Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College Fund For David Poole's Grandson

Those of you who read and heard the words of the late David Poole on NASCAR often got some additional family information. Poole was smitten with his young grandson Eli and often spoke about him both in print and on his Sirius Satellite Radio show.

Wednesday, this item was passed along on Jayski:

Since his passing eight weeks ago, the inspiration of David Poole's legacy has been quite prevalent. Countless memories have been shared and personal tributes written. In those tributes, it was clear the sport of auto racing held a significant place in David's heart.

But it was also clear his inner-joy came from his two-year-old grandson, Eli. We all find balance and escape in different ways. Poole found his in Eli. With the support of many industry people as well as Katy Poole, David's wife, a college fund has been established for Eli. The hope here is that Eli will be afforded the opportunity to embark on his own successful career, and - all the while - truly understand how much his PawPaw meant to the NASCAR community.

The college fund for Eli is established at the Bank of Stanly in Oakboro, N.C. Donations can be sent to the following address:
Eli Samuel Ross
Bank of Stanly
Attn: Misty Nordan
P.O. Box 539
Oakboro, NC 28129
Phone: 704.485.3435
(Please make checks payable to "Eli Ross Account" at Bank of Stanly.)

Thanks to Jay for passing this information along. With all of the stories unfolding in the sport this season, it is especially difficult not to read and hear David's unvarnished opinions on the NASCAR world.

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Kyle said...

Yeah. Mike Davis at JR Motorsports sent that out this morning. I've posted it on a Yahoo Group that I am apart of and on Infield Parking as well. I hope he gets enough money raised. Everyone deserves to get a good college education.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea,I think David would be pleased to know that there are so many who care about Eli's future-Steve in TN.

Anonymous said...
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red said...

wouldn't it be great if the fans of nascar came together over this cause and honored poole's memory? for myself, the check's going out today with a note mentioning how i learned about this from TDP and mike davis!
how 'bout it, planeteers? none of us can afford a lot but each of us can give a little in memory of one of the truly great nascar journalists!

Anonymous said...

I miss David Poole every day, and I don't know if I will ever stop missing him. What a WONDERFUL way for do something constructive, AND show little Eli (and the rest of the Poole family) just how much David was respected, admired, and loved. David did things like this all of the time (Pennies For Wessa, etc), and now it is our turn.

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't taken wrong, because I admired David Poole -- but I think it is wrong for his family to milk the good will and fond memories of David Poole for the financial benefit of his grandson.

There are many ways to honor Poole, but I don't see how sending cash to one of his family members is the way. Didn't Poole already leave him (tax-free) inheritance?

Sorry, but I seriously question whose idea this was. If he had been my dad, I would never think of asking NASCAR fans for money for my son. Maybe I can see asking them to contribute to a journalism scholorship, but directly to the family?

Apologies if anyone is offended by this, but there is something that sounds odd about this to me.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the last poster. The late Poole's grand-son is two years old, it's not like he's going to college anytime soon. Don't Eli's parents work? Was Poole supporting his grown kids and their kids? And it's not like he died that tragically-- sudednly yes--but he wasn't a poster child for good healthy living. Look, my cousin was married on June 6th at 1.30pm and that night at 9.30pm her husband of eight hours collapsed and died of a seizure on the dance floor of their reception. So the funeral was that Wednesday. That is tragedy and that is someone that truly deserves national attention and support. Luckily, we have a good community and without a lot of fanfare, she should be OK as long as we stick together. The Poole relatives seem very opportunistic here by contrast.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Both of you have missed the point. Often, when someone who is admired by a group of people passes, there is a direction for a memorial fund.

It could be the Victory Junction Gang Camp or a local hospice. In this case, it is David's favorite cause which happens to be his only grandson.

It is not an issue of money, but the gesture of establishing a memorial fund in memory of David.

This was done when ESPN's Ron Scalise passed in an auto accident and is viewed as a thoughtful and heartfelt action by friends.

Everyone has the right to their views, perhaps this may help you with a little bit different perspective on this topic.

Anonymous said...

"It could be the Victory Junction Gang Camp or a local hospice."

Yeah, those would have been better choices than simply forking over cash to his family like it's a baby shower or something.

If y'all want to honor his best wishes, make your checks payable to Dennys!

Daly Planet Editor said...

I don't know what your personal problems with David are.

A college fund for a child is hardly forking cash over to the child's parents.

Had David not had a grandson who he introduced to all of us in print and on the radio, it most certainly would have been a charity.

Perhaps, the fact that this makes a lot of sense to the many people who contributed in memory of David might help you to understand this a bit better.

Not sure how old you are, but this is a rather common practice.