Monday, July 6, 2009

SPEED Gives Michael Waltrip The Star Treatment

There are few things more awkward to carry live on TV than a NASCAR team press conference. Few can forget the brave face Kyle Petty put on as he announced live on SPEED that the family business had been bought by an investment firm from Boston.

Even the Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Hendrick Motorsports media event was put together with the print, Internet and radio reporters in mind. TV was supposed to record the comments and questions, then move over to record the unveiling of the new car. Needless to say, things did not work out that way for SPEED. The new car was never shown and the live coverage was awkward at best.

Michael Waltrip Racing is making an announcement this Tuesday at 12:30PM ET. Multiple reports in the NASCAR media indicate that Martin Truex Jr. will be announced as the new driver of the NAPA Toyota for 2010. Michael Waltrip is rumored to be taking a part-time driver role next year in select high-profile races.

The question is, does this merit live national TV coverage? SPEED certainly believes it does and will carry this announcement live. The sport basically has only the NASCAR Now program on ESPN2 to handle NASCAR news during the week. As veteran fans know, that TV series originates from Connecticut and does not even have a Mooresville or Concord, NC news bureau.

It seems ironic that SPEED would spend the time and effort to carry this NASCAR announcement live on the same week that the network unveiled "Big Block Thursdays." Click here for the Multichannel News article on this primetime line-up.

SPEED is re-airing an A&E Network series called Jacked about a police squad that chases stolen cars while driving trucks with big bumpers. PINKS All Out is also in the mix. Casual fans may like the spectacle, but drag racers know exactly what numbers their car will run. Rounding out the block is Wrecked. Towing cars in Chicago with the threat of death just around the corner. Well, that is what SPEED needs viewers to believe.

Once again, no type of sanctioned racing is contained in another SPEED programming announcement. None of these programs have any NASCAR content. Series like NASCAR Confidential are nowhere to be found. But for some reason, the MWR press conference is live.

Bob Dillner will be hosting the SPEED coverage from MWR with a start time of 12:30PM scheduled. will also be providing live streaming for fans who cannot get to a TV set but have broadband access. So, MWR is getting a live TV and Internet simulcast from SPEED on Tuesday. Click here for the direct streaming link.

What is your opinion of this coverage? Even the page tells exactly what will be announced. Do you think a driver being hired by a team in July who will not race until February should get live national TV coverage? Could you see ESPNEWS providing this?

On the other hand, maybe this is good for the sport and SPEED needs to do more of it. Exposure for sponsors is key, Truex seems to be a good guy and this is a big move for MWR. What is your opinion?

This post will also host your comments during and after the live SPEED TV coverage.

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The Loose Wheel said...

I think it is tv worthy if they have a full breakdown of details. Meaning Martin shows up, explains his reasons for the move, they have the car he will be driving right there to see, Mikey steps up and explains his decisions in this, and has a list of his 2010 races in hand.

If you do it the way Dale Jr did it, with a one line statement, and alot of filler to round out time and end it by saying "stay tuned for more details" then no, it really isn't television worthy.

Also, this IS Mikey, the SPEED "star"

If there was a NASCAR channel, more of this would happen. I'll actually tune in to watch just to hear Martin's and Mikey's statements.

PammH said...

It will be blown out of the water by the MJ memorial coverage. Even I'm taping that!

Vicky D said...

Maybe they'll make the statement about Truex and Mikey will announce he's going to be starring in a reality show on Speed called Mikey 360!

Anonymous said...

It is great,glad speed TV is covering the announcement,Speed TV should be proactive and do more racing shows!

Anonymous said...

It will be blown out of the water by the MJ memorial coverage. Even I'm taping that!

I don't think NASCAR's key demographic audience cares much about Michael Jackson's funeral.

At least, I hope it doesn't.

PammH said...

anon, I'm a single female w/disposable income. And I'm a biig fan; still taping the MJ stuff.

Newracefan said...

My DVR is all set for the Mikey announcement. MJ not so much

Vicky D said...

I wonder if my boss would mind if I watched MWR press conference. I don't think they'd be happy with that, either the memorial service. It'll be a nightmare in LA I bet.

KoHoSo said...

I have no problem with Speed covering the MWR press conference live even though I know that that the only reason they must be doing it is because of Mikey's relationship with the channel. I wish that they would do more of this type of racing programming in the middle of the day instead of incessant reruns...some of us are unemployed now and need something to watch, you know? ;-)

As for "Big Block Thursdays" -- well, that gives all of us a chance to gripe about wanting the old days of SpeedVision back, doesn't it? I won't watch one bit of it but I doubt that Speed/Fox cares because I am no longer in that 18-to-35 year old male demographic that advertisers lust after. What a shame that "forced reality" television is a better combination of price and ratings than actual racing or discussion of the sport.

Anonymous said...

@Pammmmmmmm--I was thinking that too. I don't know how big of an audience he'll have.

LOL Vicky! Mikey 360! I know JD doesn't blog about it but I saw that Mikey is the subject of the next installment of Drafting Partners. Rodney Atkins will be his Country co-star :).

We started our new hours today so everything is moved an hour up so I won't be able to check it out even on the 'net. But I'll check Twitter and the blog for anything good :)

Anonymous said...

big block thursdays
i simply cannot wait
now i have to choose between john and kate, bachelorette, the odd barbara walters tear jerk specials, oprah meets fat-body and speed!
what ever will i do in such a creative programming conundrum?

Dot said...

It's already been scooped on Jayski. However, I'll be taping it anyway.

I hope Mikey and Martin make some kind of comml a la Tony & Joey.

Did anyone catch Mikey talking about his back hurting and he might retire on TWIN tonight?

Rich Zeliff said...

re: MWR announcement. I'll read about it on tomorrow night.

re: Big block whateverday. Yet another example of why I only watch Speed on weekends.

Anonymous said...

I won't be watching. We know what is going to be announced & I can simply read about it later or watch NASCAR Now. I don't know why an announcment by Michael Waltrip suddenly changes Speed Channel's mind about NASCAR programming over reality shows. Speed needs to bring back Tradin Paint, NASCAR Confidential, and shows similar to Back in the Day & NASCAR 39/10 from last season. Speed has the ideas, footage, and people but doesn't want to use them for some strange reason.

Mindy said...

Yes, I also think it's TV worthy. Let's have some good news instead all the controversial stuff in the sport.

I watched Dale Jr's announcement and it was like watching wet paint dry, but with the energy of Michael and his teams, I think it'll be more exciting to watch.

Anonymous said...

If I were Michael Waltrip, I would walk into the NAPA offices with a highlight reel of my best commercials, play them for the executives, remind them how the auto industry is tanking and how cutthroat the auto parts industry is, and then tell them to re-up for the 55 with him in the drivers seat.

How in the world would NAPA get better exposure with Truex? Oh, by running 19th instead of 29th? Big deal. They lose more in commercials, because Waltrip is more than just a great spokesman - he is a real personality. There aren't a lot of drivers who can make an appearance and get a crowd to show up. Waltrip can.

If by some miracle Mikey reads this blog, I would tell him to get over his blues with a sports psychologist and keep his ride. He loves it too much to give it up, and even if he runs in the back I still think he is more driver than most of the Nationwide field.

He's been racing since the early 1980s and while he hasn't had the success of Mark Martin, he's had a different kind of success, and in my eyes he is a NASCAR icon. I will miss him on the track, even though some of you will flame me for liking a guy who hasn't run well.

There is more to NASCAR for fans than performance. Personality makes a huge difference. The 55 car may get slightly better hands on the wheel but it will be sucked dry of its soul.

Jasper said...

On Michael's facebook, he has invited fans to Raceworld tomorrow for the announcement. It's open House at Raceworld USA. That is where this fan is going to be.

Nathan Brice said...

Michael is one of the most popular guys in NASCAR. He deserves his day to retire from full-time competition. I hope that Michael does not run too much because he seems to be much better suited to be an owner.

Sophia said...

I welcome seeing this on tv. Of COURSE it is tv worthy. Aren't folks always griping SPEED does not carry ENOUGH NASCAR news?

I will be watching but honestly, Mikey is a real personality and hope he does not stop racing entirely. I fell asleep during TWIN but hope to catch the repeat. I still think he is a great rep for NAPA. MTruex Jr is ok but not a strong personality..course I realize racing is more important and producing on the track. But let's face it, marketing is about a certain face and image.

I look forward to DETAILS though and wish MWR well in all it's endeavors and Mikey, too.

I was a fan of MJ's as a kid and Jackson 5 and his talent for dancing, music writing and creating with others. Too bad he had so many personal problems. That said, this media obsession has been obscene and I have not watched the endless parade of "breaking news" on ALL cable and network stations.

I will be glad when some of this is over. But I will watch some of the funeral just to see how it's done. And a local casket maker made the coffin..same kind James Brown was buried in.

I would like to hear about other real news like N. Korea...Iran...sheesh.

Dot said...

Got the DVR set up. MotoGP is on @ 9am PDT. SPEED pre-empting something? WOW.

@ Jasper, lucky dog. Report what we don't see on TV. If OK with JD.

Patrickdron said...

this is going to be an interesting announcement. I got mixed emotions about it. I can't believe that MTJ is going to be driving a toyota and having a different sponsor then Bass Pro Shops then the last 3 years.

Dannyboy said...

Mr Daly,

I'm not surprised Mike is getting a live show for his announcement. As those above have pointed out, he is a SPEED star, arguably its first ever, and it's not like SPEED hasn't done this before. I seem to recall several of these NASCAR press conferences broadcast live going back a few years, even before the Junior-to-Hendrick presser. It's their only crumb of credibility as a news source other than the Speed Report and Wind Tunnel.

Daly Planet Editor said...


With the way SPEED has recently decided to avoid dealing with any NASCAR issue that is unpleasant, crumb is a good word.


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when this day is over,
one will be put in the ground the other out to pasture.
Tks.JD Ron Il.

Cooter said...

The MWR Show is likely an infomercial brought to us by NAPA (watch for other sponsors being plugged, too). There will be no news that we haven't already heard or read.
I'll be watching, of course.
Then I'll go back to only viewing SPEED during pre-scheduled NASCAR events. Jim

Spaw and Da' Hat said...

I read there was some homage to be paid to the racing world at the MJ memorial where they will have footage of Jackson racing pedal cars with a group of kids. They say he had a need for speed, the kinda' guy who was always going a thousand miles an hour with his hair on fire.............No, wait.......That was a Pepsi commercial wasn't it?

Anyway..........There is also a report that the MWR press conference will open with the unveiling of the new 55 car to the song "Beat It" while Mikey and Martin moonwalk around it.

At least that's what I heard.......

Deborah said...

As a big fan of MWR/Michael's I'm glad that SPEED is not only airing the press conference live on TV but also streaming it on their website. I'd like to see SPEED carry a lot more of the press conferences live whether it's team announcements like this one or even occassionally just when the drivers meet with the media at the track. We may not hear anything that we don't already know but I like being able to hear in detail what the drivers and teams have to say in full directly from them rather than edited bits on TV or in print.

MRM4 said...

I have no problem with them carrying it. After all, what else will they be showing at 12:30 in the afternoon?

50 yr. fan said...

Any attention our sport can get
is good, but I'm sure that it will
be turned into an infomercial as
someone previously indicated.

It's got to be better than the
melodrama WRECKED.

Brad Ford said...

Compared to reruns of last weeks race? I am good with it.

Anonymous said...

Old Driver - 4 wins
Team - 1 win
New Driver - 1 win

TV worthy....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Racingwench said...

Will definitely NOT be watching. What a waste in programming but what else do you expect from SPEED? Mikey's retirement is too late in coming. I guess he did not learn anything from DW's long drawn out retirement.

OT- Has something changed with the relationship with either RPM or NASCAR? I switched to ASK as my home page and chose the Nascar skin. Yesterday the skin was no longer available as a choice and it is not available today either. Has the partnership gone sour?

GinaV24 said...

Well, he's Speed's star, but I won't be watching it OR taping it. It's just not that important to me for one more silly season deal.

Speed has lost my interest except for the occasional viewing of trackside if there is a driver that I want to see who is being featured.

Let's see nice weather/free time - what shall I do? Watch Pinks, Wrecked or whatever other drivel Speed channel comes up with or go outside? Outside in nice weather wins every time.

glenc1 said...

I'm wondering if this coverage is as much about Michael's speed relationship as it is with NAPA...I mean, they must be a huge advertiser on SPEED, no? So it seems like an easy way to 'woo' your advertiser. I am at work and won't be watching, but I don't really have an issue with it. I don't have an issue with giving MJ's fans their due either, although I don't personally care that much.

Anonymous said...

Michael has always acted like he was better than anyone else and that he is entitled to special treatment and I guess SPEED believes it. I would rather watch a rerun of "Celebrity Bingo" that him.

Ken said...

I don't watch infomercials so I will not be watching this one. I have no desire to waste part of a beautiful day with old news and commercials.

mikeyfan said...

I'm really excited to see the MWR press conference. It will definitely be better than the Hendrick/Jr fiasco. I still miss the nightly WindTunnel to catch up on daily news. I can't imagine that many people watch the reality shows on Speed. I'd tune it more to see real racing news. I'll miss watching Mikey drive, but hopefully he'll still be on tv. TWIN won't be worth watching if they cut him.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Do you guys have any idea who MW's sponsor will be for his part-time effort in 2010? Someone out there knows...


bevo said...

Not really tv worthy in my opinion but I think it does indicate that Waltrip will be with Speed for many years to come. It's a scratch-my-back-scratch-yours kind of thing and as someone else posted I imagine NAPA is paying more for commercial time than whatever Speed had lined up for that time slot in the first place.

Zieke said...

Looks like Speed is real hard up for programming again. Maybe they could just make it one big commercial for Mikey and his pompous bragging. I have one question. Will Mikey take 'ol DW out to pasture with him? OH PLEASE? What a day that could be!!

bevo said...

Sponsor will probably be a NAPA special product like their line of brakes that Ron Capps had for a paint scheme a few weeks ago.

Karen said...

Bevo, bingo. I figured it would be NAPA, too. MW's a sponsor's dream. He will still promote for them, I'm certain.

Lorraine said...

As a long time fan of Michael's, I'll be watching. It'll be a sad day for me when he's not behind the wheel of the 55 anymore.

As far as Speed deciding to air his announcement, it's a no brainer. Mikey has been with Speed since the early 90's and has been an integral part of their programming for a very long time. He's been there longer than any one else. It is only fitting that they do this for him.

Anonymous said...

I like Speed carrying this press conference because we always complain that they never show us stuff like this. I do agree that they need some show daily and I think that Wind Tunnel would be great.

Anonymous said...

Bobs in glasses! Not to sure about the look of those

Anonymous said...

It beats the heck out of another showing on Unique Whips or some other crappy, contrived program on SPEED. I know its cheap to produce, but it doesn't mean it's watchable.

Anonymous said...

Romper Stomper domper doo do I see - DW doing a Miss Barbara impersonation? Yes I do... OK I'm old

Anonymous said...

Jojaye, can you put that in English for those of us who can't watch, lol?

Anonymous said...

The press conference has just started. Guess they didn't bring a producer along. Folks were announced without the camera moving from DW. DW as ever the hyperbolic, overstated how important the news was announcing a driver for a car that has never won a race. One thing we knew before that is being reinforced, MW never heard a word he said that he didn't love. And he certainly is loving it today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jojaye, can you put that in English for those of us who can't watch, lol?

July 7, 2009 12:41 PM

That was Miss Barbara of Romper Room -a childrens show from the 50's,-thru 70's She had a magic mirror where she would name names of kids who she "saw" thru it.
DW named about 15 people by 1st name only

Martin will drive the 56 with a bit of a different paint scheme.

Anonymous said...

Jojaye, we had Miss Rita (it was different in every city.) But I had forgotten the magic mirror, lol.

anon 12:41

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1241 wow I thought I was the only one old enough to remember Romper Room! Thanks for making me feel not so old! LOL

Lukes96 said...


Michael said NAPA would be on BOTH cars for the Daytona 500. He said sponsorship had not been worked out for the rest of his 4 to 12 starts. Don't be surprised to see Best Western, Arrons and NAPA all share in a few of those.

Anonymous said...

Ty Norris was just on Tradin` Paint on Sirius and addressed the sponsor issue.

Right now they are concentrating on getting the 00 into the chase and getting the best possible finishes for the 47 and 55.

MW wants to run the plate races and then some other selected tracks.

Norris went on to say that they will be getting together near the end of and after the season to finalize sponsorships for MW once the the team decides which races they will target to run the 55.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it'll be after the official retirement announcement that Speed will be sending Mikey his pink slip like they've done with other drivers on INC/TWIN who have retired or got dropped by their teams?

Photojosh said...

Ignoring the fact that I'm a Mikey fan, I think it's good that Speed is doing this.

Sure, they are putting more effort into it because MW is a "home team" player, but why wouldn't they? He's put in a lot of hard work for them over the years and you support those who support you.

But even ignoring THAT, I'd like to see Speed cover ANY major announcement like this. Even if just done in a simple way with average production values. It's a press event, it doesn't need to be as polished as a "heros of the past" type show. It's good for Speed, makes them look like a real racing network. It's good for NASCAR, opens up the sport a bit more. And it's good for fans because we get to connect with our favorite teams in a new way. I found it fun to listen to all the "good feeling" comments and "inside" jokes.

I wasn't looking for a serious critique of MWR, that's for the media to do tomorrow or next month or next season. I was just interested in seeing a team I like announce and welcome a driver who might do well for them.

stricklinfan82 said...

I always appreciate Speed Channel covering these types of news conferences live, and for staying around to show the question-and-answer sessions that generally fill in all the gaps of details that weren't addressed in the announcement itself.

In my opinion, the next step for Speed Channel is to show the same commitment and present live coverage of the news conferences that aren't so "happy go lucky" but are just as, if not more important from a news standpoint. It was still a complete embarrassment, in my opinion, at Darlington when Speed Channel chose not show the "soon to be named Cup driver being suspended for failing a drug test" press conference live (despite hyping it during the entire Raceday show) and instead use their live air time to show Hermie goofing around with drivers in the motorcoach lot.

The Fox network has already gone completely off the deep end with losing credibility and becoming a "we're only here to advertise, advertise, advertise, and try to make you laugh with bad jokes and cartoons" channel and I'm afraid Speed Channel is gradually moving that way, as we saw with the Darlington incident, the Pre-season Thunder lack of reality, cancelling Tradin' Paint for the goofy trivia show, the Daytona Friday rain delay debacle, and forcing a nice guy like Rutledge into a gimmick that makes him an unbearable annoying clown character sideshow on TV.

I hope there's still time to salvage some credibility in Speed Channel before it becomes the same non-credible mess that their "big brother" network in Fox has become.

I guess we'll see what happens next time there's an important news conference about news that's not as "positive" and "happy". Will Speed show it live like they did the MWR-Truex news conference or will they blow it off like they did the Mayfield being suspended news conference and again stick to "haha" and entertaining the TV viewers at the expense of informing them? I guess only time will tell. I sure hope they don't let the fans down.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't watch it because as someone else said, you can read about it just as easily. MW makes me uncomfortable for some reason anyway. Not a big fan of his or his brother.

I'm a Jr. fan but I didn't watch that press conf. either so I can't comment whether it was compelling TV or not. I do think more people were interested in that than MW's announcement and tuned in even though they probably knew what was being announced.

Any time SPEED actually covers racing is a good thing, no matter who/what the topic. I don't like their regular programming all that much. You can just take so many loud mouths on pseudo race-related reality shows, IMO.

I'm tired of that schtick.

PammH said...

Kinda glad Speed aired this, but I didn't really care, since I can't stand ANY of the Waltrips by this time! Knew I could catch most of the important stuff on Twitter-hmmm, how sad is that? Just shows how much the world has moved on...imo. Some very wacky word veris lately also!

Dot said...

I watched the Mikey presser and enjoyed it. I like the informalness of Mikey and his operation. That's why I think his employees like working there.

There was mention of JTG and Marcos. Makes me wonder if they're staying with MWR. I sure hope so.

@ Jo, Romper Room indeed. I remember the basket balancing on our heads. Agree about Bob in glasses. Not a good look. Looks better w/o them.

Anonymous said...

@strick--agreed! It would be nice to cover them all and stick around for the Q&A portions. If you're announcing you're doing something, DO IT. If there's a delay let us know and then cover it.

I wish I could remember exactly what was on, I want to say it was something F1 related, when they did the announcement of Juan Pablo going to Floyd. I was expecting the SPEED boards to implode the fans were pissed. Not necessarily that he was leaving but that their show was being interrupted once again for NA$CAR. They got back to the event after the announcement but they didn't feel it worthy of interrupting their show.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I had to miss the SPEED/Waltrip announcement today, so came here thinking I would hear about how it went. How disappointed I am! Either gripes about how it's going to be before it even starts, or how much people dislike the Waltrips, etc.

Sorry, JD, but if SPEED gave Michael the Star treatment today, your fans didn't catch it. Guess I'll have to go elsewhere to find out how it went.


Dannyboy said...


The press conference was about what has become the norm for previous NASCAR/SPEED efforts. No better, no worse. So it didn't stand out for those reasons. I learned a bit more than I'd already known, which is good. It was a bit too long and rather amateurishly directed/produced, but hey, this is NASCAR, any press conference is better than none.

But here's the REAL EYE OPENER, and it took ESPN to bring this up, because neither Dillner nor any other talking heads on SPEED mentioned it to my knowledge:

MARTIN TRUEX WAS THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER FREE AGENT IN NASCAR this season. I didn't realize this until NASCAR NOW told me.

For those who fulminate about "the Waltrips" not deserving the airtime: NASCAR NOW devoted the bulk of their Tuesday night show to interviews with Michael and Martin, and with Dale Jarrett, and Marty Smith who was at the presser. They also got a statment from Chip Ganassi wishing MArtin good luck, and they spoke in-depth about the ramifications of the Truex signing for other NASCAR teams, and gave some real insight to the blooming "silly season."

Seems to me that rather than being "put out to pasture", Mikey's status in NASCAR just went up dramatically. Plus he is, and will be for years to come, one of the best plate racers who ever lived so I'm sure he'll be around a while.

I can hear the haters' teeth grinding all the way down here in south SoCal :-P

Karen said...

I sure hope Aric A. gets the 1 ride. He deserves to be in a Cup car.

Anonymous said...

It's funny what constitutes a top tier team in Cup now, one deserving a 40 minute press conference aired live on Speed. The team owner has a career .005 winning percentage, the new driver has won a total of one Cup race (begging the question why he was the most sought after free agent), and his new team, despite being the lead team for Toyota since their arrival in Cup, has one rain-delay win in three years (I realize Gibbs has now assumed the lead, but MWR was/is one of Toy's primary poster children).

I'm thinking this has more to do with the sponsor, NAPA (aren't they big on Speed?), than the team, although Michael also has a substantial presence on the network.

Either way, even though I am admittedly not a fan of the team or the Waltrips, I think it's good to promote the sport and reward sponsors who stay in the sport. The question is, would Speed do the same (i.e. live coverage) for another sponsorship announcement, if properly presented and orchestrated for TV?

Daly Planet Editor said...


Pretty interesting comment. I feel SPEED is not well served by this live coverage of what is clearly not an event produced for live TV.

None of the points on NASCAR Now were made by Dillner who looked more like a reporter at a White House briefing than the network presence on site.

While SPEED provided thirty minutes of live footage, once again they left for taped programming while the funtion was still in progress.

Just not sure what this gets for SPEED, especially at 12:30PM on a Tuesday.


Photojosh said...

I do agree that leaving for more taped stuff was silly. If you are going to do something, do it all the way. I switched to the NAPA feed and there wasn't another 10 minutes of the conference. It wouldn't have killed Speed to back the taped stuff up 10 mins.

But it's not like they are the only TV network to do that sort of thing. Look how fast TNT typically gets off the air (last week being an exception) and how many times did we slag ESPN for jumping off the air after a race last year.

Anyway, as I said before, they should show more of this stuff. The haters get to hate, the fans get to be happy for their driver, and NASCAR gets more coverage.

Kenn Fong said...


I watched the presser, but in the end, didn't learn much that wasn't leaked weeks earlier. This must have been one of the worst-kept secrets in years.

On the other hand, it's always interesting to see news as it happens before it gets filtered and edited. I wished someone had asked if Bootie Barker would stay with the 55 next season when it becomes a part-time ride. If I was a Twitter-head, perhaps I could have tweeted (?) a reporter to ask.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

HarpAmy/Amy in FL said...


The question was raised about the crew chiefs and Michael answered that he didn't yet know. That was being worked on now. Michael does need sponsorship for his car next year after the Daytona 500. Sponsorship will determine how many races that he races in next year. I am one fan that hopes that there is sponsorship there for at least 12-15 races and even more but putting in a developmental driver and mentoring him/her along. That is just my wish.

Does that help.

I am sad to hear that SPEED left the air before it was all over. I felt like they even did that for the Junior presser as well. Why can't they stay there for the complete duration no matter how long if all that they are airing in repeat shows. If it was live programming, then I could understand. I know that they were airing Moto GP, but they could have forwent some of the lifestyle programming and aired that cycle race in its stead. JMHO.