Friday, July 31, 2009

NASCAR TV/Media Notes (Updated - Lowe's Gone From Charlotte)

Update: Sports Business Journal is reporting that Lowe's will not renew its current deal with SMI and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Click here for the link.

A lot of random things have floated in over the past several days and hopefully we can put all of them together in this post before the weekend action starts.

Kyle Petty will be returning to the broadcast booth, but it will be during the ARCA/REMAX race from Pocono on Saturday. He will join Steve Byrnes in the booth for the 1PM ET race. Wendy Venturini will also be a pit road reporter.

A good friend to many drivers who enjoy riding motorcycles has passed away. If you have ever been in Daytona Beach, perhaps you have stopped by the huge Harley Davidson dealership that Bruce Rossmeyer put together. Tragically, he lost his life riding to the big Sturgis rally. Click here for the story from Cycle News.

Kenny Wallace used Twitter to relate a problem he had with his TV employer over the Victory Lane show last week. Here are the messages from Tuesday:

SPEED T.V E-Mailed Me..If I Ask Jimmie Johnson For Autograph on the Show Again..It Could Be Grounds to Fire Me..That is a T.V No-No..WOW!.

SPEED said that it was Unprofessional for me to Ask My Friend Jimmie Johnson for the Autograph.Happens Again I could be FIRED..WOW!..I'M SAD

SPEED Said that it is a Written Rule that Talent.. "That's Me" Can't Ask Guest For Autographs..It was Strange Because Jimmie is My Friend..

ESPN has been kind enough to arrange a re-airing of the NASCAR special Feel Your Heart Race which kicked-off the Sprint Cup Series coverage this season. This thirty minute show is fun to watch and will be replayed August 8 at 1PM ET on ESPN2. Nice to see a TV show treat NASCAR fans with respect.

Friday night over on SPEED at 7PM the Trackside gang will have Clint Bowyer and Marcos Ambrose as guests. Bowyer's reaction to the Jack Daniels situation and Ambrose talking about his Indy run should be interesting.

SPEED also passes along that Michael Waltrip will be on the telecast team for the Camping World Truck Series race from Nashville on Saturday night. Sprint Cup qualifying in Pocono is on Friday and the race is on Sunday, so Waltrip is heading to Nashville on Saturday.

In the meantime, Waltrip tried to Twitter during the taping of This Week in NASCAR on Monday, but found out that unless a TV show is live that really does not make a lot of sense. Later that evening, he Twittered to fans that he was at a Fish Taco place with a date and she left him to get a tattoo. After several even more interesting messages, Waltrip confessed there was no date and no tattoo. There was no information on the tacos.

TDP's favorite Michael Waltrip Tweet of the week: "I have thoughts."

Connie LeGrand, formerly of SPEED, says hello to everyone from her TV anchor position at WSPA News Channel 7 in Greenville, SC. Says she peeks at The SPEED Report and likes what she sees. We agree, the revamped show is great but seeing Connie and Bob Jenkins on the set was something else.

Iowa Speedway is set to roll out a welcome for the Nationwide Series that is beyond belief. Temporary grandstands have been brought in to accommodate an overflow crowd for the 4PM Saturday race on ESPN. The recent IRL race at the speedway brought a crowd of 40 thousand, but the NASCAR race is expected to top 50 thousand.

ESPN has split broadcasting crews again, so Rusty Wallace is going to work on the Nationwide race in Iowa and then fly to Pocono to join that team for the Sprint Cup event. TV veteran Rick DeBruhl is also going to work on the Iowa event as a pit road reporter. Click here for an update on DeBruhl who is a reporter for KPNX in Phoenix, AZ. Some veteran fans may remember DeBruhl from his earlier work on ESPN auto races years ago.

If you want to add a quality program to your recording list for the weekend, try the one hour Sunday night edition of NASCAR Now at 10PM ET. Nicole Manske hosts with Marty Smith reporting and the entire ESPN broadcast team contributing. These shows only run during the 17 race weekends of the ESPN Sprint Cup schedule and last year proved to be loaded with highlights and interviews.

Finally, if you are interested in seeing some NASCAR history, ESPN Classic is re-airing the final NASCAR race from the old Riverside International Raceway in Southern California. This was a road course with a very long history of hosting all kinds of cars and series. The 1988 event airs at 6PM Monday and is a rare glimpse into a slice of NASCAR now long gone.

As usual, we welcome your comments on the topics mentioned above. To add your comment, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting.

TDP will live blog all three races this weekend, please join us to talk NASCAR TV.


Rockin Rich said...

JD: What day is BSPN Classic airing the Riverside Race? I don't see it on your listing, nor on George Webster's Race Fan TV page.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Monday Rich, thanks for asking about that. I will update my info now.


Anonymous said...

Hey brother, can we get a little break from the bash Michael Waltrip mantra? He's a jokester, what's the problem? It's not like there is a shortage of corporate types on the air.

Loving TDP nonetheless!

Daly Planet Editor said...

No bashing here, he typed it and we posted it. I thought it was hilarious.

Dot said...

JD, I love your potpourri columns.

I'm fizzed up that Marcos is on Trackside.

I can't believe SPEED would fire KW for asking for an autograph from a friend. I could understand it if it was someone he didn't know.

How many hats is Rusty wearing this weekend? Track builder, team owner, father of driver, and race announcer. We may be Rusted out by Sunday.

What is Iowa doing to get so many to come out for the race? Maybe Gillian in Fontana can take some notes.

RIP Bruce Rossmeyer.

Sam said...

Nice to see Kyle back in the booth.

Kenny should know better.

Trackside should be OK.

Waltrip needs help.

I knew Rusty would be at Iowa since he helped design it.

RIP Bruce

Anonymous said...

I really liked Connie LeGrand's time on SPEED, but I wasn't surprised when she disappeared. I always thought she had too much class and professionalism for SPEED.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so exited that Feel Your Heart Race is going to re-air. I can't wait to forget to tape it again! :)

Seriously, my DVR schedule hasn't updated yet and I'm scared to tape the same show/different name/same time slot because somehow that always screws up my taping.

We'll see if I get to see it or not.

Gymmie said...

RIP Bruce :(

I missed all the bru haha what a shame if they did that to Herman. He's such a good guy!

I didn't see any bashing of Mikey either. Just posting what he's tweeted.

Dannyboy said...

JD: Regarding Rick DeBruhl - I can recall some years ago (I think it was when Fox first took over SPEED but I could be wrong) there was a problem with the F-1 announcing team. I think it may have been when Sam Posey's health issues took him out of the booth. Anyway, SPEED tried a broadcast team with De Bruhl as the anchor calling F-1 races where he couldn't even pronounce the names of some drivers. Nothing against him, he was put in a terrible position by "suits" who didn't have a clue what they were doing. Rick gave it his best but didn't last a year, as I recall.

Some of Waltrips TWEETS explore the boundaries of good taste, but he is getting pretty good at it, "Still haven't found the Beverly Hills NAPA store..." and if he oversteps his bounds he's quick to apologize or rephrase.

And he's even answering some Tweets by his followers. Not many high profile people would give a darn what their public thinks, much less have a dialogue with them.

As always, thanks for keeping us up to date JD,


Anonymous said...

JD..Why do some people call It BSPN..Instead of ESPN? My 9 year old wanted to know on this family friendly sight!!

Daly Planet Editor said...

I think that's because they figured out just about how much they could get away with!


Anonymous said...

JD -you sure that Riberside event was in 1998?

Anonymous said...

I Meant Riverside!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Did you know that the 8 and the 9 are right next to each other on the keyboard?

Kind of like the v and the b!

Thanks for the typo correction, it is 1988.


Anonymous said...

Enough of Mikey already! I hope Pocono isn't its predictably long,boring race.

Bill H said...

Let's try this again... (got to get in habit of copying text to clipboard before trying to send)

We have some major rain / storms coming through the PA/NY area this afternoon / evening - up to 5 inches of rain in places. Wednesday a F2 tornado passed through the Pocono area damaging many homes and causing injuries ( for details). Tomorrow is high 80's and muggy, Sunday 80's and thunderstorms. Will be a good chance to see how Espn handles rain delays.

Bill H

Todd Crane said...

JD...With all your if you can find out why NA$CAR NEVER gave Bobby Allison a win for winning in a Mustang at a Grand National (cup) race at Bowman-Grey in Winston-Salem NC. They gave Tiny Lund credit for a GN win in a pony car. According to Greg Fielden, there was never a winner in the W-S race, and agrees that Bobby should have the win. How can you not have a winner? Allison deserves the win giving him 85 cup wins! Thanks..Todd Crane

Bobby said...

The Allison win at Bowman Gray in a Grand American car in a GN/GA issue to me seems similar to the CWE/CWW races at Iowa, or even the WC/WW races at Riverside. In each case, the drivers are awarded points per finish among the entrants.

At Iowa with the CWE/CWW format, Joey Logano won and Kevin Harvick finished second, yet Logano (CWE) was called CWE winner and Harvick CWW winner (since he was entered as a native Californian into that series).

If Driver X is in a Class A car and Driver Y is in a Class B car, and it's a combination Class A/B race, and Driver Y wins, and Driver X is second, wins go to Y (Class B) and X (Class A).

Vicky D said...

My husband always loved the races and watches the old tapes of the Riverside track. His brother raced motorcyles there and attended them with him and said it was fabulous. There was an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle today about one of Bobby Hamilton Jr's Camping World East driver that might turn into a bigger deal.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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allisong said...

Isn't Rick DeBruhl one of the guys who does the Barrett-Jackson shows each year?

RE: Kenny Wallace - if Jimmie is such a good friend, why are you fawning over him so much? Have to agree with SPEED on this one, it is unprofessional. But then again, what show have they been watching?

Mike said...
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MRM4 said...

I can see why Speed would have a fit about KW asking JJ for an autograph. When you're on a show like that, you're supposed to be unbiased and not show favorites. Asking for an autograph sounds like playing favorites. Besides, if KW is really friends with JJ, he can get an autograph any time.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I think dropping a line to the Hall of Fame historian Buz McKim would be the best way to go on that one. Check their website for info.


I was doing a sports car race back in the IMSA days for ESPN at Riverside and Lynn St. James and Doc Bundy had a crash that left her upside down and on fire. Amazingly, she got out of it just fine. That track was daunting.


You have to give us a little more. If you have a problem with KW, just talk about what it is and what you think could be changed to clear it up.


Anonymous said...

The problem is twofold. (1) NO driver was given the "GN" win in that race at BG. Somebody had to win it, didnt they?
And, as Todd points out, (2) NASCAR gave Tiny a "GN" win driving a GA car in a combined GN/GA race, but not Bobby.
Several years ago, a number of such "inconsistencies" in the results were reviewed by a special panel headed by Bill France Jr., and he refused to correct this one.
The bottom line is that Bobby often challenged NASCAR on their rules and interpretations, and didnt make many friends there during his driving career.

glenc1 said...

that's an awesome photo. People just don't appreciate a good road course, which is, after all, what the sport was founded on (I doubt moonshiners went 'round in circles...)

BillH-- I just looked at the radar...ugh. And the long term forecast is saying rain at Watkins Glen next Friday. Why, oh WHY can't NASCAR learn to be flexible about qualifying when they can see what's going to happen? Hopefully today it will be brief storms that move through quickly.

#27 said...

Final race at Riverside...NICE..some of the people on this board will not like who will see a LOT of him on Saturday!!!!

Daly Planet Editor said...


Don't know if you happened to catch our review of the Nationwide Series last week from ORP.

Someone got very good reviews and worked well with the team.


Mary said...

I finally get used to calling CMS Lowes and now they're going to change it back again LOL

I love Mikey's tweets - as Schrader says that boy has a lot going on in his head! I do miss those two together on a Monday night.

#27 said...

JD...I should have said the people who post..did not intead fot that to be at you - sorry.

I met RW in 82 at Anderson Speedway-ASA days...sort of pulled for him during the late 80's & 90's. He laughed one day about never winning at Anderson (3-2nd place finishes in a row)

I have to be honest...I really have been disapointed with his broadcast career.

Keep up the great work!

Garry said...

Michael had a date at a fish taco place? What happened to his wife, Buffy?
Sad to see anyone lose their life, especially riding, but condolensces to Bruce's family.
I don't get the networks: They let Kenny Wallace mumble, ramble, make a fool of himself, clown around, and generally get on peoples' nerves, but ask for an autograph and get fired?? Which one is the pot, and which one is the kettle? A message to the other poster about what Iowa is doing to get people to go to the track, versus California: Iowans are salt of the earth. They actually love racing.
As far as Pocono: It will be Indy revisited with one exception:Look for Montoya to get "the call" from NASCAR.
I enjoy Rick Debruhl on Barrett/Jackson. He really knows his cars.

Mary said...

Mikey and Buffy have been separated for quite some time now. Don't think they're divorced yet.

dawg said...

SPEED needs to reread the book n professional journalism.
I suppose it's considered professional to let Mikey shamelessly shill for his sponsors every time he can get in front of a camera. Sounds to me like they swallowed a camel but chocked on a gnat.
Letting the "Talent" sell space on their shirts is right up there also.

Sophia said...

I think I termed the phrase BSPN

The B stands for four letters. Bull. That's it.

I often say somebody is full of bull and that's it. Don't need to put anything after it.

I don't cuss here except for ^%$#@& cartoon type.

Re: Mikey's Tweets, it's like stepping into Bizarro world. Indeed, he goes over the boundaray of good taste at times.

I also thought Schrader used to say about Mikey "He ain't right". I now believe that after following some tweets.

I am sorry about Mikey losing his dog Darla though.

Kenny Wallace can be silly with Tweets but also informative and great stories (like time he was late for a plane, not allowed on as they got to gate too late, his wife was on the plane to SURPRISE him for a birthdat..a lady read on FBook Kenny's situation and gave up her seat on the plane for him so they let him on.

Sometimes you get little gems about life on Twitter. :)

Can't believe Mother Nature is interfering again with a race weekend.


p.s. I also called ESPN ESPU. The P U stands for nothing except as a kid, if something stank we would say P U...not sure how we spelled that. :) But folks imagination can run wild.

Anonymous said...
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glenc1 said...

the weather is looking mighty poor, 90% chance of rain and flood warnings, hail, lighting, all the good stuff...hasn't changed from what Bill H said early this morning. Looks like we'll be starting on points again.

btw, RIP Bruce...I've seen the dealership but have never been there.

Sophia said...

Wow. lots of rain at Pocono. They had to make a bridge of skids to get to the garage?
Not good.

Richard in N.C. said...

JD- Thank you. I am always fascinated by the pictures you provide. Do you know what year the Riverside picture is from? I don't recall a stretch with no visible armco.

As I recall BP was in the race and might have been his last year driving.

#27 said...

BP - Started 30 - Finished 13

Phil Parsons with a top 5

5 former champs in the Top 10..3 Broadcasters in the Top 10...and 1 active driver in the top 10! cup...change the year

50 yr. fan said...

Agree with "Dawg"; SPEED should
question their own integrity with
Waltrip being a parrot for NAPA
and Toyota. I can't imagine anyone
taking K. Wallace seriously, especially asking for an autograph.

David said...

As a fan of nostaliga, thank God Charlotte Motor Speedway is back!!!!

That being said, losing your naming rights partner is not a good thing, but was probably forseeable given the climate of things right now. 3 time defending champion or cookie-cutter racetrack? You tell me what made sense.

By the way my friends, I have returned!

Karen said...

David, hasn't been the same here without you. Any withdrawal symptoms?

David said...

Yes, plus I feel like a noob now.

Soooo behind.

Kenny LOL. Ask Kenny! Ask!!!

David said...

HA! Tony making Shannon Shannon.

David said...

By the way JD thanks for the Allstate answer. I figured as much was the case, I've just never seen it taken to that extent in a marquee race.

I guess some networks are classier than others with how they present races in those situations. Even called it the Brickyard 400 on Sportscenter. So again, no shock Allstate bailed.

I noticed it with FOX when they started in 2001 but never gave it that much thought until last week.

Anonymous said...

Dawg and 50 year fan are right about FOX/ SPEED and not having integrity.Unfortunately it really insults me, my intelligence.What gets me is, FOX treats the MLB, baseball telecasts, so professionally and then treats NASCAR like it's a joke. Did anyone here see the MLB all star game on FOX? It was unbelievably great, super professional, and very enjoyable.Why can't they see what we really want,and do more of that for NASCAR I'm sorry but the order really is TNT, ESPN, and FOX/ SPEED falling farther behind.

trish in nc said...

Fire Kenny for asking for an autograph? Oh please, someone at SpeedTV does not have enough to do. While it may be against their policy, a gentle reminder would have been the better idea.

It has always been the Charlotte Motor Speedway to me. I remember a few years ago when Humpy parked a wrecker or some vehicle in front of the TV trucks because the announcers kept saying CMS. So funny but I wonder if this means they won't have the money to fix the soap dispensers near 139.

We passed the Harley dealership in Daytona a few years ago. I know nothing about motorcycles but that place is a beautiful showcase. Very sad indeed.

David said...

Just saw that Rick is doing the NW race.

Very cool to see our local doing some work for ESPN again. Very professional guy, enjoy when he does the Barrett-Jackson on SPEED in Scottsdale. Hopefully he teaches Shannon and Jamie a thing or two and doesnt catch the disease.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Enjoying Rusty on the Iowa practice. Marty and Randy are really bringing his opinions out and I think he likes it.

Vicky D said...

JD you are right about Marty & Randy bringing out the best in Rusty. Plus having designed it he likes to really gab about it and Stephen seeming to have turned the corner in the NW series and Rusty is very happy this weekend. And it looks like a great track for a Nascar race and I think it'll be a good one to attend in person. Too bad it's so far away from Houston.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

TB in the techcenter..."These engines have a high nutrition rate"..yep, their really hungry Tim.