Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NASCAR's Growing Twitter Mess

It certainly seemed like a good idea when it started. The text, picture and link service called Twitter seemed to be made for NASCAR.

Basically, Twitter allows users to quickly compose and send a message of about two or three sentences in length. Attached to these messages can be a host of elements like pictures, direct web page links and even real time GPS information.

All three of NASCAR's top series quickly established Twitter accounts and now provide continual streams of information about the races, teams and other NASCAR news. New groups of journalists, racetracks and teams joined the growing NASCAR on Twitter movement. Then, the flood-gates opened.

Suddenly, the word "NASCAR" started popping-up on official-looking Twitter accounts seemingly every day. It became apparent very quickly that Twitter does not police the use of the registered trademarks of sports organizations.

Now, Twitter is littered with the word NASCAR on all kinds of accounts. Users like @NASCAR_Nation and @Nascar_News simply re-publish original stories from actual NASCAR journalists and bloggers. These third-party NASCAR pretenders never offer an original word or thought, just use the copyrighted material of others without permission or consent. Amazingly, that does not seem to be a problem for Twitter.

Fans clicking on @NASCARSeries for information find themselves taken to a website for Empire Tickets. This is an example of the growing amount of Twitter spam. Fans are lured into using a source for NASCAR information and then are suddenly directed to either a commercial web page or infected with adware that stays on their computer.

Perhaps, most amazing is Twitter's seemingly total disregard for catching problem accounts at sign-up. There is one impostor Tweeting as @NASCARonESPN right now. One of his latest posts says it best. "Continued astonishment that ESPN hasn't requested return of this user name yet!" it declares.

Update: The "NASCARonESPN" Twitter account has suddenly been suspended. Imagine that.

One of the biggest re-publishers is @Racing_News. Without any original messages or content, this Twitter user has manged to attract over seven thousand followers. In reality, @Racing_News turns out to be KENR-FM, a radio station in Missoula, Montana. Each Twitter link is to a single page where the KENR-FM webmaster has gathered random NASCAR news from the Internet and simply re-published it.

If Twitter is serious about providing a real-time platform for communication, including sports, the company needs to re-think some issues. Currently, Twitter puts the burden of proving copyright infringement or impersonation on the complaining party. Moving to establish a stronger "gatekeeper" presence during sign-up is the only way to stop this problem before it gets out of hand.

Used correctly, Twitter can help NASCAR to share information directly with fans for the first time. The live updates from the tracks, from the public relations staff and from the TV networks are currently changing the way many fans get their information on the sport.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, TDP tweeted Kyle Petty while he was on the air with the TNT coverage from Daytona. We asked a question and Petty responded on TV within minutes. In the following commercial break, he wrote back and asked if he had answered it to our satisfaction. That is truly groundbreaking technology at work for NASCAR fans. And the best part is, there is no charge for Twitter and it is easy to use.

Click here for one of the best lists of NASCAR resources on Twitter. There are also links to other racing series for fans with a broader interest in motorsports. It should be interesting to see how Twitter reacts to these on-going issues over the next several months. If you are interested in more NASCAR information, try Twitter. We would like to know how you like it.

TDP welcomes your comments on this topic. To add your opinion, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thank you for taking the time to stop by The Daly Planet.


Anonymous said...


You have a point, but remember, Jayski made his name by primarily re-publishing other people's stories.

Yes, he publishes his own rumors, but if you take away the stories that come from other sources he doesn't have much content.

Dot said...

I'm new to this electronic world we live in. I have an incomplete My Space page.

I like Twitter. I only follow my e friends from TDP, you JD, and a few drivers. I may add more. I only like dealing with legitimate sites and Tweeters.

Regarding Jayski. I have been reading his site for years. It's how I found TDP. I like all the info in one place. He's done a great service for NASCAR fans. He's pretty right on regarding the rumors, too.

I agree that Twitter needs to be the gatekeeper. Keep out the riff raff.

The Loose Wheel said...

Im so relieved to not be a part of this twitter craze.

This is true about Jayki, and its amazing NASCAR hasn't gotten more aggressive since they can get pretty aggressive against people on youtube and such

Daly Planet Editor said...

Jay was one of the first on Twitter. He has continued to work in cooperation with the media and is now owned by ESPN.

The difference is that he does not pretend to be someone he is not and does not point Twitter users to commercial content and spam.


Sophia said...

Twitter is a FABULOUS tool used correctly and unless the rumors to put in adds, are true will be around awhile.(Pay service suggested, OR paying for each Tweet or putting adds in DM's are being discussed)

Remember many major deaths/TRULY breaking stories have been announced there first(Jet crashing safely into Hudson, Twitpick of people on the wing was the first photo mere moments after the folks escaped with their lives as an example)

HOWEVER, Twitter also has nasty issues that you can usually see right away but not always...and so called "Legit" sites and celebs??Beware of fakes or those with "ghost twitterers"-- folks who type messages for them..never the actual celeb. or imitators. Also do NOT be fooled by the "Verified accounts" of celebrities. Twitter has missed the boat on a few of those from what I PERSONALLY experienced. One person says she's the real actress but a couple months ago complained in several tweets, she'd been grounded by her mother. She's 40! So buyer beware.:)

For the most part I get news,traffic, weather, sports on Twitter,music info, food info,some fun stuff, articles of interest,etc. I now check Twitter before email even though all my off line friends have NOTHING to do with Twitter (also nobody I know uses FBook which has it's own issues) Some folks use THEIR REAL NAMES on Twitter and one girl had a guy spying on her in her use common sense. Do NOT announce when you leave or where you are at unless you have security on the home and don't mind the world knowing your business.

Twitter has been suspending MANY legitimate accounts on June 5th and some other dates..100's to 1000's of nice people. Not spammers or jerks. Blamed it on human error but I have no idea if all accounts were restored but many were peeved.

Many bugs in the system but folks still find it useful. Major growing pains and instead of just the cartoon "Fail Whale" you will get odd messages or different Twitter layouts, or jumbled text. Got a question? ask it on Twitter. Folks are very helpful for things.

I follow lots of locals to keep on the scene even though I rarely go out..I like being informed. And a local journalist/ professional photographers email me great stuff too!

Follow good peeps, and Twitter is fabulous. Great for races but we need more IRL folks on it but I digress. Robin Miller says he will not Twitter and I almost cried! sigh..we need REAL IRL news so I follow a few drivers.

yes, Jayski made his name just by linking to other's work. Drudge did the same thing with his deal..started the Drudge Report in a tiny apt in LA with his 6 toed cat. So ya never know the power of words. :)

Anonymous said...

You make some great points about the people mis-using Twitter... but then again how much value is there in the people using it correctly?

I'm sorry, but I think there is more junk on Twitter than valuable content. Why should I care if Kyle Busch tweets that he "just got to the track?" Who cares? And Kyle Petty answered a twitter during the race? Puhleaze - put down the flavor-of-the-month website and concentrate on your job.

Twitter has potential for interesting application -- but there is so much garbage to wade through and so may outlets that don't know how to capitalize, that it isn't even worth your time. Aside from the feeling (which is more perception than reality) that you are actually interacting in real-time with someone famous, it is useless.

Anonymous said...

JD - please post your favorite NASCAR-related twitter pages. My guess is that even these pages have more than 50% useless tweets.

Karen said...

Never did myspace. Have a Facebook page but hardly ever go to it. I'm all about Twitter. Do much more following than tweeting. Hope it isn't just a phase. They definitely need to do some policing. Excellent for breaking news from CNN, although I have an RSS feed from them to my email. Have removed some I was following for tweeting 20 times a day. Overkill.

Sophia said...


general Twitter etiquette says 30 Tweets a day is reasonable. More than that then you need to get a blog or take it private in Dm's or email.

I have followed some folks that went from few times a day to 100 or 130 times a day. THAT will get an UNFOLLOW from me. Some very nice people and business folks Tweet that much but I don't have time to read that much.

I little minutia among regular folks I follow is ok..but nonstop is just wasting space.

Also some tweet from their phones/Blackberries and NEVER are unattached. It's like some OCD or addiction.

Now that they have changed the @replies, you no longer see lots of directed comments unless you are following both parties in the conversation.

10-20 or 30 tweets a day is perfectly acceptable for those getting started.

You can even Google Twitter etiquette and get great articles.

Also if you are promoting a show or live event, it's PERFECTLY acceptable to tweet it 2 times a day or even hit different shifts. Folks who follow 100's or 1000's may not see your reminders. Personally I have no desire to follow tons of people as I like to respond to people that take the time to ask or comment on something I say.

Others don't mind being rude and following HUGE NUMBERS just for ego and ignoring any directed comments. I mean does ANYBODY think those folks with 12, 000 followers are paying attention? Don't try to interact with them but that IS part of the Twitter event is connecting with those who have common interest. Folks are helpful for computer issues, camera stuff, password issues (Handy if your Twitter act gets hijacked like a business man I follow had happen)

Some folks think I am nuts for watching any racing stuff BESIDES the actual race. But I love my SPEED Report, Wind Tunnel, VL (well unless shrub wins!) and my TWIN!

But I don't Tweet about what I have for breakfast though many do..but I HAVE gotten some good recipes from discussing food so ya never know! Sorry to get off topic JD but TWITTER has great potential.

Just like food. Just don't eat junk food all the time and it can be fun.

Tweet, Tweet.

Also, some don't know they HAVE @replies. :)

p.s. if some are viewing a tv show together, they may Tweet about the event to people as they do not have the blog like we do here at TDP..but other than that, hardly tweet at it's all about balance. Plus I learn a little Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian with some drivers/peeps I follow.

Anonymous said...

This is a real stretch, John

To quote you, lets stay on the subject of NASCAR racing. This issue has nothing to do with us as race fans. Its NASCAR issue

Gary said...

CNBC TV Special: "Inside Track: Refueling the Business of NASCAR"

Thursday night, 9 PM ET

Check your cable TV listings..this could drive a bunch of tweets!

Cool byte: Office Depot and Old Sprice have some RED color..saves paint cost on cars!

50 yr. fan (technoplegic) said...

Way too much time on your hands.

jennifer6973 said...

Kyle is pretty good at answering tweets, he answered me a couple weeks ago at Infineon

GinaV24 said...

thanks for that list, JD. I have been adding to my twitter "follow" list, but trying to figure out who's legit and who's a fan can be difficult. I don't mind following a "fan" as long as I know that's who it is.

It is interesting that so many of these "twitterers" can use others info without attribution.

glenc1 said...

I'm with anon 12:47...I signed up because of the Ponytail express, but other than checking occasionally for things, I find it pretty worthless. I don't care what celebrities are doing most of the time. I've never actually tweeted myself because I'm not doing things I would care to share with others (and frankly, they're doing too much sharing of non-events.) I think we can be too connected...we don't need to know this much.

But yes, just like when the Internet took off, there are always people who are going to try and go around copyright laws and/or try and trick people to make money. You would think some legal threats would cause them to make some rules...

btw, Jayski has way more content than news and rumors, it's an archive. It's so hard to find anything at I always look at Jay first.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @ 12:47 - Twitter is useless. I have no doubt that within a year, someone else will take the concept of one-line text entries and organize it much better. And Twitter will go the way of Friendster and MySpace, which have been replaced by Facebook and Twitter. It's a fad, a trend, and one that will end as soon as it begins because no one has the time or inclination to wade through all the garbage on twitter once the novelty wears off.

Here is some of the recent tweeting for NASCAR TNT:

Larry Mac:Just got on plane headed to Chicago Will spend most of day doing prep work then have NAPA appearance tonite

Larry Mac: What a wild finish last nite The 1 bad thing is alot of torn up racecars

Larry Mac: 20 mins til we go on the air w prerace Starting to cool down Got word that Brandon qual 2nd at Coeburn VA

--Now, my opinion is: Who in the world wants to read this garbage? The ONLY appeal is has is that you log on and you feel like a voyeur, feel like you are reading Larry's diary, maybe even feel like you are interacting with him because the messages go up in real time (guess what, you're not interacting with him). My point is -- this is all garbage. A waste of time and space. You could spend all day on Twitter searching for one good tweet. Why would anyone do that?

dawg said...

What's the big deal? NA$CAR has pimped of their entire web site to Turner.

But then I'm not in the twitter generation.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I just went to the page you linked to with the best NASCAR twitters. I picked one at random - the twitter page of Becca Gladden, a NASCAR writer who tweets at nscrwriter. I figured I could get some interesting tweets from a real NASCAR journalist, right?


Here is a sample of the garbage people are tweeting:

---Have you heard? Shortly after noon tomorrow, July 8, it will be 12:34:56 07/08/09. This won't happen again for another 100 years!

---I'd like to draw your attention to my tweet of 6/14: "By the way, I think Matt Kenseth's baby will be a girl." I just knew it would be!

---Another celebrity now has a mug shot (links to photo of Three's Company television star)

---Interesting! World's oldest Bible made whole again online

WHO WANTS TO READ THIS RIDICULOUSNESS? Twitter will fail under the weight of this kind of think-out-loud-blogging. It's horrible.

cvt said...

JD, as long as a twitter account represents the personal opinion of an individual, there's nothing a trademark holder can do about it.NASCAR-prefix accounts can't be banned if they are used to express opinions.They don't meet the "confusingly similar" threshold for infringement. That's how people can also create websites like and get away with it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:47AM,

One feature of Twitter is that there is NO garbage to wade through. Users select only those who they wish to view.

It could be as serious as CNN, Fox or ESPN news. It could also be personal friends, sports personalities or musicians.

Anon 12:49AM,

Twitter users have an account, not pages like Facebook or MySpace. Just a reminder that what is useless to someone may be of great value to another.

Anon 6:57AM,

Twitter is where more and more NASCAR fans are going to get the latest racing information on drivers, teams and series. All three of NASCAR top series and all five of NASCAR's TV partners are on Twitter constantly with updates and information.

Anon 11:38AM,

There are millions of people using Twitter on a daily basis. These include all major NASCAR teams, many top drivers and all the major news organizations. As I mentioned earlier, as a user YOU select which updates you receive.


Exactly the point. Twitter enables NASCAR to communicate with fans directly without a third party. This is the same for the teams, drivers and media.


Photojosh said...

One thing to remember is that Twitter is still early on in it's existance. Even more important is that Twitter hasn't learned how to make any money. At all. So things will probably change over the next year or so. Look at the changes that Facebook has gone through, particularly in the realm of trademarks and brand-names recently. Those changes were specifically to address Twitter and some of the reasons that businesses were liking (or not liking) what Twitter does.

That having been said, saying "twitter is useless" is like saying "the internet is useless" just because some people make stupid pointless websites. People with useful things to say or important information to pass out have useful Twitter feeds. People who just want to talk about their belly0button lint or repeat what 50 other feeds say have useless Twitter feeds.

Just like websites, you only go to the ones that interest you. Sometimes you find one that looks interesting at first, but you find that it's trash, so you ignore it. Just like websites.

Will Twitter last? I have no idea. Probably. It's like blogging for the lazy or forum discussions for the self involved. And america loves being lazy and self involved.

Sophia said...

Twitter has been around for 3 years. Though this article is from Feb. 2009, it dismisses rumors of charges even tho some were mentioned recently in USA today article. Cut and paste this Tiny URL for interview with co-founder.

JD hope this is ok to put here..but helps explain Twitter history and has photo of the plane that made history. And folks around the world on Twitter new before the rest of the world did.

Also many said the Internet wouldn't last and yes it's full of junk or bad things but also wonderful aspects that have changed our world.

OneOfMany said...

just for don't have to twitter to get breaking news, weather, sports on your phone or on your PC. Nearly all those type websites allow you to sign up for text alerts, etc, including (you can even choose by team). In that way, Twitter is only one of many ways to get information. Are our lives going to be affected if we get the info about a death or a train wreck a minute or two later than Twitter users? No. I don't necessarily agree it will disappear, but it will level off at some point. Loyal fans will stay, but many others will move on to something new. What total percentage of NASCAR fans Twitter? I doubt it's that big a number (but please correct me if I'm wrong)...just in my experience, plenty of people have not yet (nor may ever) embraced all this technology. I have friends who don't even know how to work an MP3 player. But I think it's something worth discussing...

Newracefan said...

I like Twitter and this is coming from someone who thinks my space, facebook and texting is a waste of time. I will say that I never have personally Tweeted but now that I know how to send one to a specific person it will be next on the list. Tweeting Kyle Petty during a race and getting a reply that is just too cool.

I avoid those that rehash others work and I like knowing that Brandon Mac qualified 2nd. When I came home late and missed the start of the NW race I used Twitter to catch up. Obviously there needs to be some control and I'm OK if a PR rep, spouse or girlfriend is doing the tweeting (How does Michael McDowell Tweet during a race anyway) as long as I know that up front. This may be a fade and disappear but it's fun for now and I might consider paying (a very SMALL fee) if it would keep the riffraff away.

Sophia said...

One of Many

I don't own an IPOD, don't want one and have no clue about mp3 except for those of us with sensitive ears, the quality is not good. Best sound was on vinyl when it didn't get fuzzy and scratchy.

Will NEVER own an IPOD. Heck much of my old music is on cassette. My Honda came with cassette deck, no CD added. LOL.

I don't text on cell, take pics with one *quality is POOR at best*, and would not dream of Tweeting food or theatre updates tho many do...but I follow some food bloggers and theatre peeps.

So life is what you make it as is Twitter. But I don't talk on my cell much EITHER so for somebody that's a fan of TWITTER, I am super low tech!

Also I don't like giving out email to tons of news sources to get their news. I click on what I WANT to read and leave the rest.


of COURSE some assistants due Tweet for drivers during a race...or do wives...Sarah Fisher has Klint update during races. I KNOW she is not using a Crackberry from her cockpit.


Some idiot Cincinnati Bengal just made a pronouncement he is going to TWEET during games..yea, that'll help the team do better (sarcasm!)

OneOfMany said...

Sophia, I have a 'throwaway' e-mail account I use for those things, and as I said, you can specify what kind of things you want, *just* like Twitter. I'm just saying that for people who think (not you) that they're more 'in the know' because they Twitter, well, they're not. Some people just get caught up in the 'hotness' of some things. I don't have a problem with people who like it, especially if you're following someone you are really interested in, I just don't appreciate those who get smug about it. Kinda like the folks thinking they're cool with their Facebook pages only to find out that a team of cybergeeks figured out how to get their social security numbers from their birthdays...

And vinyl *sucked*, lol...because it *did* wear out (crazy me, I actually played them over and over).... MP3 has excellent sound quality if it's done properly...and yes, I still have cassette tapes....and they deteriorate also. One day I will download it all and throw them away.

midasmicah said...

Like everything in this instant gratification society it offers itself up to abuse. For every legit user there's one or more trying to run a scam on users. And like any new "toy" it lends itself to overkill. Also it lends itself to "TMI". Do I really need to know about a twitter to Kyle Petty? And like all "fads" it will die out and fade away, only to be replaced by "the next big thing".

Hotaru1787 said...

I use Twitter for the updates from UPS Racing... 'cause when it comes to practice, I really don't pay attention. Also Ford Racing, and two drivers (that have been confirmed- Brad Coleman and Colin Braun). I'm a bit wary when it comes to the drivers, 'cause of impostors OR getting too much info 'bout personal lives... I don't even watch celeb 'tabloid shows'. That's why I haven't bothered looking up certain people I support. Brad makes me laugh with his, Colin offers insight (and sometimes when his dad is at the track with him, he gets him to provide race updates). and that's really all I need

Here's an important rule to remember- If the link is posted on an official site, you should be okay.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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darbar said...

I'm wondering if Twitter is long for this world? I'm surprised there haven't been more lawsuits brought by the likes of the NFL, NHL and Nascar. I just read where Tony LaRussa just dropped a lawsuit against Twitter for misrepresentation and use of his name and likeness without permission. I would like to see more people/organizations challenge Twitter to clean up the site.

darbar said...

I just want to add that some of the Tweets are really stupid. I could not care less that Wendy Venturini sits on her porch looking at bugs or that she made seafood for dinner, or that Larry Mac is sitting in his coach watching the Braves. Sometimes I think they Tweet just to do it, and not to provide the information about racing that I added them to my list to follow.

Dot said...

@ dar, I think the LaRussa lawsuit would scare other high profile people from joining in on Twitter, etc.

Wouldn't this be a form of ID theft? Can't the Twitter records be checked for the ISPs? I know, it probably takes a court order.

I can't remember how I signed up for Twitter. I know when I want to leave comments on some sites, they don't allow it until they verify me via an email. I guess anyone can make up an email and say they're "X Celebrity".

There's always a bad apple or ten that ruin things for everyone else.

darbar said...

Dot, while I'm not a fan of this person, I've heard Skip Bayless on ESPN complain that there are people on Twitter using his name and having people think what they're posting are his quotes. He's gone on First Take quite a few times complaining that a lot of the stuff being posted in his name is totally untrue and he makes it clear to everyone what his real Twitter name is.

I can see a lot of potential harm with Twitter. What if someone signs up, saying he's Dale Earnhardt Jr, and then posts racist or insulting about a fellow driver? What can he do? There's got to be a way for Twitter to make certain that the person who's name is being used on Twitter is really that person.

Daly Planet Editor said...

dar and Dot,

Twitter is on the hot seat where this issue is concerned. Other companies like Facebook and MySpace have also faced it.

Catching a celebrity, athlete or registered trademark at sign-up is the only way to avoid smearing what is a fun service.

While many posters have said what they do not like, the secret of Twitter is that those posts can be eliminated with the touch of a button. Users choose who to view.

I wanted this topic out there for NASCAR fans before it got tough to tell who was who.

We are working on our own NASCAR on Twitter list and are considering where to post it. Updates on that shortly

Thanks for all the great comments.


Sophia said...


I don't follow Wendy but sometimes folks tweet stuff away from racing or whatever they are known for so that they appear to be normal folks :)

It can seem like minutia but ya never know what little things in life can lead to face to face...same with Twittering. While these folks are not friends, you follow enough and you do get to know them in a sense. Thus you may want to help them out. Some of the folks I have done business with on the phone and it's fun to stay in touch with all of them on twitter.

Max Papis Tweets and sometimes shares picks of whatever he might be doing. To some people that may be boring but it personalizes a day in his life, like it may a day in our life. So, even if you are not selling something, it is about marketing to some degree for some of us. And establishing some relationship with the folks in your stream (who you follow) can be part of that. I promote a local band and have gotten some fabulous photos from other normal people and one great professional photographer. So you never know who you are going to meet on blogs or Twitter.

Some may find Kyle Petty to follow boring. I LOVE IT no matter what he Tweets. I gotta kick out of his updates with Rutledge on the road. And I will never forget the huge artwork, some guy along the way showed Kyle on his Charity ride out west. It was a large portrait of Adam Petty. It made me smile and tear up at the same time to see it. Kyle shot that Twitpick to share with the world.

We get pummeled and overloaded with bad news if we attention to the media. Sometimes it's just nice to share a bit with mankind and along the way are nice little gems. Like that Adam Petty picture with Dad Kyle standing next to it. Maybe the photo showed up elsewhere but I think it was a just a fan along the way who made a point to meet Kyle. Strangers can sometimes touch us through words the same way words from a well written book can.

Same thing with this blog only we have more than 140 characters to use here and I just proved! ha.


WickedJ said...

Twitter is alright. i started using it a week ago and there were some really amusing stuff on there from guys like Kenny Wallace and Max Papis. some IRL guys also use Twitter and so does a guy from F1 whos name escapes me he was a former teammate to Schumi at Ferarri...Reubens i think (hes linked on JPM's page)

while some people DO care what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner, most of us wouldnt have a real use for twitter other than kill some time if your bored and at the computer

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Larry MacReynolds that there is a character limit on tweets. Every single one of his tweets cuts off mid-sentence, often mid-word!

Anonymous said...

I follow a variety of folks. Sometimes the updates are stupid other times funny or informative.

Twitter like anything can be both good and bad depending on the users. With the Iranian voting crisis that was the only way that many were able to reach to loved ones. There was news, information on proxy servers to get past blockage, etc. I've heard of folks tweeting SOS type messages and getting the help they need while stranded.

And yes there are the abusers or folks who get into TMI. But as JD says you can follow/unfollow easily and control all of that.

And of course the contests out there for RT (ReTweeting) this message or just sending out a message as a trending topic does annoy folks too. Or folks who just seem to RT everything regardless of how stupid it is.

As Sophia says, with drivers like Patrick, Mad Max, Tony and a few others we're learning/brushing up on our foreign languages. From Tony's tweets I want to check out Portuguese :). Sure it won't make us fluent but learning a few phrases here and there :).

I posted in one of the other threads that the other week Mad Max took out about 3 hours of his evening to answer our questions. He's hoping to do it again on a frequent basis.

Tati (his wife) often interacts with us and Mad Max (he's in Italy right now visiting family) even helped his Mom get Tweeting.

RLGuido said...

Just about every reply on this post is too long for a tweet... LOL

Of course this thing is an extention of what has been going on in Cyber Space for several years.

There are soo many choices and most of it is free. I am not a Twitterer but more power to those who are.

The internet in it's self is probably the biggest technological achievment of our time. Who could have imagined 40 years ago that we would be able to send notes and letters and even instant messages to another person halfway around the world in a matter of seconds !

40 years ago man walked on the Moon while we watched it on color TV's .....

Palmetto said...

Sophia, Twitter may be all you say, but let's look at your example. If I'm not waiting for someone to get off that plane, why is it so important I know RIGHT AWAY that a plane has crashed? What percentage of the posts on Twitter are things we really need to know about immediately, that can't wait for the evening news or morning paper? If I'm in LA, I know there's been an earthquake because I was in it. If I'm not in LA, why is it urgent that I know about it right away?

Disclaimer: I have no social networking accounts.

Sophia said...

Not trying to act like Twitter is all that and a bag of chips. Either it's your deal or not. not into Myspace of FB either tho I help manage one for a band but we don't do much with it.

On another note, I did help a journalist get huge ink stain out of white dress shirt. He had not heard of my tip to soak in rubbing alcohol. lol.

it's the little things sometimes and I am not into graphic videos on the news of horror stories or ambushes of bad ads.

Twitter just makes it quicker to get info in a nutshell. ESPECIALLY local news. I knew my mom's city was in a freak bad storm as it was hitting last week. a guy mentioned the horrible lightning strikes and slow moving storm on Twitter. My 89 yr old mom lives near him so I asked a question. Never heard back from him.

THUS when the ENTIRE CITY of 60,000 lost power, we knew to call my brother who took my mom a pre programmed cell phone, the next morning. Could we have waited and been more patient? Maybe but she's 89 and we had a heads up. Then 90 % of the city was without power due to major floods in the back up generators for the city. she also had 3 feet of water in her basement as did most of the city..or 4 feet.

Apparently folks can Tweet when the power is out if their cells are juiced up so that helped spread the world before media knew how bad it was.

So it's been helpful for us for VITAL information and for just informative or fun stuff.

Just gotta follow the right people and what works for you.

Sophia said...

p.s. normally my mom's landline always works but the lightning was so bad, it fried her phone lines to the house and it was a WEEK to get repaired due to so many outages.

in 60 years her phone never went out for more than a day and even then two times that happened since 1960!

Even when Hurrican Ike winds hit the midwest and knocked out power for days most all landlines worked..cells didn't as towers could not stay charged if the generators wore down.