I thought both shows were very good. They are different formats so we can enjoy them both. One part of TWIN Greg Biffle was trying to make a point and Mikey kept on saying he had an idea and kept on and on. I think he should have let Greg finish I think Greg just stopped talking to let Mikey say his piece. Vicky in Houston - trying to dry out!

Max said...

I have watched TWIN since the 90's.

I have always liked Michael's quirky sense of humor, and he does have an interesting way of looking at things.

Problem is, Chad is so smart and insightful, I could listen to what he thinks on many subjects for an hour just by himself.

Greg gives some very useful commentary from a front running driver's perspective.

I really wish the program could be an hour and a half. Then I could hear all of Chad's suggestions about restrictor plate racing. He was just getting wound up.

I liked Schrader when he was on there but you can't have a 5+ round table and make it work.

But an hour is not long enough for me.

bknotts said...

I guess I must be an oddball, because I watch TWIN primarily to see Mikey. He just cracks me up.

Don't get me wrong; Biff and Chad are good, too, and I appreciate their insights (although I disagree with Chad about the "solution" to Talladega).

I thought the replay of Biffle's prediction was awesome! He was exactly right, and voiced the opinion of a lot of us at the time that the ruling against Regan Smith was unjust.

But I just can't understand how so many people here seem to hate Mikey. Then again, I like DW, too, so I guess it's just a matter of taste.

Anonymous said...

I quit watching anything that involved Michael Waltrip. I just can't understand how such a never been can be used for a so called "expert view" on racing.

He seems to be nothing more than an extremely insecure individual that starves for some sort of attention, much like those that stand in the background of a camera waiving and acting silly just to say they got on TV.
What is wrong with these producers to keep allowing this to happen? In an environment of an ever shrinking Fan base....these guys are just as responsible for Nascars demise with the constant degradation of the seriousness of the sport.

Reedsgran said...

Mikey can be entertaining in small doses. Last night was MAJOR OVERDOSE! He was annoying and rude.

Steve needs to shut him down when he starts monopolyzing the discussion. If he can't, the producer needs to get involved.

I would have liked to hear more from Chad and Greg -- isn't that what they were there for?

bryan said...

Put me in the group who liked TWIN last night. Yes, Mikey jumped in a few times, but I thought the whole show was very good.

I like Mikey'w idea of solid back bumpers and flimsy front ones. No driver should be running his car intentionally into another one and anything to stop that stuff should be applauded.

I liked the diversity of views. I'm not keen on Chad's chicane or bus stop, but it would help. Biffle is always good - I'd let hime start all of the discussions.

darbar said...

FYI, according to SceneDaily, Mikey has donated half his winnings from the Nashville race on April 11 to the victims of the tornados that weekend. Since we love to rib Mikey, it's nice to give him a little thumbs up for a job well done.

d said...

I loved TWIN Monday night, but then I know when I tune in, I'm going to hear Mikey. Evidently there are others who don't realize that Mikey is the only REGULAR panelist that is there nearly every week. When he isn't there I find the show boring. Yes, he did have a lot to say but then he is very passionate about plate racing. He does know what he is talking about..... I think back a year or two when they were sitting there with those foolish clipboards not able to go off track with Dave Despain and Vickers. It was so uptight and rigid, I am SOOOO thankful the show is back to one where they can discuss and have fun. TWIN is my must see show for the week.

Newracefan said...

NN was pretty good I thought they all had good points and it was interesting hearing DJ's reaction to a smaller plate. I also watched TWIN and none of them even thought that was a viable option and Chad's ideas were way outside the box. Mikey was somewhat over the top today but I'm OK with that, I think 3 panelists messed with the balance they have developed of the past year but I agree that the Biff needed to be there for this one. I know there are some who do not enjoy MW but he makes the show for me. It will be just Chad and Mikey next week and the balance will be restored.

Sophia said...

Dang! I forgot all about those stupid clipboards but I remember also the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE looking stool type chairs the guys had.

It looked like kids staying after school for extra credit or something.

I like this show but agree, the others should stand their ground.

Maybe they need to have an INVISIBLE Fence collar under Mikey. So if he dominates with cross talk/interruption, he gets " a slight correction".


Would be nice if Schrader could be on as a special guest some time.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:39PM,

Happy to have your comment, but if you could re-phrase a bit and re-post it would be appreciated.

TDP is a family-friendly website and will remain that way, I do believe you can express your opinion on this topic without the hateful speech.



Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember that SPEED or someone let Bestwick go because he wasn't able to control the guests. Steve Byrnes is a joke; does Michael have part ownership in the show and that's why he's allowed to run amuck? I really enjoy Chad Knaus, a gentleman and very smart crew chief. Waltrip has the NERVE to interrupt and belittle Knaus' opinions, and Knaus is a 3-time champion. What is going on here? Is that supposed to be entertaining?