Thursday, May 7, 2009

"NASCAR On Fox" Executive David Hill Wants Your Questions

Well now, things just got interesting in a hurry late on Wednesday when an email arrived from our friends at Fox Sports. The man who has been in the NASCAR news this season for topics ranging from late race start times to Digger T-shirts is going to be taking questions from fans.

Broadcast veteran David Hill is a jovial Aussie who enjoys a good conversation and an occasional cold beverage. He has a tremendous sports television resume and his fingerprints are all over the entire NASCAR on Fox concept from its inception.

Hill's official title currently is the Chairman and CEO of Fox Sports. He arrived at that company in 1994 and started the sports division from scratch, literally. NASCAR on Fox came about after a trip to the Lowe's Motor Speedway on race week and an introduction to Humpy Wheeler.

Click here for a 2008 interview with Hill in the Sports Business Daily. Back in January, reporter Dustin Long interviewed Hill and we put together a TDP column that can be reviewed by clicking here.

Mr. Hill is suddenly interested in chatting with NASCAR fans and taking your questions. This has been a rough season for Fox and Hill is perhaps the right guy to get some straight talk out into the NASCAR fan base.

There are two ways to participate. Click here for a Fox Sports link to a page where you can submit a question in advance. This is certainly the best way to go in terms of possibly getting a question answered for a couple of reasons. Number one, the time of day.

Hill will be on the chat page for one hour at starting at 3PM ET on Friday, May 8th. Basically, he may well be doing this on his lunch hour out in Los Angeles, CA at the Fox Sports headquarters. I hope it's catered.

On a serious note, this opportunity is a good one for folks who have some fundamental questions about the NASCAR on Fox struggles this season. The exact same faces are in place on TV, yet many of you have been asking why the broadcasts seem so different.

The press release from Fox Sports says "race fans have the rare opportunity to ask the man in charge their burning questions about TV network decisions and FOX Sports race production." So, why not make the most of it and follow-up?

TDP will review the chat including the questions and answers on Friday night in a new column. Credit goes to Fox for putting Hill out with the fans, something we wish happened at ESPN a lot more often.

Please feel free to leave your comments about Mr. Hill and the NASCAR on Fox 2009 season on this post as a warm-up to the chat session. To voice your opinion, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting.

Thank you for stopping by TDP.


Dot said...
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Dot said...
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Anonymous said...

I'd just like to know if David Hill would hire Jerry Punch away from ESPN and then give him a job in the mailroom, far away from a microphone.

I have a lot of complaints about NASCAR broadcasting, but very few with FOX. I think they do a great job with the exception of Digger, which if you have to force a mascot with product tie-ins down our throat could at least be done well. Those cartoons should be used to torture captured terrorists.

The one thing NASCAR on Fox does right is make almost every race on their part of the schedule seem like an "event" as opposed to jsut another week of the sport. Some hate the pre-show, I love it. I wish more of them were an hour-long like Talladega because unlike a lot of you I don't have time to watch Speed and Nascar Now all week.

Just sign Mike Joy to a lifetime contract (sorry, folks, he is the best), don't listen to the Chris Myers haters, and thank you for making DW the voice of Nascar on FOX - he is supreme on the mic and doing interviews.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hill,
Could you please explain to me why Fox's Nascar coverage is akin to the Cartoon Network? Why is there an animated gopher dancing on my HDTV screen when there is green flag racing happening live? Race fans in America are a simple lot Mr. Hill. We want to see cars going around the race track. Pure and simple. And coverage without bias. Some of the Fox announcers have an agenda. Namely Darrell Waltrip.

Just watch some of ESPN Classic's coverage of a race from say ten years ago. That should be your goal. Race coverage, pure and simple. Tell us what's happening to the entire field and why. Back it up with HD camera work and you'll in business.

Keep giving us the garbage you're sending though the airwaves today and your ratings will continue to decrease.


Richard in N.C. said...

In both cited interviews I was impressed that Mr. Hill actually answered the questions rather than giving a lot of PR mumbo jumbo.

I would like to ask him why SPEED took Tradin Paint off, and will try to.

RvNGrammy said...

Why, Mr. Hill, do we have to put up with a Kyle Busch Fan Club meeting every race? When he is in the back,he is the subject of conversation and cheering from DW - a big time Toyota owner/backer. When he gets to the front, the fawning over him is nauseating. There are 42 other cars and drivers on the track, 42 other sponsors who deserve attention for providing what could be a fun experience for the TV viewer. Through the field. Talk about all of the drivers, not just Kyle Busch. Your job is to make the race exciting for all of the fans, not just his.

Can you make an arrangement with the sponsors of the broadcast to promise to go back to the broadcast if something - a crash or some other important event - happens during ads?

Mine is another vote for getting rid of Digger. If you MUST have the critter, keep him out of the race coverage. Pre-race is fine because I know he gets the interest of 3 year olds, but during the race his appearance on the TV screen is inappropriate.

I agree that Mike Joy is the best, DW has an agenda that you need to disavow him of (he is obviously in love with Toyotas and the aforementioned KyBu), and I love Larry MacReynolds - except when he follows DW down the Toyota KyBu fan trail.

I don't watch a lot of the coverage because of the above. You can change that.

Mike said...

Why do we have to see Digger 50 times a race? The track cams are useless most of the time that they are used and the text to buy ads and animations coming back from every commercial are way too much. If you paid too much for the rights to show the races that's not our fault. Find another way to make up the revenue.

Why are D.W. Larry Mac(and anyone else that is there selling something for himself instead of covering racing)allowed to have their own agenda? Lose them too or make them work just for you. I was a huge DW fan growing up but now I am turned off completely by the constant schilling.

Why is my TV loaded with useless graphics and ads and not filled with racing? The previous comment about the ESPN classic races is right on, I would also add the nationwide race from Mexico last year or even the truck races would be a step in the right direction. Less gimmicky cameras and graphics more racing. When you split the screen, make it worth while and fill the screen with the race not two little windows and some annoying moving background graphics.

Why is the right camera not on when it needs to be? How many times do we hear someone say "Someone in the wall in turn three and 20 seconds later the camera is on it way too late or we start to see someone spin or a good race for position and the camera cuts away from it to show the leader by himself or just goes to a commercial. GO to a race watch the race from the stands for a hundred laps or so then watch those same hundred laps from the broadcast and see what you would have missed if you were not there. No one in the stands is watching the leader out by himself for that long when there is racing going on somewhere else. That's what we want to see. Maybe spend some time calling cameras and compare that to the broadcast too.

gerald said...
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laney said...

it is good to see the fox brass willing to listen to the die hard race fans. fox brings us great pictures but the mixture of personalities is what sets them apart..dw, jeff and larry know nascar and chris meyers gave nascar a prerace show worthy of an audience beyond just race fans..

atldude said...

i know fox has so many commercials that get in the way of the races...but it is good they are giving fans a chance to give our thoughts. dw, jeff and myers are always entertaining even when the races are not..
crank it up is great and give us more comments after the race instead of rushing off the air...

Sophia said...


I would add to your post why SO MANY WASTED IN CAR CAMS? other camera direction work is dreadful..switches cams too quickly except for useless in car cams.*sigh*

Way too much focus on top 10.

I am sure the fans questions will be "hand picked and chosen" rather than reflect the voices here and everywhere else i go.

and the influx of commercial/product placement during the race is on overload.however GOOD CAMERA WORK and details of the race instead of movie promotions MIGHT HELP us out?

Don't even get me started on Digger, Hill's pet project, pun intended.

Like Dot said, Mr. Hill must not read TDP as most folks here could choose better camera work and give fantastic specificities to what needs to be done..along with what's been listed here for a couple years now. FOX/NA$CAR/Hill and others, do not care. When the directors/producers egos get in the way to their script as opposed to the real racin', they will never 'get it'.

This season on FOX has been the worst in memory for lack of info and the camera work just gets WORSE. I like the guys in the booth.

MORE WIDE SHOTS OF THE CARS. Headlights but not google earth shots.

Oh and how about a decent show of the FINISH LINE that's not a blur???? more than one car crosses it, too. We don't need the pit crews ubiquitous celebrations. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This just smells like a set up of cushy email questions by somebody to make us think things are better than what our two eyes show us.

Excuse my cynicism, folks. But this reeks of when Brian France gives a conference or goes on Race Day.

Karen said...

I wonder why Mr. Hill waited so long to have a chat with fans. Fox's tour is about up for 2009. A day late and a dollar short if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of questions for Mr. Hill about the "race coverage" or lack thereof on Fox. Why do we fans have to tolerate the unprofessional performance of the commentators week after week with their constant shilling of Toyota, Fox, Goodyear, Sunoco,and other products that detract from the race? Why are we only shown 12 cars when there are 43 cars in the field? Why wasn't there a vote this year on getting rid of Waltrip's dreaded "boogity"? How can the constant cheerleading for Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Jr. be considered professional? I have a lot more questions but I iknow there won't be any real answers. It's like asking Brian France why he has to dictate what will be covered.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?
Now that the FOX ratings have tanked, this guy is "reaching out"?
After seasons of ignoring the impassioned pleas from loyalists on this site, he's suddenly looking for questions and feedback?
Take a hike, Hill, and take your arrogant condescending attitude with you. If you can't deduce what the issues are, then you have no right to be in your current job.
Hey, maybe that's the answer

red said...

i appreciate that hill is trying this and i hope the interaction yields solid information for him.

but here's my idea: have hill watch race, start to finish, joining us here on TDP, his identity known to us after being verified by jd. sit among us (if you will), read our comments and provide information and feedback realtime -- not after the fact.

blogs like TDp are excellent vehicles for communication and it would be truly interesting to have someone at hill's position really reach out and watch a race with us. the internet has changed the way i view a race on sunday afternoon and it would be a major step forward in recognizing that as well as hearing directly from fans during a race. jd is a strong moderator (unlike on other boards) and could certainly ensure that hill is treated as a guest in the house.

altho' we are opionated, it has been my experience that we are care passionately about our sport. there is minimal discussion/bashing about drivers and most of the comments focus on what this site is intended to facilitate: discussion about the prodution values of the broadcast. it is an ideal vehicle to solicit opinions and feedback from fans who want what's best for the sport -- and for the broadcast partners.

yes, fox is wrapping up but rather than wait a year, how about joining us as we discuss a race that hill's competitor is handling? that way, there'll be no desire or need to defend the personnel who work for him.

how about, gang? jd, what's your opinion? and mr hill: we'd love to have you join the Planeteers as we embark on another episode of "find the race amidst all the bells and whistles"!

50 yr. fan said...

I would like to see Mr. Hill put
JD on weekly for a "post mortem"
of last weeks race. It would make
a great segment in the pre-race
programming and show Mr. Hill that he needs a race director that is a
race fan.

alex said...

My question. Why does a professional sporting event resemble a children's show? I understand the thought behind the possible revenue, but the moment it interferes with the action on the track, it's gone overboard.

Anonymous said...

Since Mr Hill just wants to answer questions and not take suggestions, I'll not waste my time. It seems everything is fine in his view, and he just wants to explain to us dumbdumbs why that is so.

Anonymous said...

David Hill does not care what we think. If he did, the changes would already have been made. It isn't as if he has no idea what we're thinking about the quality of Fox's coverage; it is all over the internet.

This is no more than Hill's way to pretend to care while continuing to do the same things over and over.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you paid too much for the rights to show the races that's not our fault. Find another way to make up the revenue.

This is true. Very true.

Dot said...

@ Mike, your post is what I've been complaining about. The cameras too slow in finding the action being one of them.

@ Karen, yeah, why now? Will the last few races be different? Let's hope FOX does a better job in 2010.

@ RvNGrammy, the KyB Fan Club, funny.

Anonymous said...

Personally I groan every time I see that stupid Digger. I could care less about that angle anyhow. Cover more of the race. We go to yellow and sometimes I don't even know what happened and never took my eye off the race. Seriously, ditch digger. Whose idea was that anyhow?

Jimbacca said...

Speed is playing an old Fox covered Darlington race.

Reporting on all cars. "Carl Long who qualified ... is in the garage now" Constantly rotating on the field and battles.

Really doesnt take more then a split second to cover the events of the race.

DW actually reporting on the race instead of plugging products or a manufacturer. No brought to you by.. or lets go to out this center to have nothing more said. Just the race.

Less gee whiz technology does wonders. So maybe hit the rewind button. Because there were 43 cars in both events but they actually get covered a few years ago.

GinaV24 said...

Well, I sent my comment to the "chat" link but I agree that it will probably be handpicked questions, I doubt that we'll get real answers.

I love the idea that he could sit in on the race chat here on the site, then he'd get an idea of what fans are seeing (or not seeing) and the interaction.

JimBacca, boy are you right -- there is a marked difference in the coverage from when Fox started to the present -- and it hasn't improved.

GinaV24 said...
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Da Big Kahuna said...

Plain and simple.. how the heck to we get rid of that stupid gopher? Digger must go!

KoHoSo said...

I will be very interested to see if Mr. Hill fields the tough, "negative" questions or, like many such "chats," if it will be mostly fluff. What I would rather see is Mr. Hill subject himself to an interview from a professional reporter who would be able to ask follow-up questions and not be "edited" by a chat format.

That being said, I think this is a move in the right direction and hope that it is a sign of good things to come.

BWSPatti said...

David Hill is a genius. The resources, creativity and improvements he brought to NASCAR TV should be applauded.

Labbie said...

Well, I sent my question in, but like so many others, I doubt it will be answered satisfactorily.

Mark said...

Easy get rid of Digger and lessen up on the questions(yes I know FOX needs the money but the questions are too much).

Haus14 said...

I put mine in.

majorshouse said...

I was wondering why we have to endure the countless horrible promotion of Digger and Darrell Waltrip's shameless plugs for it as well? Give me green flag racing and not this other fluff that you seem to insist on.

Anonymous said...

As can be seen by comments on this blog, you CANNOT please all the people all the time.

Mr Hill has strong opinions and I don't think he will be swayed by a few dozens or even hundreds of people who don't agree with his leadership.

An example of that were all the compleints about Larry Mc and his grammar. He said he did not care and would not ask Larry to change.

Then all the slams about DW and his B-B-B- at every race. Again Hill said he did not care (actually he said fans loved it), but not only would he support it, he put it into the theme song.

Then all the flap about Digger. I remember when started to sell the stuff. They had something like 6 items. Now they have over 30. It sells EVERYWHERE, and sells very well.

It should also be pointed out that about 11 of the top 12 tv shows have lower tv ratings this season, including Ameerican Idol. But just like American Idol in its time-slot, NASCAR on Fox is the highest rated of all the sports including the NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.(as reported by Jayski).

Mr Hill has a big personality, so I'll be interested in his answers/explanations.

Anonymous said...

David Hill is one of the smartest leader in the sport industry. While every idea he has does not win, so many of the ideas he has brought to sport tv have been adopted by the other networks.

I say kepp it up David!!

Anonymous said...

Jay in NC,

Why should I watch your TV broadcast when radio does such a better job with race commentary without subjecting me to product pitched aimed at 5 year old burger king shoppers?

Anonymous said...

If you think Hill's gonna do anything but tell you why you're wrong if you disagree with his decisions, you're being unrealistic.

He must, by now, realize how many fans he's made frustrated, but insists that his way is right, and the fans are just wrong.

Which explains why they're leaving the broadcast.

bernie.t said...

how many other tv network execs would take time to listen.?...i am glad mr. hill least the guy is trying..digger does it for the kids and thank goodness for myers on the prerace show..he is a funny guy who leads jeff and daryl into the right places to talk racing. wish fox had a longer wrap-up show !

KY1WING said...

I think this pretty much sums things up - Fans tune in expecting the broadcast of a sporting event and FOX tries to entertain and this kinda points out the difference.


I realize that that Richmond and the Kentucky Derby are two vastly different events, but based on their past NASCAR performance if FOX had done the Derby . . .

the "Call to the Post" would have been replaced with the song, "Let's Go Racin' Boys"

the start of the race would have been missed . . . they'ed be at commercial.

"And they're off" would have been replaced with "Boogity, boogity, boogity"

The wide angle out of the starting gate shot, which shows all the initial fight for position would have been shown instead by Digger cam.

FOX would immediately go to replay of all the bumping between horses out of the gate. Larry Mac would attribute it to aero push and immediately shown a horsey graphic (with Digger as jockey) and Draft Tracker to explain the term "push."

DW would have chimed in with "Rubbin's, racing" and that the sanctioning body has been working hard on the problem and it should be eliminated by next year's "Run for the Roses" with the unveiling of the new HOT - "Horse of Tomorrow." An ugly nag, handles like a Clydesdale (no offense to Clydesdales), hard to ride and their racing sucks, but they are safe and if racing is to continue this is what we have to go with.

Tight focus on the pre-race predetermined broadcast favorites would be the norm . . . if and when any actual racing was shown. There is nothing like showing closeup after closeup of a galloping thoroughbred's flairing nostrils to show you just how the race is developing.

DW would compliment the favorite on their setup as they can hold it down on the yellow line . . . I mean rail and reminisence about the last time he raced on dirt . . . "I was racing for PB Crowell back then . . ."

As the round the first turn, the broadcast turns to Jeff Hammond, who would go to the "Farm Bureau cut-away horse and jockey" and explain "now this is a saddle"

Halfway down the backstretch the "If the race ended now" graphic would appear, followed by a "Wolverine" movie trailer.

Scoring crawler changes to show interval behind the leader . . . of course that was based on the scoring loop at the end of the frontstretch.

As they enter the far turn, its two horses on the screen, the only two horses who have been shown since they entered turn two. . . never mind they are mired in the pack and not making a move . . . they were the production favorites.

Behind a screenful of graphics and out of view from the tight shots Mine the Bird's phenomenal weaving drive from last to first begins. Of course, without HOTPASS ($10 per race) you'd never know it.

The traditional "and here they come" call down the home stretch is drowned out by the Aflac trivia question. The race is only a little over two minutes long and FOX has to get that in.

That would have been followed by DW's eerie silence. Unable to find NAPA or Toyota logos on any of the 19 riders' silks and knowing that Mikey is just too darn big to get on one of those horses, he's left speechless.

As they are coming to the line, it is nothing but nostrils until Larry Mac screams "Where did he come from" and FOX is forced to cut from the tight shot of their favorites to show Mine the Bird crossing the finish line ahead of the field. How he got there . . . who knows. Its clearly obvious this finish wasn't in the production script.

The photo finish for second place or beyond would not have been shown, but we would get a live closeup of all the members or MTBs crew jumping up and down (except for the trainer, he was on crutches).

Any showing of the little gelding's incredible race would have been totally inadvertent and his pass of the favorites would have just been a flash in the background.

The scoring crawler would have shown Mine the Bird last until after he crossed the line because that's the position he was in at the last scoring loop. Never mind that the information is totally irrelavent and outdated and who cares that it blocks too much screen and the motion detracts from the action shown . . its just a really neat graphic.

The jockey's emotional display during the cool-down . . . ah, we'd already have gone to commercial.

Forget aerial shots and isolation cameras supporting the post-race analysis of the win, it would have been done instead by Digger cam. Its your fault if you can't tell the horses by their hooves.

Trophy presentation ceremony is long since passed when FOX returns from its 17 commercial block before signing off the air. No time for interviews or replays, we have "Simpson" reruns to go to.

In the broadcast crew's parting shots we'd hear Joy remark how great a race it was, Larry Mac comment that it was all setup that lead to the win and DW . . . well, he knew the little horse was going to do it all along.

As the credits roll, its on to Baltimore and the Preakness . . . with Digger in the bottom left, wearing his own blanket of roses.

And FOX wonders why the ratings keep going down.

Karen said...

KY1WING, very, very clever.

Anonymous said...

...I can only imagine what the "bumper cams" would look like from the horse following close behind...

Dannyboy said...

There have been some snide remarks about Fox's production being the reason for declining ratings. Why don't we check the ratings after the second half of the season and ESPN's semi-lifeless stick-and-ball formula coverage has had a chance to work its "magic"?

Nothing any other network has ever done covering NASCAR even comes close to the excitement and pre-race buzz that Fox's coverage generates. Mr. Hill and his people are to be complimented for it.

Not that I don't have the same complaints as many described so well above. But in fairness, too many of the complaints here have the taint of personal bias, whether it's against a particular driver that the writer feels gets too much coverage from Fox, or personal dislike of a particular on-air personality. People said most of the same sorts of things about NBC/TNT's coverage, and ESPN's coverage. Neither I, nor I suspect Mr. Hill, should give these much thought.

That said, I too am sick of watching and hearing about only the top 10 (give or take) and never hearing anyting about the good racing taking place all up and down the field. And Digger and his camera are about as useful to me as a shoe shine during a pit stop. But the realities of NASCAR TV in the 21st century dictate that we're going to see what we've been seeing, and I'm resigned to that.

One thing not stressed enough is the simple use of wide shots. Again, the excellence of today's closeup and in-car action can't be overstated. But there are times I yearn for the days of old ESPN and even CBS's antiquated camera work which allowed the viewer to get a feel for the field as a whole. Today's tight shots and short clips of the pack just don't give you the information that a good cross-track long shot will give as the field moves down the backstretch. How about a single, stationary one-camera shot, from the start-finish line, going around the track for a full lap? Seems so simple yet the networks and todays directors are all so enamored of the tight shot and the fast cut that we're being robbed of something that's very easy to show.

What about that Mr. Hill?

KoHoSo said...

I think that KY1WING may have made the funniest and most truthful long-form comment ever left here on The Daly Planet. Well done! Very well done!

Unknown said...

I would just tell David Hill that NASCAR is not the NFL. While the NFL fans love as much pre game and post game coverage as they can get, NASCAR fans just want to see the race. NASCAR fans don't want an hour and a half of pre race stuff, especially when that stuff(I'm talking about you Digger), has nothing to do with the actual race itself.

If David really loves Digger that much then make that stuff into webisodes, put it on Fox Sports' NASCAR site and get it off of tv.

HarpAmy/Amy in FL said...

The one thing that I will add is that I would like for the bumper cams to have some sort of identifier without having to add a graphic. They used to do this. Is is some sort of an aero negative/positive that maybe Nascar said that they couldn't do that?

Sophia said...

I wish I could RT this on Twitter but this sums it up for ME! :-)
Dannyboy said

One thing not stressed enough is the simple use of wide shots. Again, the excellence of today's closeup and in-car action can't be overstated.

But there are times I yearn for the days of old ESPN and even CBS's antiquated camera work which allowed the viewer to get a feel for the field as a whole. Today's tight shots and short clips of the pack just don't give you the information that a good cross-track long shot will give as the field moves down the backstretch.

How about a single, stationary one-camera shot, from the start-finish line, going around the track for a full lap? Seems so simple yet the networks and todays directors are all so enamored of the tight shot and the fast cut that we're being robbed of something that's very easy to show.

What about that Mr. Hill?

Sophia said...

NOT Happy with Mr. Hill's answers. Mostly softball but a couple he was adamant on.

Still, it's about what I expected.

Haus14 said...

my question was answered by d.hill. not the answer I wanted, but it was the first one on list.

Steve in ATL said...

All in all Fox does a pretty good job with coverage of the races. There could be improvements but the other networks involved don't reall do any better. I could do with a little more race-focus and less with the gimmicky stuff. Digger needs to be roadkill.

Sophia said...


Glad you got a question answered. Apparently if we don't like Digger he said "Tough" !? Obviously its a HUGE money maker.

He also thought the broadcast crew was fine, which in all honesty, so do I. THEY can't help it they can't give us info due to being fed promo after promo.

Imagine how those guys feel after a race.

I thought the answer to side by side was lame and right out of a NASCAR "rule book". They would not "Dilute" the quality of the adds or something...somebody shoulda pointed out all the DVR's that skip adds or go get snacks but he is obviously not in touch with what so many want.

But that's fine.

BSPN isn't any better and sadly, I am not a fan of the chemistry in their booths, or lack there of.

At least on Fox I DO like Mike, Larry and DW. DW's BBB last what, six seconds? If that's the biggest gripe one has on DW during a race. . .

The camera work issue is ONGOING. That wasn't really addressed except to say depends on the SPONSOR.

Well SOMEBODY should've suggested a sponsor for "THIS 30 SECOND WIDE SHOT OF THE RACE CARS" brought to you by!

Now THERE's a SPONSOR I could root for, lol.

Just sayin'. :-)

darbar said...

Man, that was a lot of BS. Mostly softball questions, and the ones that did have a little bit of controversy were answered in a rather nasty tone. I mean, when asked about Digger his answer was "Tough".

And, I'm sorry, but I absolutely do not believe that the networks have no say in when races are started. Everyone knows that networks are the ones who control sporting events. It's like that for every sport. There's a controversy right now in the NHL that the Penguins and Caps have to play back to back games during the playoffs because the CBC wanted their Hockey Night in Canada. Neither of the teams wants to play back to back in the playoffs, but the NHL was told they had to for television. I cannot believe Mr Hill when he says that they have no power with the start times.

I'm sorry, but he came off as crusty, defensive and downright rude in some of his answers and it really seemed as if the questions were hand picked so as to avoid controversy. Mr Hill, like so many others, sticks his head in the sand and refused to listen to what the fans want.

BTW, JD, were the ratings REALLY up for last season as Hill said? I have a hard time believing that.

Mike said...

I missed the chat but just read it.

Everyone hates digger? Tough.
Most memorable Nascar moment? Sitting in traffic after Talladega
What about the west coast market?
He doesn't understand the question.
To much talking about Kyle Busch?
I don't remember that.

Either he lying or doesn't watch the races. He knows about The Daly Planet so none of this is new to him. Obviously he does not care and is going to do what he wants.

I don't think someone that doesn't know they race at the Glen can't be bothered to go to the races because he is in LA and everything is going great so he doesn't have to should be in charge of Nascar coverage.

I think he showed what he really cares about when he takes NFL and NHL specific questions during a Nascar chat.

Sophia said...

@Darbar & Mike
glad others picked up on the tone.

i thought it was me as I was the skeptical one yesterday.

I have NO HOPE for ANY TV improvement for actual racing. This makes me sad.

Jack from PA said...

Wow. I wasn't there for the live chat, but just read it. Looks like a lot of BS to me. He seems like a very cocky individual, as some of you mentioned. I find it a turn-off.

Nice to see he knows about The Daly Planet, though.

I wonder if the reason there were so many non-NASCAR questions was because most of the questions NASCAR specific were already answered? Probably not, but just a thought that went through my head.

He seems in love with Digger way too much, and his answer "Tough," really rubbed me the wrong way. Especially when no other sport on national television has a stupid cartoon featured 25 times during their broadcasts. I think more than anything else, we found out what the higher-ups at FOX think of NASCAR (especially with the Watkins Glen comment), and the overload of non-NASCAR questions.

Anonymous said...

According to Mr. Hill the whole point of lap by lap updates is to show the leaders and favorites, what about the racing?

He was brief, avoided several questions, and made the sponsors of the broadcast seem more important than the actual race itself.

Digger - "Tough"??? Then they advertise Digger in the chat too? Talk about overkill

red said...

not sure what i expected but that certainly wasn't it.

i'm underwhelmed -- to say the least.

mr hill, on the off chance you've managed to carve some time out of your very busy day to visit TDP (the only site i know of that discusses what should be of importance to you: the broadcast and media coverage of nascar) and check in on the reaction to your live chat, allow me to offer my opinion.

you would be well served by not bothering to do anything like that again. whatever credibility you may have had with bloggers here has been destroyed by your arrogant and condescending attitude toward our sport and toward us as fans.

the choice that now faces me is whether i bother turning on fox next year at all. your attitude is making that choice easier. and it ain't "tough."

it's not "being blunt" or "telling the truth" or "edgy and cutting." it's rude behavior by an adult male who ought to know better. shameful.

Jack from PA said...

@ red,

I could not have said it better. I love the FOX TV crew, but man I never realized they worked for such a jerk before.

Anonymous said...

While he did get some softball questions, he answered them the same way he would if he was face to face with you. I happen to know him and that is just how he is. Very blunt and frank. He doesn't mince words. Is he cocky or arrogant? Well, that for you to decide but he has been very successful in what he has done and he knows it. Plus when you're Murdoch's right have man and Aussie buddy, you don't have to worry to much.

Dot said...

I'm way behind on my racing reading.

I just read the Hill interview. What a pompous a$$. I wasn't even won over when he said that he'd pick Marcos as his driver.

No wonder NASCARs ratings are in the toilet. Hill & B France working together. Now it all makes sense. If the energy could be harnessed from the Bills' spinning in their graves, it would power the greater Daytona (are they buried there?) area.

@ KY1Wing, You danged near killed me. Great post. Come back soon.

@ red, Bravo. A standing ovation to you.

KoHoSo said...

I don't know if this came up live as I was out job hunting while the chat was live. However, on the replay, notice the entry right after Mr. Hill's "Tough" answer. Also serving as a link it states...

Resistance is futile: Get your DIGGER gear here.I think that speaks even louder on Fox's attitude than "Tough" did.

red said...

anon@11:57pm said (in part):
" . . . but he has been very successful in what he has done and he knows it. Plus when you're Murdoch's right have man and Aussie buddy, you don't have to worry to much."

three thoughts:
1. being successful in what one has chosen as a profession does not entitle one to behave like a boor. in fact, such success should create in one some sense of gratitude and appreciation for what one has been able to achieve. (see "kyle busch" for the similiarities here.)
2. there is no excuse for rudeness. one can make just a sharp a point without it -- if one choose to do so. to me, rudeness is not merely bad manners, it is also laziness.
3. i'm unclear as to what you're saying in your final sentence. you say that hill has been successful in and of himself and then intimate that it's irrelevant b/c of his relationship with murdoch. so: is he an accomplished professional or a toadie? can't have it both ways.

i applaud someone who has made his or her way thru the world and risen to a level of professional expertise. i don't agree that david hill represents such a person and i believe your final comment is far more accurate a reflection of the reality of the situation.

Anonymous said...

I posted this last night on the other article......While he did get some softball questions, he answered them the same way he would if he was face to face with you. I happen to know him and that is just how he is. Very blunt and frank. He doesn't mince words. Is he cocky or arrogant? Well, that for you to decide but he has been very successful in what he has done and he knows it. Plus when you're Murdoch's right have man and Aussie buddy, you don't have to worry to much.

Anonymous said...

oops....meant to post the above on the new article. sorry.

Anonymous said... have a right to your opinion. My last statement was more of a joke than anything else. Don't read into it.