Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Night Doubleheader Worth The Wait

Just as the top teams are hitting their stride during the Chase, ESPN's three year-old NASCAR Now program is also looking good down the stretch.

The Monday version used to be called the roundtable until ESPN changed the furniture on the set. Now, host Allen Bestwick looks even more comfortable with his new TV table as he hosts three panelists in a one hour conversation about all things NASCAR.

The three people that seem to really click on the panel are Ricky Craven, Ray Evernham and Randy LaJoie. They were present on Monday as Bestwick led them through a review of Dover, a preview of Kansas and a live guest interview.

In this Monday format, Bestwick shows a highlight and then allows all three panelists to comment. LaJoie is painfully honest and keeps the thoughtful Craven and Evernham on their toes with his humor and racing wit. This show was no exception. When things get complicated on the set, LaJoie has a way of putting racing into perspective.

Craven and Evernham may have traveled very different roads to arrive at ESPN, but they have formed a cohesive team in terms of offering commentary on racing issues. The key is not what they say, but what they don't say. Each works hard to offer comments within their own area of expertise and then quickly defers to the other for more details.

Topics in this program ranged from strategy on the track and tire choices to driver mindsets and team dynamics. Bestwick did a solid job of allowing each member of the panel to deliver complete thoughts and then follow up as needed. Opening up the overall discussion worked well and the racing information really flowed.

The Monday program has a guest and this week it was Chad Knaus. The inside joke was that Knaus had added a denim suit jacket to his t-shirt with a wink to the infamous ESPN dress code. Ray Evernham made sure to point that out. As we have repeated this season, the interview segments on this program are tremendous when all the panelists are allowed to ask questions.

Knaus himself was outstanding with his answers as he reviewed the decisions he made before and during the Dover race that resulted in a win. He was the perfect guest for this panel and the good humor in the conversation presented the interview in a very positive light for NASCAR. No problems, no controversy, just smart racing talk.

One poignant moment in this program came when the panel discussed the roll-over accident of Joey Logano. After diagnosing what happened and explaining the reasons why, Bestwick had both Craven and LaJoie look at footage of their own violent roll-overs and talk from a first-person perspective.

Craven's big accident long before the COT in Talladega was huge. His car soared above the track wall and into the catch fence before returning to the track in pieces. "When this is unfolding, you don't have any idea of when it's over," said Craven. His comment echoed that of Logano after the Dover accident.

LaJoie's amazing crash at Daytona featured his car actually going airborne, impacting the large concrete infield wall and then rebounding through the grass on the frontstretch. As usual, LaJoie put his explanation in the simplest terms. "First time at Daytona. They said just hold it wide open...OK!"

The panel offered a preview of Kansas and closed the show by differing on the race winner. Evernham and Craven stayed with the Hendrick cars while LaJoie said Juan Pablo Montoya was ready to break through. All in all, an enjoyable show from four NASCAR personalities clearly comfortable with each other on TV.

Later on Monday, SPEED offered the first grouping of Jimmy Spencer, Michael Waltrip and Knaus on This Week in NASCAR. From the start, Steve Byrnes set the tone by allowing everyone to speak but it was no easy task. By the second segment of the show Byrnes was definitely herding cats.

Knaus seemed to be the calm in the storm. Ironic that this crew chief who makes his living keeping everyone on the same page would be the only one to consistently offer detailed and accurate information for the entire hour.

Waltrip and Spencer have not yet established an on-air relationship. Spencer is the new element in the TWIN mix. Several times Spencer spoke directly to the TV viewers, asked his own questions of Knaus and made statements that included calling for Steve Addington to be fired as the #18 crew chief. That was only the beginning.

After showing the Nationwide race highlights that included the Denny Hamlin dust-up with Brad Keselowski, Spencer decided to add his opinion. "Keselowksi, I am going to tell you something bud, you are going to get your ass whipped one day by telling people you are sorry after the fact," he said.

This is not exactly the type of comment offered so far this season by either Waltrip, Knaus or fellow panelist Greg Biffle. Kudos to Steve Byrnes for calling Spencer out immediately on his own past incidents that involved spinning cars out from behind. "I won!" said a blushing Spencer. There was silence from Waltrip and Knaus.

Knaus offered a great preview of Kansas with good information from a veteran perspective. Spencer made sure to salute the full grandstands while Waltrip offered a good place for barbecue. The one-liners were flying.

"Chad looks like he is watching a tennis match," said Byrnes. Knaus was the meat in a Waltrip and Spencer sandwich. "There is a lot going on," smiled Knaus. "Spencer's not jaded," remarked Waltrip. "You guys are on drugs," Spencer shot back.

To wrap the show, Byrnes tosses out topics to the panel and for the first time Knaus raised the issue of mid-week racing to avoid college football and the NFL. It was supported by everyone on the show. His point was well-timed after two straight weeks of low TV ratings for Sunday races scheduled directly against the early NFL games.

This interesting show ended the way it started, in semi-chaos. But, that is exactly what has been missing from the previous dry-as-toast shows that lacked a spark. The best news for viewers is that the exact same panel will return next week after the Kansas race. Maybe this single move by SPEED of adding Spencer will pay dividends for a show rumored to be on the chopping block for next season.

Did you watch these programs? We would like your opinion. Just click on the comments button below to add your thoughts. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


NASCAR-ista said...

Spencer is a good addition to TWIN--even if he says a few adult words now and then-he shakes things up. But Waltrip's constant mantra of "Estrada" got a little old. It's funny once.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed TWIN this week - having 3 guests on is the secret ingredient that's been missing.

Byrnes held the chaos down pretty well and I loved that he reminded Spencer of the incident from Spencer's past. The expression on Spencer's face was priceless!

I do question having Cup races on a weekday. It might save the teams some money and put more money into the local tracks, BUT how many race fans can get time off from work to attend races, especially if it's quite a few times during the season? And of course, employed race fans will not be at home watching the TV coverage either. I can see the ratings taking a dive or two.

GOOD tv coverage and BETTER start times would go a long way in getting the ratings back up. I skipped the race coverage on Sunday just as I promised ESPN I would - it was easy to catch the highlights on other programs as well as reading all the coverage provided here by all who post. And MRN does an outstanding job of announcing the races.


Lou said...

I did not watch nascar now, but did watch this week in nascar. for the second week i have watched jimmy spencer and feel he is a welcome addition to the program. the third person on the panel does make a difference. and he did reel in mw and it made for another fun program.

Yep, jimmy does give his opinion, but what a difference when on twin and the act we get on raceday. i can count on one hand the number of prerace shows i have watched this season and that is just one of a few reasons i do not watch prerace programs.

BTW, the look on chad's face when jimmy said the "B" word was pricless. you just can't make this stuff up. another good program for speed this week.

Newracefan said...

JD you missed the best part Jimmy saying the B word and the shocked look on Chad's face. It was hysterical. I thought both shows were great but TWIN made me laugh and that's important.

Sophia said...

I missed the B word and will catch the repeat! It was such a fun show anyway.

I think midweek races might work (they used to do them all the time) but keep them in EST Time & start EARLY. Thursday nights. Wed be too tough to get days off but locals could get half day off hopefully to go. I would watch if the races started early enough. no later than 7pm and GASP! make "shorter fan friendly race". So they get home before 1 AM.
Steve did a great job of herding the cats (We have 4 cats and YES they can be trained and herded by I digress)

More conversation tonight too!!

TOTALLY LOVING JIMMY on TWIN but will post more after I catch what I missed on the repeat

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll have to DVR both of these! Thanks for the updates.

I'm another who won't be able to go to Cup races on a weeknight. No travel time, and work demands--also, there will be real restrictions on sponsor hospitality, which will hurt track income. I can't see it working from an economic sense.

toomuchcountry said...

Slight diversion from topic du jour. The Dega catch fence into which Craven's Kodiak Chevy tumbled was installed as the result of Jimmy Horton going OVER the wall and out of the track in 1993. Jimmy's memorable quote was: "You know you've had a really bad crash when the first guy to get you is holding a beer can."

Karen said...

toomuchcountry said ...

Jimmy's memorable quote was: "You know you've had a really bad crash when the first guy to get you is holding a beer can."
Now, that's hysterical.

J_Fellenbaum said...

Jimmy on TWIN was GREAT! And I'm really liking Chad, he is really great on TV and has learned to role with the crazy punches he gets thrown his way.

ESPN show was good and informative, but I'm a diehard fan, those shows don't offer me tons, I like the entertainment with my rehash of all the info already discussed on TV, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

Spencer was great. He cursed, they disagreed, they agreed, they joked, it was a fun hour.

BTW, totally agree on the mid week racing....I've made many mock schedules myself for friends and family, and there's no reason they can't do a one day show at some of these tracks.

Keep it close to the shops, but imaginge a Lowes race on Wednesday or Martinsville. I think it could work.

Karen said...

Don't agree at all with mid-week racing. TV ratings may go up but attendance will drop like a rock and track owners will never go for it.

Karen said...

Re: Brad Keselowski. He does seem a bit overconfident and overly aggressive. Somebody is going to whoop up on him.

Dot said...

I just watched NN & TWIN.

Shhhh, don't tell BSPN that I like AB and the three Rs on the Roundtable. And I just love Randy. Thanks JD for letting us know the lineup. I won't record NN if these guys aren't on it.

I never thought that I would be typing this but, I like Jimmy on TWIN. As coarse as he is, he does fit in. Chad's face was priceless when Jimmy said bitchin'. Is he still doing VL? He wasn't on last night.

I enjoyed both shows.

JD, will you indulge me for a moment? I want to ask about the smaller light bar on the pace car. I noticed the same kind of bar on a cop car here just last week. Is that new technology? Or, in the case of the cop car, so you can't see them behind you? I was hoping a Planeteer would have an answer. Thank you.

Dot said...

Dang it. I forgot to mention to toomuchcountry, funny story. Thanks for the laugh.

NorCalFan said...

I thought it was rather telling when Joey Logano's crash video was shown on Nascar Now the audio from MRN radio was used rather than ESPN's audio from the broadcast. Gee, who was the Einstein at ESPN who made that decision? Talk about a no-brainer. Here's the dialogue from both TV and radio:

AP(excited): Trouble getting into three, guys
DJ: Joey Logano
AP: Big crash
DJ & AP: Up, down
JP (monotone): Over and over Logano goes between three and four
(then crickets...more crickets)
JP (monotone): The car will come back to rest on all four tires

MRN Radio:
Announcer (screaming): Joey Logano is around, spins down to the inside of the racetrack, over, wheelbarrowing down now down the back straightaway, end over end, side over side. Joey Logano goes for a wild tumble in turn three here at Dover.

JP's voice was void of any emotion whatsoever--he's so robotic. It's absolutely maddening.

TWIN used background music when the Logano video was shown which allowed the panelists to comment on the crash. Although, it is not unusual for SPEED to use MRN audio when showing the most recent racing footage.

BTW, I like having three panelists on TWIN because there's one more opinion on topics and better discussion.

Wonder if Shrub will have a new CC next season? Spencer just loves to stir things up in the garage.

I actually enjoyed both programs today but I give the edge to TWIN for entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

Spencer drives me nuts on Raceday/Victory Lane, but he's been like a breath of fresh air the last two weeks on Twin. I hate it when there is an incident on the track and the talking heads and ex-drivers in the booth are afraid to place blame. Spencer was right. What Keselowski did was stupid and Jimmy rightly called him out. Predictably, it took only about seven minutes into the show for Waltrip to make a fool of himself. Chad was outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Spencer thinks that the grandstands were full??? He obviously wasn't watching the tv coverage. The overhead shots clearly showed a lot of empty seats in the upper seating areas.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 6:50AM,

Spencer was talking about the crowds in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Spencer was right to call out Keselowski. Brad talks a good story. I wonder how many people noticed that in the first Chase race in New Hampshire that Brad was running at the back of the field. He was running 32nd when the engine in his James Finch car blew.Hendrick put him in one of his cars for the Spring Cup race at Dover. As I recall, he didn't even qualify. Things will be different next year when he's in the Penske #12.

GinaV24 said...

Sounds like the shows were good, I have one comment regarding having races during the week -- I know that personally it wouldn't work for me. With a weekend race, I can take off either the Friday or the Monday for travel, but I would not be able to take off 3 days from work to attend a race. The tracks I like are too far to make it work and since I work during the day I wouldn't be watching the TV either.

Anonymous said...

TWIN is not a bad show, it's pathetic. I'm shocked Chad Knaus would be associated with such a dumb and insulting show as he is the one classy, knowledgeable and intelligent person on the show. I do not see how anyone is entertained by this show, it's just plain dumb.

50 yr. fan said...

Spencer lowered the show about
a hundred notches with his foul
mouth. It's time to add some
class to the show. This is one
time I would say copy BSPN.

Speed continues to blast their commerical and I continue to skip

DL said...

I was pleasantly surprised both shows went so well, good coverage for all the race not just the 48. I still don't like the guy but thanks Chad for your fair and balanced views on both shows. I agree Randy, Ricky and Ray are the best NN panelists. Again, I didn't like Spence when he was a driver but I like him on TWIN, good move. I think he held his own against MW and added the spice that was needed whether you agree or disagree with his opinions, I happen to disagree about Bradski (Hamlin came down and Brad held his line). Hey MW everyone realizes how ridiculous Stewart's BK ad is. Don't need to make further fun of it. And yes, you can say the B word on cable TV ;)
Cup races on a week night, smart idea TV wise but unfortunately not practical for regular people to accommodate travel and time off.
Not one of my fave tracks but looking forward to seeing KC, the fans there are super.
Again, Jerry Punch is boring because ESPN asked him to be. I have already written ESPN asking that he be again allowed to call the races as he sees fit. If he's allowed to get excited enough to whoop and wave his coat above his head at a great finish, nothing wrong with that!!

Vicky D said...

I enjoyed both shows I thought it was a good idea for Randy to talk about his telephone conversation with Joey too. I think Spencer's BK comment shouldn't have been said and I personally didn't agree with it, what Denny said was hateful. Anyway, looking forward to the next Nascar with AB & the 3 R's.

sue said...

Both shows were good this week. Mikey still maddens me with his vaudvillian antics. Its just so hard to take him seriously as a driver, car owner or a panelist. Spencer calling out for changes on the 18 or Keselowski makes me wonder if those are actually his opinion or a role speed asked him to take.

Having Randy, Ricky and Ray along with AB on the Monday roundtable is the best. Giving great opinions without all the yucking it up seen on TWIN.

I try not to miss either show. One more for the entertainment value but both are informative and the differences between the two shows makes it nonrepetitive.

John T. Chance said...

WOW. That's all I could say about TWIN. When Waltrip shot Chad with, "You don't care about the little teams saving money.All you care about, " and then I lost the translation (maybe somebody can help me with that), but The anger from Waltrip to Knaus was almost frightening. Still, a great show all around that didn't involve "towing the company line" ad nauseum. I missed NASCAR now, because it's on before I get home from work, so I can't comment. But as far as TWIN, I actually thought I was the one on I couldn't believe Spencer calling brad out, cussing, saying he didn't care what the others thought, OMG! Excitement!Just what the doctor ordered(pun intended)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Could you imagine if they did this show live?


banzaibonnie said...

I enjoyed twin ,as always. Since this site has become a Mikey bashing area, this will be the last time here ,for me. Pitiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Jimmy Spencer fan, especially when he is paired up with Kenny Wallace... so maybe it is just adding a third person to TWIN, but I found that the show was much, much improved by Spencer -- or at least a third opinion in the room.

What is really disappointing to me is Waltrip. I like Mikey a lot and love his sense of humor... but last night it was more like he was acting out. The "Estrada" thing was funny once, maybe even twice as a callback. But he must have done it 12, 15, 20 times -- and many times he was interrupting valuable information when he was doing it.

Someone needs to muzzle MIkey and keep him on topic, because he is holding TWIN back.

peggyann said...

Both shows were great this week, IMO. And I am on the verge of the action that banzaibonnie is taking. If you don't like Mikey, don't watch the show. He has been on it since the start, and he's not going to change. The negativism of the weekday posts in here is about to do me in, too.

I'll be interested to compare the crowds at KS with Chicagoland, which didn't sell out for the first time this year. Kansas pulls in tons of people from Iowa and Minnesota.

The midweek race idea is a pretty good one, I think. I'm involved in a concert-producing organization that competes for weekend attenders. A Tuesday night concert last week brought in a lot more folks than the usual Saturday.

Goin' to Kansas!!!

Anonymous said...

I think TWIN is sometimes too much of a slave to it's format.

Here is a PERFECT example:

On last nights show, they showed a clip of Kyle Busch blowing a tire and hitting the wall. After the short clip, the three panelists talked about it, and then started a fascinating discussion about whether or not Steve Addington should be replaced as crew chief. Steve Byrnes practically scolded them for not staying on schedule because he had to get to the next clip.

Listen up, TWIN: That brief discussin of the 18-car was one of the most fascinating parts of the show. That is the portion that needs to be built out and improved on and allowed to continue. The clips are nice, but we've seen the race and appreciate the analysis much more. The same thing happened with the Hamlin-Kezlowski clip. They were just starting to get into an interesting discussion of who was right and who was wrong, and Byrnes couldn't wait to shut them up and roll the next clip.


Lou said...

Daly Planet Editor said...
Could you imagine if they did this show live?

Yes, I can. How great would that be? If the last two programs w/a third person are any indication this is just another plus to the program that I have been a fan of for YEARS. Even through the rough times, I still enjoy TWIN for the entertainment value w/a dash of the recap of the race. And that is important, since i do not generally watch pre race programs.

I still miss Kenny S, But so far Jimmy S seems to be a good addition. The jury is still out, but looking good so far.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...


We work very hard to let everyone voice their opinion on lots of different NASCAR topics.

Like it or not, Michael Waltrip has put himself out there in very public view, especially where TV is concerned.

Did you catch his comment to Chad about him lying on one of his answers? The anger that surfaced was amazing.

The challenge for Steve Byrnes on this show is to quit horsing around and get these guys to talk about the topics.

Spencer was clearly put there to represent another viewpoint that did not involve a current owner or driver. That should send a message.

Waltrip can emerge as a respected representative of the sport or continue to try and do an act he did ten years ago.

I have watched this show from the beginning, through all the ups and downs. The most recent changes are definitely going to shake things up once again.

No one here is bashing anyone. If they do, I delete their comments. But, everyone has a right to offer opinions on the many NASCAR TV programs offered by the networks.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 11:20AM,

Since you feel strongly about that certain personality, maybe you could share what you thought about his appearance on TWIN and what he said.

We are into the content of the programs, but I certainly understand the point you are trying to make about appearances on TV.



Dannyboy said...


"This is not exactly the type of comment offered so far this season.... [snip].... There was silence from Waltrip and Knaus."

Well, not exactly. I heard some under-the-breath guffaws from Chad & Mikey- BUT WE'D HAVE A LOT MORE INFO IF THEY'D PULL THE CAMERAS BACK and give us some wide shots instead of just "head shots".

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but when the OLD IWC show had a single desk behind which the panelists sat, the camera could show ALL of them AT ONCE! You could see the snide remarks and elbow-nudges which gave that show so much extra flavor. JS and KW were frequent sit-ins and honed their TV chops in this format.

PLEEEEASE TWIN! Pull the chairs in closer and show us more "reaction shots"! TWIN looks like a late night talk show with only one guest!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jimmy Spencer looks like a total clown with his hair dyed red like Bozo and his grey roots/sideburns sticking out. It looks like he has a chinchilla on his head.

This relates to television because this is a man who is on TV every single week, often multiple times. Does no producer talk to him about it? Does no make-up or hair person know how to make him look better? My point is that if you are going to add someone to a show like this, and then you put them on the air and they look ridiculous, it is rather difficult to listen to their words or content because you are so constantly distracted by their unusual appearance. I don't meant his as an insult to Spencer so much as constructive criticism: FIX THAT MESS ON YOUR HEAD, YOU ARE ON TV FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

dingerworld said...

I didn't catch last week's TWIN show, but made a point to watch this week to see what the addition of Jimmy Spencer did for the chemistry. And WOW - was it a positive change.

TWIN is not normally a must watch NASCAR show for me, because I don't usually get anything out of it that I didn't know coming into it. However, Chad Knaus always says something to enlighten me. He is so well spoken and knowledgable. So while I'm not normally much of a HMS fan, I do enjoy it when he is on the show.

The addition of Jimmy Spencer was really a big improvement that I felt gave the show a lot more life. I don't always agree with Spencer, but he certainly seems to get me thinking about issues. At first I worried that Steve Byrnes would have trouble reining the trio in, but he did a very good job. And if they talk about issues that aren't relevant to the current highlight being shown, I could care less.

All in all, I was impressed with the new dynamic of the panelists. It is now on the DVR schedule for every week.

allisong said...

To those who point out that the highlights of the Logano wreck were played using the MRN audio, this is not unusual. If you were paying attention all year, they also frequently used the radio calls during the FOX and TNT portions of the season. If I'm not mistaken, aren't these highlights packaged by the NMG and distributed to both ESPN and SPEED?

Just trying to inject a little perspective here....

Daly Planet Editor said...


Both NMG and ESPN have the choice of using either the TV or radio calls.

During the first 2/3 of the season, we heard Mike Joy and Ralph Sheheen mixed with Barney Hall, Dave Moody, Doug Rice and the other radio folks.

I think the point being driven home here is if Marty Reid or Allen Bestwick was in the ESPN booth, you better believe NASCAR Now would use the ESPN call of the wreck.


allisong said...

But my question is, is it even ESPN who is editing these clips? Or is it NMG? My impression is that the clips come from NMG, and it is they, and not ESPN, who are making that particular editing decision. Can you verify if this is the case?

I know how strongly you feel about Jerry Punch, but I'd like to be fair.

Anonymous said...

I thought both shows were outstanding. TWIN finally found the combination that works. Jimmy offers a controversial, fearless perspective on the race. 3 people means less of Michael's antics, which are ok in very small doses. I love the comfortable enviornment - collar shirts and blue jeans. Nascar Now was good. The panel was solid but I am still not a fan of the suits next to the garage. Some may like this, which is perfectly fine.

Nascar has 2 different review shows with 2 different atmospheres. Both work well and have come a long way from 2 years ago. Fans can choose based on what style appeals them.

Sophia said...


TOTALLY AGREE that we need MORE WIDE SHOTS on Twin --just like in the races.I've made similar comments as well.

Indeed it's the group reactions, nudges that used to make the old show so much FUN to watch. :)

Remember TV stations now use ZOOM CAMS to show off HD at the expense of what fans want or so one article said.

But yea, I'd love to see Steve and ALL the guys faces at the same time for some subjects. Especially last night. There had to be times eyebrows all resembled explanation points.

I thought the guys did a good job. Hope Jimmy IS back next week.

Still believe many comments here are getting too personal on individuals..not sure why that has to be. But glad I am NOT the only one to notice this trend.

Jaybird said...

I haven't always agreed with Jimmy Spencer, but Monday night was refreshing. Jimmy held his own against Michael and was a joy to watch. Chad is always interesting and does a superb job explaining the racing. Michael needs to calm down and just enjoy the company of Jimmy and Chad.

rich said...

I returned TWIN to my DVR schedule after last weeks show. When I watched it this afternoon I was glad that I did. What a difference one change can make. Mikey was really restrained by his standards, JS tells it like it is and Chad is Mr Wizard, he knows so much about this sport it is scary. Did you catch SB question about what the temp at race time would be? Chad didn't bat an eye and answered 72 to 76 degrees. And his suggestion of mid week racing needs to be studied hard by TPTB.
I have watched this show from its inception many years ago and this weeks show was like old times.
JD, if this show was live I think that we would all be rolling on the floor in laughter.

PammH said...

Finally got a chance to watch my tape of was GREAT!! They have found a combo of chemistry that works...imo. Also, the group on NN Monday is the best to listen to for info & fun there too! All in all, a very good Monday nite lineup this week! I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jimmy Spencer's hair color.

That comment is right on. Maybe it looks good in person, maybe even on regular TV. But on my HD TV his hair comes out bright orange, and with the unforgiving nature of HD I can see the line where the grey starts from the last time he dyed it.

He shouldn't feel bad... Bob Costas looked so horrible on HD for the first few days of the Olympics that several newspapers wrote full columns making fun of him. BUT - now he knows, and I hope he can pull a Mark Martin and gracefully change his hair color to something that looks younger but a little more natural.

Vince said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sophia said...

color looked good on both our tvs..maybe y'all need to adjust your 'hues'.

If that stuff gets off it drives me crazy.

I loved seeing Jimmy & lets not forget, SPEED has had issues in their studios...SR and the dancing lines in background on W tunnel..I know mileage may vary.

i set background color on a couple blogs and on ALL MONITORS in this house the HUE is different.

If you're picky person, annoying.

Nice to see so many enjoying the addition to TWIN which means THIS WEEK IN NASCAR.

No more Odd Couple...Three Mousketeers?? :-)

Or to include host SB: Marx Brothers? Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo (Gummo left after vaudeville)

Anne M said...

Great review, JD. It's always fun to come and read what you, and others, thought of the Monday shows.

One of the things I've loved about TWIN is that it's more about laughter than it is about controversy...which is why I'm amazed to find that I LOVED this week's show. It was great to hear opinions and real discussion for a change. Even Chad was getting kind of edgy. I'm a fan of Michael, so it's hard to watch him jockeying with Spencer for position, and apparently getting resentful about it, but I hope they'll settle down and take turns driving Chad crazy. (And hooray for twice the Chad this Monday!)

I have to agree with Anon at 10:55 am, though. It killed me when Steve shut down the discussion about the 18 team and the future of Steve Addington. That was getting really interesting -- the kind of thing the show should be striving for, rather than stifling.

Nascar Now had the strongest roundtable episode that I can remember. Great panel, great guest. It was very powerful to hear from the drivers what it's like to experience a terrible wreck. Amazing show. And at the same time, Craven's dry wit had me laughing out loud. ("There's no future in it.")

All around, it was a terrific outing for both shows.

Dannyboy said...

Re: Jimmy's hair - I met him a few years ago and I specifically looked at his hair because I always thought it looked phony on TV. Believe me when I say that it was not only all his, it looked a lot better in person for whatever reason.

Despite the occasional insults aimed at one person or another, mostly great comments here this week.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thank you for the diverse comments on this topic. We will review the show and ask for your comments again on Monday night.


Anonymous said...

This show will be a success if they get rid of Waltrip. Also the truck race was very enjoyable on Saturday night with out this Waltrip voice not in the booth. Speed should keep it that way and viewership will rise. This way Waltrip can concentrate on his team and his commercials.