Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Off To A Foggy Start In California

Opening a live blog early because fog has pushed back the Nationwide Series qualifying from Fontana, CA. At this time, NASCAR is going to try for 12:30PM but that depends on the weather.

Update: Nationwide quals are now underway in Fontana despite spotty fog. That is a pic above from 12:45PM with cars qualifying in the foggy conditions.

Click here for a direct link to live Nationwide Series qualifying coverage. Thanks to for the info.

Update #2: Cup practice is now being delayed because of the fog and Nationwide quals.

This is only the first of several issues today for NASCAR. A college football game starting at noon ET is before the Happy Hour coverage scheduled for 3PM. As most games run over three hours, the first TV transition is going to be at that time.

We are going to update the weather delay on this post. It is also open for your comments. Thanks.


Racinallout said...

I think it's time NASCAR started to consider developing its own channel, not unlike the Yankee's YES. Fans are losing out on too many broadcast events. Events important to being and staying a race fan.

SPEED is trying to cover ALL motor sports, including "race" or "car" type shows. They can't, they know it, but do we give them A for effort? While we do get Trackside, etc., there is no continuity of time slots & too many lackluster race commentary on other sports shows.

For the ESPN networks it's the time of year where the focus is more on the ball games, College Football, NFL, Baseball, etc.

Fans need increased access, pointedly toward NNS, Truck coverage on's PitCommand, RaceView & MRN. They (NASCAR) did change the start times for 2010 so we know they hear our woes & suggestions.

Will they take this big step-up in coverage or will they let us fans lie there bleeding for more.

When the smoke finally clears, it's up to the suits, until then race fans will continue to be the ultimate losers.

Newracefan said...

Well that was an exciting qualifying? Thanks Twitter and Now it's time to watch Cup practice. Wait no that's not on TV either. Well this certainly sucks.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up for Happy Hour and the Nationwide Series race on ESPN2.

Thanks, JD

Sophia said...


it does suck nothing on tv. geez, I actually cleaned the stove top (gas burners) and am re-seasoning iron skillet. I wish SPEED could at least put it online for us to LISTEN TO!

We all know ESPN qual & Prac is useless anyway...bunch of clutter graphics on the screen, CLOSEUP ZOOM on one car, split screen for minutia...

oh, wait a minute that's BSPN's actual race telecast too!
Meow Ouch.

p.s. good lawd! after weeks of easy to read word veri, the long crowded toughtoreadlettersareback.