Monday, March 15, 2010

DirecTV And VERSUS Settle Dispute

Word came down on Monday afternoon that DirecTV had restored the VERSUS network signal on the home dish service. The only comment was that the financial dispute between the two parties had been settled.


51 Yr. Fan said...

Great News! It means I won't have
to watch the 5 minute commercials
on NA$CAR if they are racing at
the same time. That golf channel
makes me sleepy.

Don't forget Danica.

Anonymous said...

oh gooodie
now directv customers can get charged to watch a second rate, espn wanna-be channel


West Coast Diane said...

Thank you!! (until I see my sat bill go up!)

It was so painful trying to watch the live streaming on the Indy Car website. Gave up and listened on XM radio...last month of 3 yr subscription. Will be giving that up. Just not worth it. Kind of like having to order Showtime to see on Nascar show!

Anonymous said...

Yes I don't recall such frustration last year to watch IRL online Diane :(. Yesterday was such a hot mess watching online!

bevo said...

Versus is back on the same tier it was before this hot mess started so all of this was for naught. Comcast executives apparently are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

I hope the IRL and NHL get away from these idiots fast.

jonathan said...

Perfect!!! Now I get to watch the IRL races. Very nice the only other series besides Nascar and Arca that I actualy enjoy to the point I cant watch the whole race! SWEET!

Bucky B said...

Hallelujah! And Amen to West Coast Diane. That internet broadcast with the XM radio feed of the Indy Car Race from Sao Paulo was brutal. Then the live timing and scoring went out when the rain came. At least the Indy Car production on Versus is everything the NASCAR folks would love on Fox.

bowlalpo said...

Yeah...DirecTV settled their dispute by jacking up my rates $5starting last month. After that they could not justify their temper tantrum against Comcast/Xfinity/der TV fuhrer. But that's OK; it only means water instead of pop at Hooters once each fortnight.

By accident I saw the IRL race replay last night. Sometimes it pays to channel-surf the channels you think are blank.

Terry said...

To Anonymous @6:57PM March 15--

Versus isn't a premium channel for Directv, so the bill won't go up.
I'm glad they finally got it worked out. Looking forward to some Indy races.

Chris from NY said...


Finally, a cable company comes to stop ****ing around with a satellite provider, namely the best one in the world.