Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad Timing Strikes France Family Again

Wednesday afternoon I was one of the media members on a conference call with NASCAR Chairman Brian France. He was joined by David Hill from Fox, David Levy from Turner and John Skipper from ESPN.

France was happy to announce that the NASCAR TV partners and the tracks had come to an agreement that the 2010 Sprint Cup Series races would be returning to more traditional start times. The vast majority of the races would now start at 1PM Eastern Time.

France reinforced that this was NASCAR being responsive to the fans. His TV partners agreed. Something had to change and this was a logical first step.

While answering questions from the media, France explained that he was proud of the Chase this season and the racing it had produced. He sounded happy and relieved that positive change had come to NASCAR after a couple of tough weeks in the TV ratings.

Now, he has yet another challenge to face. This time, it is not within the NASCAR family but within the France family itself. Click here to read the very descriptive story offered on Thursday in the Daytona Beach News Journal.

The Internet reprints and various off-shoots of this story continued to grow as this TDP column was composed on Thursday night. The France name once again was tied to driving under the influence. Complicating matters this time was the fact that crack cocaine was found on JC France himself.

There should be some interesting decisions made in production meetings for various TV shows over the next several days. JC France is a well-known driver in the Grand Am Series which airs on SPEED. JC's father is essentially the owner of the Grand Am Series and also has his hands in both the NASCAR and ISC sides of the family business.

Thursday's NASCAR Now with Mike Massaro did not mention the story. This TV series has focused on NASCAR for three seasons now. ESPN also has the ESPNEWS Network and SportsCenter. Both were all stick-and-ball on Thursday. However, the JC France arrest story was on on Thursday evening in the NASCAR section.

SPEED has NASCAR Live offering news updates from the track in Fontana, CA on Friday. The network also offers Trackside later that night. This has traditionally not been a very "newsy" show. As with ESPN, the France arrest story was posted on the website.

Click here to have a quick listen to JC talk about his Grand Am participation and hopes for the future. All of that is now in doubt as he has quickly been suspended by the sanctioning body after this incident. The final Grand Am race of the season is set for Homestead, FL this weekend with the IRL Series also racing.

In terms of other notable France family-related websites, the France arrest was not posted on as of late Thursday night. The site contained the France arrest as an AP story in the newswire section. The site did not mention the item in the Grand Am news section.

What are your thoughts on how this story should be treated in the racing media? Do the recent outspoken Jeremy Mayfield comments by Brian France now come into play for this family issue? Is this a topic that should be dragged over into the NASCAR TV news for the weekend?

We ran a Twitter comment poll Thursday evening and got very diverse responses. We are not interested in opinions about JC or Brian France. Our interest is how you see this story playing out in the NASCAR, racing and mainstream TV programs over the next several days.

To add your opinion on this topic, just click the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for taking the time to help us with this topic.


Dot said...

Wow. What could befall this family next. Yeah, this should be all over the news. They are not immune. The Bill's are spinning in their graves again. If not for this news, how about the 89% 3rd quarter loss for ISC. Way to go Brian.

What gets me is, how old they are. Doing crack at 40?

Evidently they don't drug test in the Grand AM series, or do they? Did JC get a pass?

I can't wait to see what happens to the golden boys in court.

aka, Buffythecat

Unknown said...

He is a France, and the Frances are NASCAR. Nascar Now and certainly the Speed Report have to cover this story. There are too many interesting angles -- cocaine, DUI, street racing, being a France -- to just pass on.

Richard in N.C. said...

I thought NASCAR nows owns Grand Am, so I would have presumed that the same drug testing policy applies. The story definitely should be covered the same as if he were not a France, factually. This might even give NASCAR the opportunity to defend its substance abuse policy -it applies to everyone, no exceptions. I suspect some in the media might try to spin the story as a further indictment of NASCAR.

Matt said...

I'm sorry for JC France and his family, but he doesn't drive in NASCAR and frankly I've had enough of "drivers and drugs" stories for one year.

boyd said...


Yes they need to be covered.
The statements made by Richmond will be played over and over, and he may as well get used to being in jail for awhile.
JC was street racing and couldn't pass a sobriety test.
They both are spoiled brats, it sounds like, but as grown men need to pay for their crimes. Up to and including jail and suspension for JC.
NASCAR may have just bolstered their Jeremy case by showing that anyone can be suspended for drugs...even without tests.
As a side note, I didn't notice anything in the article about passing so these must have been COT vehicles.

Sophia said...

I remember a few years ago a certain IRL racer kicked his girlfriend/wife out of a car in the middle of the night and I think left her on interstate!! He'd been drinking.

I'm not 100% certain of name so leaving it out.

Any series no matter what, this needs to be discussed.

I am sorry for the problems in the France family but they are not immune from these issues and rumors have been rampant for years somebody had who knows.

Heartache for all involved.

Now that said, MONEY should not buy you from paying for the crime, either.

I hope all involved get the help they need and everybody around them stays SAFE.

I'm SICK of hearing about drug problems but that's not making them go away. Oh and for the drug snobs, PRESCRIPTION drugs kills more people each year than street drugs (and that's by ACCIDENT/side effects/allergies/hospital mistakes! Yikes not overdose)

But if these guys were driving high, should get even bigger penalty!

tom in dayton said...

Well, it's unfortunate that this incident happened, but it's fortunate that it happened at a time when law enforcement was able to speedily contain the situation.
Anyone racing a Lamborghini on public roads in the middle of the night (even in Florida...)is asking to be caught or showing their stupdity!
Is it worthy of media attention? Of course. In the world I'm used to, simply substitute the name Kennedy, Rockefeller, Bush or any other prominent government appointee or elected official into this story and I'll guarantee you it would run coast to coast.
That being said, I would hope the France family would get JC immediate help and keep him suspended until a rehab program straightens him out and he accepts the treatment. As to the family and some of their reported issues, well we're not there and don't know the extent of internal matters. So let's hope that individuals in that family who have had issues before have addressed those problems and have confronted those problems successfully.
There are many more important problems confronting NASCAR to be spending time on this to the detrement of the sport. Let the justice system take its course in Daytona and the chips fall where they may.
(PS - in a recent vintage race at the Mid-Ohio race course, I ran a vintage Lamborghini and while it was fun, I just kept thinking "What am I going to tell my insurance agent...)

Anonymous said...

Technically, Brian does have some tangental association to Grand Am, since NASCAR "owns it". But the arrest of his cousin is the purview of Grand Am guru Roger Edmondson.

How would you like to be in HIS shoes this morning??

Anonymous said...


You are thinking of Al Unser jr, who's once brilliant career went down the toilet from alcohol abuse.

Bray Kroter

Unknown said...

A fine example of a family full of hypocrites. As this story of JC unfolds, we will see the massive egos they have, in trying to bury, or atleast soften the story. What these people have done to Mayfield and our sport is atrocious.

Anonymous said...

This story needs to be treated by the media in the same way any other driver's story would be presented. Also, NASCAR needs to remain firm and even in its response to drug abuse with a driver. Anything else would be a cover up and reflect poorly on this sport.

GinaV24 said...

It was nice of Brian and the tv networks to finally wake up and do something positive for the fans (and themselves) with the consistent starting times. Finally!

With regard to coverage of this story, yes, it needs to have the same coverage by the media that any other story of this type would have. NASCAR and the France's can't have it both ways. They have been willing to put out information on other racers who have had drug issues, so the media has to follow this in the same way.

No cover up!

glenc1 said...

like some of the others here, part of me wants to point fingers and smirk, but really...these guys need serious rehab. They endangered many lives (hey, Tom, what do you mean, 'even in Florida', lol?) with their actions, included their own. Yes, this story has to be covered because NASCAR owns Grand Am and JC is a France. I read/heard something recently, help me out if anyone remembers the source--one of the reporters, anyway. who said journalists were *afraid* of Bill France Jr, and their treatment of the current regime was in response to that. They're not going to resist the opportunity to pile on. I know someone who lives there who said that DB does cover up for the France family, like "Mr Brian's Wild Ride' a while back. I listened to the lady's 911 call, and there's no doubt in my mind what went on there--family curse, apparently.

Garry said...

Not only should this be treated the same by the media, JC should be treated just like Mayfield. Enter rehab, then if he's tested positive again, "Indefinite Suspension". Period.
And I must admit the first words that popped into my head were "pot" and "kettle".

Anonymous said...

I didn't see 25 articles written on Jayski's about the France drunk/drug arrests, like Jeremy had. Also there wasn't the herd of reporters all ripe to write the story plus tv stations.This guy needs to be put all over the articles, and yes, the responces that are cruel and inhumane kept up there, just like Jeremy had done to him.Just because he and the buddy are related to the corupt France's doesn't mean that they can't have their life ruined, like Jeremy has had done to him.

Anonymous said...

JC or the Grand Am are not the caliber of Sprint Cup and consequently will not get covered as a Sprint Cup driver might. Sports car racing has had a long history of drug-related participants due to the cost of competition versus the return on a dollar. The racing money often came either from the production and sale of drugs or the participants had the wherewithal in the first place, to feel entitled to do whatever they want.
That said, NASCAR and the France family have demonstrated considerable media control in the past, as with Brian's own quietly-whispered past drug problems. Nobody in the media had the stuffing to take on that story, why should we expect any more effort and risk of exclusion from the big-interest NASCAR stories on a guy who simply wouldn’t be any kind of a race driver without his family name and connections?

Vicky D said...

JD, JC's life just gets stranger and stranger. I wonder if they have random drug testing in the Grand-Am Rolex series. I hope he gets what he deserves and after Brian's spouting off about poor Mayfield, I think Brian might have to eat his words. Bet JM is loving this.

Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see just how little future coverage this story gets because he is, after all, a member of the France family and they do control the media and what's put out. I doubt you'll see JC France being brow beat and run into the ground the way Jeremy Mayfield has been by the NA$CAR controlled media.

Odds are, he probably didn't have to take a drug test because of his name when he showed up for the Grand Am Series races.

Notice the threats that were made by JC France. "Do you know who I am?""I'm a France.""We own this city." etc. Ask anyone who runs a business in Daytona Beach about the Frances and you'll hear some opinions that don't make the news.

I think JC will be checking out the facilities for when his uncle joins him after the very tangled Mayfield lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I didn't see 25 articles written on Jayski's about the France drunk/drug arrests, like Jeremy had. Also there wasn't the herd of reporters all ripe to write the story plus tv stations.This guy needs to be put all over the articles, and yes, the responces that are cruel and inhumane kept up there, just like Jeremy had done to him.Just because he and the buddy are related to the corupt France's doesn't mean that they can't have their life ruined, like Jeremy has had done to him.

October 9, 2009 9:08 AM

Why worry about Jayski...more people use google and there are 146 stories there!!!

Grandson of Bill France arrested in traffic stop on drug charges
Yahoo! Sports - Jay Busbee - ‎36 minutes ago‎
JC France, grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France, has been arrested on charges of drug possession and driving under the influence. ...
JC France's DUI Arrest RightFielders Women in Sports
JC (Brian's Cousin) France Arrested on Drug Charges Stock Car Spin
Car Racer JC France Arrested With Cocaine In Daytona Beach
The Associated Press - AutoWeek
all 146 news articles »Email this story

Anonymous said...

Darn straight it should be covered and heavily investigated by the media. In light of the Mayfield case this case is even more relevant, aside from the obvious connection to the France family and how the general public was allegedly put at risk by impaired driving, again by members of a family who have tradtionally been proponents of safety on and off the track. Sadly, some of the most prominent members of the journalism profession are deep in NASCAR's pocket and out of fear of losing their access to the sport will bury the story afraid to rock the boat, justifying it as "well it's not really NASCAR". They won't ask the tough questions, which just continues the credibility erosion of journalism and NASCAR.

A question for you, editor of TDP, how far are YOU willing to go in pursuing this story? How afraid are you and the other members of the newly minted "Citizen Bloggers" or whatever NASCAR is calling fearful are you of being kicked out of the club? Do you now find yourselves handling this story with kid gloves? I believe that's a story in and of itself.

Ken-Michigan said...

I recall how the Mayfield story had nearly daily updates on NASCAR NOW, even when there wasn't really anything new to report on. In my opinion it seemed to be piling on, at the time and NASCAR didn't shy away from "stokeing" the Mayfield fire.

Having said that, I dont think that NASCAR NOW producers need to spend much time, if any, on the JC France / Richmond story. Unless the France family wants to come forward with public comments on the issue, I don't hold anything against them for not covering it.

SPEED on the other hand covers the Grand Am series. I would fully expect complete coverage from SPEED during their Miami coverage & the sunday night Speed Report & Wind Tunnel.
The California NASCAR coverage on SPEED won't touch the JC France issue. Once again, only if the France family makes a public statement....(which they should).

Anonymous said...

anon 10:10...JC didn't say those things, his stepbrother did. I have to take some exception to the 'poor JM' comments. I wanted to believe the guy, I really did, but how many tests did he fail? What he did may have been not worse than JC, but it wasn't any better. To my knowledge he has not passed an independently done test yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54, based on info released by Mayfield's previous lawyers, the only test failed were those done by Aegis Labs. Mayfield has passed every test done by other labs.There is a pdf somewhere regarding the test done by Lab Corp which shows no signs of methamphetamine.

If the NASCAR media puppets can crank out a dozen articles/blogs a day regarding Mayfield, why can't they do the same for JC France? NASCAR likes media attention, even if it's negative. Just look at the spin they're trying to put on their rather dire financial situation.

As one old Hollywood actress said, 'I don't care what you say about me just so long as you spell my name right". That seems to be the attitude at NASCAR right now.

red said...

boyd said (in part):
"As a side note, I didn't notice anything in the article about passing so these must have been COT vehicles." too freakin' funny! everyone in the student lounge just looked at me 'cause i laughed so hard!

my opinion: this story should be covered. no reason not to cover it as it involves nascar ruling family and a series that is part of nascar, however tangentially.

anon@11:37am: i don't see it as being the role of TDP to uncover information or do investigative reporting. as i understand it and have particpated in it, TDP is intended to discuss the coverage of nascar by the media. we certainly often stray quite far from that at times but that's not the same as being a journalistic site that "breaks news." that role belongs to a different group, in this case, the nascar media folks.

(besides, they haven't even given jd a "citizen blogger" badge or t-shirt or mug or anything yet!)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 11:37AM,

All that little deal does is allow "club members" to get media credentials for races and access to the double top secret NASCAR Media website.

Most of the press releases on that website are immediately posted online word-for-word, so take that for what is worth.

NASCAR has never done anything for TDP except provide access to information, even on issues like Mayfield.

The purpose of this site is to look at and then comment on the TV and related media coverage of the sport. Thanks for your questions and comment.


Anonymous said...

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France escaped being charged with a Florida DUI last month. He was seen driving erratically on US 1 in Daytona Beach and was followed by a witness. A local woman called 911 and described a motorist driving on curbs, striking a parked car and then scraping a tree. She and her passenger saw the driver “fall over his own feet” when getting out of thee car and only learned from a condo security guard later that the driver was France. France admitted to police to having “a few (alcoholic beverages) over at the Chart House.” According to a police report, around 9 p.m. France hit a tree with his Lexus in front of his condominium on Marina Point Drive. Officers arrived at what was considered an accident scene at 9:51. France had already entered his apartment and it was approximately 20 minutes later when police officers knocked on his door. France appeared in clean clothes. When the officers realized the incident involved France they expressed concern about following the law precisely and contacted their superior. “I think that when everyone found out this was Brian France, they knew they had better dot their I's and cross their T's,” Police Chief Mike Chitwood said. France told officers he was drinking a soda when he “bumped into something.” Police found evidence of a spilled soft drink in the car and a half-eaten hamburger. Police were not able to find damage to a parked car during an area search. There were mixed opinions as to whether France smelled of alcohol and a breath test was not requested. Though a police report was prepared for the 911call made by the witness, that detail did not appear in the accident site paperwork because the officers were investigating a crash, not a Florida DUI. Purportedly that information came out in detail during an internal affairs investigation. Chitwood said, “The bottom line is, he (France) was out of his car, he was inside his apartment and he could have had the alcohol there and hours before. But since we didn't stop him in his car, we can't touch him.” Police said that neither the Chart House nor representatives from the Marina Pointe condos would cooperate with the investigation of the incident. Several police procedures were amended following a lengthy internal review though the officers were found to have responded properly to the accident scene. It was also confirmed that an arrest of France that evening for DUI would have been illegal.

Anonymous said...

"Bad Timing Strikes France Family Again" What timing? What's bad? Again? Come on man!
John, Why do we all have to marvel and be so surprised all the time when a person is arrested? What my point is the fact that this member of the France family was not and to my knowledge ever active in the business at ISC or NASCAR. He has his life and they have theirs, so why do we not understand that sometimes people mess up, get in trouble and most important need our help. You mentioned that "once again the France family has trouble, and I quote you. "The France name once again was tied to driving under the influence". What the heck does that mean? If you are pointing to the minor incident that Brian had, as he had the cops sic-ed on him by some local do gooder. Well that my friend is sensationalism to write about incidents in this manner and something we rarley see you resort to. Brian was not arrested, he may have had his drinks in his condo and so what if he bounced off a palm tree in his driveway. It was a Palmetto probably and they grow like weeds there so no tree huggers could get mad either.
The France family needs to be respected and I know you do respect them as we all know that if not for them, Bill Sr. and Jr. and a family efort., we all would not even be reading this column right now. You might be writing about wildflower protection or Little League baseball or something. NASCAR may not exist if not for what they have done for the sport. The France 's have had a rough few years, yes they have had bad timing again and again with the loss of Bill Jr. and Lisa's husband plus yes the sports struggling a little. So let's back off of this family and concentrate on some things that are more positive. I guess the media just needs to stir up some mess to have something to write about when some in the media cannot create something on their own. You being the exception as you are a talented writer and I do read your great collum every day. I am just a little disapointed in this days post as you had to jump on something that is already over reported. Why John? I am weary of hearing about Jeremy, Michael Jackson, sports stars and movie stars that have had issues with drugs, or alcohol or whatever God Bless them all. But the media protects their own. Like whatever happened to Bill Weber? That went away fast and so did he.

anon 11:54 said...

Anon 1:12--that happened two years ago, you need to date your article.

But it was by no means a 'minor' incident. I listened to the 911 call--she was very clear about what she was seeing. This was from the police: "NASCAR CEO Brian France admitted to officers he had been drinking the night a woman followed him to his condominium after she observed him driving erratically on U.S. 1. But because police never interviewed France until he was inside his residence, they could not arrest him for DUI, an internal affairs investigation released Thursday shows."

In other words, he got off on a technicality. Hardly makes the entire France family respectable. To my knowledge, I've never heard of Jim or Lesa being in any legal trouble, though.

Anon 12:24--I don't believe we have any proof that those tests were independently done (ie, NOT chosen by Jeremy.) That info came from Mayfield's lawyers, who are hardly objective. And that means we have no way of proving the so-called results were legit. Only when a judges makes him take a test at a venue of the court's choosing (NOT NASCAR's or Jeremy's choosing) will I start to believe it. And I think that may happen, but by the time it does, it could very well be negative if he's been keeping clean. I wanted to believe him; I really did. But there have just been too many tales, especially the business of him not reporting for the test on time.

Vince said...

I don't think JC's arrest should be reported by any of the NASCAR media on the shows this weekend. Other than being a France, JC has nothing to do with NASCAR, so why report it on the NASCAR venues?

Anonymous said...

This is another complete garbage piece from you JD. It is trash, and has no place in any NASCAR media. Its completely unrelated, and just another attempt to pick a fight with the France family. Tabloid journalism at its best.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why NASCAR Now should report on this. They don't report on other drivers who are suspended in other series, so to do so would give this guy special treatment because his last name is France. And this doesn't reflect on NASCAR. And really I don't think it reflects on Brian France, either. The crackhead has long since been a grown man. He made his bad decisions not because of his father. If I go out tomorrow as an adult and decide to get hopped up on goofballs, I don't see why my father's business should be associated with it. But I guess for some people because his last name is France, everything is fair game.

Leave the guy alone and pray he gets help. Anyone who uses this as an excuse to heckle NASCAR is simply lame.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's on the NASCAR venues because JC France drives in the Grand Am Series which is owned by NASCAR and as such is being reported by the NASCAR venues.

Richard in N.C. said...

From my perspective, the passing ability of the COT is far superior to NASCAR's control of the media, since it seems to me that a sizeable portion of the media (especially those now or formerly newspaper-based) start with the premise that NASCAR is dumb or wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what this has to do with Jeremy Mayfield, unless people are arguing that Mayfield should also be allowed to drive under the influence. Mayfield tested positive by two independent labs (Aegis and a second lab that did the second test on his first of two collected samples). The result of those tests and the consequences of them should be the same whether the France family are all sober or if they are all cokeheads. Even if Brian France himself snorts a 10-foot line of cocaine, it doesn't change Mayfield's result and it doesn't change the fact that Mayfield shouldn't be on the track at high speeds. Get real!!

Anonymous said...

I'm also guessing JC owns a piece of the action, or could inherit it. That also makes it relevent.

JMO...Aegis isn't 'independent', exactly, since they are working for NASCAR via the doctor administering the test.

Vince said...
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Vince said...
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Anonymous said...

JMO...Aegis isn't 'independent', exactly, since they are working for NASCAR via the doctor administering the test.

Well then by that definition, there are no independent labs. Still, you should read up a bit on Aegis before you slam them. They are the gold standard.

Anonymous said...

Several were asking about Grand am...I found one article from Godwin Kelly that says GrandAM does not have a 'rigorous drug testing policy' (which perhaps means it's like NASCAR's old one, where if they thought you were suspicious they could do it....but I really don't know.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:35--I didn't slam them. Personally, I don't think there was anything wrong with their test. Just saying, the naysayers won't be satisfied til it's done by someone not of NASCAR's or Jeremy's choosing.

anon 2:45

Anonymous said...

I bet a lot of guys in the Grand Am series have one substance problem or another. If they didn't, wouldn't more of them be able to step up into a higher-rated, higher-paying, higher-profile series? There are a lot of lifers in Grand Am, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

4:05--that's ridiculous. It may come as a shock, but many of these guys just love racing sports cars. Some of them have their own wealth, so it's not just about money for them, it's the competition. And most of them probably couldn't do what they do and be drug guess is, it's no different than the average sports population. I expect Grand Am will now adopt a drug policy, and then we'll know, won't we? But I seriously doubt the top guys would have anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this gets the same attention Jeremy Mayfield got. The mainstream media tried their best to rip him apart, lets see if Mr. France gets the same treatment.

Anonymous said...

That's it, Cover a non NASCAR issue.This man has zero , nothing to do with NASCAR. Only related to the France family, but totally ignore the fact that David Hill, Mr. FOX, admitted it was his dumb idea to change all of the start times of races. Mr. Hill and his FOX/ SPEED approach to the way they do NASCAR broadcasting has been so bad for people who want straight up no nonsense coverage. Now try and blame this on Jerry Punch.

The Loose Wheel said...

Annon @ 6:39, put down the caffeinated drink and step away from the keyboard. We already addressed in a prior topic David Hill's stupid idea, and your other complaints. We are not blaming "nonsense" coverage on Jerry Punch, we merely point out he is NOT competent in his current role and that another role would be best suited for him.

NASCAR owns the sports car series, so yes in a roundabout way they ARE intertwined. Also considering that that is where several NASCAR drivers race, as well as many open wheel drivers on an essential retirement circuit race as well. This guy having an issue is certainly motorsports worthy as it should be discussed on SPEED report and WT. Now is it something NASCAR Live has to talk about or NN? Probably not. Worthy of a blurb, but a drawn out detailed explanation of what happened is unnecessary in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

BUSCHSERIES61...I agree TOTALLY with your commet. Jeremy has had charcter ruining articles wrote all the time about this drug mess that nascrap deceided to do.Right from the start they started.Just because they have more money than anyone to pay for deframing of Jeremy's character,doesn't mean they are Gods.Soon the truth will be known,and Jeremy will be free of this drug mess. He is inocent.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching qualifying, love that the crew are not wearing suit coats so we can see their stomach's hang over their belts. Also love seeing Elliott Sadler with those sun glasses, when you never win, you must divert attention elsewhere, ask Michael Waltrip. Terrible on the track but ham it up for the fans.It's beyond me.

Anonymous said...

That's it, Cover a non NASCAR issue.This man has zero , nothing to do with NASCAR. Only related to the France family, but totally ignore the fact that David Hill, Mr. FOX, admitted it was his dumb idea to change all of the start times of races.


Richard in N.C. said...

In fairness to David Hill, I cannot imagine anyone at EESPN admitting EVER having made a mistake.

The articles I saw in the early stage of the Mayfield matter were almost all tilted in favor of Mayfield and critical of NASCAR and Aegis - and some were even downright insulting.

Halifax said...

Well, if 3% of Americans have supposedly smoked crack cocaine, then we should not be surprised to find some percentage subset of users in the racing community. Bloody stupid, but not surprising. As an SCCA Club Racer, it freaks me out to think that there may be druggies running on the track with us.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to David Hill? Have you ever heard him speak ? He is clueless to what fans want.I've heard him talk about TV, sports and NASCAR and when he was done I was shocked. He is not even from the US and cannot understand the difference between other sports and NASCAR.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Well, these comments certainly took an interesting twist.

The entire David Hill story and fan comments are in the prior post that is still available for your comments.

As for being a tabloid, the only thing TDP provided was a link to the Daytona Beach News story on this topic.

We talk about opinion and appreciate yours. This discussion certainly was diverse.


Anonymous said...

Didn't expect it to be on Racing One - that is owned and operated by ISC.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid is right. This isn't racing news -- this is a trash story about someone with a celebrity last name.

For someone who deletes all comments that you claim aren't related to Nascar and Television, I'd like to know how you connect this story to Television. This isn't coverage of the media, it's just tabloid trashing of the France family.

You're better than this.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 9:32PM,

So that would put me in the same category with,, and the Daytona News online?



Anonymous said...

No, those other outlets do not claim to be blogs that cover NASCAR and television. You are simply using it as an excuse to embarass the France family. This has about as much to do with NASCAR as Tiger Woods' cousins' behavior has to do with golf.

PS, the Denny Hamlin story was pretty funny, you should have left the link up.

Anonymous said...

So that would put me in the same category with,, and the Daytona News online?

So, they're doing it, so you might as well stoop to that level, too... is that what you're saying?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Do you two guys ever actually read the comments from other readers before you post?

Normally, I find your stuff interesting but this time your arguments are weak.

How about giving us your opinion on whether the JC France story should have been handled on TV and the Internet the way it was?

Trust me, some members of the France family do not need me to embarrass them.


Anonymous said...

This story has nothing to do with NASCAR television. If the guy suspended in Grand Am had the last name "Germany" instead of "France" you would NEVER have covered it. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

If NFL president Roger Goodell's 2nd cousin got arrested for drug use, it would make the news. Maybe not a full blown explosion, but at least a blurb. So the people pretending it's just about NASCAR are delusional. JC France is the grandson and great grandson of 2 of NASCAR's 'about to be' Hall of Fame members. To suggest it's not news is absurd. Not to mention, he's probably an heir to his father's fortune. Anyone in GrandAm in this circumstance probably at least would have garnered a sentence or two. It's not a personal attack by TDP or anyone else.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:18PM,

Here is my quote:

What are your thoughts on how this story should be treated in the racing media? Do the recent outspoken Jeremy Mayfield comments by Brian France now come into play for this family issue? Is this a topic that should be dragged over into the NASCAR TV news for the weekend?

So, I am asking for your opinion on the very issue you keep accusing me of publishing as news.

There are hundreds of Internet stories, newspaper accounts and other forms of coverage right now on this topic. Whether you like it or not, his last name IS France.

Can't you grasp the concept of using this site to look AT the media?


halifax said...

This story has EVERYTHING to do with NASCAR + TV. It's being covered everywhere. And it directly relates to NASCAR drug policies and PR. So why is this tabloid matter again? If there was not coverage here, I'd be wondering why.

Anonymous said...

Your excuses are just excuses... you saw the grungy mugshot and just couldn't resist taking a shot at the Frances. You know this has little or nothing to do with NASCAR media. There should have been a post up today about qualifying and practice. Instead, I'm not sure which is worse - your garbage headline or your head-in-the-sand defense of it. Really disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Here we are in the middle of an awesome championship competition and you want to talk about some cousin who has nothing to do with NASCAR. That is really lame, in my opinion. This is why blogs have such a reputation for sleaze and tabloid content -- because when a story like this comes along, you simply don't have the integrity to pass on it... you simply run with the trash. Even the racing outlets have the proper editorial judgment to place this tiny story low on the totem pole. But for you it's your top story. What a tabloidy disgrace. You can disagree, but you have to know people agree with me.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Um...the headshot is from which was part of the reason this discussion started.

Why is JC France on TMZ? Because of his last name. Hence, the topic and open comments.

Is "tabloidy" a word?


Anonymous said...

This blog sure is a sucker for a sleazy story.

Whether it's Rusty Wallace and his sponsors... or Ray Evernham and his mistress... or it's some shaky allusion that Jerry Punch has mental and physical problems... or Jeremy Mayfield and his stepmom... you guys just can't resist a good tabloid story when it comes along. None of this has anything to do with NASCAR media, but hey, you need the hits and you need the search engine results, so just like a tabloid you put the trash up front to sell your product.

Next thing you know you'll be reporting about some NASCAR driver's marital problems under the disguise of "oh, well, I'm just asking about how the media should cover this." For a guy who complains about Burger King butts you sure have a taste for sordid news.

Anonymous said...

TMZ is a tabloid (as in, "that webpage is as tabloidy as they get!"). The reason he is up there isn't because he is a France, it's because that's a sleezy website. Are you trying to be like them? Unfortunate.

Unknown said...

I hope when I click on this website tomorrow, the top story has something to do with racing. If not, I probably won't bother coming back here. Unlike others, I totally see the NASCAR connection. But that doesn't mean I want to read this garbage. I agree with others who say this is beneath you. I hope when I come back tomorrow the blog that showed class by going pink for cancer awareness last week has returned and the salacious TMZ-style blog is gone.

Daly Planet Editor said...

You're running out of ammo. You want to take yourself all the way to the ground? Keep typing.

Rusty Wallace already dumped US Fidelis for next season.

Ray Evernham has been treated with dignity and respect and will continue to be.

Jerry Punch is a reporter mis-cast in a play-by-play role and as far as I know, he could run a marathon.

Jeremy Mayfield is a top NASCAR TV newsmaker because of his willingness to talk to the media even while his ongoing issues were being sorted out.

I know you are out of gas when you dig out the old "I need hits" line.

See any ads around? I don't care if just you, me and my mommy read this.

Got anything left or is it past your bedtime?


Daly Planet Editor said...

So the same guy goes and registers as a member...what a weird world.

Richard in N.C. said...

I don't find the above article tabloidy - and especially compared to the first headline I saw on a major, mainstream sports site something like "France arrested for drug possessio," with no first name in the headline.

It does intrigue me, and I think it is a legitimate issue, of why Grand Am did not have the same substance abuse policy as NASCAR unless NASCAR's ownership was not effective until after the start of Grand Am's 2009 season.

Anonymous said...

I think that there was a lot of hollering and yelling in the Ivory Towers in Fla Thursday nite. So the famous last name got a stain on it.It is only proper that we know all the nascrap news, no matter who it is about.There is money to shove stuff under the rug so that it isn't heard about.I don't think this article was a tabloid article. A guy got caught!!!!So it be..They ruined Jeremy's name, so the world should know about this guy racing, drunk,stoned across a highway, my Granny could of been killed. When we all die the france name has to account for what they have done just as well as the fielcrssdung family.John you did ok. It's not a tabloid.

Anonymous said...

John, that guy's picture is rather scarey.

Anonymous said...

I love the post that are calling this blog out for what it is . A chance to hack people. If you really want a good blog on TV coverage, Frontstretch has a guy who writes fairly and is objective about coverage. No hidden agendas.This has nothing to do with TV coverage.

Anonymous said...

To the Editor

I am a 45+ year fan of NASCAR and a long time reader of this blog. I have only occasionally left comments in the past. Some of the highly critical comments in this column have prompted me to do so again.

I consider the subject to be entirely appropriate for this blog. Since the premise of the blog is an evaluation of media coverage, the public needs to know some of the basic facts surrounding the story being covered by the media. I don't see your column as being "tabloidy" or an attack on the France family. It merely reports on information available in other sources.

The France family IS NASCAR. You can't separate one from the other. Whether some people like it or not, conduct by family members is newsworthy to one degree or another. When it involves alleged drug use and DUI/racing on a public highway by a family member who actively competes in another series owned by the France family, it is certainly newsworthy to me.

The France family has become one of the wealthiest families in America through owning and running NASCAR and related businesses. Some people seem to believe this qualifies them for sainthood and take offense at any criticism. Sorry, but the France family doesn't get a pass with me.

Three generations of the family have run NASCAR with a devotion to absolute power and control. Does anyone remember the driver who tried to form a drivers' union and was banned for life? How about the time most of the big name drivers refused to race at Talladega for safety reasons and NASCAR recruited lesser drivers? How about their despicable treatment of Tim Richmond including the outright fabrication of lies? Or how about their tacit tolerance of racism? Recent events show that you don't have to go back to Wendell Scott for examples.

NASCAR made the story of a family member's drug involvement newsworthy by their treatment of the Jeremy Mayfield case. I offer no opionion on JM's guilt or innocence, but I do believe he is entitled to disagree with NASCAR and express his views publicly. When he dared to do that, NASCAR unloosed the lawyers and PR people to conduct the personal attacks. JM was no threat to NASCAR, and there was no need to do that. It was just another example of the France family/NASCAR's history of attempting to squash perceived enemies like bugs.

Hypocrisy and double standards by the rich and powerful are always worthy of reporting. I don't expect the casual NASCAR cheerleading media to cover this story. They wouldn't touch material critical of the France family with the proverbial 10-foot pole. I do not care for tabloid journalism, and do not follow it. I prefer my journalists to report the facts, whether they are flattering or not. I hope there are at least a few journalists who will continue to follow this story and report developments fairly and accurately.

To the editor of TDP - Keep up the good work.

To the people who think the France family is above criticism - you really should find more worthy candidates for sainthood.

Michigan fan

glenc1 said...

I don't understand people saying there's no connection. The posters here have already documented the numerous, logical reasons why it's a NASCAR related story.

I'm am just adding that they quickly mentioned this on the Grand Am broadcast, but I expect that will be all they say--as it should be. There's nothing more for them to add during race coverage; the focus should be on the race and the guys running for championships in the finale. So they didn't ignore it, but they're not going to dwell on it, with which I have no issue.

Richard, what I read was that even if they're owned by NASCAR, they have their own set of governing rules and they're not the same as NASCAR's. But I think this is one thing that will change.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for all the comments, that was certainly interesting.